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Mediocrity equates to ordinary

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Have you ever given that statement any attention ’mediocrity equates to ordinary’?  Are you living a life of mediocrity, that is, are you simply content where you are or are you feeling a little frustrated because your life isn’t turning out the way you had originally planned? It is something like my life was at the beginning of this year. I thought I was moving in one direction and I felt as though it was going to exceed my expectations but somewhere, within this process or adventure of mine, something changed and left me feeling a little confused, bewildered and needless to say, annoyed and struggling. Where was I to place the blame? Because, of course, when something doesn’t go our way, we always look to someone or something to blame?

The truth be known– the responsibility for all that is happening and all that will happen in my life falls on ‘Me’. If our inner world is out of balance and not performing in alignment with our Higher Self, it cannot perform in harmony with the outside world either. That is a Law of Nature! In order to enjoy inner peace and a real sense of fulfillment, we all must be in alignment or balance with the Universal flow of energy.

Sluggishness-mediocrity-apathy or self-doubt and fear are all signs of an ordinary existence and negative beliefs. That is not what I want for my life! In fact, I have never settled for that belief or that state. I have always looked at myself as someone who was born to be more. Who has a purpose and a reason for being and that has been the force behind my desire to push harder, learn more, be disciplined and most of all be open to new possibilities and change because I really want to reach my highest potential and manifest for my life all that is for my highest good.  My first warning sign was that I really did not love myself unconditionally. At first those three little words (love myself unconditionally) had very little meaning, but as I continued to dig deeper into myself and ask questions from my Divine Team, I soon discovered that I was letting myself down.

My gut instincts, my intuition never lies. I may lie to myself, but my Higher Self never lies. So here I was getting naked with my truth! I was seeking clarity in my vision for my life. I needed to be honest with myself and make some powerful and deliberate decisions for me if I truly wanted to push through to the other side where the light was brightly shining. That is the way to reach your highest potentiality in life.  I wanted to shine too!

It is through the various processes that I developed and fine-tuned for myself that I am now teaching to my students. This is the same process that I have written about in my latest E-book:

Love-Heal-Fulfill, the Gift of Knowing you.



Once I made the decision to love myself unconditionally, I was ready to take a big step towards healing those unwanted emotions that have been haunting me, hindering my life and keeping me imprisoned. Now I can honestly say, I am living the life that I was born to live. I have embarked on a new career choice, I look and feel better, my outlook is healthier, and my choices are solidly grounded in what best serves my forward movement and me. I am taking full responsibility for my life ads I am manifesting for my life all that I crave. I feel completely in charge of my destiny. My Divine Team is my guiding light. My thoughts and vision are clearly on my end goal and I am proud of who I am. So, I ask you the question: “What life and lifestyle are you choosing for yourself?” Are you content with being mediocre or do you have a grander vision and purpose for yourself so that you too, can manifest for your life and reach your highest potential?

Let us together strive to be extraordinary because the world needs more people like us to make it work smoothly, peacefully and lovingly.

Keeping a positive outlook through the good and the bad

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


During these Political-challenging times, how are you maintaining a spirit of cooperation and civility? Are you taking responsibility for your thoughts and behavior?  If not, may I suggest that you begin to coach yourself to find that sense of inner peace and calm that will allow you to perform at your fullest?

Is it the smile on your child’s face you search for every morning? Is it the wagging tail of your furry friend? Or do you crawl back into bed and hope that it all goes away? Life doesn’t always hand us the perfect recipe for success, but that’s because it’s based on a “trial and error” formula. “You can’t always get what you want…” sings rocker, Mick Jagger, but you do get what you need – and it is out of necessity where you will find the greatest treasure troves.

The best strategy is to not contemplate what went wrong and what may or may not happen in your life. There is a perfect explanation as to why you are positioned in the place you are right now. It’s not necessarily due to “bad karma” either – so what if you pulled Jenny’s hair in the second grade? That was then, this is now. We’ve all done things as children (and even as adults) that we’re not particularly proud of, but that doesn’t make us ghastly human beings; careless with behavior maybe, but not severe enough to warrant evil kickbacks. Now here’s the point – the Universal flow of energy is trying to restore your balance and sense of inner peace by challenging you to take notice of opportunities that surround you. In a lot of cases, you may view these opportunities as “trials,” “roadblocks,” or simple instances of ill fate – but in the grand illusion of the reality, which is the life that we lead, there are no wrongs or rights, only lessons. Each lesson presents itself with the prospect to engage and to encourage growth into the greatness that you are destined to become. If you are ready and willing to coach yourself in a grand manner, then, I believe, you are ready to take responsibility for your life as you move forward towards reaching your highest potential.

No matter what the circumstances, I want you to focus not so much on what might happen to you tomorrow, but what you can do for yourself today so you can evolve with the trend and make use of the potential that is there for you. If you’ve experienced some form of loss in your life, you need to realize that this loss may have occurred to create space for what you need to survive and thrive. Remember earlier when I told you that you don’t always get what you want but you get what you need? That’s how the Universal flow of energy works. It brings all the vital ingredients together to make your life easier, happier, and more fulfilling. Things may not appear that way right now, but the treasure that awaits you can only be seen when you awaken your intuition and gift of vision to see beyond life’s challenges.

In each and every one of us, there is a soul blueprint that maps out our lives and our soul purpose. When we tap into our intuitive powers, we are able to truly see the road to success affront of us. It is extremely vital that you gain clarity in whatever it is you want to achieve in your life so you can accomplish it. Once you stop consuming yourself with the goings-on of the world around you and begin to coach yourself for your highest and best good, you will be better prepared to function at your maximum potential. That, my friends, is the key to any successful strategy. Throw away all the garbage thoughts in your mind. Negativity is the pitfall to ruin, so let’s not go there.  Instead, I encourage you to stay consciously aware of where you are placing your thoughts.  If your goal is to reach your highest potential, I encourage you to stay focused.

Next, concentrate on what is important in your life – i.e., your friendships, your loved ones, your career, your home life. How can you improve your circumstances? Does sulking about what you don’t have help you achieve anything? You don’t have to answer that question because you already know the answer. As an intuitive expert, may I suggest that you use your intuitive powers to reveal the silver lining in your prevailing circumstances? What have you not yet seen? Was it there before, or has it been there all along? You see, the treasures that we seek are usually strewn amidst the clutter of our thinking brains. We think, think, think, and think. What it boils down to is how you direct your thinking and your goals. When you have stabilized your mindset and have harmonically aligned your heart and mind with the Universal flow of energy, you are opening the path to enlightenment. This is the vision you have been waiting for it is the way and light to see things more clearly, to understand fully how to go about overcoming your challenges and how to turn challenges into an opportunity for you.

Remember too, “You can’t always get what you want” sings rocker, Mick Jagger, but you do get what you need – and out of necessity is where you find the greatest treasure troves. Make today your day to discover your treasure trove. Engage your intuition to work for you and think positively, believe faithfully in yourself, and harness the power of the Universal flow of energy to create the lifestyle you want to lead. It’s up to you to create the inner peace and calm that you have been craving to enjoy. Only then will you reach your highest potential.

How an Intuitive Coach helps read between the Tea Leaves

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all see into our own futures? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if we had someone cheering us on along the sidelines telling us what direction to take and how to take it? Well, in a way, that is what professional intuitive coaches do for their clients. A reputable intuitive expert will be able to streamline client goals and whip them into professional shape to create genuine and sustainable success in life without all the extra baggage that’s been carried around for way too long.

Metaphorically, reading between the tea leaves is how an intuition expert coach can provide accurate insight and wisdom in the how-to’s of manifesting goals and in achieving real-life transformation. It’s not that individuals aren’t capable of improving their overall lifestyles; in fact, many of us are fairly capable of doing just that. It’s in many cases, however, where people have come to a crossroad and they’re not quite sure how to proceed; or in some cases, where individuals have so many emotional issues that their minds are clouded with negativity. That’s when an intuitive expert can help people open their minds to different thought processes and alternative perspectives.

In addition to teaching clients how to excel in areas of life that are lacking, a professional life coach can get the creative juices flowing to help individuals overcome past emotional baggage and everyday problems. There are a number of mental tools that experienced intuitive expert coaches use to assist clients in personal and professional development and emotional and spiritual growth. Some of the common techniques that intuition and life coaches facilitate include NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, journaling, past life regression therapy, inner child retrieval and healing, meditation practice, visualization, and one-on-one intuitive counseling, among others. A number of well-known life coaches also offer a compilation of meditation CDs, self-help books, journals, and home meditation exercises intended to help in the self-healing process.

Life is quite the journey from beginning to end. And while tea leaf reading can sometimes interject a shot of excitement and anticipation in our lives, tea leaves don’t always give us the precise answers and resolutions we need to create real forward motion in our lives. That’s what an intuition expert coach does – she can read the proverbial writing in our mind’s eye and keep us on track toward success without all the extra additives. If you are craving to manifest for your life, may I suggest that you leave the tea leaves for drinking, and let the professionals do their job at snapping you back into a winning position in life!

Are you stuck in your life?

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


The past is gone and will never return!  Once you let go of it and begin to plan on how you want your present and future life to turn out, you will begin to transform your life as your empower yourself to become more of what you hope to become.

Maybe it’s time to make a review of where you are right now in lifeAre you stuck and have fallen into self-pity or are you going to move forward and make your life happen? Possibly you are only focused on the past experiences and from that position you are simply dragging around all the old baggage that is weighing you down due to hurtful memories.

Life is too short to live with the thought of all your old baggage paralyzing you. If you continue to carry it around, you won’t get very far—because the weight becomes too overwhelming and therefore, making it impossible to transform your life that way you have dreamt it to be.   If something didn’t work out – maybe the job that you thought would be the ultimate, but it wasn’t – don’t beat yourself up or be angry. Maybe your relationship didn’t work out—unwarranted sadness and regrets can and will stop your flow. If you focus on all the pain and uncomfortable situations that you have been through over the course of your life and all the hurts you’ve experienced from the past, you will miss out on the joys that are right in front of you. I am here to tell you that when you set your mind to release and let go of the past hurts and situations, you are beginning to empower yourself for your highest and best good.

Doors will begin opening up daily for you, as you break the ties from the past and choose to focus on what will bring you joy, contentment,​and inner peace. The mind is a very powerful instrument; it has the ability to constantly re-play the old story.  That is why you need to become strong and empower yourself to stay vigilant, alert and determined to change and transform your life.  If you keep dwelling on the disappointments and challenges, you will sabotage yourself.

We can always savor the good and meaningful memories of our lives, however, it would greatly serve you well that when the past hurtful experiences come to the foreground, you look at them as life lessons and as only stepping stone to help you towards your greatness.

Just so you know, an exchange must be made. If you refuse to let go of the past, you cannot receive the new!   It is as simple as that!  In order to transform your life and rest with inner peace, you need to be disciplined in your thought life. Start changing the channels of your life story and stop reliving the old because it will keep you stuck. You cannot change the past but you certainly can change the future.

Everything I am saying to you is true—I know it and I believe it because it has happened to me and I trust that it will work out for you too. When you take small steps of faith and trust in the process of life, you begin to experience amazing new and wonderful things.  Inner peace, transformation, and joy will show up with your effort and willingness to make it happen.   Don’t stay stuck in your life!  Make an effort to change and transform your life because you are worth it!


Are you ready for change?

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


I am sure you are well aware of the change that is in the air. The season of fall is upon us and we are entering the last quarter of this year.   You are hearing this powerful word “change” in the media and you might even be feeling the need for it inside of yourself.  If you are feeling anxious, on edge, confused or just frustrated, maybe you need to look within yourself and see what you might need to do to create some positive change for your life.  You have the power within you to heal your life, to heal your bodyif you choose to bring it about.


As we are entering into a new fall season it is time for you to implement the change that your soul is longing to create.  As I was really focusing within myself this past summer, I was checking in with my soul to see if there was anything emotionally still holding me back from the next phase of my life?   I have a strong desire to reach my highest potential and I am ready to do it now.  I have been preparing myself for positive change, which means that I have been diligently working to improve my attitude, my behavior and the environment that I have placed myself within.


I believe that it is truly a gift and a blessing to check in with yourself and understand where you are emotionally.  What has helped me the most in my life is to truly understand myself, which means who I am and who I truly want to become?  Dear friends, I believe it is important to explore how I can get to my next level so that I can own my true worth and my genuine values.  Only then will I have the opportunity to heal my life and heal my body from all the emotional baggage that has previously been dragging me down and I might add, ageing me.

I sincerely hope that it just might be the perfect time for you also, to decide your own worth and your own value.  When you do this, you will allow yourself to be a leader in all situations in your life.  If I can accomplish this growth and change then so can you!

I believe too many of us are clinging to our past experiences, which are effectively blocking our ability to reach our full potential for success.  As part of our product line, we have a 3 part CD series entitled The Power of Forgiveness, The Gift of HealingThis three-part CD has been a beautiful and fulfilling experience for me to be able to listen to and to meditate on because it has offered me a powerful and transformational way to heal my life and heal my body at the same time.

I know this three-part CD series will help each one of you once and for all face your demons and re-connect you with the Divine Creator whom I know we are all striving to befriend.  Please take a look at this informational and meditative tool and choose to change and improve the quality of your life now.  I know you will be glad you did!

Go to the web site at www.joanmariewhelan.comand click on the product menu bar to see all our amazing products created to help you change your life.

Unlocking the Code to your Authentic Self

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


You do not have to feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Realize that you can achieve the success you want in life, but you must first discover your authentic self. Through this journey into your inner core, your soul, you are able to shape your life into whatever it is you seek.

While you are here on this earth, it is important for you to know that you are equipped with all the necessary navigational tools to survive and thrive. The problem is, however, that you are not always making good use of these tools because you have scattered your energy and cluttered your thinking.

The best approach for a successful and prosperous life almost always includes the most essential ingredients. If you lose one or more along the way or even if you do not realize that you have these ingredients, or believe you are capable of having these ingredients, you will certainly set yourself up for failure. But, once you fully understand that you have had them all along and they are there for the taking, suddenly all things come full circle and you automatically start setting yourself up for success.  My best-selling book:  “Soul Discovery, 9 Principles for revealing your sacred gifts”  is available on my web  and on    Guaranteed this book will help you move towards reaching your highest potentialfor yourself.

When you are willing to open yourself up to unlocking the code that you have kept tucked away in your soul being, you will begin to see and embrace the truth of who you are; and you will also begin using your authentic self to your own benefit. But isn’t that selfish, you ask? Absolutely NOT! One of the most selfless acts anyone can do is to find the truth within yourself so that you can better your own life, and consequently the lives of others. But how do I do it, you ask? We begin by helping you to discover your authentic self through your soul discovery and teaching you how to steer your inner compass in the direction you want to go.

It is a process! The more you dig beneath the surface of your outer core, the more layers you begin to peel away to find out what ignites the passion and motivation inside you to become a winning leader in your life. As a professional, you have already acquired most of the know-how to get to where you are but that is not nearly enough to truly create the reality you want. That is why learning how to navigate your journey through your internal compass is key to doing exactly that. You have the power. You are in control. To what level do you want to take your journey in life?   Get your copy of my best-selling book: Soul Discovery, 9 Principles for revealing your sacred gifts” and begin taking the necessary steps towards reaching your highest potential in your life.  My best-selling book is available on my web site-  and on

Is your attitude setting you up to fail

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Today you may have a financially-sound career and you may have earned the respect of your colleagues. But when you get home at the end of the day, everything shifts!   Instead of keeping your attitude up and positive, you feel like something is missing from your life and you seem to take on another persona.   Your personal life is not fulfilling, and your relationships are not enjoyable; even if you have a significant other or “friends” on Facebook something seems to be missing.  Why do you feel the way you do? What triggers in your daily routine keep coming up that bring these past emotional wounds to the surface? Is it the stress of juggling career and home? Is it because you are the breadwinner and you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Or is it because deep inside, you just do not feel good enough to have something or be something better in your life?  As a relationship expert, I want you to know that you are not alone.  There are many people in this world who feel the same way.    However, if I can help you work on your attitude first about yourself, then you will be better prepared to improve your attitude and interaction in your personal life and within all relationships.  Everything in life is about relationships, that is Relationship with self, your job, your boss or teammates, your partner, children, etc.  If you are unable to feel good about yourself, you will not be able to feel healthy or whole in other aspects of your life.  An improved and positive attitude will lead you to a successful life.

Remember that little boy or girl who tried so hard to love and to be loved; and no matter what the child tried to do, it seemed to not be good enough for others? Some of you still battle with that child within. You may appear to have balanced lives, comfortable houses, good careers and nice cars… but your relationships are not whole or in harmony — primarily because within your inner being is that little boy or girl, who is still consciously or unconsciously clinging to past experiences. You put up a barricade so that others can never truly enter into your lives because you are fearful that you may be rejected, deprived, neglected or abused.

How do I overcome my anxieties; you ask? You begin by accepting the past hurts of your life and forgiving yourself and those around you who may have contributed to the feelings and/or the emotional wall that you have built around yourself. Even if you do not reconcile these issues in person, you only need to say aloud, “I accept who I am. I forgive those who have hurt me and I believe I am more than enough.  I forgive myself for holding onto the feelings that I have created in my life. I am free.” Each time any triggers or emotions start creeping up in your life, repeat the mantra above; in fact, repeat it often till you own it.  It will help you sort through your challenges and allow you to move forward guilt-free and uninhibited. Remember, only you have the power to overcome your emotional burdens.  If you continue to focus on what is no longer a part of your life, you will build your metaphorical wall higher and higher until you can no longer see over it.  Become your own relationship expert; Look in the mirror or sit quietly and meditate on who you are.  Do you believe you are more than enough; do you like yourself and all that you have become?

“When you change what you believe, you change what you do.”  We all deal with a setback at one time or another.  Those conditions do not have to control you or set you up to be in misery.  Quite the contrary!  Allow them to be a learning lesson and then use them as a stepping – stone to help you rise above as you cultivate a positive and transformational attitude.

You are good enough. In fact, you are better than just “good enough”. You are unique in every way. When you begin to see beyond your emotional wall and your poor attitude, you will finally be free from what has chained you for far too long.

You have the power within to improve all relationships in your life but first, you need to come to terms with your first and most important relations and this with self.    Be conscious as to where you are placing your attention, become a strong relationship expert for yourself.  When you feel love, respect and value towards yourself, your life will begin to shift, and you will begin to live your life on purpose.


Self-Empowerment: Learning how to Love You

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Love is indeed a splendorous thing — but what it boils down to is being able to find the love within yourself to restore the harmony and balance to your authentic self.

Deep within the core of your very existence is the special coding of who you are — this is your authentic self. It’s that part of your being, which is free from all external influences and inhibitions. When you learn how to love yourself unconditionally, you are able to reconnect with your intuitive soul power; which is in essence, your authentic self. Why reconnect with your intuitive soul power, because it is the direct link to the Universal flow of energy that guides all things living. We are all a part of this beautiful Energy Source; and then we realize the value and nature of its worth, the more compelled we are to achieve greatness in life.

If you truly want to empower yourself to heal your life on various levels, you first must learn to love yourself! I am going to discuss a few ways that you can empower your authentic self so you can begin to trust your gut feeling, your intuition and begin making the best choices for your life. As an Intuitive expert, I know what I am about to suggest will be most helpful to you in transforming your life for the better.

Feed your mind with empowering thoughts, ideas and visions. Life is energy and so is love; and the more love you feed yourself, the happier you will be. Instead of focusing on negative energy in your life, think about the many blessings that exist around you.

Surely where you are, there must be nature. And even if all else has gone awry, there is positive energy that can be found in nature. Find a quiet park, stream, or fishing hole. Look around yourself. Nature will provide you with the inspiration you need to move beyond the negativity. Whether it’s an image in your mind or a real-time view of an aging oak tree or a passing flock of seagulls, observe the wonder and beauty of every aspect in these living things.

 Focus on the outline of your eye’s object. Notice the color, the shape, the size, the feel, the scent. What do you see, what do you smell, how does it feel to the touch? In these last few seconds, I am certain that all negative thoughts were pushed to the wayside. You have fed your mind with empowering thoughts – positive thoughts that transcend negativity. Nature = love. Personal and emotional empowerment is love. When you empower your mind  with positive energy, it will send a vibrational signal to every cell in your body and to every living thing in your energy field.   This is transformational! This is healing your life at the most basic root.  That is absolute power at work! It’s phenomenal.


What is absolute powerHave you hugged your dog, your child, or close friend? When you embrace, there is a great force of energy that is exchanged. This mutual energy is healthy and allows your body to arrive at a natural state of total relaxation. That’s a wonderful feeling — not having to worry about why, who, what, where, when…simply being in the present moment of love. That same feeling is what your authentic self provides you. This is your uninhibited, natural source of love. Hug more, touch more, and be in touch with the abundance of love.

Self-Forgiveness.I know, it’s hard to let go sometimes; but this is absolutely critical to rediscovering and empowering the love of your authentic self. A lot of times, we harbor resentment and anger from past emotions and encounters. Even when others may have caused distress, it is still by choice that we continue to preserve these negative feelings. We have to look beyond the anger, intolerance, and any other animosity to overcome hurdles in our lives. Breathe, slowly – inhale, exhale. Repeat this exercise a few times. Can you feel the negative air clearing your head? It is. Don’t hold onto it anymore. You don’t need it. In fact, you have now taken one of the essential steps to improving your vitality and getting reconnected to your authentic self. As a relationship expert, I can truly say that all healthy relationships start with self. With each breath you inhale, I want you to visualize the absolute power of love’s energy flowing into you and circulating through every part of your physical body. Build a healthy relationship with yourself and you will begin to draw to you, more healthy situations individuals and circumstances into your life. When you exhale, I want you to release all the negative, pent-up emotions. Got anger? Exhale it. Got regrets? Exhale it.  Got sadness?  Release it.

Do you want to transform your life? Want peace? Inhale it. Want love? Inhale it. Want freedom? Inhale it. Every time you breathe in, attach a positive word to it. When you breathe out, attach your negative baggage to it.  That’s it. It is done. You have forgiven yourself and you are now ready to embrace love to its fullest extent.

As an intuitive expert, I can tell you that if you practice all that I have just shared with you, your life will become more enriched and more content. You must always remember that you are in total control of what you feel and about what you think. Loving yourself is the most liberating, self-empowering thing you can do for you. Start right now by letting go and letting love in…and count every day as a blessing. Remember that the power is within you to heal your life as you are transforming from the old paradigm into your new authentic self.

Finding Happiness in Nature

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

When I was young, a childhood friend told me that if I held a buttercup beneath my chin, and my chin glowed yellow, it meant that I liked butter. I tried the buttercup experiment, and sure enough, my chin glowed yellow.  It was such a silly little amusement, but I remember smiling to myself knowing that a simple flower could say so much about me.  Of course, the buttercup glowed a faint yellow beneath my chin because I was out in the sunlight and the manifestation of the bright gold color was only evident due to the sun’s light.

There were a few lessons to be gained in the buttercup experiment: trust was the first. I learned first that I had to trust that the buttercup would glow beneath my chin,  and it did. The second lesson was that in nature, all things are possible. The third lesson was that the sun is a remarkable thing that not only brings us the warmth and light to give life to all the Earth, but that it has the power to do miraculous things. I smile when I think about this because in my mind’s eye, I can recreate the time and feeling of how a lowly buttercup was able to make me giggle and believe in something that I may not have before.

You can learn a lot from nature. Especially when you’re sitting in the sunlight, standing beneath a shady oak, or just smelling lilacs as you stroll through a park. You’ll find that happiness is all around you if you only open your eyes to it. Didn’t you know that the wondrous part of nature is that it can bring to light some of life’s most beautiful creations?   Happiness and inner peace go hand in hand especially when you are working towards healing your life.

The best part is that you don’t have to search very far to find happiness in nature. It’s in the wind, the buzzing bees, the drifting clouds, and in the cricket’s chirp. Happiness is, after all, a mirror image of the life that surrounds us. But it doesn’t just surround us; it’s a part of us. That’s the beauty of it. We are all interconnected to the glorious creation and wonder that we call the Universe. This great big expand of everything and all things reflect who we are and why we exist. It’s the energetic flow of the Universe that binds all life together.  Isn’t it amazing?  A real sense of

happiness and inner peace is part of our DNA, it is our birthright and each one of us has the ability to enjoy it if we choose.

Smile!  When you smile on one side of the world, it creates a positive ripple effect in the Universal flow of energy. Ever heard the phrase, “Smile and the world smiles with you; cry and you cry alone?” It’s true. When you smile, your face lifts up, your eyes light up, and your insides feel all warm and ​gushy. When you frown, everything comes to a screeching halt. That’s the amazing power of happiness. It enables you to heal your life emotionally, mentally and often physically. To delight in happiness as you embrace a real sense of inner peace is to be at one with nature. And when you’re at one with nature, you are at one with the Universal flow of energy. That simple act will help move you closer towards healing your life. Yes, nature is in all things; smiles included.

If you can’t seem to put a smile on your face, you can always go outside and pluck a buttercup. While holding a small hand mirror, place the buttercup beneath your chin. If it glows yellow, you like butter or maybe it’ll just make you smile like it made me.


My e-book is a beneficial tool to help you heal

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Are you a skeptical person, always doubting others or questioning the validity or authenticity of something?  I have had some people contact me and say that they are not sure that what I do for others will help them, yet they are seeking my help and guidance in the hope that something magical will occur in their lives.

 I am a relationship consultant and those who listen to my suggestions and become a part of my network feel the benefits and positive change in their lives.  I have worked long and hard to reach my goals and be able to help others reach theirs as well.

 Everything in life is about relationships, whether it is a relationship with yourself, your partners, your children, your team-mates, your boss.  It doesn’t matter.  If we do not have a good relationship with ourselves, we cannot expect to enjoy a good and healthy relationship with others.   As a relationship consultant, I have guided, empowered and encouraged others to find the truth about themselves.  Because when they do, they are more likely better prepared to build a good and lasting relationship with another.  It is all about healing your life from the emotional trauma that you have experienced.

 All of us want to be liked, loved, valued and appreciated.  Yet many people haven’t tried to find their own personal source of love.  It takes work and effort on your part to come to terms with yourself.  It is my personal belief that when people willingly build a sound foundation for their personal life, they are in a better position to design, plan and strategize how they want their life to play out and who they want to attract to become a part of that picture.  Life is better when it has been planned out, nurtured and developed.  When I coach others, I am being their relationship consultant.  I listen to their stories concerning their loneliness, their hurts, pain and shortcomings.  All healthy relationships are valuable and are to be respected and made sacred.  Good and honest relationships are vital for all people in all areas of their lives.  Maybe it is time for you to become your own relationship expert; that is, one who has the ability to monitor your personal experiences and empower yourself for your highest and best good and in the highest and best way. Only then are you able to heal your life.  I can help you in that endeavor.  It takes conscious awareness and discipline as you awaken to the needs and desires that you crave.  On my website,, I offer you the opportunity to book an appointment with me.  It is in the services menu.  Once you get a flavor of my skills and me, only then can you make a long-term commitment to strengthen your skills, improve your behavior and attitude and reap the rewards of experiencing your lasting relationship with someone else.  As your relationship consultant, I am dedicated to helping you.

My e-book  Love-Heal-Fulfilis available through my web site at and is waiting for you to download immediately.  This e-book when read will help you bring to your conscious awareness all that you need to help you heal your life in a beautiful way.

Click HERE to learn more about the e-Book.


Do you believe in yourself?

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Life has its ups and downs for each one of us.  Losing is a part of everyday life.  At times you can get beat and other times you will be recognized for doing your best; that is all part of life’s true gifts when we take them as lessons and learn from them.  I honestly believe we can truly fail in life only when we quit.  If we never quit, then we never fail!  What a simple approach —   think about it.  You have the ability to empower yourself each moment of each day and to improve in all aspects of your life.  I call that coaching yourself towards your greatness.

Half the struggles in life are about learning how to choose your battles wisely and to remain vigilant and persistent in doing so. The winning strategy here is not to “win the proverbial war,” but to win at what you do best and not give up in the act. Margaret Thatcher, a one-time Prime Minister of Great Britain once said that you might have to fight the battle more than once to win it, and that is not only a challenge to you but a fact in life. I cannot begin to imagine how many wonderful feats would not have been accomplished had it not been for the tenacity and determination of those talented individuals who created some of the lackluster tools that we now take for granted. Alexander Graham Bell could never have fathomed the routine use of his telephone, nor could he have ever foreseen the branches it would take in its expansion toward wireless communications.  But it was his many struggles to create something new and innovative that led to what we have today. He never failed to coach himself because he believed in himself.  Do you believe in yourself?  It did not happen overnight, and it was not an easy feat – but his vigilance and persistence paid off in the end because he was continually working to empower himself towards the vision he had.

Another fine example of overcoming failures to live a purpose-filled life was a teacher by the name of Anne Sullivan. Had Sullivan ever conceded to her misgivings of trying to teach a deaf and blind girl, there never would have been such an inspirational story of going against all odds to do the seemingly impossible…but she did. Sullivan was convinced to use persistence and willpower to help develop one of the fondest motivational and heart-touching stories of all time: Helen Keller; who subsequently went on to writing and publishing 12 books, among pursuing several other lifeworks. Anne Sullivan never stopped coaching Helen because she believed in her abilities.  Her persistence and desire to empower Helen Keller bore great fruits.  You, too, can bear your greatest joys if and when you are willing to coach yourself and discipline yourself.

Of course, there are many other success stories throughout the course of history. I would not have enough days in a lifetime to tell you about those who went on to overcome failures to succeed at what they did best.

Do you believe in yourself enough to refuse to fail in life? Have you given up on trying to succeed or have you become weak and decided you want to give up on yourself? I want you to empower yourself and pray for courage and strength because you deserve to reap the benefits of your labor.  To survive means that we must live to fight another day. If we no longer have reason to rise above the human condition and circumstance, then we have not begun to live at all. My challenge to you is to look within yourself to discover your hidden talents so you too, can manifest prosperity, happiness and a purpose-filled life. Failure is not a curse word, but a blessing in disguise. It is through failure that we learn to humble ourselves. It is through failure that we learn what not to do and what precisely it is we need to do in order to succeed. Failure is in virtue, the defining thread of life that enables us to see our shortcomings and discover our potentiality.

If you believe you will fail, surely that will be the case. But the same holds true for those who believe they will succeed. When you plant the seed of fortune in your mind and spirit, you begin to manifest blessings that have long awaited you. As we grow, we learn from our mistakes. In Walt Disney’s “The Lion King,” Rafiki swats Simba on the head with a stick. He then says to the young lion cub that the past can hurt, but that he can either run from it or learn from it.  In order to conquer your future, you must first forgive yourself and release your past.  Learn from your failures and move forward with your head held high and with persistence and determination in your heart. You too, can manifest a prosperous and joy-filled life once you understand that past failures are not for you to carry, but from which to learn and to discover the true essence of you and who you intend to be. Tell yourself this often; coach yourself towards your greatest joy.

There are no real “failures” in life, after all – only valuable lessons to be learned. How we perceive our disappointments is half the work. How we react to them is the harder part of the lesson.? It is time for you to let go of those old wounds and hurts. It is time for you to re-evaluate the choices you have made so that you can make the right choices from this moment forward. You can no longer fail in life because as long as you never quit, you are destined for success…and that, my friends, you can take to the bank.


Coach Yourself

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Often, you hear Mom and I speak of the necessity of coaching yourself, and may wonder what it entails, or how to get there from where you currently are? The process is one of developing your own, possibly latent, inner tools.  As the Intuition Girl, Joan Marie Whelan oven says,

“Determination, self-discipline, motivation and a strong desire to change for the better are most definitely part of the mix.”   I also believe that it requires a level of self-trust and discernment that exists within the ability of all of us.  It may need to be developed and practiced frequently to allow you to be able to make clear choices. Our ability to trust our intuition, our gut feelings and our heart often goes unnoticed and is under-developed as we tend to focus on the outer world while completely ignoring our Inner World and our need for self-improvement and self-preservation.  As you begin to build trust in your innate abilities, take it from my daughter, the intuitive expert, who states: you will find that you are more alert and aware of the messages and insights around you when you begin to “Tap into your Intuition”.    Coaching your self is simply your desire to remain alert and in tune with your heart and mind as you begin to hear and identify your Higher-Inner Voice.  You will become better prepared to differentiate between that soft voice, your intuition, and your ego ramblings and critic and pay attention to the information presented to you.

For many, the road to becoming a clear channel of your intuition may lead to first seeking the aid of a trained Life Coach in order to begin the process of knowing the difference between information inspired by ego and the messages from the Higher Self. As you soon realize the difference between the two voices, you will begin to be more in control of your path and find you will resonate with the information that is for your greatest good and steer away from those experiences that will not benefit you in the long run. Sometimes what you hear from your Higher-self is not what you had hoped to receive, but a good coach is one who will not lead you in the wrong direction!    Coaching yourself is a rewarding journey, one that is at the core of our greatest purpose of self-realization.

If you are one who sincerely wants to improve your self-coaching skills so you will be better equipped in the future to make the best choices for your life check out our web site at and book time with Joan Marie, the intuitive expert.  She will be glad to assist you on your journey towards your greatest success in all relationships in your life.

If you cannot work with Joan Marie at this time, take a look at her coaching collection.  It consists of 12 short and thought-provoking messages that will help you tremendously.

Coaching Collection – MP3 and Multiple CD versions

Inspiring Others to be Inspired

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


There’s an old adage that says: “Smile, and the world smiles with you.”  Inspiring others to be inspired is one of the greatest reciprocal gifts of our time. It doesn’t cost a penny to make other people happy, and the blessings you receive are far greater than you could ever give.   Why not empower yourself daily to be the best you can be?

Did you know that 18.8 million American adults* (Source – Uplift Program: Depression Facts and Stats) suffer from various depressive disorders?  Fortunately, many of these individuals could have a better life by way of improved social interaction among partners, coworkers, and other personal and professional relationships. Emotional Healing is equally as important as physical healing; and one of the predominant factors in bringing about emotional healing could not have been said better other than by Morgan Freeman (in the film, Evan Almighty) as he etched the word “ARK” in the dirt,” How do we change the world?” By one single Act of Random Kindness at a time. We all have the power within ourselves (empower yourself) to heal our lives but it requires each of us to become consciously aware of where we are placing our thoughts and how we are acting towards ourselves and others.

A story (The Hospital Window) I recently read by an anonymous author portrays one of the most beautiful acts of random kindness.  The story tells about two sickly gentlemen who share a hospital room for several weeks.  One of the men had a bed next to the window; and the other man, who had to lie flat on his back, was next to the wall.  During their time together, the two men shared life stories with one another.  Every day, the man who had the window next to his bed would tell the other man about the beautiful scenery he could see.  He described the outside world in great and rich detail; telling the man about a park that overlooked a placid lake – and in the lake, how ducks were swimming and frolicking, and even how children sailed little boats upon the lake, and about lovers walking arm in arm among the array of colorful flowers.  As time went on, the man beside the window passed away in his sleep.  Though the other man was saddened by his loss, he was eager to have the bed beside the window where he, too, could view the beautiful outdoors as his late hospital mate had before. Pulling his strength together, the man painfully propped himself up to peer out the window.  To his astonishment, there was nothing but a bare wall.  Shocked by this revelation, he asked the nurse why his late hospital friend would have told him such things about the outside.  She told the man that his friend was blind and that he could not have even seen the wall.  Then she said, “Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you and offer you a way to heal your life by feeling into the beauty around you.”

You see, this story reflects the acts of random kindness that made an important difference in the world to someone else.  When we do something that is uplifting and nice both towards ourselves and others, our spirits become freer and lighter. By enriching the environment in which we live by showing compassion and love, we create a positive atmosphere of creativity, happiness, hope, and inspiration.  We all have the power with to heal our lives by empowering self to be the best that we can be on a regular basis.

In transforming your own mindset, you transform the world around you in more ways than you could ever imagine.  One act of random kindness can positively impact your life, as well as the lives that you touch.  Inspire others to be inspired, and suddenly you find that the world around you becomes brighter and happier.


Happy Fourth of July

Monday, July 1, 2019

Independence and freedom are something that we all crave to enjoy, experience and maintain yet for many people of the world, those thoughts seem to be a fleeting mirage. I have observed how people hold grudges for centuries and teach their children anger, hatred and negative thoughts because they refuse to turn the other cheek or even say- “It is time to forgive and let go.” We all have the power within to heal our livesif we are willing to move on and heal our minds.

We all have had situations in our personal lives that have spoken to that same scenario, yet we still harbor anger, resentment and an unwillingness to forgive and let go of the past. We cannot expect the world to change if we individually refuse to change! Change happens one person at a time. It doesn’t matter if you resent someone or a group of people because of color, race religious beliefs or whether they have money or lack BUT what does matter is that we cause them NO HARM and remember that they too are children of the Mighty Universal Source. We do not have to like each other but we definitely need to tolerate each other, respect each other’s point of view and treat each other with kindness and compassion. You cannot hear your life when you hold onto anger and resentment.

Several years ago, I wrote a poem about tolerance and it is entitled: It Really Doesn’t Matter What Color You Are

One of the verses goes like this:
It really doesn’t matter what color you are, for in the end, we are all a blend.
We mesh and merge; we mingle and purge.
Like the waves of the ocean who thrash and foam and crash and surge, yet always return to the one.
So, listen when I tell you this, it really doesn’t matter at all.
The color you perceive is only a screen that in the end dissolves.
For God in all His glory enlightens the human race to teach and show us that it is so.


Dear readers, no matter where you live in the world, think about those words and take to heart the message that real independence and freedom starts on the inside of each one of us and it can only be realize in the world when we individually embrace its true meaning. Let us all begin to heal our hurts, wounds and intolerance and take the first step towards our own personal healing. It is time to heal your life!


See the Rainbow in your life?

Monday, June 24, 2019

Often times, we become overly consumed with the misfortunes of life that we fail to see the rainbow that awaits us. When the brisk summer thunderstorm passes overhead, eventually the clouds clear and the brilliant sun begins to peak through.  Beyond the sun’s rays and the blue skies dawns the rainbow that seals our bond with the Universal flow of energy; its splendid array of colors gives us the sacred sign that we are not alone and that there is always a blessing that awaits us.   As I so often say, it’s time for you tocoach yourself to stay calm, breath in a true sense of inner peace and refuse to allow the negative thoughts or feelings that surface to take you out!

 As you begin to coach yourself, remember that the rainbow in our life is the promise that our higher source offers us each and every time sorrows rain into our lives. It is the promise that there is yet another blessed surfacing for us to experience.

 Have you seen the rainbow in your life?  If you have not, you are clearly missing the opportunity for you to start anew. It is that colorful rainbow that allows you to rediscover the joy and love that you may have lost. It allows you to redefine the unique individual you are as you see and feel the signs of hope and new possibilities that await you. It allows you to find the inner peace that, at this moment, you lack.

 Metaphorically, your rainbow can be found in nature wherever you may go: It is the bird in the tree, the butterfly perched atop a branch or maybe it circles around your head, it is the breeze whisking through your hair and touching your face, it is the laughter of a child, it is the smile on your grandma’s face, it is the hug from a friend, it is the warmth of the sun, it is the wetness from the rain – because it simply is.

 From this day forward, I want you to rediscover the rainbows in your life. I promise that there are many you have missed and it is now time for you to realize that no matter where you go, what you do, who you see, what you encounter, there is always a new perspective, a fresh beginning, a special bond between you and a higher power that lets you know that you are special and that you will survive.  Yes, you will overcome, and you will find happiness and contentment once again; don’t give up or give into your emotions. Coach yourself to tap into your joy and inner peace.  See the rainbow in your life and live your promise today, tomorrow and every day because there is a great plan that is unfolding for your life.



Have you found inner peace in your life?

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I believe we all want to enjoy a wonderful sense of Inner Peace,yet many of us don’t believe that we deserve it or that it is even possible in this lifetime.

 Have you found inner peace in your life?  It is sometimes difficult to focus on all the positive blessings in our lives when we can’t see the forest from the trees.  We find that the bus-i-ness in our daily schedules, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances and sorrows overwhelm us to the point that inner peace is nowhere to be found.

 Someone once said, “Everything is as it should be.”  Change is inevitable – and when we learn acceptance to the changes in the world around us, we learn to move more freely within its infinite boundaries.  We become part of the essential flow of the universe, and subsequently, we learn that inner peace is what we make it.

 Finding inner peace means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections of life and have initiated a conscious effort to create your own happiness in what life hands you. It is all about learning how to make lemonade out of lemons!  It is about take each one at a time and enjoying being in the moment.  Instead of seeing the glass half-empty, you begin seeing the potential of its fullness; and suddenly, inner peace becomes you.  You no longer stand in fear of what tomorrow may bring – you greet each day with a new vision, and a recharged perception of the moment of now.

 Everything truly is as it should be, and no matter what today brings you – acceptance allows you to embrace every minute with resolve. Worrying about a situation or event will only beget negative energy.  Focus on your presence as the core of your emotions.  Do you really need to fret so much about what has not yet happened or what has happened in the past? Live in the NOW of your positive energy.  Don’t wait for happiness to come to you when you already possess the keys to living with inner peace.

Life Got You Down?  5 Tips to Get You Motivated Again

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


As most of you are aware, much of the civilized world is experiencing some kind of trouble.  Today, there are people from all walks of life, who are clinging to hope and prayers just to get through each day.  While things may appear troublesome, I want you to know that many of today’s success stories have sprung from ingenuity and humble beginnings.  By his junior year in college, Microsoft giant, Bill Gates had trusted his intuitionto know that one day computers would be an important part of everyday life. He became his own intuitive expert. That’s when he committed his efforts to building the Microsoft Company nearly 35 years ago.  In fact, Microsoft Corp’s website, states, “Gates’ foresight and his vision for personal computing have been central to the success of Microsoft and the software industry.”   Did Gates think that Time Magazine would ever have named him one of the 100 people who most influenced the 20th Century?  Perhaps we can’t go that far, but because he had the “vision” and belief in his product, his life is among some of the many success stories of which we hear about today.

 Other success stories, like Wal-Mart’s Sam Walton, who grew up during the Great Depression, learned pivotal lessons in life to create success and wealth from a simple “Five and Dime” store.  But beyond the big names of Gates and Walton, there are other success stories of which we may not be aware.  Whether it’s the pushcart operator’s daughter, who was born and raised in Harlem like American Emmy Award and Academy Award-winner Cecily Tyson or a young man down the street starting his first lemonade stand to build an empire — the world is your oyster; and all you have to do to achieve success is to have enough belief in yourself to know that you can achieve greatness if you put your heart, soul, and intuition behind it.


 Here are 5 good tips on how to pull yourself from your rut and make the best out of a desperate situation:

 1.  Moving forward. Before you go off the deep end with desperate thoughts (even suicide), I want you to reflect on what has landed you into the place you are at this exact moment. Are you there yet?  Okay, good. I want you to accept whatever it is that created this problem in your life — don’t worry if it was your fault or someone else’s fault — the fact of the matter is, that now is not the time to worry about “who” or “what” created the situation.  The only thing you are doing at this point is acknowledging the event or action.  Now that you’ve mentally acknowledged it, take a few slow, deep breaths. I want you to say aloud: “I am in control of my emotions. No matter what happens from this point on, I am going to be okay.” Believe itNow I want you to throw away all the negativity beyond this moment.  Whether you’ve lost your job, or you’ve recently ended a personal or professional relationship, now is not the time to dwell on “why” the particular outcome prevailed.  Instead, I want you to focus on moving forward. Remember, you have just made a healing pact with yourself to “be okay.”  You will be.

 2. Using Your Intuition and becoming your own intuitive expert. Now that you’ve mentally prepared yourself to move forward in your life to create your own success stories, you need to learn how to effectively use your intuition to manifest in your life the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Too many times, we don’t listen to what our intuition has to say to us.  And when we sometimes think we hear it, we misinterpret it.  The best way to fine-tune your intuition is to practice daily meditation.  You don’t have to do it for hours on end, but you should devote at least five or 10 minutes of your morning, noon, or evening to breathing and meditation exercises that can help you rid your mind of toxic thoughts and to gain clarity. Think of meditation as cardio for the mind.  The more you practice it, the more fine-tuned your intuition gets — and the more fine-tuned it becomes; the more you are enabled to make smart choices in your life that will place you on the pathway to manifesting for your life all that you desire.

3. Put Faith in Yourself.  Since you know that you must move forward and use intuition to achieve success in your life (in all areas of your life), you must also put faith in yourself and your actions.  If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, how can you achieve anything?  Just like Walton and Gates, they had products in what they believed.  The products weren’t just material items; they were deep-seeded beliefs and principles in what they both envisioned.  When you start putting belief in what you produce — whether it’s a service or a material product, you have to trust that whatever you choose to do with it will work in your best interest. And this positive thinking applies to relationships as well.  If you believe that you can have a strong and productive relationship – both personally and professionally —you will.

4.Discover your hidden gift.  All individuals have a hidden gift.  For some, it may be carpentry.  For others, it may be painting, singing, writing, or mentoring — among many others.  Whatever your gift is, you are the only person who can truly discover it and learn how to turn your gift into a money-maker for you. Always realize that your skill or talent is worth something to someone. In someone else’s eyes, your ability is key to not only your success, but to his or her success…or it may be just a central part of what makes the world more beautiful or healthy in which to coexist.  Whichever the case may be, your intuition and how you develop your intuitive talents is fundamentally important in discovering your gift and how to best use it to your advantage.

5. Learning when to walk away.  Okay, there are some cases whereas your own intuitive expert, you know, that it’s time to walk away from an unhealthy situation.  If you practice meditation, you’ve put faith in yourself, and you’ve moved forward in your life…and old habits are hard to die…then it’s time to step out of this negative situation and find a new source of light in your life.  Some relationships can deteriorate your mindset.  When this starts to happen, you need to LISTEN TO YOUR GUT FEELING and move on.  That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to carry all the extra baggage with you when you go, either.  It simply means that you have evolved from this relationship; and in order for you to take control of your life and to manifest for your life health, happiness, and success, you acknowledge your feelings and move forward.


 In closing, I want you to accept the fact that you may not be destined to become the next Bill Gates, Neil Armstrong, or Barbara Streisand…but you just may be destined for greatness to be the unique and authentic person who you are.  And that, my friends, will truly allow you to feel and know that you have manifested for your life all that is truly important.


Conscious awareness in all areas of your life is worthwhile

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

We’ve all been at points in our lives where we’ve had an incredible brainstorm…and just like the storms on the horizon — they blow into our lives and right back into the abyss. We seem to misread or ignore the signs of opportunity and let them pass away with the wind.  Opportunities appear in our lives all the time, but it is our responsibility to stay in tune with our intuitive abilities and become our own best intuitive expert. Instead of grabbing the sails and flowing with the currents that nature gives us, we choose to circumvent the atmospheric conditions; retreating to our “safe haven.” We tend to be most comfortable with what is familiar to us rather than break through the barriers and work towards reaching our highest potential.  Sometimes, we have to rediscover the pulse of energetic lightning provided by the Universal flow of energy and get into the rhythm of its magnetic and powerful force of inspiration. We are capable of reaching our highest potential as long as we are willing to do the work to get us to that level of visualization and creative imagination. Below are five tips on how to turn your creative visions into reality:

1.  Electromagnetism. When you get a sudden brainstorm, close your eyes and let your intuition take flight.  Don’t let your creative thought processes evaporate into thin air.  Scientifically speaking, it’s a matter of electromagnetism.  When your life-force or life energy is in the presence and motion of positively charged energy (or creative brainstorming), it is affected by that energetic force. This inspires and enables you to change your pace and create the vision you want in your life. Another way to look at this remarkable energy force is through the metaphorical eye of a compass needle.  Imagine that you are that compass needle.  When the current from an energy source is switched on (your intuition), you (or the compass needle) discover that magnetic fields will radiate from all side of you.  You become the pulse of the current; which allows energy to pass through you, into you, and all around you.  If you harness the power of positive Universal flow of energy, envision the positive relationship that you will have in the world around you. For just a moment, let scientific reasoning be your mentor by following these logical clues to achieving greatness in your life.  Then you are truly on the path to reaching your highest potential.

2. Become your own intuitive expertPractice using your intuition. Okay, I told you to let your intuition take flight…now you have to put your intuitive soul into action for you.  You know that electromagnetism is part of the science of the Universal flow of energy– now you must facilitate it to your best advantage.  When your creative juices begin to flow, you know that you are on the right track.  Stay ON track!  Don’t slip from the rails because of fear or lack of self-confidence.  You have all the mental tools at your disposal to turn your normal life into an extraordinary life.That’s why it is so important to stay true to yourself and be willing to open your mind to the potential that surrounds you.  By tapping into your intuition, you are creating an infinite gateway of positive thoughts and energy flow.  The combination of the Universal flow of energy with your intuition is the key to manifesting the reality you want to have in life.  It’s not rocket science to believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  Remember, nothing is impossible – only the impossibilities that we create in our own minds.  Isn’t it time you let your conscience be your guide? Go with your gut feeling and supersede all your expectations.  It will happen.

3. Self-discipline.  It’s sometimes hard to become and stay motivated, but in order to turn your creative visions into reality, you must have self-discipline.  This is the essential key to make your life an extraordinary life.  You already have the forces of the

Universal flow of energy working for you.  You know that you can grab the sails and let your intuitionbe your guide — the rest of your journey depends on how much you want to turn your visions into reality.  If your ideal lifestyle is comprised of a nice two-story home, a family, and a job you love — then you must have the self-discipline to achieve your goals.  If you don’t have the self-discipline to get up to go to work in the morning, you won’t be able to pay the rent or mortgage.  The same principle applies to all areas of your life; which includes your mind, body, and spirit. There must be a level of self-discipline to overcome any imbalances – including emotional baggage and blockages.  The more you stick with your strategic plan for success; chances are that you will bring your goals to fruition.  That means you must discipline yourself by calming your spirit, being good to your physical body, and taking control of your thoughts and what you project to the outside world.  You are an integral part of this Universe – the more you begin to realize the value of your life and the interconnection you have with the world around you and the energetic flow of the Universe, the better equipped you are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to generate the milestones you need to turn your creative visions into reality.

4. Strategic Visioning.  I know — I told you about creative visions, but now it’s time to turn your creative visions into strategic visions.  That means you have to plan for success and turn your brainstorms into milestones.  Accomplish your goals by blueprinting your life map for extraordinary achievement. But before you can do this, you must have a strategic plan for your strategic vision.  This is your ultimate pathway to power, and implementation is part of the end result.  You must take action to achieve your goals.  As your own intuitive expert, this begins by accessing your intuitive wisdom and imagining all the positive things you’d like to acquire in life. When you meditate on your positive ideas and images, you can dramatically affect your electromagnetism to start drawing those things that you want toward you. The more you practice strategic visioning (focused meditation), the more you want it…the more you can taste it…the closer you get to accomplishing your dreams.  Remember, you are accountable for the commitments that you make; and through consistent action, you become the leader of your life and your future.

5. Awakening your prospects. Now that you’ve overcome your fears and lack of self-discipline to turn your creative visions into reality, you must awaken your prospects by exploring the positive environment that you have created for yourself.  You are now prepared to fish your prospects and take the appropriate action to reel in your treasure. No longer are you bound by mental hang-ups, and you have the clarity to see opportunities that surround you.  Tap into your intuitive powers and make a concerted effort to walk through the doors that are open to you.  Get your brainstorms moving by becoming proactive in your life. Failure and lack are the consequences of your own actions or inaction.  Your mind is a powerful instrument that you can facilitate to create and manifestthe outcome you desire…so get going! After all, life isn’t life if you’re not living it to the fullest extent.    LINK to order heart  Tap into your intuitive powers. heart

When you procrastinate and stay stuck in the same situation, it becomes harder to climb the ladder of success. The milestones you can achieve in life are created by the opportunities that you create for yourself.  That’s what electromagnetism is all about — creating an environment of opportunity by being effectively positive, procreative, and extraordinary in everything you think, say, or do.  Brainstorming and creative visioning can help you to manifest your big life dreams.  Why wait to enjoy your life, when you can start the pathway to success now?  Increase your wealth, live your life’s dreams, become healthy, get connected to greater prosperity, and finally – celebrate the life you were intended to lead.  Turn your milestones into momentum and speed that will dramatically and positively change your life.


5 Tips to Coexisting in Peace and Harmony

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


 “We are all in the world together and so we must work together for the benefit of the whole in order for all of us to coexist in balance and harmony.”- Joan Marie Whelan

The “whole” in this instance is the “whole” Universe and the Universal flow of energy. When we work against the flow of Universal energy, we are disrupting harmony and balance in our own lives, the lives of others, and even the kinetic energy from around the globe. Too many people are lacking a real sense of inner peace and contentment and don’t even know why they aren’t feeling peaceful. We truly are in a transitional movement and now is the perfect time to learn from the inner truth that is ready to reveal itself to us.

 While the entire Nation is in the state of uncertainty and misperception I believe it is time for all of us to take a step back, take a deep breath in and release all the anger and pent up resentment if we want to transform not only our lives but also the world all around us for the better good of all. This is also a time of transformation and reawakening to what values and principles are most important in our lives.  What are your personal and professional priorities? In what behaviors are you engaged? How are you feeling spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially? How you work with the Universal flow of energy determines your strength in matters of stamina, mental awareness, emotional wellbeing, fiscal stability, intuitive power and yes, inner peace.

 Sometimes, we have to take a few steps backward to make the climb upward. That is how many of our unseen blessings come to us.  We are given opportunities, again and again, to realize our true potentiality in becoming part of the solution to both peace and harmony in even the most difficult times.

Here are five simple tips to coexisting in peace and harmony:

    1. Reexamine your ultimate goal and purpose of life, including your economic wellbeing.
    2. Instead of thinking financial recovery, think moral recovery first!
    3.  Practice compassion, sharing and caring.
    4. Learn and apply genuine acceptance of other people’s opinions.
    5.  Never respond with anger, hatred or ridicule.

If we want to see a change in the world and tap into a real sense of inner peace and contentment, we need to be that change.  It would benefit us all, myself included, if we’d make a strong and solid attempt to slow down and reflect on our present attitude, behavior and the environment which we created not only in our immediate circle of relationships but in the world all around us, we would come to a realization that we can improve our thoughts and become more considerate of others. We must change if we wish the world to change.  In order to transform our lives and enjoy a true sense of inner peace, we must be it ourselves.  Please join me and at least make an attempt to transform your thinking towards a better way of living in this world that we call Earth.

Are You Happy Being You?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Are you like a lit fuse waiting to go off at any minute? There are a lot of you out there who may not intentionally wreak havoc on your own lives, but somehow you manage to neglect ongoing problems until they explode beyond your control. This goes for health issues, domestic situations, financial circumstances or personal and professional relationships, among others.

For example, if you discover a small oil leak coming from your car, do you ignore it or would you have it checked to make sure there is not something majorly wrong? The same holds true for little aches and pains that continue to fester until you are so unhealthy that you are unable to perform simple tasks. And in relationships, it is harder still because if there is a problem and you fail to address it head-on; you find that the issue winds up becoming much more serious than it could have been had you taken the time to resolve it.  Communicating the problem or situation and looking for solutions is the best way to change a negative state of affairs.  That is why I frequently suggest that you learn how to coach yourself towards your improved circumstances in your life.

I am sure you heard the old adage:” you can’t fix or change a problem with the same thinking that created it.  Training your mind to seek solutions is not only smart but also effective.  As a relationship expert, I have given numerous suggestions over the years to people who are seeking solutions and change for their lives.  In my e-book: “Love, Heal, Fulfill”, I share many tips that will heal you change your life in various ways.  This e-book helps you become a better you because it shows you how to get started and make the changes.  If you are willing to make time to coach yourself so you can experience a healthier and more fulfilling life, I encourage you to get a copy of this amazing e-book which is available on our web site:   Each one of us has the power to heal our lives as we make changes to improve our attitude, behavior, and environment.

In a perfect world, time, jobs, families, friends and other day-to-day hassles are never a problem. However, none of us live in a perfect world. I know you are all limited by time constraints. You have household duties to attend to, children to care for, jobs that take up long hours of your day, significant others who require your love and affection, yard work, pets…and everything in between. But when you recognize there is a problem, and you choose not to initiate a resolution for it, you are stepping into quicksand!  If you choose to wait and see and do nothing, I guarantee that whatever the problem may be, it will grow by leaps and bounds.  If, however, you choose to take the necessary steps now to heal your life and improve all your relationships, you will begin to become your own best life coach yet!  My e-book, “Love, Heal, Fulfill” was written to help set you on the right path towards fulfilling your dreams as you heal your life and give yourself more and much-needed love.


Spring Cleaning: Ridding the Clutter from your Life!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ah, the allure of spring… isn’t this the perfect time to get all the dust out of the nooks and crannies of your house? Springtime is also the perfect time to take a long look at your personal and professional life so as to fine-tune your mind, body and spirit!  In order to de-clutter your house, you have to start from the ground up and work your way out the front door. A lot of times, this means having to throw out all the pack-ratted items you’ve been saving from the garbage bin, dusting all the top shelves that you didn’t have time to dust in the past, and clearing out the closet from all the old winter clothes you no longer wear. That’s about what it takes to de-clutter your material life as a whole. It takes honest-to-goodness effort, hard work, and persistence to rid yourself from all the “stuff” that no longer serves you or is useful to your life and well-being.  When we take positive steps in clearing out all that no longer serves us, we open our energy field to accept in new and refreshing changes that will help us reach our highest potential as we transform our lives for the better.

In the same way, I believe that it is also time to rid yourself from all the negativity and old baggage you’ve been harboring in your mind.  Often times fear, anxiety, blame, sense of lack, unworthiness or indifference becomes our captor and subsequently, our punisher. These ugly little emotions can build throughout the years creating a mountain of emotional debt that overrides your sense of purpose, confidence, direction, and future success in life.  It is most difficult to manifest for your life all that you desire when you are sabotaging your thoughts and stay in the negative.

When the waste-bin of your cluttered mind has grown to such tremendous heights, it starts blocking your view, your perception, and your creativity. Before you know it, there is so much clutter in sight that you can’t even begin to see the horizon to where you are today or where you’re going in the future.  How can one reach their highest potential when roadblocks are set up to stop your forward movement?

The big question is: “Why hold onto these burdensome mental triggers?”  Unfortunately, we frequently do so more than we’d like to admit. It’s sort of like an old song from our past. We tie it to an event, place, person, or feeling and every time we hear the song, it triggers an emotional response. In effect, like the song, we become mentally attached to our negative feelings like a crutch. If something goes wrong, we can blame it on that old nasty feeling we have or on the event to which it’s tied. It’s easy to blame something else or even someone else instead of our selves.

That’s why you must set some goals for yourself today to start a whole new mental de-clutter program, that is, working from the inside out.  When you are ready to transform your life, you will need to begin to energize your mind with positive and worthwhile thoughts that will bolster your life so you can reach your highest potential in an awesome and intentional fashion.

How do I make room in my life for a more positive flow to come forth?

      1.  The first step is to overcome your biggest fears in life and start to transform your story…your history.
      2.  The next step is to transform your current lifestyle to another, more creative-thinking one that will garner the success you want to achieve in life.  That is how you will manifest for your life all that you want.
      3.  Modify your game plan so you can start generating real forward momentum in your life!
      4.  Simplify your life by gaining a greater understanding of how your mind works to build your platform and restore balance.

Never look back on the mountain of collective “stuff” again!  If you choose to transform your life the way you desire, then it is time to rid yourself of all the negative emotions you’ve clung to for so long and get back into the business of being a clutter-free, goal-oriented, success-driven person you are intended to be! Come on…energize your mind and watch your entire perception change as you start manifesting greatness for your life…one positive thought at a time.  I believe it’s time for you to feel free and content as you set your sights on bigger and brighter things –the miracle of your new mind dynamics!  Are you ready to do it now?


Take responsibility for your thoughts!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Life is like a roller coaster, it has many ups and downs, but it is how we react to them that really matter. You will continually be challenged, and thoughts will surface that cause you to doubt and ask yourself, “what if” this or that doesn’t work out!  Our minds like to play tricks on us, however, it is your responsibility to empower yourself and choose to feed your mind with positive words, thoughts, and beliefs that will put a spark in your step, some joy in your heart and a smile on your face.

You, like each one of us, have a responsibility to feed your mind with all those things that will improve your outlook and show you how to feel empowered, encouraged and full of possibilities.

Don’t miss the new things that are being prepared for you!  Choose to hang around with those who uplift you, who are forward-thinking and who look at life and their world in a positive and upbeat way.  The wrong people can talk you out of your dreams and feed you with doom and gloom. Become your own intuitive expert and follow your gut feelings.  If something doesn’t feel right, that might be your signal or clue to slow down and follow another path.

You have dreams that are ready to be brought into your reality.  It’s time to stoke your passion, energize your mind and awaken your imagination so you are better prepared to empower yourself to break out of the limitations of your past and get excited about the new adventure you are about to explore. When things don’t go my way and I start to feel down or dejected, I immediately shift gears and think of something that will allow me to move into a state of gratitude.  There is always something to focus on that can and will shift our thoughts to the brighter side of life. Your intuition, your heart, and inner knowingness are great resources that will help you change your attitude and focus but it is your willingness to shift that is most important.

If your life isn’t flowing maybe it means that that path is not your right path?  Don’t keep pushing for something that is not meant to be for you.  Feel into your heart and soul and welcome your intuition to help you move in the right direction.  It’s time to become your own intuitive expert and let your inner gut, your sixth sense, keep you on the right path.  Trust yourself, empower yourself and soon you will see the light.  Don’t let fear or worry take you out!  When you lean on your Creator and surrender to His plan, your life improves and shifts.

When you are ready to let go of the past and seek out the new you are fulfilling your destiny.  That is why it is important to not put energy into your past and start putting energy into your present and future.  Pray in gratitude that your life is about to improve, feel rich and see your life flow gloriously with the abundance of the Infinite Intelligence even if it has not materialized yet.  Visualization is an amazing tool that will enable you to stand tall and become more self-empowered! Take responsibility today for your life!


Mission Impossible

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Do you feel like every time you turn around, you are facing mission impossible?  Nothing you do is working out the way you want it. You appear to be running in circles and you keep having the same situations come up in your life. Does that sound like you? You want to manifest for your life your heart’s desire and reach your highest potential but everything fizzles. Perhaps you have become your worst own enemy?

Whether you realize it or not, your actions, behaviors, and perception may be hindering your progress in life. When your daily routine becomes mission impossible, you need to rethink and recreate your current lifestyle. “But I don’t do anything differently than other people,” you say? Well, let’s take a look at where you are and the issues you are encountering:

• Is your loved one making you feel miserable?
• Do you see yourself in a dead-end job?
• Are you a hoarder, holding onto way too much clutter in your home?
• Are you afraid to move forward with your goals?
• Are you still trying to live in the past?
• Have you lost track of who you are?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you might just be creating your own mission impossible in life. In order to become whole and happy, you must focus on what is attainable and what makes you feel truly alive. If your relationships with work, your significant other, your health or your friendships are putting a strain on your emotional, mental or physical wellbeing then it is time to reshape your perception on what is working and what is not. It’s time to be your own life coach and make some positive changes that will help you get back on track and manifest for your life once again.

How do you become your own life coach you ask? If you, yourself, are experiencing emotional barriers that prevent you from being happy and healthy, then you must discover what those emotional blockages are so that you can face them, release them and head them off at the pass. Your missions in life do not have to become fearful and tedious. Only you have the innate control to overcome any misconceptions or trepidation that you may have in achieving success and true happiness. There is an old affirmation that many individuals use to help maneuver life’s sometimes murky trails: “Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” Say these words often until you own them for yourself. In order to reach your highest potential in life you need to shift your thoughts, words, and action; however, in order to shift you first must make the time to reflect on who you are and what you have become.

Should you ever feel like your life has taken you on seemingly impossible missions, I want you to stop whatever it is you are doing and take a long, deep breath and re-focus. Talk to yourself, coach yourself, and say the affirmation above often. Lose yourself to the Universal flow of energy and allow that energy to strengthen you and fill you with much need wisdom and encouragement. All things will be revealed to you when you are ready to receive them; that is how you will manifest in your life.  What was once your impossible mission will transform into the blessings and opportunities that you have been missing all along.

Then you will truly smile as you begin to realize that what was once only a dream has truly become your reality!

Putting Your Imagination to Work for You

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Your imagination is a very creative and powerful tool. When used to create good in various degrees, you can accelerate your body’s rate of healing so you can manifest for your life your heart’s desire.  Put your imagination to work for you so you can become your own intuition expert. You, too, can manifest your life’s dreams and heal your life.

Do you know what it is you wish to manifest in this lifetime?  Can you visualize all that which you want to experience?  The intuition expert in you should visualize this picture as if you were right in the middle of your personal movie. Experience how this feels.  How do you feel having a new job or career; possibly a $50,000 bonus or a million-dollar contract?  How do you feel manifesting for your life?

As an intuition expert, you’ve discovered that visualization is a powerful tool of the imagination.  Visualization is nothing more than a teaching aid.  Your ability as an intuition expert to use your imagination means you are using your creativity to form a vision or image of what you want to enjoy.  Is this making sense to you yet?

To increase your wealth, you must realize “What the mind can conceive, the person can achieve.”   This is the exercise of the moment. Some of you might be very left-brained in your thinking and you are saying that this does not make logical sense.  We actually have a product, an E-Book entitled: The Art of Manifesting.  It is all about understanding the mind’s power; and trusting and believing you can create wealth and shape your life for your highest and best good.   As an Intuition expert, I encourage you: Put your imagination to work for you in a healthy, positive way.  Accept nothing less!  As an intuition expert, you are in command of your destiny. Put a firm grip on the steering wheel of your ship. Direct its course.  Frequently throughout the day, imagine the feeling of having whatever you desire – increased wealth, improved good health; the manifestation of your life’s dreams.  Continue this process until you achieve it.  Smile and feel energy come alive within your core. See and know you are preparing yourself to experience the wonderful new you– just like the caterpillar becoming the beautiful butterfly.

In my personal experience as an intuition expert, I have taken this process to another level; I have put my desire as I continually visualize it daily.  This process has helped me to picture and imagine the outcome in a clear and precise manner. It has also enabled me to truly feel and believe it has happened…yes, it has manifested and become my reality.  As I was doing the writing process, I was actually experiencing the outcome. For me, that was powerful. If you are seeking to heal your life and enjoy the inner peace, contentment, and grandness for your life, I encourage you to follow these steps buy the E-Book The Art of Manifesting, and begin the next chapter for your life.

Do you like to hold grudges?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


When someone does us wrong, we want to get even and let the world know about the evil side of that person.  While you may be right in feeling upset or hurt about the bad behavior of others, I believe our Heavenly Father would prefer for us to swallow our pride and turn the other cheek. Be the bigger person!  In order to heal your life and transform your life to the degree that you desire, you need to release all the evil thoughts and actions that arise and change your attitude from revenge to offering blessings.  Do you realize you can actually overcome evil by doing good deeds instead of thinking of ways to do more evil!  When you do good to those who have done you wrong, you are being more effective than if you tried to get even with the enemy.  It allows the Creator of the Universe to use tolerance to your advantage

It is easy being good to those who are nice to you but it is most difficult to be nice to those who offend and hurt you.  That is the time you need to pray for those who harm you not for their benefit but for your good.  When you prove to your Creator that you are not bitter and holding a grudge: that is when your Creator knows you are the best person who can handle the promotions and all the blessings that life has to offer you.  You are the bigger person, you are the one who can handle all situations, and therefore, you are the one who will not only transform your life but be the right example to help others transform their lives too!

When you are good to someone who has done you harm, you are setting a better example; you are being the better person and your Almighty Father will honor you for your goodness.  That is when healing your life begins.

I have learned to forgive and forget the harm that I have been caused because the words of God continually come into my head:  “ Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”  That is one of the ways that I transform my life daily.

I encourage you to stop holding grudges and being bitter; instead take the high road, be the one who can let go and let God handle your enemies.  He knows how to make all situations right!

Living with grudges and unforgiveness is poison to your mind, body, and spirit and will eventually be used to destroy you rather than to benefit you.  It is impossible to heal your life and to transform your life when you hold grudges against those who have done you wrong and hurt your feelings.

Stop judging the lives of others!  Maybe it is time to show understanding, mercy, and forgiveness towards others.  I believe it’s time to get past the anger, resentment, and grudges.  When you pray and ask Your Heavenly Father to give you the courage and strength to understand, you will be the one who will reap the benefits, the blessings and the graces needed to live a life of transformation as you heal your life from all negativity.  The benefits are that you will begin to live your life with an abundance of inner peace and joy.

Blessing your enemy is showing people that you are exceptional and you are ready to be used by your Creator to do good in the world.  Too many people live their lives craving to enjoy inner peace and contentment yet they do nothing to bring it about.  I want you to know that when you are the bigger person and you do good to those who have done you harm, you are the beneficiary of God’s goodness and blessings.  Maybe it’s time for you to rise up, be the bigger person and praise God for all the blessings you have in your life.  Grudges are poisonous; inner peace and joy are healing. It is the gift from your Creator.  Please choose wisely for your life.

Seekers of a thrill— Are you one of them!

Tuesday, March 19


People are taking synthetic drugs to get high. They are looking for something to give them a punch—a little excitement and who knows what else. Ultimately, I believe most people seek a wonderful sense of inner peace but feel lost as to how to find it. I found it interesting and intriguing to listen to the documentaries that are being shown around the country in an attempt to educate the public about the tragic consequences surrounding the usage of these synthetic drugs. There doesn’t seem to be a specific age group that is attracted to them, but it is the youth who are unwittingly taking them and getting caught in the net of devastating repercussions. Instead of looking for ways to heal their lives, they become arrogant and rebellious.

People are going crazy –their brain is being destroyed in front of their eyes and they don’t understand what is happening to them yet with all of the new alerts on this subject, people are taking bizarre steps to seek out sellers of these products. They are depressed and upset because their lives aren’t working out, yet they refuse to listen to common sense and reason. I utilize the Power Angels all the time because I want to seek right council, yet few people are interested in learning more about them; instead, they make poor choices, which drive them further away from the experiencing inner peace. This is not just a problem in the United States, it is happening all over the world. The government and many law enforcement agencies are truly stymied by this dilemma and they don’t know how to respond to this problem. For us to heal our lives and enjoy inner peace we need to tap into our feelings and control our emotions.

I would like to suggest that if we took life seriously and were willing to not only take the time but also make the effort to keep our children safe and feeling loved, we would not need to encounter these problems because they would not be a scourge on society. It is very obvious to see that our children are seeking acceptance and acknowledgment. They are more sensitive and aware than we give them credit for. They want to feel loved, needed and worthy yet in my career I have seen too many parents caught up in their own world of stress, seeking gratification and simply not willing to be responsible and accept the duty of caring for those that they brought into the world. People’s nerve endings are raw and extremely stressed because a great many of us are hurting and looking for self-fulfillment or something to take the edge off the pain of frustration.

It is like my story that was posted many years ago: A metaphor of life—the story of the 3 little pigs where the wolf is waiting patiently for its prey and when he finds them, he pounces with full force.

It is the unscrupulous chemists, educators and profiteers who are working diligently to pull the youth into their web and most of us are ignorant of what is happening. This fact does not release us from being alert and aware of the problem and more importantly to stay vigilant of the symptoms so we can save the lives of those individuals who are caught up in their grip.

This is definitely a game of cat and mouse but unfortunately, the evil ones are more ambitious than the ones who choose a healthier lifestyle. The Power Angels are waiting for us to call them into our lives. When will we become wise enough to connect with them and learn more about their mission and power? Don’t wait until it is too late to change the course of negativity and evil! The problem is huge so what do we do about it?

I believe strongly and I have said this before. Stay vigilant with your children.

You cannot and I repeat—you cannot ignore any aspect of your children’s growth and development. They are vulnerable to all sorts of evil tricks, inadequate and dishonest teachers, counselors and experiences and you as a parent must continually keep them within your sights. They are naïve and vulnerable to all sorts of trickery. Be pro-active in their lives and take a healthy interest in their activities, their education, their thoughts, and their beliefs.

I have four children close in age and I was a single mom so I can say with experience that their informative years were growling and exhausting but I never and I repeat never put anything before their interests. Their lives and their journey was and still is very important to me. I understood that it was my choice to bear them and I further understood that it was my duty and responsibility to care for them to the best of my ability.

Morality—values— integrity this is what will change the world; that is for those who are willing to listen. Part of the problem is too many parents do not believe this is a problem and they further do not believe it will happen to them.

Too many people don’t see or understand that the evil forces have one goal in mind—make money at any cost.

And too many people really don’t care enough to exert energy to be vigilant with their children and within their community.

We will never stop the drug industry or unscrupulous dealers from creating these harmful products because they have a strong youth market that is seeking a thrill. We can, however, reduce the risk by making sure that the demand is decreased in our community and thereby reducing the need for these products—it is all about supply and demand. Unfortunately—the thrill more often results in deadly consequences – death! If you believe that the lives of your children are valuable, then you will listen to what I am saying and decide to make some wise choices. The price for inner peace and a healthy lifestyle is not cheap, but the rewards are worth it. If you are one who is seeking to heal your life, then I encourage you to learn about the Power Angels today. They can become your awesome support team if you let them!


Why not practice to live a life of self-empowerment and sound choices?

Tuesday, March 12


On our Facebook page and in various articles I often speak about connecting with your Power Angels who are messengers of the Lord. They have been commissioned to come to Earth to give aid, support, encouragement and right vision to all of us.

My Power Angel friends are my closest confidants! They are my special team, my private secretaries and my helpmates. I have spent a great deal of time introducing them to all of you because I want you, too, to share in the wealth of their guidance, information and support. Now you can tap into their energy daily by picking and reading one of the 28 inspirational Power Angels™ cards that I have created for adults. I actually have the Power Angel Cards designed to help children too as well as a similar set designed to offer empowerment to adults. I invite you to go to my Facebook fan page and/or our web site to see the cards and make your purchase They are a great gift for all those who choose to heal your life, heal your body.

Why not practice to live a life of self-empowerment and sound choices?Purchase today a box of our adult power angel cards for yourself and all those whom you value and love. These inspirational cards are a constant reminder to you that Your  Power Angels can and will help support, encourage and improve your state of mind. When you change what you believe you change what you do.

While our Power angel Cards won’t guarantee an improved state of mind, body or spirit, I know for sure they will help you change your point of view about your life as they give you encouragement, inspiration and an action plan to implement. They will be a positive reminder that you, too, can enjoy a renewed state of living with greater peace of mind and contentment as you work towards healing your life and healing your body.

I have countless stories of Angels helping me in my daily live. Those of you who have taken classes with my daughter, Joan Marie Whelan, know she always talk about building a deep relationship with your Divine Team. We all need support, guidance and the wisdom to know we are never alone. The angels were sent to Earth to give us that guidance and encouragement. Every day I enjoy picking a card and connecting with my Power Angels™. They are an enormous help to me in my life.

The gift in teaming up with your Power Angels is to help you raise your vibration, to tap into your own power at such a deep level that you become unstoppable. Every client I’ve worked with has been introduced to the angels. I utilize the gift of my Angels all the time.  It is a priority in my life to heal my life and heal my body and I am smart enough to know that I cannot do it alone.  I invite the Power Angels into my life to help me hear the truth and move forward with the best guidance and healing tools possible.

The images on our cards are designed to be child-like; however, the names come out of antiquity. Angels have been sent to Earth since the beginning of time to help us on our journey and they have never left!

I truly encourage you to gift yourself, the children in your life and those who need support and encouragement. The blessing of our amazing, fun and healing Power Angel cards can be felt all year long.  Go to to check out our Power Angels.

Are you a cheerleader over your life?

Tuesday March 5

Do you cheer yourself on because you believe in you and your goals or do you put yourself down?  Do you coach yourself all the time because you are worth it and valued? Do you trust your talents and gift?  Are you investing time and money in you?  As a life coach to many, I realize how difficult it can be to be your own coach and give yourself a pep talk; however that is what is needed if you want to stay on top and refuse to succumb to the negative self-talk that surrounds most of us all the time.  If you are having a difficult time in believing in your capabilities and talents, how do you expect others to believe in you?  It is all about perception!  People perceive you the way you look, feel and act.  If you have low self-esteem and move about doubting your talents, how do you expect others to think otherwise?

Staying motivated can be challenging.  That is why you need to set parameters or guidelines so that you know how and when to proceed and why your actions will either help you to achieve your goals or miss the mark by a mile. That is what coaching yourself is all about!  No matter where we are in the world, there are parameters or boundaries to observe.  If the roads that we drive didn’t have a line down the middle showing us where to drive, we would soon be making our own rules that could lead to death and disaster. Parameters are a necessary part of life and order.  They guide our journey and help assure a safe passage.  When our boundaries are not clear, we tend to make our own rules and chaos ensues.  Whether we like it or not, we can only communicate clearly when we have specific parameters to follow because then we all have the same starting point and understand the rules of the game.

So again, I ask you—Do you believe in yourself sufficiently to become your best cheerleader?  For example, I was recently at a meeting where I had to explain my business and what I do.  I always speak with passion because I like what I do, and I believe in my talents and myself.  The gentlemen that I was speaking to commented that I really seem to be an accomplished person.  I said thank you and yes, I am.  I was surprised at how I responded to his comments.  At first, I felt a little embarrassed but then I realized that I am accomplished in my work and I really enjoy what I am doing so why not agree. That was not being boastful but simply acknowledging that I honor and respect my talents and gifts.  I want to be a cheerleader for my work and me; I realize that I have a message to share so why not share it with joy and enthusiasm. I believe the same should hold true for you.  If you are passionate about your work and your life, why not express it in a pleasant manner.  Be enthusiastic about whom you are and what you have to offer to others.  If you have nothing to share or don’t feel that your life is worth cheering about, maybe you need to shift patterns and find your passion.

Ways to become your own cheerleader and coach yourself are:

1. Give yourself a pep talk daily.  Say something inspiring to you that will bring a smile to your face.

2.  Surround yourself with positive thinking and like-minded people. Avoid those individuals who are continually finding fault with life and its process.

3. Pat yourself on the back—If you have achieved a task or feat, celebrate—do something nice for you because that type of attitude improves your success rate as it motivates you to strive for more

4.  Gift yourself—If you worked hard and succeeded, reward yourself with a small gift that has meaning to you.  Even buying a bouquet of flowers or an ice cream cone sends the message to your mind and spirit that you are worth it.

You are truly worth the effort—so why not cheer yourself on and mean it.  Your heart and your entire being for that matter will thank you for your love and appreciation.  So how about it!  Don’t you agree that it is time to become your own life coach and tap into your greatness?


Are you willing to adapt to what life hands you?

Tuesday February 26



Sometimes in life, we like to make excuses for what is placed in front of us.  But as I have observed how many unfortunate people have been struggling through the aftermath of recent storms, I was amazed how they are learning to adapt to their current situation in amazing ways.  Some refuse to give in and give up and others have declared that they will survive!  They have been coaching themselves to keep positive, upbeat and to above all believe that things will get better.

Whether you are playing sports, running a campaign or trying to get through a difficult time, one phrase that must be said often is— “I will adapt”.   I will adapt to the situation that is placed in front of me.  Watching how these amazing people are hanging in there and adapting is a powerful life lesson for all of us.  Yes, we complain and go into fear and anger but at the end of the day we have two choices—either we adapt, or we succumb to the desperation.  You have the power within to pull yourself up and if you remember to give yourself a boast and coach yourself in apositive way, you will become strong, empowered and worthy to live a joy-filled life.

Even today in a rain downpour, I was driving home when I saw a man in his wheelchair heading home with his grocery bags tightly held in one hand as he was steering his chair with the other and all I could do at that moment was say a prayer for his soul and all that he has had to endure.  He has definitely learned to adapt to his situation as he has empowered himself to be self-sufficient and self-supportive.  As I look around each day, I realize how fortunate I am for my struggles are small compared to the huge upheaval of others in the world.

I have learned from all of you who are facing a difficult time and I am supremely humbled by your words, actions and state of mind.  I have heard that we humans have a difficult time with change but in truth, we can and do adapt to change instinctively and naturally.  Change has been happening in nature since the beginning of time and when we look back on history, we realize how much we have all changed and adapted to new ways of living.

When I look back on my life, I also realize how much I have changed and how much I have grown in wisdom, understanding and compassion towards others and myself all because I have been willing to change.  To experience positive change in one’s life requires discipline and self-control of your attitude and emotions.  It is so easy to spend time reliving the hardships and the negative thoughts that seem to surround us yet when we consciously and willingly adapt to the situations that are placed in front of us, we are better able to seek out solutions.

Now don’t get me wrong—I am not saying that change or your willingness to adapt comes easy.  Quite the contrary!  However, what I am saying is that when you take a broad look at your options and circumstances, the best alternative is adapting in such a way as to harness your thoughts, build up resilience and plow ahead with courage and added strength knowing full well that God has a plan.  His plan is not always our plan, but he definitely has got our back and will not let us falter if we are willing to try. That is the coaching message you need to tell yourself daily. Yes, we all have the power within to coach ourselves if and when we take the necessary steps to empower ourselves to be at our best.   For every problem there is a solution and it is our responsibility to find the right solution for all of our situations.  When I am in doubt, I call in my Power Angels to help me stay strong, find the right answers and gain clarity of vision for what is being placed in front of me.  My Power Angels are my best friends! They guide my life, they show their love and support and they protect me from accidents and negative situations when I heed their messages and words.

When you are forced into a compromising condition, I encourage you to breathe deeply—that process allows oxygen to come into your lungs, which in turn enables you to calm down and think clearly.  It is also healthy at that moment to reach out to family and friends and keep them near. Their support helps to stabilize you and themselves as you strengthen your resolve.  Then you are better prepared to focus on solutions.  Unexpected change often takes us by surprise so these simple steps can help you get past the initial shock as you begin to gain composure and clear thinking.  And of course, be patient with yourself and the process because this process may take time.  Work hard at not getting down and discouraged and build an environment around positive thoughts, actions and a strong sense of worth. That is how you empower yourself to be resilient and courageous.

When all is said and done, you will look back on these experiences and know that you were successful in holding your ground because you were able to coach yourself to stand tall and firm as you also invoked your wonderful Power Angels to come to your aid.  Don’t give up but instead adapt and I know your life will prosper.

Improving You

Tuesday, February 19

As we progress deeper into the New Year, how many resolutions have you initiated and how many have you already tossed to the wayside? Truth of the matter is, we often make a laundry list of goals that we truly want but never achieve. Why? We tend to set ourselves up for defeat the moment we start dwelling on all the work that each goal is going to take to achieve it.

Improving you takes the three P’s: Persistence, Patience and Perseverance. When you understand that you control your actions and thoughts, you can begin setting resolutions that you can and will achieve.  That is what self-empowering is all about!  We all have the power within ourselves to coach ourselves to be a better person. What I have said often is that it takes work on your part to discipline yourself to reach your highest potential.

One of the most popular resolutions we make is losing weight and getting fit. Just as we begin dieting and exercising, we realize how much energy and motivation it takes to get a move on things. Goals are always easier made than done!

The problem in goal setting is that you:

A) list way too many to realistically achieve,

B) start on a goal but lacks motivation to keep it going, or

C) you give up on a goal before you even start working on it.

Sound familiar? If you are honest with yourself, you know what you are capable of in a reasonable amount of time. So how do you do it? You coach yourself to set and achieve goals by making benchmarks. Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds this year. We both know that it is unrealistic to lose all that weight in one month. But, if you pace yourself to lose half a pound to one pound weekly, that’s doable. The second part of that goal is to not permit negative and self-defeating thoughts to enter your mind. When you start saying things like, “I’m never going to make it,” or “I just can’t do it,” chances are you won’t. Instead, focus on completion and seeing yourself through to the end.  Empower yourself by pushing through your negative thoughts and refuse to make excuses.

The third part of the goal is to remain consistent. You must be steadfast in your mindset if you sincerely want to reach your highest potential. You cannot allow external influences to alter your course. Once you have a realistic goal — whether it’s losing weight, finishing school or just competing in a race — and you have the mental constitution to keep it going, there is no stopping you.

 I work out 5 days a week either at the fitness center or by walking several miles a day.  When I first get started each morning, I feel tired and sometimes defeated.  5 minutes into the workout, I hear my mind saying, this is hard—I can’t continue—I don’t think I will be able to finish but before I know it, I keep going—seconds turn into minutes and all of a sudden, I find myself saying—I am halfway done—I’m getting there. It is so easy to psyche yourself out by feeling defeated and weak but that is when you need to go to your reserve thinking and coach yourself by saying: “I can do this—It is important for my well-being.”

It never fails, by the time I have finished my workout, I feel exhilarated and content knowing that I did it again. WOW, I empowered myself to not only feel better but to also be proud of my success in defeating my weaker self.  Only you have the power to lasso your mind and pull it in to respond to your desires.  Only you can improve your quality of life as you reach for your highest potential, but I might add, you are not the only one to benefit from an improved you.  Your family and friends will enjoy knowing the new you as much as you will.

To be able to trust used to mean something

Tuesday, February 12


Are you a skeptical person, always doubting others or questioning the validity or authenticity of something?

When I was growing up, I observed how my father expressed trust with others by extending a handshake, which usually meant that I take you by your word.  They didn’t need lengthy contracts to seal the deal because a man’s word meant something.  When you trust another, it usually means that you have a good feeling about them and what they have to say.  Companies ask consumers to trust that their product is worthy of their dollars.  Whether it is the food that we buy, the clothing that we wear or some brand name that implies that good and useful value is exchanged.

 Trust is a commodity today that is often bought and sold at whim.  Unfortunately, it seems that too many people can be bought for a price, which regrettably destroys the meaning of the word.  A good example is the cyclist, Lance Armstrong, a man who gave the impression to the world that he did not take enhancement drugs to help his career. He basically said: “You must believe me.”  He attempted to empower himself as he asked everyone to simply trust him. Yet through various sources and testimonies by his peers and associates, it has been noted that he was being dishonest.  The world trusted him and wanted to believe what he said, but it appears that his actions gave a different story as he eventually dis-empower himself. He was not in his truth! His ability to influence others was severely weakened.   More often than not we are seeing this behavior played out on the world stage by individuals and companies who have lost their sense of worth and as a resulted compromised their values.  Self-empowerment is a strong character trait that affords one the ability to influence and encourage others and/or self in a positive way.  When a person is in his truth, he is empowering himself in an amazing way.

I recently sent a package from New Jersey to California via the US Postal Service.  I trusted the system.  I bought a tube to put the package in and I paid extra for delivery confirmation.  The package never arrived.  6 weeks later the postal service refused to discuss the matter and 8 weeks later they said it was an old file and removed from their system, so I had no recourse.  When I asked to be reimbursed for my expenses, they laughed!  In short, I lost confidence in their system and decided to send my packages in the future through other carriers.  Their system is going broke—they are continually crying poverty and state that they need more funding from the government and the people in order to survive.  I have a problem with people and organizations that we cannot trust and that prove that they are not only inefficient but lack professionalism and a reason for trusting them.

It leads me to believe that they have a different agenda— that they do not do what they say and that they are not trustworthy.  I am not alone; many people feel the same way because we have been misguided by the words of others that say one thing and do another.   As a relationship expert, I believe that we all need to cherish our word and the meaning that our words express.  If we state that we are going to do something, no matter how long it might take, we need to make good on our word.  Relationships are valuable and are to be respected and made sacred. We lose our credibility when we try to deceive.  Good and honest relationships are vital for all people in all areas of their lives.  Maybe it is time for you to become your own relationship expert who has the ability to monitor your own experiences and empower yourself for your highest and best good and in the highest and best way.  In other words, tell the truth!

Trust is sacred.  The word trust means believing in someone or something without reservation.  It means that you feel safe and secure with the person or situation and that you can be content knowing that everything will be okay.

Trust is also something that must be earned and if you trust first and hope that the person will hold up to your beliefs—then you also know that if it is lost, most of the time, it cannot be reinstated.  In other words, it is lost for good.  Trust—trustworthiness—integrity-three words that say it all.  I personally find these words to have a sacred meaning and a sacred place in my heart.  I must admit that these three words also have the power to sadden and cause people to do the exact opposite, which is mistrust and deceive.

Trust once broken, is difficult to rebuild.  So, I encourage you to watch your words.  Value what you say, say what you mean and do what you say you are going to do because it is only then that your word has meaning and value and that is what trust is built upon.

Don’t put a question mark where God has put a period.

Tuesday, February 5

Sometimes things happen in life that we question and mourn over, however, sometimes it is God who is leading you in a different direction so that you are positioned to reach your highest potential.  We tend to think that when something doesn’t work out or possibly, we are going through a disappointment that we question and ask the question ‘Why’.  Life is too short to continually question and ask ‘Why!  Take responsibility and make bold steps that will help you accept the fact that possibly God is leading you in a different direction so you can move into your season of joy and fulfillment.  This is your time to work towards bringing healing into your life.

Believe that your Creator has a plan for you and your future and is preparing you to reach your highest potential. Choose to transform your life for your highest and best good and in the highest and best way.

 When a challenged appears in your life, take a step back and observe the situation.  You have the ability to transform the moment into something positive but sometimes it requires creative thinking to help you rise about the situation and jump over the hurdles.  We all have the power to heal our lives in various ways if we are willing to do the work and make the time to grow and learn.

 I have learned to realize that I need to place my attention on gratitude instead of worry or fear.  God is more receptive to us when we place our trust in Him, instead of some outside force.  He is the one that will help us gain insight and wisdom, but it is our job to let Him know that we are grateful for His guidance.

 Transformation can take place immediately if and when you change your point of view and watch where you place your focus. I want to transform my life for the better because I truly expect to reach my highest potential.  You, too, have that power and ability to transform your life!  So why not start today by moving away from negative thoughts and beliefs and create a positive mental attitude?

Do you try to compare your life with others?

Tuesday, January 29


 So often, I have found that people try to compare themselves and their lives with others.  The youth of today are always attempting to compare themselves with their peers, with movie stars and others; in fact, they use those words with their parents when they want to get something or gain a point.  It has become an epidemic in the world—craving to keep up with what other possess.   You will not be able to attain a true sense of inner peace or contentment when that is your goal in life.

 It is actually easy to be happy being you because you are equipped with what you need to have in order to fulfill your life’s purpose and function.  Too often we wish to have what someone else has but I would like to suggest that that approach to your joy will leave you flat and wondering why.  Inner peace and contentment comes when we are happy within our own skin, satisfied with the world we are presenting living in and then taking the appropriate steps to either improve it or sit back and enjoy it.

 What I believe would better serve you and your desire to live a joy-filled life is to live your life with passion.  Yes, be passionate about who you are, what you already possess and what you have the ability to create.  This to me is a perfect message to the youth and the old alike.

When we are excited to wake up each and every day with enthusiasm and purpose, we are truly on the right road to transforming our lives, so we can fulfill our destiny.

 I would like to take this message one step further.  As we get older, we sometimes let go of our dreams and give up believing that it is too late to fulfill them.  I completely disagree!  I have messages to get out into the world, things to do and accomplish and experiences that I want to enjoy.  Don’t be complacent with your life but instead, keep seeking, keep growing and keep learning.  Get your passion back—shake off your self-pity and your disappointments and turn to God and ask Him/Her to lighten your heart and soul and inspire you with ideas that will put the passion back in your life.  Then for sure, you will be moving closer towards your personal transformation.

 It is important to wake up in the morning with a purpose and a desire to accomplish a task.  Put meaning back into your life.  Find a hobby, an outlet that excites you and above all do it with joy and passion.  It isn’t important to look at your friends or neighbors and try to copy their lives because even if you tried to duplicate what they have, you would not feel happy or fulfilled.  The reason is because what others have is meant for them to enjoy and experience.  Their joys and experiences are different from yours.  God gave you talents and gifts that are meant just for you.  They belong to you and are tools that will enable you to find your joy and ideal sense of inner peace.  So, stop comparing your life with what you see others have and start filling your life with hope and passion for what belongs to you.

 Maybe you can’t do everything that you used to do and it just might be true that your goals and dreams have changed and morphed into something different.  In truth, as long as you are a feeling and breathing person, you can create, use your imagination and strengthen your passion with new possibilities that are waiting to be realized by you. Transform your lifeinto what you want it to look like and you will at the same time be tapping into your ideal feelings of inner peace and contentment.

 Joel Olsten, the American televangelist said: “Disappointment is inevitable, but misery is optional.”

Bad things happen because the world is imperfect

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd


Oh! Don’t get me wrong—we are all born perfect in the eyes of our Creator, but it is us humans who believe that we are imperfect so guess what–We self-prophesize and become imperfect. It is as simple as that! I have written about this topic in my book: “Hello—Is Anybody Listening?”

People always ask why bad things happen and does it come from God. My answer to you is ‘No’ it does not come from God, but bad things do happen because that is part of our living experiences. Just like there is light and darkness in the world, so too there is happiness and sadness, pain and joy, love and hate and bad things and good things. It is the Yin and Yang of the world – the two sides of the coin. Just think about it a moment—how would you know the difference between these words and feelings if you did not experience them, for they each represent the different aspect of life. It is within your power to manifest in your life all that you desire when you coach yourself to believe that truth and then take some positive action to bring it about! If you believe it is impossible then it will be exactly what you believe.

We possess great power within us and that is precisely the reason that I continually coach you to coach yourself to aspire towards your greatness. That is when you will begin to understand that you indeed have the ability to reach your highest potential!

We all have our problems and difficult moments in life but what sets us apart is the way we handle them and move through those difficult times. Like I say so often—we all have choices to make daily. We can choose to follow our heart and live life to the fullest of our potentiality or we can choose to get caught up in the drama of life and allow that drama to dictate the way our lives unfold. Every day I coach myself to think positive and maintain those thoughts that will help me manifest in my life my highest potential.

I have learned a long time ago to become more of an observer of life and less of a participant. By that I mean that it is not my right to be judgmental or critical of others or their choices, I need to respect the choices of others. When I continually focus on the circumstances or dramas of other’s, I am simply depleting my energy and as a result, I am blocking my forward movement. I have grown to realize and understand that it is far better for me to observe the behavior of others and choose wisely for myself—that is, make choices that would serve me for my highest and best good in the highest and best way. My actions or choices do not stop me from giving aid, support or encouragement to others; it simply stops me from taking on their issues or situations as my own.
Another valuable point to consider is where do you place your focus on a regular basis? If you are continually giving energy to the hurt and pain, the gossip or the misfortune that just occurred, you are once again depleting your energy and setting yourself up for negativity to follow. If, on the other hand, you consciously made a decision to keep your focus on the positive side of life where possibilities abound, you are opening the door not only to your heart but to the Universe to bring to you what you have been wanting and needing. That is what coaching yourself is all about! When you are better able to look past the critics and gossipers of the world and maintain a steady focus on what and who you are, you are becoming your own life coach and that is the true definition of self-empowerment!

Bad things don’t just happen. They start out as small, little hang-ups or shortcomings that grow and fester and become big, bad experiences. Each one of us has the ability to change our outcomes and beliefs because we are all, each one of us, children of a greater Source who can change anything if we believe. To live a life of awareness requires you to be grounded and centered in your purpose and function and then to stay alert and focused so that you can and will reach your highest potential.

I have grown to understand that in all experiences and encounters in life, there is a lesson to be learned. That is why I have taken the time to learn different life skills that can and will allow me to cope and continue with my journey knowing that with time, everything will improve, and I will find a way to keep moving forward. I choose to manifest in my life, my highest potential, and I sincerely hope you have the same goals? I encourage you to learn to cope with your situations so if something gets you down, it won’t keep you down.
Know that you always have choices and that no matter what happens, God and his Angels are constantly with you, supporting you, encouraging you and guiding your way. They want you to manifest for your life!  Getting angry and frustrated never solves anything but if you can learn to breathe deeply and release your problems to God, God will show you the way.

Are you a friend to you?

Tuesday, Jan. 15th


Seriously—How do you treat yourself on a daily basis and how do you take care of you because that usually tells the world what you think about yourself.  I truly like myself and who I am.  The other   day I received a compliment from a man and he said: “I can see that you are a beautiful person.”  I answered with: “Thank you—yes, I am.”  After I said those words, I caught myself thinking—WOW—I praised myself in front of all those people.  But I had to agree with him because I know with all my faults and shortcomings, I have a lot to offer the world and yes, on the inside of me, I am beautiful.

 Do you ever think about coaching yourself so that you, too, can empower yourself to live your best life yet?  Those words were not spoken in conceit or arrogance but rather in self-respect and pride.  I work diligently at taking care of myself and I am aware of all the ways I need to behave and nurture my mind, body and spirit. So, I am asking you to self-evaluate and examine if you are a friend to you too?  Do you feel good about who you are?  Are you kind and respectful to you?  Why not empower you to enjoy being you in all aspects of your life?

 I was speaking to a young man today and he was sharing how he treated himself and his daughter this morning to a breakfast out at a local cafe.  He stated that he truly enjoyed doing something special and that he doesn’t do it very often.  I tried to remind him that if he doesn’t treat himself special, he shouldn’t expect others to do it either because he is the one who sets the pace for others to follow.  I also said that it is important to be conscious and kind to yourself because that nurturing opens you up to do the same for others.  This young man needs to coach himself all the time because he feels guilty when he does something just for himself, yet he also becomes angry when he doesn’t because he is feeling less than, and un-important.  This inner conflict doesn’t usually product healthy results.  Isn’t it time to give yourself permission to take some positive actions that would best serve you and your emotional state?  I believe the answer is ‘YES’.

 Overwhelm, disconnect and discontent are often warning signs that something is out of balance with you—your energy tank is running on low and is about to run-out!  When you have those feelings, that is the time to slow down and make a pact with yourself to do something just for you—something that feeds your soul and produces a feeling of joy and happiness as it also improves your overall energy and attitude about life and yourself.   Coaching yourself is a helpful way to take stock of your state of being.  You are not only doing yourself a favor but those who are within your sphere of influence also benefit because you are in a better frame of mind to give and share yourself with others.

 I know that many people put themselves last on their list of importance and things to do but that is wrong.  Your personal, emotional and mental state of being has great value and worth and it is about time that you take yourself seriously and empower yourself in a healthy way.  Begin to put you back into the equation of love and joyful living and continually give yourself a good pep-talk— That is the best way to coach yourselfso you can shine and become a source of great joy to yourself and others.

 It is never too late to learn how to become a friend to yourself.  All it takes is a little awareness and interest in self-preservation.  When your partner or dear friends need a kind word or helping hand, you are there to give it.  Try that same practice on yourself.  Ask your heart what it needs right now to feel happy and content—what you need right now to feel happy and less stressful?  You just might be surprised with the answer you receive.  I encourage you to let your inner wisdom speak and then follow through on the thoughts.  You can always find the time to empower yourself by doing something of value and importance if you see its worth.  So, I encourage you that even though you might feel that you do not have the time, make it happen and give yourself permission to enjoy a pleasure that your soul has been craving to experience.  I believe it’s time to be a good friend to you?  Coach yourself today and tap into the beauty of who you are and who you are meant to become.


New Year – New You!

Monday, Jan. 7th


Yes—it is all about you—your life—your choices—your joy and above all your new possibilities.  Life is magical and when you transform your life for your highest and best good, it is truly magical! It can give you a feeling of experiencing a blissful moment, be in awe at new opportunities and even experience possibilities that will and can make things happen that you never expected; however, if you do not do anything to make it happen, you will wither and die.  Oh, maybe not die physically but you may die emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually and that can be devastating.  So why not begin this New Year with a promise to yourself to create the ‘New You’ – the you that you truly want to experience?

If you are a person who wants to make some changes in your life, then you must, and I restate, you must do something about it.  After all you are the only person who can make the change happen.  So, my dear friends, if you do nothing—nothing will happen and if you decide that change is not only possible but needed, you will most definitely do whatever is needed to make sure your life transforms.

Aristotle said: “we are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”  That is why I encourage you to take it seriously!  As the New Year is beginning, may I suggest that you start creating some new habits that might help you improve the quality of your life and make those changes that you have been hoping to achieve?  In other words, consciously create new habits that will enable you to transform your life as you make the right choices that will help you change.    

Everything in life is formed because of the habits that we choose.  So, what is a habit and how do we create them?  Habits are patterns or practices that we follow over and over again until they become second nature and then they eventually become a part of our lives.  Our habits define who we are and who we have become and because of the habits that we follow, we usually perform in a defined and involuntary manner and often unconscious of our behavior.

So possibly the next question to ask is:“How do I create new habits in my life?”  There are many options that you can choose and follow.  Below I will suggest a few that I believe will help you get started on your new pathway towards change in 2019.

1.  Take responsibility for your attitude, behavior and the environment in which you live.  I have spoken about these three words many times over the years and I still believe that if you are willing to take these words to heart and sincerely explore their meaning you will most definitely change your beliefs and thoughts for the better.

2.  Stand tall on what you value and hold dear to your heart.  It does matter what you hold as sacred and true.  Those principles that you value will shape your way of performing and living.

3.  Reject negative thoughts and concentrate on the positive side of life.  It is so easy to fall into the trap of negativity, but a wise and smart person knows that when you focus on the positive side of life, opportunities and creative ideas are being nurtured and formed.

4.  Always seek solutions and refuse to focus on the problem.  There are always new ways to explore if and when you are ready to seek them out.

5.  Believe in your abilities and powers.  Each one of us has a special skill and gift that has been given to us from God, the Creator of all that is.  I encourage you not to look a gift horse in the mouth—in other words, don’t waste your precious time but rather honor and accept the truth as a gift from God.  This gift will enable you to transform your life and succeed.  If and when you are willing and able to examine your life honestly and define it, you will be better prepared to put into action so good and fruitful habits that will catapult you to new horizons.  That is how entrepreneurs are born.

Yes, this is the beginning of a New Year and a New You!  How are you going to make the most of it?


Give yourself a fresh start !

Tuesday, Dec. 18th

As we are approaching the New Year, isn’t it time to let go of the past and start over again?   I have been observing how many people are taking a chance and making changes in their lives that most likely will bring forth greater meaning and purpose for them in this upcoming New Year.   We all deserve a fresh start in life and that fresh start begins with you and your beliefs.  If you want to transform your life in wondrous ways, I suggest you take a moment and reflect on who you are and what you want to achieve in this coming year because now is the perfect time to do it.

“When you change what you believe, you change what you do.” That change can only be realized when you are open and ready to accept the truth that what you have been doing up to this point has not brought you the joy or blessings that you have been seeking.  So, what do you have to lose?  In actuality, nothing!  Because let’s face it, if you feel frustrated with your life as it is right now, then you are ready to empower yourself to transform your life in 2019. Any positive change that you make will only move you farther up the ladder towards your goals.

I have discovered in my life that when I was unhappy and felt as though my life wasn’t working; I would spend time in meditation with God and his Angels, the Power Angels.  After all that is the ultimate in wisdom and power so why not utilize their services and go directly to the source and His designated messengers?   So how did I begin the process?  I would like to share with you some of my personal tips:

1.  I maintained an unfailing focus on what I was hoping to accomplish or receive.  For example, all through my day, I am continually seeing what I want in my mind’s eye, I am visualizing and imaging what is needed for me to accomplish my goal.  Those creative thoughts are with me 24/7 and even while I sleep.

2.  Never lose site of the value of exercise.  I walk in nature daily. Exercise feeds my soul and enhances my creative mind and talents.  That is when I feel like an open vessel to receive powerful messages from my Power Angelsupport team.  Their supportive messages help to transform my livebyimproving my behavior and attitude.

3.  Write in a journal or notebook often.  Through the power of putting your thoughts on paper and expressing yourself, you actually benefit from revealing your emotions which in turn opens you up to heal from past experiences that have challenged you and stopped or dampened your growth.  I have found that when I re-read my notes, I see my thoughts in a new way and from a different vantage point.  It can be very revealing.

4.  Express Gratitude often.  I am always conscious of all the blessings that I have received in my life and I continually say “Thank You”to God and my Power Angel friends for their support, encouragement and messages of joyful possibilities that are being presented to me.

If and when you are willing to give yourself a fresh start, I believe you will empower yourself to think outside the box and open up new avenues for more sunlight to come into your life.  Change and transformation is good.  It is something like when you make plans for a road trip.  You get out the maps, examine the different routes or possibilities that will allow you to either get to your destination quicker or take the scenic route with many enjoyable side trips along the way.  Options are wonderful when looked at with an open heart and mind.  So get prepared for whatever you are hopping to accomplish so that the outcome might be transformational and beneficial for you.

Isn’t it time to get your joy back into your life and get enthusiastic about what each day brings?  Don’t walk away from your passion but embrace it, take a chance and make a fresh start for you and your life.

Managing Your Expectations

Tuesday, Dec. 11th

With the holiday season upon us, we often find ourselves placing high expectations on the way we want our holiday to turn out.  To avoid becoming sad or being let down, maybe, in advance, you should try to manage your expectations?  It doesn’t just have to be the holiday’s either, if you are planning a trip, your wedding or anything that requires your input, it is only natural to bolster up your enthusiasm and raise your expectations, so you can reach your highest potential. Too often we build up our excitement in anticipation of an event or special plans only to find that our expectations fall short of our reality.

 When you are planning a big event, maybe this is the time to build in a safety net so as to protect you from extreme disappointment or let down. Each one of us has the ability to coach ourselves in a fruitful and productive manner.  I have learned over the years, for example on my birthday or a holiday that means something special to me to buy or do something unusual just for me prior to the event that would bring me great joy and satisfaction thereby protecting me from disappointment or deflated joy.  I always buy myself a birthday gift that is meaningful to me; something that I want so when I receive things that have zero meaning or value to me, I accept them with an open heart and gratitude. Because I have coached myself in advance, I have prepared me to feel good and content with the outcome. I did not build my expectations up with false hopes.  I no longer leave room in my life for big disappointments because I find satisfaction with what is placed in front of me.  I have grown to realize that I cannot control all my outcomes and I certainly cannot control other people, but I do have the power to protect and nurture my feelings and energy so that I am not negatively affected by the outcome that is placed in front of me.  I have made a conscious decision by coaching myself to reach my highest potential in that situation and that makes me really happy.

 I have discovered that even though my children were brought up in my traditions and ways, when they leave my home and create a life for themselves, they create their own traditions.  They no longer want to imitate me but rather find new ways of satisfying their needs.  That is a fact of life and the sooner I realized that fact, the happier I became.  Their vision is not my vision and their tastes are not mine either that is why I have learned to minimize any negative effects by leaving room for flexibility and adaptability—two valuable skills to learn as you adjust your attitude and behavior to better serve you and those in your sphere of influence.

 Managing your expectations is a skill that you develop and build upon. It requires you to release yourself from your attachment to any outcome that is dictated by others.   When you are speaking to your feelings, it is up to you to prepare yourself for various types of results.

That is what coaching yourself is all about!  What has helped me tremendously is my conscious effort to release the situation and end result and allow God, the Universal Energy, to guide my journey.  That does not mean that I do not prepare or take the necessary action steps, it simply means that I release the outcome realizing that God, My Creator, has a better plan.  I know that it will be revealed to me as needed. 

 I am continually reminding myself of what is important in life and what is secondary.  We tend to place too much emphasis on those situations or events that are not in the bigger scheme of things important to our survival.  When I choose to roll with the situation rather than attempt to dictate it, I feel better and happier as I reach my highest potential at this moment in time.  Remember, no one has the power to control your mood except you.  Keep your focus, decide what is important and what is secondary and be more flexible then you will be able to say with joy, you are able to manage your life and its turn of events with ease.

The Power of the ‘I AM’

Tuesday, Dec. 4th

Who are you?  The power of the words: “I am” begins with your personal declaration of “I am ________”.  (you fill in the blank)

I recently heard the evangelist, Joel Olsen speak about the power of the “I am” and his words were inspirational and transformational.  For when we want to empower ourselves, it is important to believe in ourselves and who we are.

If you say, I am old and a failure or I am unattractive and unable to succeed, you are using the power of your words and thoughts to declare and define your life which in turn causes you to create a life of failure, struggle and lack. Of course, that is negative self-empowerment.   In other words, whatever you follow the “I am” with is what you are inviting into your life.

How often have you heard words or thought like these but instead of taking them to heart you have allowed them to slip through your consciousness and dissolve in the breeze?  When we empower ourselvesto be a better person, we are setting ourselves up to heal our lives.  May I remind you too, that when you heal your life you are actually healing your mind, healing your body.

When you mind is filled with negative thoughts, you are actually planting the seeds of negativity to grow in and around your life.  If you choose to create a better life or if you are searching for ways to create a better life, you MUST plant strong, powerful and healthy seeds of positive thoughts and words.

Believe me when I say—this is not rocket science.  Your words hold great power and when you speak positive words and feel into those words, your entire physiology shifts, and you begin to feel eagerness and joy when you say those words.   If you say, I am blessed, watch and see blessings come to you.  If you say I am healthy and begin to focus on seeing and feeling healthy in your body and mind, it will follow to you.  In truth, you are self-empowering you to become a better and healthier you!

When you get up in the morning, decide who you are today.  Say out loud, I am ________.

(fill in the blanks—beautiful—healthy—loved—smart—generous—kind—industrious).

 When you start your day with positive words and thoughts, you are inviting them into your life.  If you, in the past, were used to putting yourself down, decide to change your thoughts and words so that you are now building up your energy and self-esteem instead of knocking it down.

 Maybe it is time to say, I am attractive, I am getting younger and I am filled with great vitality.  A lot has to do with your attitude and mental outlook.  When you begin to change your view of who you are, your entire mental attitude shifts and with time, you will begin to observe that others are seeing you in a new and improved light too.

 Each one of us has the power within to change and to learn to place our focus on our positive attributes and traits instead of our flaws.

 The Universal Law of Intention and Attraction are marvelous.  When you say, I am beautiful beauty comes looking for you or if you say, I am successful, successful people begin to seek you out.

 Another valuable lesson to remember—never put yourself down in front of anyone else. Too often we find that people express their failing points instead of praising their talents.  Do not discredit yourself in front of others or one day they will begin to believe you.

 I cannot image anyone who does not want their self-image to improve, I know I do; that is why I am encouraging you to take a deep and serious look within your heart and soul and fill them with confidence and love.  Say, I am ____________.

(fill in the blanks—beautiful—healthy—loved—smart—generous—kind—industrious).

Share your talents with the world!

Take what you have and make the most of it.  God gave you your personality, your looks and your greatness.  You are a masterpiece in front of God.  Believe it and be it and those feelings will become who you are.   Remember ‘You’ are made in the image and likeness of God!  Praise those words and believe in them because you are not just ordinary or basic but something very ‘Special’.

No one has your fingerprint.  You are an original.  You are special and wonderful in the eyes of God and you should feel wonderful in your eyes too. In your private moments—look at you in the mirror and say, I am valuable—I am amazing—I am wonderful…and I am above average.  With the quiet confidence I know you will begin to feel that you have something special to offer the world.

Trusting Yourself means trusting your Inner Compass

Wednesday, Nov. 28th

 Can you truly trust yourself to make all the right choices for your life? If you even hesitated slightly on that answer, your inner compass might not be in sync with your potentiality. Ideally, you want to gain and maintain perfect balance with your intuition so that you can attract and achieve overall health, wealth and prosperity in all areas of your life.  In other words, we all want to empower ourselves to heal our bodies, heal our lives.

Understanding and making wise decisions is a choice you proactively make in alignment with your inner compass. In doing so, you are automatically setting yourself up for success. Ultimately, that is what everyone wants in life: to be a success. Successful in love, professionally successful, successful in health and in relationships is a goal that most of us seek to accomplish. What has been stopping you from owning your success?

To guide your journey in life, you must be willing to become the leader of your life. To become the leader over your life requires you to consider your best interests and to choose to do those things that bring you joy and contentment.  That requires you to empower yourself and to become pro-active over your health and well-being. In order to aspire to enjoy a wholesome and happy relationship with others, you first must experience one with yourself and to enjoy that with self-means that you choose to heal your body as you heal your life.

Remember in elementary school when the teacher made you the line leader? Wasn’t that a great feeling? All of a sudden you get to control how fast or slow your line goes. Not only that, you got to choose what direction the line was going to go and where it was going to wind up. Now, imagine if you had that control over your own life? Well, actually you do. Maybe you just have not realized that yet or perhaps you have not been letting your intuition, your inner compass, give you the directional aides to help move you towards that appropriate path.

It is, really, not all that difficult to fine-tune your inner guidance. In fact, the more you facilitate it, the sharper and brighter it becomes.  And as you utilize your intuition to meet your daily needs, you find that you are simultaneously and harmoniously putting balance where it belongs: in tune with Universal flow of energy.

What have you done to create the change you want to see in your life? Have you decided to empower yourself, so you follow the pathway towards healing your body so as to heal your life?

Maybe it’s time to make a reality check on all your hopes and dreams as we all begin to close out this year and prepare for the New Year coming before us?  It is never too late to become the leader of your life and it is never too late to refine your inner compass to get you there!  Remember a healthy relationship with self is vital for your overall well-being, balance and happiness.

Allow me, Joan Marie, to help guide you on your journey to self- discovery and help move you in a healthy and balanced way.  We have numerous tools, meditations and articles available for you to take advantage of.  Some are free and most beneficial.   Our website: will help you  get started on your pathway towards self-empowerment.  The menu bar at the top of the page will guide you…CLiCK here to my FREE meditations.

What are you making room for in your life?

Tuesday, Nov 20

Are you so busy doing and being fully occupied by your life that you leave no room for simply enjoying the moment?  Especially right before and/or after the Holidays, we tend to be exhausted from keeping up with all the festivities, the people, contacts and over doing that we forget to recharge our energy and relax.  Calm and a real sense of inner peace doesn’t just happen!  You need to consciously make room for it to come into your mind, body and spirit.

Being an active person who is committed to keeping a full calendar is one thing but if or when you allow your complex life to override your primary reason for living, you are setting yourself up for experiences and moments of emptiness and sadness. Stress and anxiety can override common sense and causeall kinds of complications including heart problems.  I have just encountered a young woman, age 46 with a very young family and an extremely demanding and successful career.  But just this week she was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack.  After several days of repair and treatment she was back home but only to return because her stress level drove her back to the hospital.  She wants to live but as of this moment she is not willing to let go of some of the things in her life that are causing her to take control over all aspects of her life.  She definitely needs an attitude adjustment and a willingness to let go and ask God and the Power Angels for guidance and help.  Too often, we humans think we are infallible!  That is a big mistake! When a wake-up call comes crashing down on us, that is the time to take a step back and re-evaluate what the messages might be for our lives. Often those feelings are followed by the thoughts like: “What is my purpose and what is it I am supposed to do right now?” 

Sometimes when we fill our lives with over activity and projects, it is a signal that we don’t want to deal with the emptiness that we are feeling inside nor even possible that we are the only ones who can get the job done. We even tend to disassociate from reality and a need to stay focused because the emptiness and sadness causes us to disconnect.  For example, have you ever driven a car and forgot where you were going?  You were not focused or completely grounded in your body and as a result you lost control of your direction and purpose.  Believe it or not, that scenario happens often to many people because of a reduced power of concentration.   Your state of mind is compromised due to the way you are feeling.  It saps your energy and weakens your immune system.  That is why I am always encouraging people to replenish themselves with time set aside that I call “Me” time.

We all need to feed our mind and our spirit just like we feed our bodies.  Spiritual nourishment is vital for all of us if we are going to enjoy a true sense of calm, contentment and inner peace.  It replenishes our energy very much like physical food nurtures and fills our bodies.  Many of us have busy schedules, lives filled with heavy responsibilities whether due to our work load or family commitments but that should not be the excuse to allow any of us to weaken our internal resources, so our emotional self-worth is diminished.  None of us can stand alone; we all need some sort of support system to help us on our journey through life.  If you feel lost or alone, call in your Power Angels to come to your aid.  All you have to do is ask and they will help you.

I need to be in nature.  It is through the beauty of the Earth that I easily replenish my spirit and fill my mind, my thoughts with loving and healing feelings and thought so I can feel whole and complete. ideas often come to me as I walk on the pathways through the woods, a park or even sit in my back yard and breath in the fresh air.    You, too, can do the same.  It is all about staying fully conscious and alert to what your mind, body and spirit need in order to feel whole and complete.  I, for one, choose to live a full and joy filled life.  that requires me to transform my life in a way that best serves and suits me.

I do believe that from time to time, we all have feelings of exhaustion, loneliness and even possibly a desire to zone out from reality.  That to me is natural and normal; it is, however, when we remain in those states for any length of time, that we open ourselves up to creating barriers that perpetuate negative feelings and hinder our transformation.

You may not always enjoy the experiences that you desire but you certainly can have happy and joy-filled experiences if and when you open your heart and mind to seek them out.  Opportunities exist for all of us—it is our duty and responsibility to explore different avenues that will lead to the right encounters and that will satisfy you and bring you a wonderful sense of inner peace and contentment. We don’t need to control everything in our lives in order to be happy; we do need however, to always allow time to replenish our entire being so we can truly enjoy all the experiences that are placed in front of us.

 Life can be dull or exciting.  It can be empty or full and it certainly can be happy or sad. We can make our life transformation when we tap into the energy that open the doorway to our hearts. We each get to choose daily which experience we want to have.  Yes, it takes time to build the life that you seek but if you do not get started, you will never reach your destination.  Once again, I ask you, “What are you making room for in your life?”  Start today and find a deeper meaning for why you are here.  I know you will be happy that you did.

Shifting your Powerful Internal System

Tuesday, Nov 13

To become a skilled driver of your life, you must first identify your true nature and your passion. By now you are probably aware that pursuing the appropriate path in life so that you can and will live with inner peace is not at particularly clear all the time; however, when you reach the end of your journey, you quickly discover how rewarding your efforts truly have been. This is where shifting your powerful internal system comes into play.  By becoming your own life coach and giving yourself a much needed kick in the back side, you will be igniting a force within yourself that will match your energy and allow the law of attraction to do its work.  The power is within you to create your own opportunities!

 Making the Shift

Imagine a high-performance automobile that can get you from point A to point B? While you may have been driving all your life, there are certain routes you take day in and day out. That’s simple memorization. The vehicle is a no-brainer. You step in, you put the key in the ignition, you put it in reverse or drive and you go wherever it is you need to be. Now imagine your body as that vehicle. Inside your vehicle are numerous parts that make you function properly. Some are automatic for you, such as your beating heart, your lung function, etc. Others, you must do by learning from the time you were born, like breathing, for example. If you forget to breathe, you will pass out but eventually it comes naturally to you…like memory.

Still other functions, like speaking, walking, running, jumping, or other physical movements are done so with ease and without thinking. So, if you are sitting on one side of the room and you decide that you want to walk to the other side of the room, your brain instantly follows your mental choice and signals your legs to get up and do the physical work for you. In other words, your parts all work together in unison to create a specific action (or actions) for you. Now think for a moment, if you are stuck in one gear. Maybe it is stuck in reverse. Or worse, it is glued to neutral and you cannot move forward or backward. All you are doing is stagnating where you are. The same holds true internally in your own body. Like an automobile, you must make the necessary modifications to correct the mechanics of your motion. The same is true when it comes to living a calm lifestyle with inner peace.  Unless you make some modifications in your attitude, behavior or environment, you will be unable to achieve that sense of contentment.

 So how do you shift your powerful internal system? You assess the problem, identify what repairs are needed in order to fix the problem, then make the needed adjustments to get back on track. Sounds easier said than done, right? Nope!  As I have said many times, what are you waiting for!  Ask your Power Angels to help you by giving you guidance, encouragement, clear thinking or vision and, of course, help you to feel safe and protected in the process.

Here is the good news: Like many new vehicles, we are already equipped with an internal GPS and a computerized, well-oiled machine. Even if we hit a roadblock, run into detours, or sometimes wind up on a dead-end street, we can pretty much use the bonus tools we are fitted with–born with—like our inner compass kicks in to locate where we are, helps with the direction we are going, and then enables us to taps into the right people and places to get us there.

 In other words, you have the power to shift into the right mode every time when you allow your inner compass to guide your journey as you become your own life coach As always, you get to decide if you choose to simply idle away your life or put it into gear and climb that mountain with momentum, speed and determination. Which path are you taking, and how are you planning to get thereThink—put your coaching hat on and breatheYou have the innate power to transmute your roadblocks, detours and dead-end streets into something more lucrative, more rewarding, more mentally charged so that your pathway to your final destination is clear and accurate. It is possible.  As your own life coachyou know this to be true, so for what are you waiting?  If you feel stuck or weak, call in your Power Angels to encourage you, strengthen your mind, body and spirit and get to work!

 I invite you to take a look at your life as it is right now!   Hopefully this is the year when you feel called to invest in yourself and give yourself the gift of inner peace and you follow your Inner compass.

What do you really want?

Monday, November 5, 2018

It takes self-discipline to accomplish your dreams!  If you want to lose weight, you must discipline your mind and mouth.  If you want to change your career or job, it takes time and effort on your part to prepare for the new possibilities to become your reality with focus and determination.  When we willingly choose to empower ourselves by our appropriate action of self –control, we are setting the stage for how we want our lives to unfold.

Each one of us has the power within us to create the change we want to experience yet so many fall short of their dreams because they lack discipline and tenacity.  Discipline for me is defined as the training of my mind, body and spirit to perform in such a way as to create my desired outcome.   I realize that it is easier said than done yet I know it is doable because I have done it.  When I want to lose 10 lbs., I find it impossible if my mind –body and spirit are not in alignment.  It is only when I have become steadfast in my determination and purpose can I hold my ground and win my battle.

I don’t like to be given rules and alternatives, so I don’t use that approach.  I don’t like feeling as though I am sacrificing something to gain something else, so I do not entertain that course of action.  I have found that only when I have totally and completely lined my thinking skills, my mind with my physical being—feeling into the end result, that I am able to convincingly get my spirit to shore me up and give me the strength needed to accomplish my task.  I have discovered that I have the ability to heal my mind, heal my body when I get my mind, body and spirit in alignment.   If you lack the will power needed, then maybe it is time to call in your Power Angels and seek their support, guidance and encouragement.

Your approach may be completely different from mine and that is okay.  I do not believe that there is only one way of fulfilling your dreams or goals, yet I do believe that when you find the right formula for you, nothing will stop you from accomplishing what you really want.

Motivation is another word that you might use to define how you expect to utilize self-discipline; for a highly motivated person is a disciplined person.  They know what they want and how to accomplish it within the time frame of their goals and vision.  I have heard some people say that they want to change their lives, yet they lack the motivation and discipline to get off the couch and seek new ways that will get the job done.  They are easily distracted and sidetracked with ideas or pursuits that have little value or purpose.

When I was a young student, I needed to exhibit strong discipline to get my work done and graduate.  Distractions were all over the place.  My peers wanted to go out and party or play cards all night long, but I was not able to indulge in those pleasures because I needed to study.  My brain didn’t absorb as quickly as some of my friends and I understood my shortcomings.  My Power Angels were always a source of encouragement and strength for me.

My positive mindset has helped me stay focus during my lifetime.  I know when I can be frivolous and carefree and when I must stay focused.  That realization has served me well.

If you find that you have a difficult time staying focused or disciplined, look at where your blocks are and why they are standing in the way.  Being mindful and fully alert is helpful; don’t run from self-reflection but instead, welcome it into your daily life.  You have the strength to heal your mind, heal your body so begin today to take the appropriate steps to empower yourself to reach your desired outcome.

A good question to ask yourself is: “How is my lack of self-discipline counteracting what I really want?   What is it costing me and is that what I truly hope to achieve in this lifetime?  Only you know the answer to those questions.  If you feel that you are not strong enough to reach your goal, remember your Power Angels are always ready, willing and able to help you.   You simply need to ask for their support and help.

I hope you find what you are truly seeking.

Do you tap into the symbolism that is presented to you?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I have just moved to the State of Florida and everywhere I drive I have discovered that dragonflies surround me. They flutter right in front of me and frequently fly in my traffic pattern. I felt that I was being shown a sign and their presence has captured my imagination, but I didn’t know why. Being an intuitive, however, I felt that this was a message for me to explore. Yes, I was working on transforming my life and yes, I was seeking various ways to heal my life. I started to do some research on dragonflies and discovered something wonderful. One web site called said: “The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self-realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.”  I thought Wow! I have encountered a huge move from one side of the USA to another. That is Transformation and as I begin to change and more in another direction, I am inviting healing into my energy field. I chose to live in a completely different environment and lifestyle then I ever encountered before and I am meeting people from all walks of life and enjoying the experience.

I am feeling a deep sense of freedom and transformation for myself and our companies and the dragonfly is simply a symbolism that is reinforcing that fact. The dragonfly like the butterfly goes through a metamorphosis during its life cycle; I am definitely going through a metamorphosis and change in my life too. I have in my lifetime met many different types of people and I have come to realize that many people are stuck in their old ways and want their lives to stay static. I have always been a person who wanted to explore and seek out new opportunities and adventures. I am inquisitive, and I ask a lot of questions which has often caused my family and friends to get frustrated with me because they are some of the people I know who like to keep everything the same. Yet, sameness and complacency only breeds’ a state of mediocrity, which does not serve my beliefs or me. While I am always conscious of taking care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I also understand that I must release myself from my blocks of fear, worry and unknowingness because only then can I fly freely and experience new opportunities and adventures. That is how my personal healing takes place.

I know that I am not alone. There are many of you who agree with me and resonate to the same vibration and tune. After all, we are here for a short time, so we might just as well try new experiences and endeavors that will allow us to feel the excitement and joy of encountering something new and fascinating about this journey on earth.

I resonate with the dragonfly. It flies freely, swiftly and is in continual motion, yet it seems to radiate energy of lightness and magic. They are illusive because they are here one minute and gone the next which leave one to imagine new thoughts and new ideas that just might open the door to new horizons. In order to transform your life for the better, you need to be open to change. So, whether your belief in symbolism or clues that the Universe is attempting to share with you and me, I personally believe that we are all faced daily with messages that are intended to show us something that will most definitely facilitate our journey in life. For me, I like that thought because I can use all the help I can get! I am always looking for signs of hope and new possibilities that will help me grow and sustain a life that is meant just for me.

It is true that life can be difficult and yes, it is true that life can send us into a frenzy of fear, panic and doubt. That is why I always look for signs, messages or clues that might help me, encourage me and allow me to continue with confidence. I know I need to keep walking. I know that I need to stay focused and I know that I must continually believe in myself and my abilities. As I continually choose to heal my life one step at a time, I work on staying alert and in tune with my higher self.

You may not agree with my words or thoughts but I still ask you to look around your life and the world you live in and see if you, too, have been encountering signs, symbols or clues in your life that have been trying to get your attention and share a message that just might be of value to you?

I encourage you to share your thoughts with me and all the other readers. Each one of us can learn and grow from each other.

Something to think about?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I recently read an article that peaked my interest.  It brought to light the drunkenness of the youth in England and their deliberate desire to become not only binge drinkers but completely unconscious all in the name of fun.  As I read further into the article, I realized that the only cure that that Country was attempting to put in place was through higher taxation. It was assumed that by forcing people to pay more, they would mend their ways and change and possibly buy less alcohol.  It certainly doesn’t surprise me, and it probably doesn’t surprise you either to see that our governments think that all issues in life can be resolved through money or taxation.  Inner peaceand contentment cannot be found through forceful measures and we certainly do not need the force of government to dictate how we are to behave or to stay healthy.  That is an inside job!  It is through becoming your own life coach that is will become your reality!  If you cannot help yourself that hire another life coach to support you, encourage you and/or guide you.

When are we going to get back to the basics of live and face our issues head on?  If the youth have a desire to get drunk, higher taxation will not solve the problem, only looking for the root issue will do that.  Maybe it is time for all of us to acknowledge that people are hurting and are screaming out for attention.  I am certainly not condoning their behavior or actions and I certainly do not think they are deliberately seeking to self-destruct, yet one observation is very clear to me—people of all ages are searching for various ways to numb their pain and resolve their unhappiness.  Inner Peace is a state of mind, a state of being content with yourself in the present moment.

This is not about living to have fun or excitement in one’s life but rather about finding a more rewarding channel to experience genuine joy and happiness within your soul.  It is at epidemic level in England and it is probably at various levels in many different Countries of the world.  That is why I believe it is time for us to take a new look at why we are here in the first place and how can we attain a fulfilling and peaceful lifestyle and still have enjoy yourself with enthusiasm and excitement.

I am continually coaching myself on a daily basis because I choose to live drug free with zero medication and less stress and anxiety.  I have come to realize that being my own life coach is the best way to me to reach my desired outcome.

I realize that the entertainment industry does not want to take any credit for all of the world’s problems but their lack of responsibility and their greed for the bottom line definitely plays a role in this movie scenario.  Negative behavior has been portrayed with rewards, acceptance and humor.  Our role models are no longer trustworthy and their reason for acting and sharing their thoughts is highly compromised because it is all about sensationalism.  Ratings go up and public attention increases when the story gets hot, violent and steamy.

Until we take a hard look within our individual heart’s and soul’s and begin to understand that all inner peace, contentment and happiness starts on the inside of us, we will continue to self-destruct and experience sadness and dis-ease in our lives.  I have dedicated a great part of my life working in this direction and sharing my messages.  Some people have gained and grown because of it while other only scorn and ridicule.

A new age is dawning where people are becoming more in tune with their inner knowingness, which is also called their inner voice.  It is the difference of living in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah where people self-destructed or creating a new era where wisdom and understanding will bring us to a greater understanding of the power that each individual possesses—that is the power to experience inner peace, harmony and joy.  That power can only be attained if and when we are willing to change our old way of thinking and seek a new reason for living. We can no longer be indifference to the process of life and how we participate in its grand scheme.  By becoming your own best life coach or even in hiring someone to be your best life coach, I believe the time is now to take the matter into your own hands.

How do we do that, you might ask?  Here are a few suggestions.

1. Don’t look at life as a joke but rather seriously look within to find your purpose for being here—in other words, put real deep meaning into your life

2.  Maybe you need to change your perception of viewing life and take a broader look at how you want your life to turn out; that process will give you a step in the right direction towards awareness

What are you masking?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

 Are you wearing a mask to hide your sadness or identity? Isn’t it time you removed the facade to let your light shine through? Like the great pumpkin, you must cut away the layers of waxed skin to create a brightly-lit jack-o-lantern.

But let’s not forget that autumn is more than a time for trick-or-treating; in fact, it’s the perfect occasion to harvest the abundance that awaits you if you’re willing to realize and reach your highest potential.

I can’t do it!

How many times have you thought that you just can’t go any further? How many times have you questioned your own abilities to create happiness and prosperity in your life? How often have you asked yourself, “Why should I even try?” If you’ve asked yourself any of the aforementioned questions, then it’s time to unveil your authentic self and empower yourself so you can rise above life’s circumstances to initiate real forward motion.

Here are a few tips to start your inner-healing process:

 1.  Stop beating yourself up. When you begin to over-criticize yourself, you plant negative seeds in your mind. It’s time to heal your mind, heal your body.  Once these seeds take sprout, the roots of pessimism begin to implant themselves in every cell of your body, mind, and spirit; this type of negative thinking results in stress, anxiety, and even physical illness.

2. Replace negative thought patterns. Reinvent the way you think. Instead of focusing on everything that went wrong, I want you to concentrate on everything that can go right. Don’t say, “I can’t.” Instead, say aloud to yourself, “I can and I will!” When life begins to get you down, throw a boomerang of happiness. When you project happiness, it comes back to you. That is how you will begin to heal your mind, heal your body.

 3. Visualize your success. I can’t stress this enough. In order to start creating prosperity in your life so you can and will reach your highest potential, you must imagine the success that you can achieve. Figuratively speaking, you need to get down to the nitty-gritty details of what it is you want so you can embrace it fully. If you’re unhappy with your mundane career and are interested in pursuing a more exciting one; for example, in seeking a rewarding position as a firefighter or teacher or even an entrepreneur, the first thing you need to do is imagine yourself in uniform or in that position. If it is the firefighter, imagine yourself dressed in yellow. Visualize the red fire truck, and you’re driving it to the fire scene. Whatever the career of your dreams is, you have to taste it, feel it, see it, and focus on it – every single day until you get it. In doing so, your intention transforms into action. Action results in the outcome you want and you are actually empowering yourself to reach your highest potential.

That same methodology works well with anything you are presently seeking. Doesn’t matter if it’s a job, being at home, in a relationship, your health, wealth or prestige…whatever it is that your heart desires can become a reality when you remove the mask and start listening to your intuition and redefining your future.

Each one of us has the ability to heal our mind, heal our bodies when we become empowered to take the necessary steps to move in the direction of our dreams.

What are you really announcing to the world?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Stephen Covey, renowned author of the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is quoted as saying, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Truer words were never spoken. In fact, it is this type of thinking that a lot of folks are not doing enough of nowadays.  Everything in life is interconnected through relationships!  There are relationships with yourself, with your children and family, with partners, with colleagues, with nations.  Each one is us, you and I alike, need to be our own relationship expert if we want to be understood.   It does require a certain amount of self-discipline as you learn how to empower yourself in a healthy and positive way.

Take social media for example, while we may have seen a dramatic upswing in online discussions, we are also beginning to see deterioration in human dialog and empathy. One minute we are reading and seeing pictures on how a girl just ate a peanut butter sandwich and the next how she was sleeping with a guy for kicks and giggles. How’s that for meaningful conversation?

 Now, it is perfectly fine if you choose to broadcast your life online but remember there are always consequences to your actions and yes, even your words. How you present yourselves to the external world does have its ramifications!  To be noticed and appreciated doesn’t require you to be showy or flashy, but rather to have a solid relationship with yourself that lets others know you are content and satisfied in your skin because you love yourself.

People who act out and are showy feel that they are not being sufficiently noticed, and therefore, need to take some measure to gain attention.  They often want to be validated and will do anything to be liked and accepted.   Please don’t get me wrong!  Showing off is not bad, however, when that showy person gets arrogant, offensive and acts out improperly it is bad!

We are social beings and want to be accepted and liked yet there is an appropriate manner of getting your message out to the world and then there is one that is offensive and often harmful.  By becoming your own relationship expert, you are empowering yourself to better know yourself as you feel validated and become more self-confident.  It is important to value who you are and what you have become.

Before you can have sound relationships with others, you need to learn how to act and perform for your best good.  You do not have to actively need to appease the crowds around you; sometimes the company you attract may not be in your best interest. Nor should you use your “messaging” skills to harm another.

Covey further stated something even more important: “While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.” You see, even in brief conversation, “messaging” or “texting” — you may be dropping tidbits of personal (sometimes too personal) information about your life, lifestyles and the lives of others that can often cause harm. In doing so, you condemn both yourselves and sometimes others to a smudged reputation. It is not okay to haphazardly toss personal information about your intimate life because when you do, you are ultimately becoming the cog of the rumor mill. Your ill thought actions can negatively and harmfully impact and damage another human beings or group of people. The worst part is that when you do so, you often do not realize the repercussions until the havoc has ensued.  It is far better to build relationships with others that are meaningful and valued.  I encourage you to make time to be your own relationship expert.  With time you will begin to cherish who you have become and all that you want to be known for.  Empower yourself to be the best that you can be! Believe you are worthy and that you are enough!

We can boost our confidence in various ways, such as,

1. Speak confidently about yourself without bragging.  You don’t have to sell yourself, you simply need to portray the proper body language, dress appropriately, not flashy and speak about yourself with pride and yet humility.

2. Speak with a purpose and don’t gossip.  A confident person makes everyone around them feel better.  Learn to speak less and listen more.  We all can learn something new just by listening.

3. Seek out friendships that will boast your finer qualities and who are confident and comfortable within their own skin.  They will help you rise up and match their frequency.

Are you willing to be responsible for your words and your actions?  What are you doing today to become your own relationship expert? Learn to love all of you and empower yourself in a proactive and positive fashion.  If you participate in malice and personal intrusion, you are becoming the problem yourself.  I encourage you to think before you speak or act. It may mean the difference between a random act of kindness and a random act of cruelty.

Remember this too:  anyone that you maltreat today may one day have the last laugh on you!

Intuition—its benefits and shortcomings

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

If you decided that it is time for you to take control of your life rather than some outside force, and you start to move forward in that direction with honesty and truth, you will soon discover that your life will shift in a positive way.  If you are wondering how that is possible, then listen to my words and try to absorb their meaning and impact.  When you change your attitude, your behavior and your environmental patterns in a positive way, things happen. You will start to notice a change in the way you look at life, this happens through the power of your inner voice, I call it your intuition, while others call it the small voice within you.  It is through this powerful force within each one of us that we are able to ignite our energy and transform it. We have the power within us to become our own intuition expert. As we begin to see the world differently, we are better prepared to move forward in the direction of greater joy, inner peace, a stronger sense of confidence, worth and improved abundance.  That is when you start to realize that you are manifesting for your life that which you are seeking.

The bottom line for all of us is that it is up to us, you and me alike, to listen to our intuition, to understand its purpose and to respect the gift that utilizing your intuition will bring forth. As an intuitive specialist, I realize the power and impact that your intuition can have over your life. Your intuition will never steer you wrong—it will only guide you on the right path, the easier road but it will not materialize for you if you refuse to pay attention and listen to its soft and faint message.  It is your job, as your own intuition expert, to become more comfortable with hearing that little voice. Once you become attune to its soft voice, you will soon discover that its gifts flow to you with ease.  That is when you are manifesting for your life

Like everything else in life there are always side effects or shortcomings that occur when we fail to pay attention to our intuition, such as:

1.When you continually hear the messages, but you really do not want to listen to them—you lose!

2.  You are too lazy to pay attention, so you ignore it and lose again.

3.  You are not emotionally ready to move in the direction of your highest so once again you refuse to pay attention to your intuition and you miss out.

4.  You are still more comfortable with drama and struggle, so you don’t believe what you are hearing.

5.  You are not aware that your intuition is leading you down the right path because you fail to recognize its voice and you discount it from your consciousness.

Once you believe in and understand the power of your intuition, you see the benefits that spring forth, such as;

1.  Everything falls into place with ease.

2.  You want to pay attention to all subtle thoughts and ideas because you are seeking to find the clues that will help you reach your desired goal.

3.   You are emotionally ready to move in the direction of your highest good in the best way.

4.  You move away from drama and struggle and look for the ways to bring everything into alignment.

5.  You are completely aware and alert to the inner voice, your intuition that is giving you guidance and messages and you win.

Each one of us has been given the gift of intuition but most of us have allowed this gift to be buried and forgotten.  Isn’t it time for you to re-awaken your power and invite it back into your life?  All the great professionals in the world have become their own intuition specialist because they know its power and benefits.  I encourage you to make the time to tap into your intuition and begin to know and believe for yourself that it is important to become the best intuition expert possible because you choose to manifest for your lives all that you desire.  When you makes that choice, your like will begin to change!

Your actions have consequences

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

I remember the time when I listened to a news report discussing the prank call from the two Australian radio personalities who impersonated the Queen of England so that they could receive information about the hospitalized Princess.  The woman nurse who answered the call from the pranksters killed herself over this matter; most probably because she felt as though she betrayed the dignity of her profession and the possible endangerment of the Princess.  How sad!  The lesson learned here is that everything has a consequence.  Some may think that this is simply silliness at play or that they have a justified right to infringe on others with no consequences.  Or maybe it is the stupidity of our multi-media and like organizations that laugh at, reward and encourage others like these two pranksters without penalty.  The truth of the matter is that if we are truly and seriously eager to live a healthier and happier life, we need to take the appropriate steps to heal our mind, heal our lives from poor behavior, improper attitudes and destructive conduct.

One of the Laws of Nature is that for every action there is a re-action – the Law of Cause and Effect– and then there are the laws of the Creator that merely asks us to treat others as we would like to be treated.  How simplistic life can be if we only showed some constraint towards others and acted in a principled manner with compassion— caring and sharing. I have said often that we do not need more governing in the world; we only need more conscious people who take responsibility for their behavior.  When we consciously act and behave with intention, we are setting ourselves up to empower ourselves, so we can heal our mind, heal our lives.

When I was growing up we were expected to perform and behave in a respectful manner towards others and ourselves and we were held accountable for our actions and behavior.  We learned that we have certain duties or tasks to perform if we want to live in good standing within the realm of society and at the same time we have certain responsibilities that help us stay focused—aware and honest.

We all have bad moments in life when we wish we could do it over but that doesn’t excuse us from the consequences that follow.  It is no different than if you throw a stone in a pond and watch the ripples start.  They continue to create an effect upon the water.  Our behavior has a rippling effect on others and that effect has the power to build and set good examples or harm and cause great pain.

There is evidence of many wonderful and caring people in the world but on the flip side of the coin there is equal evidence of contemptible people who have no concern for the feelings or reactions of others.  Neither one of us can resolve this situation but we certainly can and must bring it to the attention of our children, the youth, and show them the harm that is caused by poor decisions and choices.  My son is always speaking to his young children about these very thoughts.  When the children do something that is not pleasing, they are reminded about the poor choices they have made.  These children are being taught to think about the way they act and react daily.  It may not sink into their sub-conscious mind at that moment but with time, it definitely will.  They are being taught to take responsibility for their behavior, their actions or their lack thereof.

 Whether your employer or anyone else tells you to act in a manner that is inappropriate, you still have choices and you most definitely have a responsibility to yourself to behave in a manner that is respectful and beneficial not only to yourself but to others.  There is a definite connection between your actions (the cause) and the consequences (the effect).  You will never be able to take control of your life or its outcome if you continually refuse to take full responsibility for your behavior and attitude.  As always it starts with you and your perception of life and how you make decisions and choices.  No one thrives to feel suffering and pain but rather seeks to enjoy a life of improved wellbeing.  You have within your power the ability to heal your mind, heal your life.  I encourage you to empower yourself and reach for the stars and be the best person you can be.  That state of mind and body has many rewards.

We can always say, “I’m sorry.”  But after a while, even those words can have hollow meaning unless you sincerely mean them and take the necessary steps to make sure your actions represent whom you truly are and how you truly want to be remembered.

Are you falling short of your goals?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Are you someone who is having difficulty in achieving your goals? Willpower and a pattern shift will help you get closer to achieving your goals so that you will be better prepared to reach your highest potential!  By willpower I mean, being willing to harness self-control over your life and those situations that we all encounter daily.  Sometimes it is easy to exhibit self-control but too often it is very difficult because the pull towards those experiences that really don’t benefit us is strong.  That is when your ability to be your best life coach comes into play.  After all, no one wants to deny themselves the basic desires that seem to be so appealing.  We get lazy and make excuses for ourselves; however, I am here to tell you that that approach to life usually leaves you falling short of your goals.  Maybe it is time to give your self a pep talk and become your best life coach yet!

When you consciously have the strength to refrain from overeating or you refuse to participate in harmful gossip or name calling, you are showing restraint and willpower.  When you are aware of temptations that might give you instant gratification but long-term heartbreak, you are exhibiting willpower and self-control.  No one can sustain a life of constant indulgence without repercussions; It would serve you to learn how to maintain balance and a real sense of self-control and discipline.

I have found that when I face temptations and consciously refrain from following its call, I feel free and more content with myself.   It is like I just won the battle with my ego mind and my higher self, came out ahead.  Yes, it takes discipline and a conscious awareness that allows me to make a sound choose that will lead me to greater joy. But then again, I am worth the effort!   Now mind you, I don’t always succeed; I admit that I often give in to my lower base desires.  However, I work diligently at rebounding and finding a better way to improve and succeed by putting in front of me, things, people or situations that strengthen my resolve. I have a strong desire to reach my highest potentiality and that desire alone has given me the courage and strength to constantly push forward. In other words, I choose to remove from my focal point unnecessary temptations, unwanted stressful situations and even unrealistic goals that will only set me up to fall.  I am continually reading material that will allow me to boast my mind to focus on the positive end result that I have set for myself.  I envision what my life will look like as I work towards transforming my life for the better.  When I take those positive steps to improve my life, I am being a good life coach to myself.

When I am struggling to push through a challenge, I find that talking to myself and coaching myself is very helpful.  In other words, I give me a pep talk! I have a dialogue with my mind.  I start asking questions, looking for the root cause of my block and ways that I can strengthen my self-control that will set me up for success. I am also continually reaching out to my Power Angels and asking for their support, guidance, love and yes input.  I encourage you to try new approaches towards strengthening your willpower.  If fear is holding you back, speak to the fear and find out why you experience those emotions.  You will always get an answer.

Our minds and spirits are intelligent and will respond when pushed to the wall.  You will find that with time, you will get better with your inward conversations and eventually your gut feelings and/or intuition will be communicating in a stronger and clearer manner.  When we truly understand what is holding us back, we are better able to overcome our fears, anxiety and blocks.

Once you see or feel a breakthrough in the right direction, continue to be persistent.  Don’t get lazy and think you can slide a little because you will, too quickly, discover that that kind of attitude will cause you to slip and slide backward.  If you really have a target that you want to reach so that you will transform your life for the better, you will need to stay the course, discipline yourself, remain persistent and keep your eye on the end game.  I, for one, choose to reach my highest potential in this lifetime that is why I need to get all the support I can from my Power Angels.  They, indeed, are my closest and dearest friends and I encourage you to make them your true friends too!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“In the absence of willpower, the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.”
Aleister Crowley

Become a Beacon of Hope

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

As we move further into the last quarter of this year – 2018, I thought this to be the appropriate time to nudge some of you into raising your expectations, so you will be better prepared to reach your highest potential and manifest for your life  all that which you desire.   I ask you to ponder these words about becoming a beacon of hope and allow them to sink into the depths of your soul.  You see, there is so much hurt and pain in the world that I thought it was time for us to focus our thoughts on seeking out new possibilities, which include being a beacon of hope for the future.  In our programs with clients when asked what they want to accomplish in life the response is overwhelming: “I want to help others, or I want to make a difference in the world.”  While those words are noble and inspiring, I sometimes find them to be shallow.  Why you might ask?  Because I do not believe that some of the people making those statements understand that in order to become a beacon of hope to others we first must be an inspiration to ourselves.  So, the very next question to ask is: “How do you value and respect yourself?  Are you kind to and caring about your mind, body and the way you act and react?  Do you do things because you have to or because they are expected of you or do you ask yourself, if the action taken is for your best wellbeing?  We, you and I will never reach our highest potentiality or ever be able to manifest for our lives to the fullest if we continually place ourselves at the back of the line.

I sincerely believe that it is impossible to help others and become a beacon of hope and light to them if we are lacking those traits our self.  In other words, we need to pay close attention to our needs, so we will be in alignment with creation, for when we walk and talk with love, caring and sharing in our hearts, we are better prepared to spread those messages to others.  If we are void in those areas, we have nothing to share.

If we want to encourage and show others how to cope, experience peace of mind and offer support, we first must develop those skills for ourselves.  If you are having difficulty with coping in your life, maybe you are lacking wholesome friendships or are lonely or even feeling as though you can’t find the right job or sense of purpose, then you need to spend some quality time with yourself and seek guidance from your God and your angel friends. The Power Angels are always ready, willing and able to come to your assistance when asked.  Few people understand the power of God and His Messengers of Light, the Power Angels.

There are always answers to our questions and needs that are being shared and shown to us— all we need to do is be still and listen as we open our mind and heart to receive the messages that are being sent just for us.  In truth, we are never alone.  God and all of His Power Angels are all around us.  Their messages are clear, precise and perfected just for us—it is our task to pay attention and stay alert and vigil.

Their voices are soft and swift.  I have found in my own life that if I am not paying attention, I will miss their words of wisdom.  It takes practice to be vigilant and be open to hear.  I often say that it is like following the clues of life.  They are all around us but it is up to us, you and me alike, to keep our hearts and minds pure and free from the busyness of the world.  It is the practice of conscious awareness, the concentration of our minds through the systematic process of listening, staying alert and paying attention to the spaces between the words—that is, where the clues present themselves to us.  This practice can only be actualized when you quiet the mind, feed the soul and calm the body so that it can absorb the higher vibrations and energy of the Universal flow.  That is how you will open the floodgates to reach your highest potential as you are manifesting for your life your greatest dreams.

Stress, restlessness and doubt are the enemies of a contrite heart.  These three factors are obstacles and hindrances to your forward motion.  To become a true beacon of hope for yourself and others requires discipline of the mind, body and spirit.  The benefits of achieving a deep concentration of the mind can only be realized when you cultivate a positive mindset and become the beacon of hope for yourself.  It is through your example and positive way of thinking that others will follow your lead and learn from your ways.

What comes to mind for me is the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi.  Repeat it often until you absorb it full meaning.

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love.

Where there is injury, pardon.

Where there is doubt, faith.

Where there is despair, hope.

Where there is darkness, light.

Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,

Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;

To be understood, as to understand;

To be loved, as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive.

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.


Your Mind is a Powerful Instrument

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Your mind is a powerful tool or instrument and like any other tools if it is used properly it can produce great results but if misused, it can breakdown or destroy.  As I lay awake in bed the other night, I started to think about the power of the mind—sometimes I let it run away with me and it moves into a state of worry and fear. When that happens, I feel anxious and my body begins to ache and hurt. For example, I saw a dark colored mark on my arm and my first thought was—it must be skin cancer.  I worried and fretted, and I tried to put those thoughts out of my head but nonetheless, they were there—front and center.  That evening after I showered, I looked again at the mark and I realized that it was a scab from a bruise.  I don’t remember when I got it or how I got it but none-the-less, it was there and healing.

My point is that I was totally upset by what I first saw, and I began to imagine the worst.  My mind played tricks on me and lead me in the wrong direction.  If I continued that path, I would have been completely upset and panicking.  So, my message to you is, do you see what happens when your mind goes unchecked?  Our minds are complex, and therefore, must be guarded and watched so as not to run us amuck and destroy that which we are trying to perfect.

It is within our power to control our minds and refuse to allow them to create a scenario that is contrary to our wellbeing.  You have the power to heal your life, heal your body and believe me, that will happen when you begin to empower yourself for your highest and best good.  If, and when you are feeling challenged, call in your Power Angels to guide, encourage and work with you to heal your life, heal your body.  I speak about the Power Angels frequently because I want you to know and believe that they were sent to Earth to help us humans enjoy this experience in a healthy and wonderful way.

When we nurture and cultivate our minds to function clearly and with precision we set ourselves up to fulfill all our desires.  Our minds have an unlimited capacity to hold and store information and it is only limited by our limiting beliefs. In today’s world, we can access a wealth of information at a moment’s notice – it isn’t in the accumulation of information that is the focus here but rather how we use the information to satisfy our heart’s desires.  We can dream and collect data but once we have brought an idea to the foreground, it is what we do with it that makes all the difference in the world.  We cultivate and strengthen our imagination by using our mind, our brain to step out of the box and take a risk.  Visualization is just one valuable tool that is used by our minds to bring something into the present.  Through visualization we have the ability to create an entire scene or movie of what we want to see realized.  Many athletes and business professionals have discussed how their lives have dramatically improved with the power of creative visualization.  They have learned how to empower themselves. Creative visualization uses the power of the mind to bring about what you are seeking.  An easy exercise is to simply sit in a chair or lie down and see the scenario that you are hoping to materialize in your mind’s eye.  Be specific, create a precise and clear scene, use color, tonality, make it bright and vivid, add movement and speak a tag line or statement of what you want to create and bring into your reality and when you want to accomplish it—give an exact time line. By visualizing a specific situation or plan you are attracting it into your life. Each one of us has the power and ability to heal our lives and empower ourselves if we are willing to make the effort to move in that direction.   The magic that is evolving is through the power of your mind.  Albert Einstein used creative visualization all his life.  He said: “Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”— 
George Bernard Shaw

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”— 
Gloria Steinem

Maybe it is time to stop making excuses about where you are in life and begin taking the action steps that will help you heal your body,  heal your life.  Again, I suggest that if you need a support team around you to make it happen, your Power Angels are ready, willing and able to accommodate you!  Many blessings on your travels through life!

Are You a Worrier?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Did you know that worry can cause great sickness and disease?  Worry can affect the mind, body and spirit in ways that might surprise you and cause you great anxiety and stress and even panic during the waking hours.  I know that when a worry while I am sleeping, I start to become jumpy and restless.  My body immediately goes into overdrive.  For me, the only way to counteract this is to quiet my mind and continually do a mantra bring in inner peace and calmness.  We all need to continually empower ourselves to be the best we can be and that includes during our sleeping hours. It is impossible to reach your highest potential or even achieve a wonderful sense of inner peace without some effort on your part.

When you refuse to worry and consciously choose to keep stress out, you are proving to yourself and others that you are placing your trust in your Creator. That is called self-empowerment! You cannot reach your highest potential if you are continually feeling negative and depressing thoughts.  You will weaken your power and cause more stress within your body, your organs and your nervous system.  Stress, worry, anxiety releases a hormone called cortisol that cause irritability, muscle aches, fatigue, upset stomach and a host of many other symptoms which in turn adds a lot of stress to the immune system and negatively affects your overall health.

If you are like me, I would rather live my life feeling more whole and complete and free from worry, doubt and fear.  I prefer to have a healthy lifestyle free from medication and drugs.  Having said that means that I need to empower myself as I work towards preventing those negative traits to manifest in my life.   One very valuable and yet simple antidote that will greatly serve you is to seek to express gratitude even if you have not yet experienced the outcome.  When I can make a difference in a measurable way to improve my mind, body and spirit, I am all for it.  When I go to bed at night, I say a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude for all that I have and for being kept safe that day.  When I rise in the morning, I am grateful for the opportunity of start a new day and creating the pathway for me to reach my highest potential.

Gratitude releases us from toxic emotions.  According to the Harvard Medical School, the definition of gratitude is: “a thankful appreciation for what an individual received, whether tangible or intangible.   With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives—As a result, gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals whether it be to other people, to nature or to a higher power.”

With gratitude in your heart, you are gaining in strength, courage and the wisdom that shows the world and your Creator that you are surrendering all your troubles to Him.  With gratitude in your heart, you are feeling a greater sense of inner peace and happiness. Gratitude opens the door to better and more relationships, it improves your physical and psychological health and allows you to sleep more relaxed and peacefully. A poor attitude will kill your sense of worth and gratitude. I encourage you to empower yourself so you can and will experience all that you desire.  That is the only way to reach your highest potential for your life!

I would like to inspire you to practice the act of gratitude daily; it is the perfect antidote to fear and anger. Try it and see for yourself.  When we are upset, anxious or angry, our facial expressions become tense and stern, however, when we think about something that we are grateful for in our lives, our body language and we become automatically more relaxed, a smile comes over your face and your physiology changes. When you focus on what you already have and voice your gratitude for it even within the depths of your heart, your heart opens wider and your healing begins. You are fueling your mind and body to maintain a higher vibration as you continue to remain excited about your life. You can’t feed into anger or fear while you are expressing gratitude. Gratitude changes everything!

Live your life in gratitude. When you are thankful for all that you presently have, you are setting the stage to bring more of that into your life. That is how you empower yourself. Remember you will never reach your highest potential with a negative mindset! Happiness and inner peace grows where gratitude flows.

A World of Hate

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A world of hate begins with a single word of anger that festers within your heart, your mind and then sets your emotional state in frenzy.  We see it happening every day in many different ways and most of the time these events are out of our control.  Yet each one of us has within our power the ability to change our point of view and our approach to what is placed in front of us, if we are willing to remain alert, aware and above all okay with the fact that everything is not going to go our way all the time we will be better prepared to enjoy a wonderful state of inner peace and calm.

I recently encountered a situation in my new community were some individuals insisted on having things go only their way and when someone or something comes along that ask for reasonable change, they become angry, resentful and unwilling to communicate.  If and when situations arise in your life that speaks to that type of situation, I ask you to do what I did—ask for guidance from the Divine.  At first, I must admit, I became angry and annoyed but then I began to calm down, relax and look for an alternative that might benefit everyone.  In my case, I did not find it, but I tried.  I reached out my hand and asked that we connect and communicate.  In other words, I extended an olive branch.  Although it was rejected, I still wanted to make the effort because I did not want to be the one who participated in a world of anger and hate. Inner Peace cannot and will not be achieved when we focus on anger, resentment and the need to be right at any cost. There is so much of that kind of thinking and behavior already in the world and I for one choose not to contribute to it.  Maybe we all need to consider new ways to transform our lives, so we can live with a better sense of understanding our world and the people in it?  In order to heal our lives and enjoy a renewed sense of inner peace and transformation, it would better serve us, that is, each one of us if we could try to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.  It is only then that we might see the bigger picture and understand why they are the way they are or possibly act the way they do.

We do not need to become victims to other people’s actions or reactions, but we do need, or at least I believe it, to turn the other cheek and focus instead on ways to transform our thinking so as to find some peace and solace within our soul.  Victimhood is an emotional state where we feel attacked and like a target for other people’s emotional baggage.  That type of behavior has no real benefit.

In the bigger scheme of things, I believe that the world will only begin to change and become friendlier and caring when we individually take the step to make it happen.  It is so easy to always want our way, but there are times when compromise and reasonableness is needed to heal our lives, to heal your life

I do not believe that we came to this planet, Earth to battle each other but rather to share and care about each other.  Yet I have noticed that we become so attached to our own vision and wants to the point that we put blinders on and refuse to see the alternates of choice.

When we are willing to change our perception, we often are better prepared to accept into our lives new or different possibilities.  How you view the world around you often shapes your opinions and attitude.

People like to play games.  I do not think they look at it that way, but none-the-less, people do it every day.  Maybe it is the game of: ‘I will get you’, or the game of: ’you cannot tell me what to do’ and even the game of: ‘I am in control here and don’t you forget it!’   You see— we are always trying to manipulate—sway and control others so that we can have it all—whatever the all is.   Now is the time to rethink and reshape our attitudes and behavior so we can transform our lives into a better you and me.

I know only too well all about the games that have been played over time, however, I have chosen not to partake in them because they only lead to anger, hate and pain. Instead, I have grown to understand and learn that when I release the outcome and allow God to handle it for me, I feel better. I have come to realize that as I release and surrender that my anger dissipates and my mood shifts.  I would be lying if I told you that this approach is easy because it is not; however, I can attest to the fact that I genuinely feel better and happier when I accept this approach.  Yes, there is a world of hate out there, but you and I do not have to contribute to it.  I am committed to transforming my life, so I can enjoy a renewed sense of inner peace as I heal my life.  I sincerely hope you are too!

How doubt and fear destroy!

Monday, August 6, 2018

I have learned in my life that there are numerous layers to our doubts and fears.  When I have successfully tackled some of my doubts and fears, I have grown in leaps and bounds but then, new layers appear that seem to choke my progress.  I do not believe that we will be 100% free of doubt or fear and maybe that is a good thing because we also need to keep in check our defense mechanism and use our common sense to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations as we try to think clearly.

I do believe there are ways to help us control our negative emotions; ways that can benefit our course of action and enable us to better handle and improve our quality of life.  For example, when you are challenged by a fearful experience, possible a new experience that you have never encountered before, plow forward.  This is not the time to retract but rather a time to stay alert and aware of your doubts and fears and move through them.  In other words, stand face to face with your fears and actually speak to them.  They are your feelings and they have a voice.  Ask your doubt and fear to speak to you and let you know where their basis or root stems from.  You may be surprised to discover that what you fear is actually something that can be dispelled quickly.

If you are easily intimidated by others or large crowds, move out of your comfort zone and step into the scene.  In actuality, the other people are probably feeling the same way and together you can all relax and interconnect in a fun and rewarding way.   More often than not, we create our fears and doubts due to our overactive minds; when we are able to face the fear, we discover that it usually dissipates.  That is the time for you to become your best life coach and council your self-talk to examine the real reason for your negative emotions and make friends with them.  Self-examination, self-coaching is a powerful tool that will help you stay safe and secure within your mind and body.

Through a series of deep seeded fears, we create a distorted picture that seems to grow and grow until we become emotionally paralyzed.  We certainly do not want to get to that state of fear.  That is why it would better serve you to tackle your fears early on and learn how to speak to them, change the scenario and manifest a new scene where you are feeling empowered, strong and worthy.  I recently spoke to a young man who is very talented and skilled but most of his life he has felt challenged by dyslexia.  He has always been able to compensate for it in small ways but none-the-less, he felt frustrated and continually anxious.  He was introduced to a support community, the Toastmasters, which has helped him learn how to focus on his strengths and deal with his shortcomings.  He has been asked to be a public speaker in his profession and now feels more empowered and confident than ever before.  He faced his doubts and fears, pushed through his comfort zone with the support of a leadership community and his life is soaring to new heights.  Awesome is the word to express his personal and professional success.  This, too, can be your story when you are ready to take a leap of faith and move through the blocks that are stopping your forward movement.  We all can become our own best life coach if we willingly take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.  Develop a positive mental attitude and continually nurture it.

I do not think there is one human being who from time to time has not experienced a moment of vulnerability.  That is part of the human story, but those feelings are not supposed to stop us, rather they are meant to open us up to reach farther and farther beyond our comfort zone and grow in ways that previously seemed impossible.

Each one of us has the ability to develop new skills that will inspire, motivate and open us to receive new opportunities when we are willing to try. Consciously coach yourself today and always and you will soon discover a more fulfilling life.

Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.–Lao Tzu

Remember, it is always worth the risk to encounter short-term challenges in order to ensure long-term happiness!

Self-mastery is a marvelous idea!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Do you feel stuck? Is your temper out of control?  Are you a person who lacks self-control or maybe even sufficient determination to stick to a plan?

Self-mastery is a great idea; however, if you lack the ability to control your emotions as you give into your whims, then you need to develop some valuable life skills to help keep you on track. In order to take control of that part of your nature that you want to feed, you need to understand that self-mastery begins with awareness.  When I feel stuck or unwilling to take control of a situation, I call in my specific Power Angel to help coach me, so I can reach my highest potential.   Do you like to feed the negative vices; thoughts and feelings that have controlled your life or do you choose to feed the positive, good-natured aspect of you that wants to find strategies that will build up your best character traits?  You have the power within you to become your own life coach and continually do what is needed for you to reach your highest potentialI pray for courage, strength and wisdom on a daily basis because I know it is so easy to slide back into my old habits and patterns.  If you are anything like me, I encourage you to not get disheartened or think about quitting.  Ask for special grace and blessings to help you keep going. My Power Angels are my best friends.   I trust them and know they are looking out for my wellbeing and I connect with them frequently.

Each one of us have been born with a handicap but at the same time each one of us has also been born with a special and unique talent and ability to help us master our lives.

 Ask yourself this question:  Am I okay with where I am right now, or do I want to experience my greatness and a life of becoming amazing?   What brings you joy each day?  Seek out a life that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning to tackle a new day.  Continually talk to yourself.  You can be the best life coach to yourself if and when you make the time and commitment to strengthen your good qualities and work towards taking a different path that will help you reach your highest potential.

Beware of good intentions!  We, too often, have good intentions about doing things that are right but we fall short of putting them into action.  It is time for you to train yourself to be disciplined to reach your highest potential.  One way to help you achieve self-discipline is by creating new habits.  Become your own life coach and talk to your body, mind and spirit on a regular basis.  With self-discipline, you can become your best in all aspects of your life.  Never underestimate the resourcefulness of your Power Angels.  Each angel sent to Earth, has a special gift or ability to help us hone in on our own personal traits.  All you need to do is call them into your life and they will show you the way.

Too often our bodies want to give up when the going gets tough.  It is your responsibility to stay strong, fight back as you get back up and get ready to reach your highest potential.  Recognize your good qualities and praise yourself.  When you encourage and give yourself a pat on the back, you are actually coaching yourself to acknowledge your finer points.  Maybe it is time for you to reflect on your life and examine the many ways you have grown and changed.  Wisdom can be found in the strangest places!

Boomerang Theory

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It is the same old story—what comes around, goes around.  Life can be that simple yet we, too often, seem to miss the target and look for solutions that are a misfit.  Let me explain.  I just got off the phone with a client who was having personal life issues that were causing not only her life to be unstable but that of her Mom and her Daughter.  You see, we are all energy beings so if we put out energy of fear, worry and ‘I was done wrong’—guess what—that is exactly the type of energy that you are going to attract.  When you attract that type of energy, you draw it into your life, and into all relationships.  Your thoughts and attitude, your behavior and the way you act out in all situations absolutely affects your behavior and your outcome. It’s time for you to become alert and aware and begin to realize that when you mix it all together, that is, your thoughts, your behavior and your attitude with the environment in which you work-live and play you will create and experience exactly what you are focusing on.  Therefore, if you have a life of discomfort, unhappiness and uneasiness, you will manifest those feelings, which will often lead to an upset stomach and even sickness. Do you understand the cycle that is being created? I want to help you break those negative expressions and experiences and help you manifest a new and improved lifestyle.  You actually have the ability to become your own life coach and your own relationship expert and shift your energy for good if you sincerely and honestly want to accomplish that end goal.

Life is meant to be happy and rich but if and when we cloud it over with our emotional blocks or issues, we build a thick wall around that stream of richness and happiness and surround it with darkness. You are actually building an impenetrable fort.   Light can only filter through when we open the door and windows of our heart, mind and spirit. As I was speaking to this young client, I found that she was determined to continue to share her pain and sorrow with me to the point that she could not hear the solutions and tools that I was sharing with her. She was completely blocked and unwilling to seek solutions because, in truth, she was feeling comfortable staying in the dark.  At that moment no coaching skills were beneficial. She told me about a person who said that he would shift the energy for her and do the work for her.  Please be aware–that is false and bogus information.  No one has the power to shift your energy—that power belongs to you and you alone!  It is your duty and responsibility to become your best life coach and your own personal relationship expert if and when you decide to enjoy a wonderful sense of inner peace and contentment. No other individual can make your life whole or complete, ONLY you have that ability to make it happen.  Yes, we can and often need to seek out guidance and support but please note that ultimately, you are the one who makes the final choices and decision.  Guidance and support are crucial, but nothing is more valuable then you taking hold of your life and making it happen!

I or anyone else can present tools, steps and then guide you on your journey by showing you where the blocks and problems are rooted but it is your life and your journey and ‘You’ are the only one who has the power to clean up your circumstances, shift your beliefs and purify your energy field if you want to enjoy an improved lifestyle of inner peace and contentment.

So, getting back to the boom-a-rang theory—what you are throwing out will eventually return to you.  If, for example, you are feeling anxious or sad or nervous, you can pretty much guarantee that your children and family will pick up on that energy and show similar signs or traits that stem from your issues.  Yes, we are all vessels of energy—that is why I encourage you to frequently clear and clean your energy field through meditation, moments in silence and through breathing exercises that clear out toxins and open your cells to receive nourishment and healing.

Too often I have had women approach me concerning the problems they are experiencing with their children.  They seem to be acting out in negative and often disruptive ways, which of course, results in havoc in the household.  Please understand that even a young newborn will pick up on your fear-based energy.  If you are feeling anxious, frustrated or even feelings of unworthiness, your children will sense your weaknesses and pick-up on those same feelings and become fearful and anxious too.   Our children learn through our examples and their sense of intuition and awareness is very sharp.  Their energy is pure, and their antennas are laser beams that are sensitive and alert.  That is why I suggest to you to become your own life coach and relationship expert, so you are better prepared to hone in on all life’s encounters.

You actually can improve your emotional state, which will at the same time improve the emotional state of those who are within your sphere of influence and bring a wonderful sense of inner peace into your home.  When you understand this concept and make healthy and good choices you will enjoy an improved sense of wellbeing in your life. I encourage you to listen carefully to my words and pay attention with an open heart and mind.  Many blessings on your journey!

Prayer and hope—where do they fit into your life?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Financial disasters, droughts and floods, earthquakes and other natural upheavals encourage many people to pray and seek a hopeful outcome.  Unfortunately, too often, it takes an extreme situation to bring us to our knees in prayer and hopefulness for our lives.  For we American’s, this is a time of year when we think about freedom and the privileges that we have, but as we come to the summer season, I believe this might be the perfect opportunity to slow down and reflect on all our blessings and gifts.

For some who are homeless and without a place to call their home due to natural disasters, our hearts and prayers go out to you.  Please let us not forget that even those who lost so much still have much to be thankful for.

Many of us have been used to living the status quo life, taking our lives for granted and as a result, we ignore the possibility that change is inevitable.  In truth, we never know when we will be rudely awakened to the instant alteration of our lives.  Life is constantly shifting, and we must learn to move with that change or else we will get swept away.

While this time of year is a perfect reminder to stop for a moment of prayer and reflection, I would like to suggest that each one of us begin to practice a new habit; that is, thanking God daily for all that you have and all that you hope to have tomorrow.  We can experience a state of inner peace, if and when we work to bring it into our lives.

Prayer and hopefulness is part of my human fiber.  I am always hopeful for a better tomorrow and I pray frequently that God and my angel friends, the Power Angels, guide my journey and protect me from harm.  When change comes into my life, I pray that I will accept it with grace and positive thinking.  When I am stressed, I ask God to calm me down and help me release my anxiety and doubt and I never go to sleep at night without giving thanks for all that I have.

I can honestly say that prayer and hope are part of my life, my authentic self and because of it,I actually live free from sickness and dis-ease in my body. Maybe it is time for you to bring prayer and hope into your daily life?  I know you will feel better for it! If you are having a difficult time in understanding this, call in your Power Angles to give you guidance, support and clarity.  Below are some thoughtful quotes that have given me pause and reflectioninner peace is vital for my health and well being and I work to stay in the state of mind.

“A Desire becomes a Hope when we discover a reason for its expectation, and there is no better reason to expect something than a promise given in the Word of God.”- Rex Rouis

 “We tend to use prayer as a last resort, but God wants it to be our first line of defense. We pray when there’s nothing else we can do, but God wants us to pray before we do anything at all.

 Most of us would prefer, however, to spend our time doing something that will get immediate results. We don’t want to wait for God to resolve matters in His good time because His idea of ‘good time’ is seldom in sync with ours.”  ― Oswald Chambers

 “When every hope is gone, ‘when helpers fail, and comforts flee,’ I find that help arrives somehow, from I know not where. Supplication, worship, and prayer are no superstition; they are acts more real than the acts of eating, drinking, sitting or walking. It is no exaggeration to say that they alone are real, all else is unreal.” Mahatma Gandhi, The Story of My Experiments With Truth

Dear readers, life can certainly be challenging and difficult at times yet when you spend moments in reflection and prayer and connect with your Power Angels, your situations can shift, and miracles happen.

Below is a list of the Power Angels that I connect with all the time.  I feel comforted and at peace knowing that my Power Angel friends are helping me daily in my life.  When you start this practice, you, too, will enjoy the same sense of inner peace and contentment.

List of 20 Angel that you can call on daily

1.    Archangel Michael      The Angel of Protection

2.    Archangel Jophiel              The Angel of Illumination and Clarity of Vision

3.   Archangel Uriel          The Angel of Peace and Tranquility

4.   Archangel Chamuel    The Angel of Love

5.   Archangel Gabriel             The Angel of Guidance

6. Archangel Raphael       The Angel of Healing

7. Archangel Zadkiel        The Angel of Practical Assistance and Prayer

8.   Archangel Metatron     The Angel of Thought and Deeds

9.   Angel Amarushaya       The Angel of Blessings

10.  Angel Sandalphon        The Angel of Power—Self-Empowerment

11.  Angel Galgaliel             The Angel of Vibration

12.  Angel Hamied        The Angel of Miracles

13.  Angel Amitel         The Angel of Truth

14.  Angel Cerviel        The Angel of Courage

15.  Angel Stamera             The Angel of Forgiveness

16.  Angel Zacharael           The Angel of Surrender and Trust

17.  Angel Jamaerah               The Angel of Manifestation

18.  Angel Shekinak              The Angel to the Gateway to the Eternal Light within

19.  Angel Phanuel           The Angel of Hope

20.  Angel Ramaela          The Angel of Playfulness and Joy

Since the beginning of time, there have been stories and sightings about God’s Power Angels and how they have heralded in the many messages of hope, love, warning and encouragement.  I speak to the Power Angels frequently during my day seeking advice, help, support and protection.  I believe they are always with all of us and eager to come to our assistance but it is our responsibility to ask them to help and please remember to be specific about what we are requesting.

Many of our Power Angels products are available on our page:   or on the web site:

Who do you think you are?

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

You are your thoughts!  Have you heard that statement before because it is a truth!  Just think about it for a moment—if you feel good about who you are and your purpose in life, you walk tall, look good and project an attitude of confidence and self-respect. You feel a sense of inner peace and calm.  If on the other hand, you feel dejected, unworthy and exhibit low self-esteem, your body language reveals that same message to the world and all whom you come in contact with.

Napoleon Hill once wrote that in order to enjoy great wealth or great success, you must believe that it is possible with every ounce of your being. According to Hill, “98% of people had few or no firm beliefs, and this alone puts true success firmly out of their reach.”  He said: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”  I want you to become your own relationship expert and believe that the best relationship starts with having a healthy relationship with self.

So after hearing those words, the next question is:  What is your purpose?  Do you believe with your whole heart and mind and soul that it is possible because what you believe is what your outcome will become?  When you coach yourself to have a healthy relationship with self, you truly will experience a real sense of inner peace and contentment.

It is all about the power of your mind.  We all know it is an awesome vehicle that only humans possess.  It is actually our duty and responsibility to cultivate our mind irrespective of the level of education that we possess.  Many of our first millionaires had nothing more than a primary level of education.  They went to work at an early age and didn’t feel sorry for themselves but rather pushed harder than ever to gain more knowledge and understanding through their own personal discipline of being ardent readers and observers of other people’s success.  Just think about it, no one can control our minds—many prisoners of war were saved simply by the power of their minds.  They refused to let anyone destroy their creative abilities or the power of clear thinking.  They knew that no matter what situation they faced in life, they had a solid relationship with self that enabled them to persevere and endure hardship because eventually their life would improve.

In today’s world, too many people complain about their poor luck or misfortune when they have no one else to blame but themselves.  Government is not the answer.  It only enslaves you more and encourages you to become even more dependent.  It is only through your own personal courage, strength and discipline that each one of us can grow and prosper to the depths that we desire.

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire, which transcends everything”.

Napoleon Hill

Whatever your mind feeds upon it attracts! So it stands to reason that you have in your control the power to direct your thoughts to harness great wealth, that is, sound health, inner peace and balance, financial wealth or positive emotional and relationship abundance.  The best relationship you will ever enjoy is with self!  That is why I suggest that you become your own relationship expert!

It has been proven that our largest and most damaging limitations are the limitations that we place on ourselves.  For it has been said over and over again, man has the power to conquer and man has the power to destroy. You are limited only by your own capacity to believe.  The question is—Where are you placing your power today and whom do you think you are?

Remember a negative mental attitude can only bring you failure.  You are who you are and where you are due to your mental attitude.  Either it is working for you or against you—as always you are the one who gets to decide.

Can People be Fooled?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The question is:  “Can people be fooled?”  The answer is of course they can, especially when people are out of touch with reality!  We, too, often only hear what we want to hear.  We ignore the messages that we are not interested in and we definitely ignore the messages that might possibly offer solutions.  Why you might ask?  Probable because we are not focused, in balance, and therefore, we are not able to empower ourselves to be fully alert and aware.

Do you know that we are animals of complacency and we are also people who, too often, have blinders on, which means that we do not want to hear the messages that we believe do not serve our beliefs and/or our needs?  We can be definitely stuck in our ways and are slow to change even when shown a better way.  Does any of this relate to you?

So what are you supposed to do to change that circus like atmosphere that tells us to laugh and sneer at those who oppose our stereotypes–our pre-judgmental philosophies that ridicule and abuse as though respect and self-respect have no place in our societies.  It would greatly serve you and your life better so that you can reach your highest potential if you willingly made the time to empower yourself to be the best that you can be in the best possible way.

For example, I have a fear and stand-off approach to people with tattoos and piercings without well-grounded reasoning or understanding.  I stand away from those who do not match my energy or physical appearance and still I preach empathy and compassion.  I must admit that I work diligently at trying to understand and accept those who appear different from me, yet I remember the words of Jesus that said: “Judge not if you do not want to be judged.  For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. ” and again. You hypocrite first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

So I can say to you with compassion and hopefully understanding that I agree it is sometimes difficult to reach out my hand in a gesture of kindness and acceptance.  It may be an unending struggle as I try to figure it out for myself yet one thing I can sincerely say:  “We are all children of the same one God and if one of my fellow friends and neighbors look or act or think differently from me, I now know that it is my responsibility to turn the other check, so to speak, and welcome them into my heart and soul.”

I encourage you not to wait till you are face to face with your last judgment.  We actually have the opportunity to release judgment daily and simply accept others for how they choose to be seen and appreciated.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a homeless person, a doctor or a hip young person with tattoos.  Each one of us believes that we are expressing ourselves for our highest and best good so that we can reach our highest potential and empower ourselves at the same time.

It is time for us to strip off the labels and our judgment glasses and allow each individual to be appreciated in the light that they themselves believe serves their best interests and enables them to be their authentic self.  Maybe it is time to release the old stereo types that have been enslaving you and your thought process and open your heart and mind to accept others for who they are and for what they believe they need to be appreciated for; because in truth, each one of us see ourselves differently than the world perceives us.  I do believe that each one of us deserves to reach our highest potential and as we do, we will most definitely be empowering ourselves for our highest and best good and highest and best way.

Study the movements of the Hummingbird and gain some wisdom

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

These birds have adapted to various climates and flowers over time just like many other species in the world.  A plant re-shapes and re-makes itself as it is found in new environments and so the birds’ beaks or bills are continually evolving to keep up with the plant life, so its beaks/bills will fit the shape of the flower or plant, and amazing enough this process is necessary for pollination.

My point here is that the smallest creatures on the planet are smart enough to know that if they want to eat and sustain themselves, they need to change and shift to survive.  Some many of us humans refuse to change, and shift and we expect society, our governments to do our bidding for us.  What a pity that man in his stubborn attitude and sense of entitlement has kept himself stuck and therefore caught in a dilemma.  In life, each one of us must take responsibility for our actions.  We are truly the only ones who can empower ourselves to be our best and greatest.

We can all learn something from this story and the life of the hummingbird.  These birds fly with both sides of their wings and their skills are quite awesome and versatile.  Man functions with both sides of his brain and his skills, if developed and utilized are equally awesome.  So, what I am trying to say here is that we could learn something about survival and change by studying the life of the hummingbird.  For its size the hummingbird is powerful.

Human beings are also powerful creatures and when challenged, have the ability to empower themselves in amazing ways.

Resources are another mechanism to think about.  The hummingbird is very resourceful, and it uses its skills in adapting from one way of functioning to another.  Humans are the most resourceful creatures on Earth, but we have one added bonus that sets us apart from the animal world and that is an intellect that allows us to delve into the truth of our existence.  Because of our advanced state, we can become quite inventive by using our imagination to take advantage of the vast array of materials available to us. If we are willing to continually coach ourselves to improve our attitude, behavior and environment in which we live, we can most definitely empower ourselves to be truly great.  But as I have noted before, only 20 % of the Human Species uses those resources to their greatest advantage.

There are so many distractions in the world today, such as video games and many other types of electronic gadgets that we have lost our vision and our purpose.   We tend to waste a great deal of time on the mundane and not sufficient time on positive thoughts or essential questions that will help us find solutions to life’s challenges.

Some of you will mock and laugh at this concept but I want to ask you one important question.  “As a human being do you realize your true identity and know the purpose of your existence?”  Because if these thoughts seem unimportant to you, then I can say with genuine sincerity, you are not utilizing the full power of your intellect to prosper and experience the grandness of success.  Wisdom is a beautiful attribute and when explored and sought can and will help you master yourself and your shortcomings.  As always, I encourage, all people, young and old to take responsibility for your actions.  Coach yourself towards your greatness and refuse to allow another person to cause you to shrink or dis-empower you.  No one knows you as well as you know yourself!  Daily tell you how wonderful you are and daily focus your attention on only positive and productive thoughts.  These two points will get you on the right path to being your best life coach!  The hummingbird would never have survived if it didn’t adapt itself to change.  You, too, must do the same!

Do you settle for a life of mediocrity?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Accountability and confidence are invaluable attributes to help anyone move in the positive direction towards success.  When you invoke and understand these 2 attributes, you just might make magic happen as you strive to transform your life and reach your highest potential.  Okay everyone –believe it or not, I actually read every comment that comes to my desk from this blog site—a few are spam, but most are from honest and interested people who are looking for ways to improve the quality of their lives.

Let’s put the jokesters aside and focus on you—the individual human being who really and sincerely wants to improve the quality and texture of your life.  But let us not stop there—I want to believe that you are also someone who has a dream and part of that dream is to try something new, so you will transform your life and reach your highest potential. This blog is all about sharing information that has the potentiality of helping you change when you are willing to listen to new ideas and try new ways.

You say:  I want to achieve it!  Am I right?  Well if I am, please read on and if I am wrong—just leave this site because it is not meant for you in the first place.

OKAY—LETS GET SERIOUS!  You care about where your money goes. You care about the free time that you enjoy but probably most of all you care about how you are going to get from plan “A” to plan “B”—Am I right?

Well if you are still with me—let’s get going—

This may be painful to some of you because the initial basis or foundation that I will discuss is—you have to be willing to do your work!

So, what do I mean about that, you might ask—let me start by saying, most people don’t get it—they are dense but most of all—unwilling to sweat – to change their old ways of thinking – and release their past hurts and pains.

 Are you listening?  Do any of you agree because if you do, then we can continue?

One of my first points is— anger, resentment and unforgiveness do not work.  They only hinder and block your flow.  Let me explain in simple terms.  It is like being constipated—blockage is blockage.  So, my first suggestion is let it all go because if you do not—you are only building a dam that will block your flow.  You cannot expect to transform your life or expect to reach your highest potential if you are completely blocked!

Are you still with me?  Let’s continue.  Second, breathe deeply–you got it!   This is the time to release and allow all your blocks including your fears and doubts to dissolve.  You absolutely cannot grow and succeed when your thoughts are focused on doubt and worry.  Take it from me—I am an expert on this subject—fear begets fear and guess what!  Doubt, anger and resentment beget the same.

So don’t you think it is time for you to try a new approach to living?  I am here for you and I am with you so let’s get started and begin the journey toward self-improvement and change.  I believe in you and your abilities

I believe in you, your power and your skills

But most of all—I want you to believe in ‘you’

I know you can do it because I have done it!

I know you are capable because I am just like you and I have discovered that I am capable

And I know that you will succeed because I have succeeded and anything I can do you will do better—all you need to do right now is keep trying.

Are you with me!  I believe in you so together we are an army of 2 (two).  Please do not let me down but most importantly—don’t give up on yourself because you are worth the effort!  Transformation does not happen overnight; it requires work, and sweat combined with courage and strength.

Let me hear from you so that I know you are on this journey towards your success.  Be proud of yourself and continually remind yourself of your power to be all that you choose to become.

Do you settle for a life of mediocrity?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

 I do not believe that most of us think about living a life of mediocrity but in truth that is exactly what is happening.

Mediocrity is when we do not strive to be our best and stretch ourselves to reach our goals.  If we do not expect the best out of ourselves or others, then we are settling for something less, and if we are settling for something less we are allowing ourselves to get caught in the mediocrity trap of expecting less in life.  I have often found myself being impatient with people because I can’t tolerate incompetence or someone’s lack of interest in their work.  I find myself needing to take a step back and breathe in deeply just to release my frustration with people’s willingness to accept second best for themselves and for others.  I was recently in a restaurant waiting to be served while watching two of the waiters holding their personal conversation and oblivious to the needs of their customers.  That is not even mediocrity, in my opinion that is substandard behavior.  Look around you and you will see what I am speaking to each and every day.  We can cultivate healthy relationships with our children, friends or on the job or we can settle for those experiences that are off balance and even toxic.

Mediocrity is becoming an epidemic in today’s world because too many people–men, women and children are not striving to succeed. They are not willing to struggle and fight for what they want.  There is a decline in the desire for achievement and a lack of motivation on the part of many to take self-pride in their work and in their lives.

I just read an article on how some school districts in the U.S. are making the teachers abide by a dress code, which includes no jeans in the classroom, no tattoos and no body piercing.  I was completely surprised but pleased by the action taken by the various school boards.  There appears to be a movement of back to the basics.  How can we, as a society, expect the children to look presentable, act presentable and use their intellect to their fullest capacity, if those who teach them, and that, includes the parents, do not set the example and become their role model.

It is time to illustrate the value and importance of striving for excellence for all the children of the world to see and emulate; It is about teaching, encouraging and showing by example. If you want to be a source of empowering others, you must lead by example. It is our job as a society to make every effort to be at our best because if we fail to take the higher road, we will certainly descend further into mediocrity.

As a civilization, we must look for ways not only for ourselves but for all those who are within our sphere of influence to empower themselves to create higher standards of achievement.  Discuss your values and endeavors with your children and grandchildren. Develop a healthy relationship with them and be pro-active in their lives.  Share stories that will inspire and stir their imagination.  With enthusiasm and conviction, we must strive to raise the intellectual standards of people and specifically the children.  But we will not be successful in gaining their attention if we ourselves do not believe in those principle and/or attributes.  Empower yourself to be the best that you can be daily and led by example.

Here is a powerful quote from Colin Powell, a retired four-star general in the United States Army and the 65th United States Secretary of State.  He said: Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people. As you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you to stay where they are. Friends that don’t help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that don’t increase you will eventually decrease you.”

With those powerful words, I will leave you to think and decide what you want for yourself and your children. Everything in life involves relationships.  It is you who must make the right choices for your life and then be a pillar of strength to others; that is how you not only empower yourself but others to live the best life possible.

Are you over programmed in life?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Are you one of those people who have made so many commitments that you are having a hard time keeping them?  You have compromised your health and sacrificed your family life because you had a strong need to help others.   You are a leader in your community but you fail your family.  So how do you accomplish all the tasks that you feel committed to or are you in the danger zone in your life where you have lost control of your true purpose and chose to over-program your self to the point of self-destruction?  It is obvious that you have not been doing a good job at coaching yourself!  Did you know that you can’t truly reach your highest potential when you are stressed out and sacrificing your time to please every one else.

Too often we get caught up in the cycle of over enthusiasm, a desire to generate high visibility in the community or on the job and even take on tasks that cause excessive stress and anxiety because we don’t know how to say no. Sometimes we stretch ourselves to the point that we break when we over commit and over program ourselves.  Whether it is ego-driven or an over active energy spurt, setting sound priorities is always something that must be considered and monitored if you want to lead a balanced life.  That is why it would be valuable if you would learn how to coach yourself and monitor your behavior and responses.

So how do you create a well-balance life where you can appreciate your highly driven personality and still satisfy your other commitments?  I believe that you need to take a long hard look at:

1.  Your priorities and how you need to list them in order of importance—that is, what you value most.  Where do you place family commitment—is it at the top or bottom of your priority list?   When you are able to put in order of importance your values you are better prepared to understand the bigger picture and respond accordingly.

2.  Create a mission statement for your life.  That might sound strange to some of you but please know that all successful organizations have a mission statement.  A sound mission statement identifies your purpose, your reason for being and is meant to help you stay on a steady course.

3.  Communicate your vision to your family and colleagues in simple terms and express how you wish to accomplish your goals; then ask for their support and agreement.  If you are an over-achiever in life, you want to make sure you are supported.  A true leader of one’s life always communicates his/her purpose and vision of how you see it implemented.

4.  We are all connected – we do not live alone on an island but rather we are all interconnected and share in a common thread, which is why it is vital in life to ask for acceptance and acknowledgment for what you are seeking. Just like the butterfly theory, which says that when a butterfly ripples its wings in one part of the world, it is felt in another part of the world—so, too, with you and me.  Your actions and thoughts are impacted by society, your family individually and your community as a whole, that is why you would be better served when you choose to see the bigger picture of who you are, your purpose and function and attempt to live your life with those thoughts in mind.

We are all a work in progress, so I encourage you not to be hard on yourself but rather be gentle and allow sufficient time to reflect and refocus on the life that you want to manifest for yourself. You can do all of the above easily when you are in your truth and when you are in your truth you are better prepared to coach yourself.  After all, you are the master painter of your canvas so if you are hoping to create your masterpiece, you will need to spend time in preparation and planning so you can absolutely reach your highest potential.  I hope you will develop a mission statement and a vision for what you want to do in life.

Don’t let life get you down!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Many people have fallen into a state of fear and extreme worry.  That is a normal and natural happening and feeling to experience especially with the recent disasters that have happened around the world. While so many are in pain and disbelief, I believe it is most important to stay grounded –breathe deeply and choose to keep your emotions in check so that you can make sound choices and decisions. I realize that it is sometimes easier to say than to experience; however, if you are one, like me, and you want to manifest for your life as well as continue to empower yourself, then you need to continually coach yourself to stay focused in a healthy and positive way.   To experience disaster is difficult enough but to lose focus and perspective can be devastating.  So, I am here today to tell you that you are not alone and that you are in my prayers and the prays of millions of other people around the world who believe that there is a silver lining in all of this.

The most important thoughts to keep in mind are—human life is priceless, but your material belongings and things are merely stuff that can be replaced with time.  We all like to acquire and collect material things but when we are able to maintain a clear sense of balance and perspective, we begin to realize that all material belongings are replaceable.  This is the time to empower yourself to rise up and keep your vision for all that you hope to manifest for your life.

When disaster strikes, we often tend to blame or question God.  It seems easy to get angry and yell at that Force which we can’t grab onto or shake but in truth, we are a part of that same force and the experiences that we are facing is simply that, an experience.  That experience is or was something that we needed to go through, so we could learn from it, grow with it and disassociate from it in a way that is healing and purifying.  That is when you need to tap into your higher resources and coach yourself to stay strong and courageous.

Natural disasters are always happening, sometimes we are not aware of them but because of our global media connection, we have grown to see and hear about happenstances instantly and somehow, they even seem to be occurring more frequently.  A major key or message to understand is—feel the pain but then move away from it.  Release it and allow God to work with you and through you during this time of healing.  I have offered 6 (six) free meditations on this site for all of you to use for your personal healing and reinforcement. They will help you to grown in courage and strength as you also gain a wonderful sense of inner peace.  Some of you have taken advantage of many of our free tools yet most of you have ignored them.  I sincerely hope you will begin to see and hear that there is great power in the Angel Meditation messages combined with the wonderful power of healing in their words.  So once again I encourage you to take advantage of the six angel meditations.  I can guarantee that you will benefit greatly but that will never happen if you don’t choose to try.

Angels are powerful messengers sent from God to help all humans on their Earthly journey.  Some are angels of protection some are angels of empowerment or love or clarity of vision.  I do not care who you are or what stage of life you are in, the angels will stand by your side and assist you if you ask for their help. These Angel Meditations are an easy way to coach yourself as you begin to empower yourself in a positive way.

As I watched the destruction playing out on the various media channels, I realized that the angel meditations could benefit people all over the world, so I invite you to share them with anyone you know.  I am sure they will thank you because they will begin to feel better about their lives as they gain an improved sense of inner peace.  Don’t let your life get you down.  Instead do something beneficial to help you manifest for your life all that you crave to experience.

Joy vs. sadness –how do we overcome?

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Loneliness, depression, feeling sad–these emotions can be dissolved and removed from your energy field and thinking process when you willingly seek out experiences that will bring you joy or something pleasant to fill your mind and thinking process.  It is actually normal to gravitate to negativity because our Ego mind likes to keep us in a state of dependency and control.  That is why it is important to be alert and to be strong against the hold the Ego mind has over you.  That is also why we must be diligent in keeping our focus on thoughts, ideas and ways that will bring joy into our lives.  If you are feeling unable to cope, maybe this is the time to coach yourself and declare that you are stronger than any negative situation.  If that doesn’t feel right to you, then I suggest you call in your Power Angels and ask for their encouragement, support and guidance.

Your natural state of being is one of joy and balance with the energy of the Universe.  It is only because we allow our minds to slide into negative thoughts that bring forth our fears, sadness and loneliness that we sabotage ourselves.  You can let the negativity go!  It is a process and one that requires continual coaching.   It is time for you to coach yourself daily so as to develop the inner strength and empowerment needed to not just survive but to thrive.   It is time for you to trust in the process of life and know that all goodness and wellbeing is yours for the asking.  Your body is simply responding to the contents of your thoughts so if your thoughts are continually negative and depressing, guess what–your life starts to become negative and depressing!  This is why it is vital for your wellbeing to watch your thoughts and learn how to become the master over them instead of allowing your negative thoughts to control you and your feelings.  Once again, you can accomplish this task easily by bringing in your Power Angels.  We offer numerous tools to help you straighten your life out, however, if you refuse to take advantage of them, you have no one else to blame.

You can do it.  Of course, I will repeat my usual statement—you have to be willing to do your work and yes, it does take effort, but if I can do it, so can you.  The major requirement is:

1.   Learning to keep your thoughts in check

2.   Staying alert at all times—it’s so easy to slide into numbness and isolation.  Don’t let that happen!

3.   When you feel sadness or a sense of loneliness surface in your mind and heart, immediately do something that will allow you to shift your energy and move back into balance.  An example is put on some music that pleases you and makes you feel alive or get involved in a good book that transports you into the world of the characters in the book.  It helps a lot.  I use my ‘Huggin Pillow’ to help me.  When I am down I hug my pillow and I actually feel my Power Angel friends sending me their love.

4.   Continue to say over and over again, I trust in the process of life to help me reach my desired results.  I can do it!

5.   Begin to take some form of action steps that will move you towards your next level of accomplishment and motivation.

Sadness and loneliness is a state of mind and is simply held in place because of bad habits. You are your best life coach!  You know yourself the best!  Stop falling into the trap of “I can’t do it,” or I don’t know how” and START taking control of your life.   Life is full of habits—we either surround ourselves with good and fruitful habits or we allow bad habits to take over our minds and our action and slide backward into sadness, loneliness and even despair.

I must remind you that minute-by-minute we are making choices in our lives. Be vigilant over your thoughts. They have the power to make you feel joy or allow you to feel sad.  I hope some of these helpful tips will benefit you and encourage you to make some of the right choices for your life. Remember the Power Angels are ready, willing and able to come to the rescue, but you are the one who needs to call them into action.

I wish you great joy and peace!

Do you know what a Huggin’ Pillow is?

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

We have developed a special product that will remind you constantly of the presence of the Power Angels in your life.  I have called it the “Huggin Pillow.”  It is made in USA. Pillow size is 16″x12″ of 100% polyester cluster fiber and covered in all cotton sateen pillow case with various Power Angel characters on it and their little messages. Whether I hug it or simply take a look at it, I feel a sense of calm and inner peace that is lasting.  While I have experienced many challenges, struggles and heart-breaks in my lifetime, I have NEVER experienced debilitating sickness or disease.  I take no medication, or any pills and I live a healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and you can do the same if and when you are willing to make the right choices.  I believe my angel friends have been a source of encouragement, support and protection. I call them the Power Angels because I know they are given their power from their Creator who is also our Creator too.  Inner peace is vital for my health and wellbeing!  It helps me sleep well at night, and it helps me stay calm in the face of the numerous challenges that I face daily.  That is why I created this ‘Huggin Pillow I thought you, too, might like to enjoy and utilize this powerful energy that has been given to all of us by our Heavenly Father.

While my “Huggin Pillow” won’t guarantee an improved state of mind, body or spirit, I know for sure it will help you change your point of view about your life and it will be a positive reminder that you, too, can enjoy a renewed state of living with greater inner peace and contentment.

Here is a beautiful testimonial from a Lifestyle Client- who has experienced great healing calling on her Angels.

I’m so in love with these Power Angels I feel like a million

bucks…when I stated working with Joan Marie I was

such a mess…and now I have what I need, and I am in

alignment and have tools! so excited about them I’ve never seen

anything like this before!

I love the Huggin Pillow.  I had a horrible headache, so I called on my Angels to help me heal this, I was shocked it went away so completely and thoroughly astonished!

There was no residual of it the next day.  When I touched my head, it was    not even sore.  I couldn’t believe it… went away boom… I am so grateful for my ‘Huggin pillows’ and the Adult cards too!      Tracy

This beautiful ‘Higgin Pillow just might create some Mother’s Day Magic!

How do you define Success?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Since my grandchildren were 4 years old, I would ask them the question: “What are you doing today to be the best that you can be?”   At first, they just looked blank at me then their expression changed and they smiled—one would say, I helped Mommy clean the house today or I helped my teacher in school straighten the room.  Their minds were thinking about the various possibilities that were available to them to do something that was worthwhile and for the greater good.  Another time, my grandson said, today I wasn’t being the best that I could be because I wanted to tease my sister.  His honesty made me smile yet that thought helped him to understand the value of the principle and the consequences that resulted.  If you want to live a life in great joy and inner peace, you will need to watch were you place your attention and focus.  Life doesn’t improve by itself, it requires you to take positive action steps that will help you transform your life for the better.

While hosting a workshop of varied age people—from 19 years to 75 years, I asked that same question to the participants.  Several of the older people had the same expression as my grandchildren and their comments were: “No one ever asked me that question before, so I never gave it any thought.”

As we continued to discuss those thoughts, I saw how the room lit up and many people began to express various possibilities that surfaced in their minds as to how they could implement that practice in their daily lives.  They began to tap into a feeling of inner peace and calm as they saw the promise of transforming their lives for the greater good of all.

They began to see the possibilities of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘I can do that’ because it became a game.  Life can be fun, and it can certainly be exciting if and when we are willing, ready and able to partake in the journey daily instead of placing our focus on the end game.

In the world that we live in today, most people are not placing their focus on being the best that they can be but rather on how they can manipulate the system, take advantage of someone or something so that they can reach their goal or simply get even. That behavior and approach to life will never lead to contentment or inner peace.

We are, too often, only thinking about ourselves and forgetting about the possibility of offering even a winning smile to someone else. It is very often the small, simple gestures that help us get through the day and at the same time sends hope or joy to another. This exercise does not have to be arduous or burdensome but rather it is meant to be uplifting and life altering as you begin to transform your life in a loving and healthy manner.

We, each one of us, can have a successful day and a successful life if we really want it.  The degree of success is relative and will certainly depend upon how we perceive life and how we participate in it.

I am here to offer you suggestions and possibly open your hearts and minds to new options and opportunities.  It is up to you to decide whether you want to share in those types of rewards and success stories.  Success is important to all of us but in truth, our success is determined on how we enjoy life and how we participate in it for the greater good of all.  How do you define your success?

Life is a journey not a final destination

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

We have all heard those words before –“Life is a journey not a destination” but as I heard someone speak them again today, I realized that they finally sunk into the recesses of my mind and I found myself saying:  “Yes—that is true!”.  Yet too often, I have discovered that most of us tend to perceive life as our final destination and by doing that, we lose the excitement and the joy of the process.  If I choose to reach my highest potentiality and manifest all that I desire in this lifetime, I am the one who needs to improve my attitude, behavior and surround myself in the right environment

The moment I realized that it is not about the end point but the journey, I began to have a different attitude about life. It is in the process that we maneuver in each day that we learn how to take advantage of certain opportunities. We are all continually journeying daily and it is our responsibility to stay alert, awake and focused on all that we want to manifest for our life.  And in the process of learning and growing—of seeking and finding, we move closer and closer towards reaching our highest potential.

I, for one, need to remember those words daily because I now realize that it is not unusual to crave or desire to experience all that we have dreamt about but while we are working towards our end goals, we would be better served if we could and would slow down and enjoy the process. For me it means that I need to relax more, smile more and definitely lighten up instead of taking everything so seriously.

I do not always understand the process but that is not the point.  Our Creator, God, or whatever we call him/her/it, has a plan for each one of us and works to inspire us to seek and walk on the pathway that was designed for us personally.  It is not for me to know the how or the why of the process.  My task and journey is to keep my sights on the process while I enjoy it.  I have learned that when I pay closer attention to the process, I am actually getting closer to reaching my highest potential.

I would like to enjoy my process more and I would like to relax more as I am experiencing the process yet as I think deeply about this, I realize that part of my journey is to simply trust the process as it is unfolding right in front of me.  That point, I believe, is the most difficult.

I do trust God and the Universal Flow but [and there goes my ‘But’ word] nonetheless, I am always interjecting and trying to see the end result even before it happens?  Does that make any sense to you?  I have come to realize that in my limited abilities, as a human, I have placed limitations on my beliefs and because of my limitations, I have sabotaged my outcome.  Wow—so how do I stop that cycle you might ask so I can manifest for my livesFirst, I need to be continually vigilant and conscious of my thoughts.  Second, I have discovered that meditation helps me to stay focused and grounded and Third, I need to keep walking.  By that I mean, do whatever is necessary to accomplish the end goal.  I certainly do not know the how or when but I do know that if I do not do something, nothing will happen.

I do not propose to claim that I have all the right answers, but as I continually experience life and move forward on my journey, I do understand that I am continually getting new creative ideas that have allowed me to use my imagination and inventiveness, which in turn opens the door to more possibilities.  We really do not know where our journey is going to take us but part of the fun is in the journey, the process so to speak.

Therefore, as I close, I offer a suggestion to you–start enjoying the journey; for after all, in truth, that is all we are able to do!

Discover Your Destiny!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Declare daily the truth that the Lord is guiding you!  Your Creator has destined you to leave your mark! Your job is to believe and trust that it is all coming together. Don’t be in doubt, or fear or even feeling that you are inadequate; instead begin to visualize what it is you are seeking.  The solution is already in route for you.  You need to start believing, without a shadow of a doubt, that with God on your side, you will see with clarity how to resolve your situation because blessings are coming into your life. You can, and you will reach your highest potential if and when you maintain your focus, your vision and your determination to trust in the power of God. If you feel challenged and don’t know how to begin, the Power Angel cards were designed to be the perfect tool to get you through your difficulties.  Don’t you know the old adage, “You can lead a person to the water, but you cannot make them drink.”  There is an answer to all situations!  Be in gratitude and appreciation for what is to come. Stay in faith and believe and declare that all good blessings belong to you. Start each day off right by declaring a positive and inspiring short message that will help you begin your day with enthusiasm.  Expect God’s blessings! It will allow you to set the tone for a blessed and victorious day. Make the declarations of your faith daily because that simple act will help you get through each day.  Our Power Angels Adult cards were created to help you make that declaration, they describe each individual Angel’s mission and then it gives you an action step to help you feel empowered and inspired.  Purchase your cards here

Make declarations of faith. Your life is already set up to help you succeed!  Your Heavenly Father is the one who has laid out the plan for your life. When you change your attitude and behavior in a positive manner, you will soon notice God’s hand in your life and your vision will become clear.  You have the power within you to reach your highest potential!  Stay in faith!  I have designed the Adult Power Angel Cards to help you feel empowered and get inspired.  Order your set today and get started on your personal journey towards reaching your highest potential.

Purchase your cards here

Wise men count their blessings, fools their problems!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I like that saying!  Let’s face it, we all have problems; life hasn’t been easy for many of us and even those who have a lot of money have problems.  But as it has been said so often, it is all about how you deal with the problems and your perception of them.   In other words, it does help if you are willing to empower yourself and work towards transforming your life for the better.  For example, do you always see your glass as half full or half empty?  Does what your neighbor has appeal more to you than what you have?  Is your wish list so long that you forgotten what is really important and what will make you feel simple happiness?

I know some multi-millionaires who are miserable.  They feel a lack of love, authentic companionship and genuine inner peace and calm.  They are searching and seeking in the wrong places for contentment and joy, which only makes them feel even emptier inside.  Even surrounded by others, they feel lonely.  A a common statement that I hear being said often is: They do not feel fulfilled.”  Some even travel the world in search for their identity not realizing that the answer lies within their soul.  To empower yourself to feel full and complete requires one to become vulnerable to self.  To explore within the crevasses of your mind, body and soul all those quiet little messages that one hopes will allow you to explore ways to  transform your life and live with inner peace of mind can be most rewarding.

Wise men count their blessings, fools their problems!  Yes, we all have our shortcomings and I guess we will always be challenged because that is a fact of life, but it is in the way we see life and the way we project its outcome that we truly find that sense of inner peace and calm we are seeking.  If your soul or maybe even your body is screaming out in pain and looking for answers, maybe this is the time to sit still and reflect on all that you have in your life. Examine your attitude, your behavior and the environment you have cultivated over the years.   No matter how large or small it may be, we all have something to be thankful for.  Too many people throughout the world are suffering from resentment and bitterness—two very poisonous and dangerous traits. Those negative traits can most definitely empowered you but in the wrong way.  Even in some parts of the world and generation after generation, people are harboring those toxic thoughts that fester anger, resentment and greed because it is deeply rooted in their culture, yet those same people believe they are honoring their God and punish others in the name of God, so they can fulfill their end results.  Those behavioral patterns open the door wide for sickness and disease to grow.

What hypocrites! Bitterness and resentment are like the plague—it will continue to spread unless contained and resolved.  You have the power within you to change for your highest and best good.  That is how you will transform your life so you can and will enjoy a wonderful feeling of inner peace and contentment.  You have the power within you to break this chain of destruction and pettiness.

 ·      Sometimes we cannot change the outcome but that is when we need to change our perception.

 ·      Sometimes we cannot make things work out the way we want but that is when we need to adjust our thinking and learn from your situation.

 ·      Sometimes we cannot predict other people’s actions or reasoning, but we can alter our ego, humble ourselves and be open to a new way of thinking as we, quite possibly, express gratitude instead of anger.  These are only a few of the ways each one of us can empower yourself to live a more healthy and beneficial lifestyle.

 God is never far away—call him into your energy field and ask him to lift the veil and show you the way to think, live and play in a calm and peaceful manner.  May I suggest that you daily count your blessings and give thanks for what you have; our lives are meant to be filled with joy, contentment and peace!  Invite blessings into your life and feel the right change take place.

Do you love the life you have?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Too often I hear people say that they hate the life they have and wish for something else.  Living a life built on wishes or desires for what others appear to possess only leads to greater resentment and despair.  We all have hopes and dreams, but it might better serve each one of us if we could learn to build on our hopes and dreams rather than push them away by empowering ourselves toward our greatness.  Each one of us has the power to create more in our lives but it doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a process and it takes time and discipline.  If you want to manifest for your life, you need to get inspired and empower yourself by setting, so to speak, a fire under yourself and pull yourself out of that pit of self-pity!

I love the life that I have, even though I am constantly seeking to improve my life and reach higher for bigger goals and challenges to master.  I am content with who I am and what I have achieved so far. I have grown to understand that my life is full of experiences and choices and it is my responsibility to make it happen if I want to manifest for my life all that I desire.   When I choose wisely, my experiences are amazing, but I must admit I have often chosen poorly or hastily and as a result been faced with experiences that have not been pleasant.  Of course, I have had my share of sadness, worry or fear but I believe those feelings are all part of the learning curve.  I have always worked on placing my focus on the task at hand because that process helps me stay centered and productive.  Positive thinking and positive actions produce positive results.  Yes, it may take time, but I want you to know if you stay selective in where you place your energy, will manifest for your life all that you seek.

We all have low energy days, but those days do not have to linger, nor do they need to dictate our behavior or outcome. If you find that you are feeling stressed or weak today, go for a walk, exercise or do something different that will squash your poor mood and send a boast of energy to your mind and heart.  Find something to laugh about or sing about and watch your energy shift and your mood improve.

Sometimes it is fear of the unknown that prevents us from living our lives to the fullest.  That is the time to call in your Power Angels and ask for their support, encouragement and help.  Many years ago, when I was traveling in Egypt I became very much afraid.  I had just joined a group of people who were preparing to go on a spiritual journey through the ruins of Egypt and Greece.  At that time, as I am sure it is now, the police were carrying machine guns.  They were stern and unapproachable and very intimidating.  I subconsciously became afraid of my surroundings, which consisted of everything foreign and strange to me.  In my state of utter apprehension and anxiety, I fell one night coming out of the bathtub and bruised myself severely.  When I finally came back into consciousness, the message I received loud and clear was: “Fear Destroys!”   I have never forgotten that experience nor have I lost sight of those words or their message.

At that moment I realized that I needed to love the life that I had at that time.  I choose to partake in this adventure, so I changed my thoughts, called in my Power Angels and shifted gears.  I learned to adapt and replace my fear with acceptance, openness and joy.  The situation that I placed myself in was not going to change.  I was the one who needed to change, become calm, surefooted and comfortable with my surroundings.  My Power Angels helped to pull me through.

My expectations of this journey improved as my sense of adventure and willingness to explore new territory changed.  This trip opened me to see a different part of the world with new and eager eyes.  Once I was able to hone in on my emotions and balance my energy, I started to enjoy the culture, traditions and history that I was privileged to encounter.  I began to empower myself for my good. The remainder of my trip was filled with excitement and enriching tales as I learned to love the life that was unfolding in front of me.  Life can be incredibly enriching and exciting when we learn to appreciate the unknown and accept the unexpected.  When that happens, you are actually manifesting for your life in a beautiful way!

Compassion, a natural instinct

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

To shed light on the contrast between human behavior and animal behavior, how many times would you be willing to put your life on the line for another? Dolphins do it all the time. Research has shown that these gentle creatures are very cultured mammals. In fact, time and time again, they have demonstrated their natural instinct for compassion; more so than some human beings. We only need to look at our partners in nature to see how we can transform our lives, one step at a time. Not only have they been known to guide injured counterparts to the surface to breathe, but this behavior has been observed helping species outside of their own realm; they have even been seen protect humans from sharks. I do not believe that dolphins would even second guess helping another. They have compassion beyond words. Now imagine if everyone (including you) in your neighborhood, your community, your city, your county, your state thought just a little like dolphins? The world would be a better place. We would no longer see poverty, homelessness and starvation as the rule; instead it would be the exception. To have compassion —true compassion, means sharing and caring for one another no matter the who, the how, or the why. We have the innate power within ourselves to transform our lives if we choose to do so.  We would not see other human beings as spoils of humanity but rather as potentiality.

In human beings, compassion seems to be waning nowadays. We hear news stories about indigent people — whole families in fact, homeless; children barely getting enough nutrition to live, or worse, not getting any nutrition at all. It is an everyday occurrence in these United States, and all too often, the public just does not get it. People do not comprehend how someone can become so poor or deprived. So instead of offering a hand up, they look the other way to avoid dealing with “society’s problems”. The only upside and hope for humanity is that many homeless children, despite incomprehensible circumstances, have not lost their fortitude. In the documentary, “Homeless – the motel kids of Orange County,” director Alexandra Pelosi said, “What I loved about these kids is, no matter how bad their environment may be, they are resilient, their spirits are not broken.”

What we sometimes fail to realize as a society is that no human being deserves to be thrown to the wayside. Each and every person brings his or her own unique and wonderful gifts to this world. Each and every person, including you is worthy of love; in truth, we need to rely upon each other especially in times of crisis.  Why would we not want to fill those moments with love, kindness and compassion for not just ourselves but for the many others worthy of our caring energy? When homeless children can still find happiness and blessings in the lives that they live, then can we not find possibility and hope in them, too?

Compassion is a natural instinct and should be your moral compass. When we improve our attitude, our behavior and the environment in which we live, we are actually transforming our lives for the better. If you know of someone struggling, or if you know that a family is in need, ask yourself four little words: “How can I help?” Would you pass your child on the street if she were hurt? Would you turn the other way if you saw your mom battling to walk up a set of stairs? Would you let your brother starve if he had nothing to eat? There are simple ways to make an impact in the lives of others. Many times, it does not take extraordinary wealth, but just the willingness to lend a hand, mend a wound or to share a meal. Like dolphins share and care for one another in need, we too, as human beings have the capacity to do the same. We came to Earth to life our lives for a purpose and real meaning. Be remembered for the good you have done so that others may follow in your footsteps.  This is the way you can transform your life…one act of kindness at a time.

Do you feel lonely?

 Thursday, March 8, 2018

Just yesterday I was part of a conversation where one of the women was expressing herself and her feelings of being bored.  She spoke for some time about not having friends to share life’s experiences with or to do things to occupy her time now that she is in retirement.  While she is still quite a young woman in her 50’s, she is searching for excitement, adventure and friendship.  Just recently moving from one coast to another, as I have done, she is feeling that her days and nights are not busy enough to keep her satisfied.  She is not experiencing inner peace for herself nor the joys of manifesting for her life her heart’s desires.

As I reflected on this person and her needs, I started to realize that she is running from herself.  She retired because she was tired of the drill in an active technology business in Silicon Valley.    She is financially comfortable in her retirement and recently bought a lovely home in a close-knit community where neighbors are friendly and inclusive, yet that connection does not satisfy her.  She doesn’t want to volunteer, and she has no hobbies.  She recently left a relationship because the gentleman was too old and inflexible.  She searches the newspapers and Internet daily for organizations and associations to join so that her time is full of activities but she is still lacking a real sense of inner peace.

It is my opinion that she is running from herself!  I believe that if she slowed down long enough to feel comfortable in her own space she would feel more fulfilled and more content.  In order for any of us to manifest for our lives, we need to be centered on what brings us joy and contentment. How often do you meet people like this woman who do not realize that being alone physically does not necessarily mean that you are alone?

I am a single woman who leads a full life.  I have activities and joys that fill my days and nights and there is seldom a time when I feel needy or alone. I have cultivated my own sense of inner peace.   In fact, I have too much to do and not sufficient time to accomplish my goals because I am being in the present moment as I manifest for my life each day those experiences that bring me joy and laughter.  It is my belief that loneliness is a state of mind.  We can be alone in a crowded room.  I know because I have felt that way many times in my life.  I guess because crowds do not serve me—I personally enjoy a one-to-one conversation that is meaningful rather than a crowd of party- goers who speak in syllables that have little value or meaning.

So, what does being alone mean to you?  Do you enjoy your own company?  Sometimes it is important to just commune with your heart and soul and come to an understanding of who you are and what you are meant to do to feel and experience fullness.  So, what is fullness, you might ask?  Let’s face it—many people live alone today. If you are one of them, then you know what I am saying.  I think one of the first steps in combating loneliness is realizing that even though you are living alone, you do not need to feel alone.  Like everything else in life, it is all about a change in attitude and perception.  Instead of feeling alone start thinking that you are content listening to your favorite music, sipping on your favorite drink and recalling your most cherish memories.  Possibly you have a project that needs your attention, a friend who hasn’t heard from you in a long time, a good book that is waiting to be read.

Another question to ask yourself is:  Does having a relationship guarantee that you will not be lonely or does having a friendship guarantee that you will be content and fulfilled?  It is my belief that the more we crave, the more we push it away.  Stop craving or asking for your life to change and be fulfilled and start to heal the wounds within your heart and soul that feel a void and quite possibly empty.  Maybe the feeling of loneliness means that you feel lost in your direction of where you believe your life should move.  Finding direction could mean finding a sense of purpose or reason for living.  Quite possibly it is having a mission or discovering something that stirs curiosity or excitement for you.  In the end, I think that if you are a person who feels lonely or lost, maybe this is the time for you to work on the most positive and direct way of getting what you want out of your life.  Get your passion back and make the most out of your life!  You deserve to feel fulfilled, happy and content!

Have you started the  process of dying?

 Saturday, March 3, 2018

Age has nothing to do about this process; your mental attitude has everything to do with it!  I have chosen to follow my greatest purpose for my life. I have chosen to focus my thoughts on that which  will help me reach my highest potential and I refuse to give into the enemy of my mind, body or spirit.  I have become my own life coach for my life.  When my thoughts drift towards doubt and fear, I catch myself and re-direct my thoughts to move towards how rich and full my life is right now. I coach myself to stay positive and only allow good and wholesome thoughts into my mind. I prefer to count my blessings instead of counting my fearful and hurtful past experiences.

I firmly believe that everything in life is only an experience—they are not my destiny or pre-determined end results.  I continually say,: ”God has destined me to reach my  highest potential.”  I coach myself so that my life will stay focused  and strong and I am determined to live that way daily.  I have had my share of poor relationships, those who have put me down, who have told me I was not good enough or worthy enough but now I know that all those statements are a lie.  I am more than enough!  I am worthy and I know without a question that I will reach my highest potential in this lifetime because that is what I choose for myself.  Now I choose to develop healthy and good relationships with those who lift me up, encourage me and like me for who I am.  As my own relationship expert it is important and most valuable for me to stay focused only on the positive.

Don’t let the limitations of those around you stop you from fulfilling your destiny. And don’t allow your mind to take you out!   Do your part and start feeding your dreams.  Create a healthy relationship with your self and become your own relationship expert.   Don’t use your energy to feed your history including your doubts or fears.  Instead use your energy to reach the fullness of your destiny.  The process of dying begins the moment we give up on ourself and move towards the door or lack, hopelessness and despair.  I hope you will take responsibility for your thoughts!

Stop feeding the weeds in your life!

 Tuesday, February 21, 2018

Stop feeding the weeds and start feeding the positive thoughts, ideas and experiences if you want to reach your highest potential for your life.  It’s your time to design your life!  Put your energy into fulfilling your destiny; become your own relationship expert and choose to create the positive experiences you desire.  What ever you feed is going to grow.

If you feed guilt it is going to grow.  If you feed doubt it is going to get stronger.  This is your time to build yourself up and strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Stop compromise in your life. Release those relationships that feed your weaknesses and become your own relationship expert. Restore your courage and strength and begin to develop new and wholesome relationships that will nurture and reinforce you.

We all get discouraged from time to time but I am here to tell you not to allow those experiences to take you out and stop you from reaching your highest potential. Stop dwelling on the past; that is the old story, your past history!  Make the right changes for your life now!  Make sure you surround yourself with those people and relationships that will raise you up and help you grow into your greatness.    Don’t miss your destiny!  You have an assignment and responsibility to become who your Creator wanted you to be.  Be bold!  Be courageous and become your own relationship expert.  Get rid of the wrong people and choose to surround yourself with those who uplift and encourage you to be your best. Be selective with those whom you want to associate with and who bring out the best qualities that you possess.

Quit reliving the hurts and problems.  Your past is gone, don’t continually think about it, instead move on and look ahead towards your powerful future.  You must water all the joys and moments of contentment and stop recalling all the negative experiences and happenings of the past.

There will be many times in your life when hurts, fears and doubts will try to take center stage but you must be strong and have the courage to push through those past thoughts and be disciplined enough to choose switching your mindful thoughts towards happy, pleasant and bountiful ideas, feelings and thoughts.  Step up to a new and highly energized level of your greatness.  You cannot move into your greatness and enjoy the new season of your life if you continually feed the past.  So start today to shift your mental outlook and begin to put your energy in the right direction.

Ask your self the question:  How long are you going to feed your hurtful, regretful and resentful experiences?  Tell yourself that you refuse to feed your past history and declare that now is your time to feed and reach your potentiality where new dreams, relationships and joy reside.  If you are like me and want to experience your greatest season of joy, you need to consciously make the right choices so you can reach your highest potential and begin to develop new and rewarding relationships.

Stay the course; use your energy to feed your destiny and then, I can guarantee, you will indeed enjoy a life where laughter and joy reside.

To win you have to have the mindset to win

 Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Those were the words of Misty May-Treanor and her partner, Kerri Walsh after they won their third Olympic gold medal in volleyball.

Many other commentators today are emphasizing that this is the year of the women.  The women in the world are beginning to realize that they posses great power!  There is no question that it takes a great deal of mental stamina to experience that kind of success.  In order to reach your highest potential and manifest your heart’s desiresthere is no question that the physical preparedness is vital; however, it is the mental challenges that must be overcome first.  No person can succeed in life unless they are willing to do their work! Yes, there is risk involved; however, risk is part of the journey! Those words are the most important and vital for any individual to truly comprehend.  Most people simply don’t get it!  Please understand that most successful people visualize and imagine in their mind’s eye the moves, the plays or positioning of their game or skills before they actually take the action steps.  It is the mental game that trips most of us up because we allow fear, worry and doubt to filter into the recesses of our minds as they take a strong hold position over our thinking.

It is not unrealistic to say that 80% of the success in the world is achieved by less than 20 % of the people.  This principle has been widely discussed in intellectual circles in an attempt to explore different potentialities for individual expression. Yet the reality is there—the majority of us are lazy and unwilling to fight or persevere for what we want so we can reach our highest potential.  The struggles are long, hard and sometimes unforgiving yet when we willingly and knowingly keep our eye on the end goal and I am sure all those who received a medal or award will state:  “It is truly worth it!”

So what do we have to do to first get started and second find out how to stay in the game?  That is a million dollar question.  Are you ready to read on?  I can only speak from my vantage point so I invite you to listen and build on my thoughts as you continue on your personal journey to manifest for your life.

First:  Total and complete discipline is needed.  Can you define discipline—to me, it means that you must without fail keep your focus and the reason why you are doing this in your sights.  If you don’t you will lose your focus and waiver in your resolve.  The athletes maintained steel like focus and their discipline was unbendable.  Nothing stood in the way of their vision and end goal.

Second:  Build your support team, by that I mean both on the physical plane and on the spiritual plane.  Call in your Power Angels and get to know them better. You cannot reach your end goal alone.  You need people around you who will encourage, reinforce and protect you and your goals.  When your emotions try to sabotage you, it pays to have a coach or individual who will get you back on tract. I can honestly say that for me, I speak to my Power Angels all the time and ask for your encouragement and guidance. My Power Angel team helps me to boost my spirits, strengthen my resolve and they give me a sense of inner calm that goes beyond the earthly realm.  When I am challenged and feeling that my buttons are being pushed, I meditate twice a day just so I can maintain my strong footing and balance.

Third: Proper diet and rest is vital to your overall wellbeing.  As many of the athletes said after their win, now I can go out and have some fun because now they can reward themselves by going off their routine and relax. Life is always about finding a balance.  After you have reached your goal, you can look forward to reaping the rewards and enjoy yourself but remember—that comes after the win.

Fourth:  Daily action steps are vital for your success.  You can wish and dream all you want but if you do nothing that is what you will get. To manifest for your life, you need to maintain the right attitude.  The principle of Cause and Effect always comes into play. Your thoughts, behavior and the steps that you take will determine your outcome or effects. I hope you will take the first four steps to heart and remember that most people don’t reach their highest potential in life because they do not want to do their work.  What category do you fit in?

Treat others with respect

 Tuesday, February 6, 2018

​Little acts of kindness/thoughtfulness can change everything!  Are you the type of personality who likes to hold a grudge, and must always have a one up on others?  Your attitude is key!  Pride often keeps us from rising higher. Humility and kindness towards others as well as our selves is often the answer.  To heal your life is beautiful and much needed, however please note that  pride can keep you from reaching your fullest potentiality.

Be respectful of other people’s opinions; be kind and acknowledge that others have the right to make their own choices and have their way for their lives.  Don’t be petty!  Don’t hold on to bitterness or feel angry towards others because you were not treated the way you desired.  You have the power within you to heal your life for the better.  It is a conscious choice.

It is the little things, thoughts and thoughtfulness that will gradually change things for the better in your life.  What can you do to get along better with people? To reach your highest potential just might require you to value other people’s opinion, respect them and allow them to follow their chosen pathway.  Be open to new possibilities and through little acts of kindness, you will soon change everything. Your attitude changes everything! You are being shown that when you humble yourself and offer little acts of thoughtfulness, you start the process of transforming your life.  If you continually walk on the pathway of kindness towards all others, you will soon feel and see the transformation unfold; others always observe your behavior. It is impossible to reach your highest potential and heal your life if you are unwilling to take the necessary steps to allow the transformation to take place.

Little acts of kindness helps improve your quality of life and the lives of others around you.  You have the power to heal your life when you change your attitude and behavior, so how about making a conscious effort to show the world a better you today!

Self discipline is so hard to master!

 Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Learning to live a self-disciplined life allows us to control our tongue; that is, we can speak from wisdom not conceit and from understanding not brazenness.  A self-disciplined person enables him/her to be focused and centered on those talents that will help you reach your reach your highest potential in a timely manner. There is something significant about you that demands to be stirred up and celebrated.  Don’t let it die in you but rather become a strong life coach for yourself and begin to master the art of self-discipline so you can be catapulted to a new and higher level.  Keep a good attitude, hone in your behavior and keep your eyes on your goals.  It’s your time to be celebrated; however, you won’t be able to reach your highest potentialunless you become the master of yourself and discipline yourself to succeed.  I want you to believe that you are full of potential!  What you think about on a continual basis belongs to you.  You have great talents and powers within you however, you are the one who must cultivate them, nurture them and bring them into your present moment.  Believe in yourself, become your own life coach.  Don’t let negative circumstances hold you back.  Master the art of self-discipline and you will, without a doubt, become all that you have desired.

Steps to help you master self-discipline are:

1. Form a clear vision about your desired outcome.  Formulate it and write it down

2.  Perform your tasks daily with force until they become habit. Keep your mind centered on your end goal and with time, you will develop a routine that flows easily.

3.  Take care of your personal life; that is your physical, emotional and spiritual life.  When you feel better about yourself, self-discipline is easier to maintain.

4.  Remove temptations so you aren’t lured into bad behavior or habits.  We all have weaknesses-identify them and try to keep them out of your minds eye.

Don’t forget to take time off—reward yourself with something that brings joy to your mind and heart.  In other words, take a day off and do something just for the fun of it but then, put your life coach hat back on,  get disciplined and get your head back in the game.  After all, you are the one who has a plan so please stay motivated and determined to continue to discipline yourself for your greatest good.  For all those who want to reach their highest potential, you need to become a master over your mind, body and spirit.

Don’t let obstacles dictate your life!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

You may be having obstacles surrounding you and your life right now but there is a great secret that you need to acknowledge and begin to declare that you are also surrounded by the legends of Angels who are around you because your Creator instructed them to help you out until you are better able to pass through these difficulties.  Please realize and know that you are not alone.  You actually have a team of the Power Angels surrounding you and guiding your way.  Are you asking them to help and support you?  Do you call them into your life?  Call it miracles or a magical moment but what ever you declare, you need to start seeing the hand of God on you and guiding your path.

Difficulties and struggles happen in all of our lives.  Challenges occur in all of our lives; but we are, each one of us, promised by the Almighty that we will be victorious when we trust and stay in faith.  Be continually in gratitude!  This is the time to remember and speak out loud all of your blessings. Begin to express appreciation and thankfulness for all that you have right now.  Don’t be discouraged by what you are facing, instead know that you are surrounded by the Power Angels who are with you and enclosing around you all the grace, blessings and support of your creator.

The enemy wants you to believe that you are surrounded so give in and give up; however you must declare right now that the Angels of the Lord encampment is stronger and more powerful. The enemy cannot break the circle of protection created by the one who made everything!  What you thought was going to stop you is going to soon crumble and fall apart!  Don’t allow your struggles to dictate your life!   “The enemy cannot break the circle of protection that God has placed around you.”Repeat those words over and over again till they become a part of your thinking.  In the unseen realm, you have a legend of Power Angels watching over you.  Speak in gratitude and state:  “Thank you God for sending your Power Angels to keep me safe and protected. “

We all have problems and difficulties that we face daily but it is your job to declare your trust and faith in your creator and make your strong and powerful statements that will encourage you and give you the strength needed to get through your dark moments.

It is important for you to know the truth without a question of a thought à the warring Angels are surrounding and protecting you. What you need to do first and foremost is to believe that your Creator and his Power Angels surround you.  This is happening to make you tougher and more alert!   God knows how to put an end to your difficulties; however, you need to do your part and declare the Power of God who will lift you up and carry you towards your glory.  “For I, declares the Lord, will be a wall of fire around you and I will be the glory in your midst.”

There is much joy in generosity!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

You don’t need to be wealthy or have lots of money in order to be generous!  Jesus said: “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.”  ACTS 20:35    I know that when I give to others, I feel beyond amazing!  It can be as small and simple as offering a kind word or gesture towards another or sharing a smile and kind act to a stranger.  It never ceases to surprise me that every time I perform a small and simple act, I feel blessed, happy and fulfilled.  I, in that moment, have transformed my life for the better. When you are comfortable with who you are and where you are in life, you become more creative and fulfilled. That is when you are empowering yourself to be a better you, a more generous you and most of all a more content you.

It is most unfortunate that we have been cultivating in the world today an attitude of taking all you can get.  Too many people are self-centered and only interested in self-indulgence as they place their attention only on what can they get.  What’s in it for me is the statement of the day.

Maybe it is time to begin to take a step back and discover for your self the joy of generosity?  Let your gifts shine!  We all have the power within ourselves to not only transform our own life but to also  transform the lives of others.

You may not be as skilled as some of the other professionals in the world, but you have something that can change lives and inspire others to be the best they can be.  When you empower others, you at the same time empower you to transform lives. Make time to look around and inspire others, be a good example to others and learn to be happy for others.  Refuse to fall into the trap of gossip, criticism, jealousy or resentment; be big – think big and take big steps to celebrate the joy of being generous for the simple reason that it fills you with inner peace and satisfaction.

Be a joyful giver of kindness, of caring and sharing towards others.  Daily empower yourself to be the best you can be. You will not only gain inner peace and joy, you will also soon discover a wonderful sense of joyful generosity.

We all have a duel personality!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

There are two people living on the inside of us.  The positive “ Yes I can do it” personality and then the negative fearful side of you that hides and feels insecure on occasion.  We all have the ability to be thoughtful and considerate and then some one comes along and cuts us off and we become angry and ready to do the same to get even.  You actually have the grace to overcome your dark side.  Maybe you need to dig your heels in and empower yourself so you will develop the right habit to lead your life in a purposeful and right manner.  Let the best side of your personality shine forth and you will surely enjoy a wonderful sense of inner peace.

It’s easy to give into your anger and resentment especially when someone hurts or offends us and it takes discipline, courage and strength to turn the other way and refuse to feed the negative.  When I feel like I need to get even, I catch myself and coach my ego mind to say NO—I need to keep my mind going in the right direction.  Being your own life coach is vital for your success.

We all have the power to live above and beyond our greatest potentiality.  Don’t let negative circumstances hold you back; instead make the time to coach yourself to become a better person on the inside and out.

Don’t let temptation control your life.  Learn to go with the flow.

Slow down and take a deep breath in and try to calm down your emotions.  Pray for self-control and discipline. We won’t suddenly turn into a different person over night; however with discipline and time you can coach your mind, body and spirit to follow your lead. You will quiet the disruptive side of you and nurture the better side of you who wants to be the best that you can be when you learn to be your own effective life coach.  We all need to pass the tests so that we will reach our highest potential.

If you are willing to keep growing and improving your self, you are in truth empowering yourself to stay filled with inner peace, calmness and a wonderful sense of serenity.

You have the power within to keep the anxious, resentful side of you down and give into that side of you that is calm, kind and thoughtful.  Remember to coach yourself daily so you can grow and become a better you.  Empower the real you to keep your right attitude and behavior in check so you will live your life feeling more controlled as you live a life of inner peace and a new level of growth.

Don’t let your doubts or fear stop you from all you seek!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I want to leave you with food for thought before you move deep into this next New Year!  Don’t ever give up!  Fight and run looking forward with all your power and strength and refuse to give up.  Don’t stop!  Don’t give up to your fears, doubts or emotions.  Above all, please know with all your heart and soul that when you willingly endure whatever life throws at you, you will be strong enough to maintain a good attitude if you stay focused.  Strengthen yourself with all your        might and trust that you will reach your highest potential as you manifest for your life your hearts desires.

If we choose to succeed in life and reach our highest potential, we need to develop endurance to withstand any battle or difficulty!  That is what I have had to do and you can do it too!  Whether you know it or not, you possess great power! If you feel weak or lacking in courage and strength, call in your Power Angels!  Our Creator has

Difficulties and challenges comes to all people; those difficult times are not meant to destroy us but rather to strengthen us and make us better than before. Don’t talk about the problems you are facing because you are giving them too much power and energy.  Instead, believe that your future will be bright and bountiful. Continually speak only words of abundance and positivity because those words are helping you build up your mental muscle to keep you energized. Quitters always look back at their lives with regret and the “if only” thoughts. Be bold!  Be brave and be determined to refuse to allow the enemy to take you out!

The difficult times that you may be going through are not permanent but simply a discouraging season of your life, a time to regroup your thoughts, ideas and prepare to move in a renewed way. Don’t make a judgment based on something that is temporary.  In order to manifest for your life and reach your highest potential, you must believe and trust that God has a plan for your life.   It is important for you to know and believe that He wouldn’t be allowing this to happen if he didn’t see the bigger picture.  He sees your future and it is grand.  Focus only on the blessings and joy in your life because that is where the power is. On our web site under products and also on our Facebook pages, we offer many tools for you to stay in the right frame of mind and maintain the right attitude.  The Power Angel Adult cards are just one of those tools.  Take advantage of them today and be the witness to your life improving one day and one step at a time.

When you go through situations or challenges that you don’t understand, that is the time to take a step back and become the observer of your life.  You will begin to realize that this is not your whole story…it is simply a chapter that was meant to help you grow stronger and become better than you were before.  As we start this New Year of 2018, don’t let your doubts or fear stop you from all you seek to enjoy!

Use your words to heal!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Our words can help heal the hurts in the world.  We are all thirsty for kindness, compassion and encouraging words whether are a conscious or unconsciously craving it.  Empower others with your simple and kind words and you will be doing the same for yourself.  Take time to make others feel loved and that you care for them.  Nothing is more rewarding than to help others rise higher and feel good about them selves.  You are a healer and within you is the power to help yourself heal as you do the same for others.  When you feel uplifted and happy, you will soon discover that your positive attitude contributes to you shifting your behavior and as a result, you will notice that your environment has also become enriched.

It is becoming normal to be disrespectful, short and contrary towards others. We can use our words to heal others as well as ourselves or we can use them to offend, harm and cause despair.

People respond to others who use their words to heal, to bring forth a voice of encouragement and health-giving compliments.  When you see a friend, partner or child that you know, say something kind and thoughtful.  In truth, you may never know what your moments of kindness can bring to another.  We all respond to praise so why not make the time to say something that will uplift the spirit of another?  We all need encouragement, support and kindness.  You have the power to heal your life and the lives of others by simply using your words to bring healing in all your relationships.  One compliment can have a positive impact for a lifetime! A gentle tongue brings healing!

During this season of giving, it would be a real act of kindness to give the gift of our Power Angel cards to someone you care about.  This simple gesture just might offer moments of compassion, inspiration and empowerment to them.  It doesn’t have to be something big.  It is the small, thoughtful gifts that are the most rewarding.  Our Power Angel cards are available by clicking on the words ‘Power Angel.’  It will bring you to the order purchase page.  Be the helping hard and friend who reminds others that they have a team around them who are ready, willing and able to come to their aid all the time.   As we come to the end of this year, please make a promise to yourself to empower yourself to do good in the world.  We desperately need it.

Joy is a Decision
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Joy is a choice you make for your life!  Many people don’t get it; they go along in life feeling deprived, let down and not worthy to receive joy and a wonderful sense of inner peace.

Anxiety disorders affect a large population of people in the world.  A worldwide study shows that those who have the most reasons to feel joyful actually feel depressed.  Whether you choose joy or depression for your life’s journey it still remains that you are the one who has the freedom to choose whatever state of mind you want to experience.  I don’t care where you live in the world, you can be deprived by your leaders of a bountiful life; however, no one but you can determine your state of mind.  Your ability to feel inner peace and joy is controlled only by you!    When you feel emotionally challenged, that is the perfect time for you to become your own life coach!  If you are feeling weak then use the tools that are available to you to shift your energies.  The Power Angels are available to all human beings; however, we are the ones who must call them into our lives and seek their help.

Joy is contagious!  Find those who are joyful and you too will catch the wave and become affected by the same joy!  If you want real joy to fill you and your life, invite God’s wonderful messengers, your Power Angels into your world.  Take part in the amazing life that is available to you!  Ignite your own coaching skills by become your personal life coachInner peace was not just given to a few; it is a gift given freely and available to all who seek it.

Where does the source of joy come from?  It actually comes from our Heavenly Father!  It is part of our DNA, it is who our Creator is, He is a joyful spirit!

Joy is the fruit of the spirit.  When you commit your life to believing in the spirit who gives you breath, then you will enjoy the fruits of the spirit.  The power is within you to develop the best possible attitude and behavioral habits that you can achieve.  When you coach yourself on a continual basis, you will soon discover that only you can change your point of view!

Zephaniah 3:17 states: “The Lord your god is with you, the Mighty warrior who saves.  He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebukes you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”   Decide today to be joyful and watch your world change for the better.   Your Power Angels can help!

You are never alone!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Need some support and encouragement? I created our ‘Huggin Pillows’ to help you feel like you have reinforcement and a team by your side caring about you. Each one of us wants to be loved and shown that we are special. Just like a child holds on to his or her teddy bear or blanket, you, too, can hold onto your ‘Huggin Pillow” or simply prop it up on your bed or chair as a reminder that you are not alone. Your Power Angel teams are with you always ready, willing and able to help you through your difficult times or joyful moments.
I have developed this product that will remind you constantly of the presence of your Power Angels. I have called it the “Huggin Pillow.” It is made in USA. Pillow size is 16″x12″ of 100% polyester cluster fiber and covered in all cotton. The pillowcase, which I designed features many of the power angels that I personally connect with daily. While I have experienced many challenges, struggles and heart-breaks in my lifetime, I have NEVER experienced debilitating sickness or disease. I take no medication or no pills and I live a healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and you can do the same if and when you are willing to make the right choices.
My “Huggin Pillow” will help you change your point of view about your life and it will be a positive reminder that you, too, can enjoy a renewed state of living with greater peace of mind and contentment each and every day. I want you to know and believe that the Power Angels are always with you and care about you!
Every season should be a season of giving both to self and to others. However, as we are in the Holiday Season, I ask you to take a look at our “Huggin Pillow” because it is an awesome opportunity for you to cuddle with your special Power Angels and ask for their support, encouragement and guidance. Keep one on your bed, sleep with it or simply put it in a place that will remind you that you are not alone. There is great love and protection for you. Our “Huggin Pillows” are available on our web site and on our Facebook page too! (

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Speaking from experience

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Everything I say and speak about works!  It is tried and true!  For example:  when you want to make the best meal, you buy the products for the perfect ingredients so you know you are creating something that is healthy, tasty and enjoyable.  Well, that is the same when it comes to feeding your soul and mind.  If you don’t seek out the right ingredients and buy the things that will foster good mental, emotional and spiritual healing, you are wasting your money, time and energy.  You are a three part being.  Living balanced is the key.  In order to make the best decisions, the best choices, you need to take care of your mind, your body and your spirit will thrive on you will not be able to reach your highest potential.

My life has not been easy, to say the least!  Everything I write about and speak to have been tested, tried and proven to be true.  I often speak about connecting with your Power Angels.

My Power Angel friends are my closest confidants!  They are my special team, my private secretaries and helpmates.  I have spent a great deal of time introducing them to all of you because I want you too to share in the wealth of their guidance, information and support.

While empowering and inspirational Power Angel cards won’t guarantee an improved state of mind, body or spirit, I know for sure it will help you change your point of view about your life and it will be a positive reminder that you, too, can enjoy a renewed state of living with greater peace of mind and contentment.  When you have a great team by your side to add support, give you insight and often words or thoughts of wisdom, you are leading a more uplifted life.  I know for sure that when I connect and incorporate all my Power Angel friends into my daily life, I am well on my way to transforming my life.

Why not become your own testimony!  Seek out the best information, the most beneficial tools and products that will most definitely help you improve, possibly enhance and even thrive upon for your life.  Your overall health and well-being depends upon how you act, react and perform daily.  You can wish and hope for something to improve but if you refuse to take the appropriate actions steps to make it happen, it won’t.  To transform your life as you progress towards reaching your highest potential, you need a strong support team to guide you on your journey.

Purchase today a box or 2 of the Power Angel empowering and inspirational cards for your self and all those whom you value and love.  It will be a constant reminder for you that Your Power Angels can and will help support, encourage and improve your state of mind.  “When you change what you believe you change what you do.”

Do you like yourself?

November 27, 2017

Do you feel good about who you are?  I hope you can answer “YES” to the above question; however, if you can’t, I am here to tell you that you need to be bold enough to feel good about you. Being against yourself will never help you yet it will most definitely keep you stuck in a negative and defeatist way.  It is time for you to empower yourself right now! Become your own life coach and repeat these words to yourself daily!  Who you are and what you have become is good enough.  Even though you are working towards being a better person and even feel as though you are struggling with your character or lack thereof, I want you to feel good, worthy and pleased with yourself right now.  None of us are perfect!  We all have some things to work on yet I believe you need to be at peace with yourself if you are seeking to heal your life in the best way.  Feel worthy and

valued in spite of your shortcomings.  To live in a state of inner peace and tranquility, you need to feel good about yourself, that is in your mind, body and spirit.

What we all need to understand is that we all make mistakes.  Of course, we all need to improve our character traits and our disposition yet while we are working on the process of our individual life’s journey, we need to know that we are a work in progress and being refined moment by moment and second by second.  Obviously we all have weaknesses and might be struggling; however, we must believe that during the process or the journey, we are moving in the right direction.  Our behavior and attitudes might not be something that we are proud of, yet I don’t want you to focus on your weak traits; instead put your focus on what is right with you.  Empower yourself to maintain a right attitude! I am here to remind you that you need to always remember: “You are a Child of the most High God”; and therefore, in his eyes you are loved, cherished and valued! Don’t be down on yourself; as a substitute, start feeling good about you in a healthy and positive way. It’s time for you to value and appreciate yourself as you keep your head held high and tell yourself that you have a lot to offer others and you.  In other words, I want you to become your own life coach and teach you to enjoy the good traits  you possess as you are working on those traits that need your attention.

The enemy does not want you to feel good about who you are and where you are in your life’s journey.  Don’t fall into that trap!  He is trying to rob you of your joy and inner peace; you must be strong and courageous enough to value, respect and appreciate all of you right now. The most important relationship you can have is with yourself, which is why you need to take care of you. We all want to make improvements with our lives yet I want to remind you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself if you want to experience a happy life with inner peace.  Sometime you need to be your own life coach and empower yourself to look in the mirror and say, ”I like who I am and want to continue to improve myself because I am worth it!”

Every day coach yourself to live your life to the fullness.  Don’t rob you of all your grandness!  Of course we all have weaknesses and are vulnerable to our failings yet we also possess great virtues.  You need to empower yourself and remind yourself that you are a work in progress and continually reinforce your assets. Feel blessed just being you because you are more than enough!

Be Compassionate!

November 20, 2017

On our Facebook page and in various articles we often speak about connecting with your Power Angels™ who are messengers of the Lord. They have been commissioned to come to Earth to give aid, support, encouragement and vision to all of us.

My Power Angel friends are my closest confidents! They are my special team, my private secretaries and my helpmates. I have spent a great deal of time introducing them to all of you because I want you, too, to share in the wealth of their guidance, information and support. Now you can tap into their energy daily by picking and reading one of the 28 inspirational Power Angels™ cards that we have created for adults. We actually have the Power Angel Cards designed to help children too as well as a similar set designed to offer empowerment to adults. I invite you to go to our Facebook fan page and/or our web site to see the cards and make your purchase. They are a great holiday gift for you and all your loved ones.

PRACTICE living a life of self-empowerment and sound choices! Purchase today a box of our Adult Power angel Cards for yourself and all those whom you value and love. It will be a constant reminder to you that Your Power Angels™ can and will help support, encourage and improve your state of mind. When you change what you believe you change what you do.

While our “Power Angel” Cards won’t guarantee an improved state of mind, body or spirit, I know for sure they will help you change your point of view about your life as they give you encouragement, inspiration and an action plan to implement. They will be a positive reminder that you, too, can enjoy a renewed state of living with greater peace of mind and contentment!

You can choose to live with Inner Peace

November 13, 2017

Bitterness is poison that affects your attitude and the way you live your life.  You may have a good reason to feel bitterness but it does not improve the quality of your life.  It does instead alter your attitude and behavior and causes you to live without joy and inner peace.  When you feel upset or bitter, maybe this is the time to call in your Power Angels to help you calm down, change your thoughts and install in you seeds of love and laughter.

Make sure no seeds of bitterness take hold in your world. A bitter root produces bitter fruit.  If you are like me and choose to live with inner peace, then you need to let go and let God fight your battles so you can guard your heart with love, joy and happiness.  It is easy to let what is on the outside get on the inside of your heart.  You only have so much emotional energy at your disposal each day. The more you dwell on the negativity in your life, the harder it becomes for you to feel happy, whole and satisfied.  Don’t waste your precise energy and let it lead you in the wrong direction by focusing on bitterness and resentment.  You can choose in live with inner peace by shifting your thoughts, your energy and your emotions.

Feed your mind, body and spirit with the fruits of love, laughter and joy.  Refuse to allow your thoughts, attitude and behavior to be sour, resentful and bitter.  If there is someone or something that continually enters your thoughts and disrupts your attitude, pray for inner peace and contentment.  Your Power Angels are a great source of encouragement, improved vision and self-empowerment, call them into your mind and let them help you change your thoughts.  It is easy to dwell on the negative but when you believe you have powerful energy to change your thinking, you will shift gears and move into a feeling of contentment and inner peace.

We all have unfair things that happen in our lives and if you continually recall them and focus on those resentful thoughts, you will eventually become contaminated with negativity.  Let it go!  If something is taken away from you, release it and begin to explore and seek out things that will allow you to find a refreshing and new way of living and acting.  Don’t live bitter; guard your heart and refuse to allow a negative situation or circumstance to contaminate your mind, body or spirit.  Stay pure in all areas of your life and believe that there are better plans waiting for you to experience and enjoy.  Your Power Angels are always ready to come to your assistance if you let them. Don’t live in your pain and negative experiences. Don’t let the enemy take you out and control your life.  You can’t do it on your own; you like me need help and encouragement to overcome your challenges and struggles.  You are better than any negative feeling or thinking. May I encourage you to choose to live your life with inner peace?  If you want to live peaceful you need to do it on purpose…it is a choice that you need to make!

Stop forcing something to happpen

November 7, 2017

We spend too much time trying to get others approval, acceptance and love. Stop relying on people and begin to believe in yourself, your talents and your ability to achieve all that belongs to you.  You do not need to force relationships!  It’s time for you to feed your end goal!  You can’t go forward if you are focused on the wrong people and the wrong direction.  Get your mind going in the right direction.  To reach your highest potential you need to stay disciplined and vigilant about the life you seek.  You have greatness within you; it’s time for you to empower yourself and start thinking some new thoughts that will nurture and encourage you.  If you have to force the relationship so that you feel like you belong, then they are the wrong relationship for you.  Become your own relationship expert and learn to empower yourself to make wise choices

Don’t forget who you are! Keep an open mind and open heart that will motivate you and allow the greatness to flow to you.

Stop expecting loyalty and friendship from people who can’t even give you honesty!  Stop forcing things to happen!  It’s time to slow down, reflect on the right path you need to take and begin to seek the path that will allow your life to flow so you can and will reach your highest potential.

I have learned in my life that if something isn’t going my way, it just might be the hand of God telling me to stop wasting my time on those people or experiences that won’t help me reach my highest potential.

When you are at peace, you are in a position of power. When your life is flowing, you are in a position of power and when you choose to examine all your relationships for what they are, you are indeed being the best relationship expert you can be. In that moment you are truly empowering yourself!

Take a deep breath and let go.  Move in the direction of your dreams.  The real victory in life is when you knowingly accept what is in front of you in the present moment and then willingly be patient to let everything unfold for your highest and best good in the highest and best way.  Stop forcing things to happen!

Don’t Drift Away From Your Possibilities

October 31, 2017

We tend to drift in our lives and give into negative circumstances; in other words, we lose sight of our goal.  If you are like me and desire to manifest for your life your highest potentiality then you must be consistent and tie your hopes to your Heavenly Father’s promise. He is the one who created you and said you will fulfill your destiny.  If you are in doubt because it has been a long time waiting and therefore you forget to keep your focus, then I want you to know you absolutely possess great power within to succeed.  No one said your journey would be easy and smooth. You may have a good reason to give into your limiting thoughts; I am not denying the possibilities of defeat in life. We often live in worry, doubt and fear yet I want you to make time to regroup your thoughts and re-program your mind so as to keep your hope in the Lord.

It’s time for you to stir up your hope, maintain positive thoughts and believe in all good possibilities that are deemed yours.  If you keep your mind, body and spirit anchored to hope and possibilities, you will in the right timing reach your highest potential.  You have a purpose and you will manifest in your life but you are the one who must keep the right perspective and stay strong.

Our struggles and challenges are not meant to stop us but rather to strengthen us.  You have a purpose and you will fulfill it if you choose to stay focused. I believe in you! What was started in your life will be accomplished!  That is your promise.  It is deemed for you to reach for your best life yet; however, if you continually limit your beliefs, your thoughts and let go of your anchor of hope, you will drift away from your purpose and lose your way.

Don’t let other people talk you out of what’s in your heart.  You need to continually believe in all possibilities.  Believe you will receive all that you have dreamt about.  One of your major jobs right now is to stay hopeful!  Stay anchored in hope and possibilities not doom or gloom.

The enemy doesn’t want you to be free and hopeful; He would like you to feel depressed and defeated!  Don’t allow that to happen to you and your life. This is the time to empower yourself! When you start to feed into a pity party, shift your thoughts and move into positive possibilities.  You can do it!  I know!  That negative state of mind is easy to slide into and I have been there often, however, when that happens, I dig my heels in; I become stronger and alert.  That is when I change my thoughts and beliefs and re-direct my thoughts to those that will serve me so I can and will reach my highest potentiality!  Never doubt that God has you in the palm of his hand! You don’t know the whole picture. Stay in faith, hope and possibilities!  Don’t allow the storms of life to weaken you, instead, stay grounded, confident and determined to anchor yourself to remain in the state of peace. That is how you will most definitely manifest for your life as you reach your highest potential.

Stay anchored to hope and possibilities!  Empower yourself to stay encouraged and remain uplifted!  You can do it!

Keep a Good Attitude

October 25, 2017

Just as in the story of Job in the bible, Our Heavenly Father allows the enemy to tempt and do all he can to trip us up.  When we stay in faith and keep a good attitude, we can and will survive as we pass through the storm.  We will, however, not only survive we will also start to thrive as we are also propelled into our greatness.  When we choose to heal our lives in all areas, we will be equipped to eventually flourish and exceed our highest expectations.

In times of difficulty, we especially need to keep our faith, even when we don’t understand.  You may feel as though you are being pulled back and destroyed, however, when you remember to keep a good attitude in spit of all the difficulties you are facing, your life will heal and you will begin to thrust forward just like in the story of Job.

Our Creator allows us to experience our difficult times; those are the time when we learn to extend ourselves,  to reach out and help others and even grow in our own inner power and strength. If you continue to stay in faith and continue to discipline your self, you will soon see that you have been shown new and different ways to grow, change and possibly re-direct energy into new endeavors and new possibilities.  When you stay in faith and maintain a good attitude, you will eventually reach your hearts desires.  What you are going through right now is not your life’s destiny; it is just a season that needs to pass.  Trust that it will!  Keep a good and healthy attitude and you will in the right timing reach your highest potentiality. When things don’t go your way, please don’t sink into a state of depression or doubt.  That is simply, like Job experienced, a small chapter in your life.

Yes, you may be going through dark times, but when you pass through this time believe that in the perfect timing you will reap all the blessings you deserve.  You will reap the benefits, you will reach your highest potential and you will heal your life emotionally, physically, financially and mentally as you continually stand strong and remain in faith.  Your job is to dare to believe that you will receive all you seek!

Live in joyful expectancy! Before you reach your highest potential and before you receive all the healing for your life, be appreciative and in gratitude knowing that it is coming your way.  Keep a good attitude and say and think all the positive and healthy words and thoughts that will rise you up and show your Creators you trust in him no matter what is happening right now.  Be like Job; in spite of all the challenges and harsh times, he refuse to give up or give into the enemy.  Remain strong and courageous and keep a good and healthy attitude. That is how you will heal your life!

How Do You Love?

October 18, 2017

Love is both a gift and a task. So how do you love?  If God so loved us that he willingly died for us, then we can learn much from His example and work on learning more about how to love each other.  To heal your life requires you to feel and share love.  It is impossible to truly live in joy and transform your life if you are unwilling to be open to give and receive love.

There is so much pain and hurt in the world and we humans seem to be on a mission to destroy each other rather than help and support each other.  Love is the only answer!

Maybe it is time for all of us to pray for greater love?  It is never too late to learn, grow and change.  Some say it is never safe to love because you will get hurt.  True in some ways, however, to love at all is to be vulnerable.  Whether you are connected to another human or animal, you are vulnerable to them.  We cannot be perfectly safe from others or anything for that matter.

Practice love every single day; one loving act at a time will change your life and enable you to heal your life in numerous ways.  To be better at loving means that you need to take action steps, such as, offer a smile to another, be willing to listen to a child or friend in a caring manner and even to be willing to offer a helping hand to some one who is carrying a burden.    Don’t look for love; instead, open your eyes and heart to see that it is all around you!

To love others is the greatest rewards you will ever get in your life. Are you getting prepared to make the most out of your life, to manifest in your life more love, joy and contentment?  It is amazing that what the world needs the most yet is too often thought of as something that is foolish, is love.   Anger, horror movies, extreme take out of others for personal gain is the mantra of the day.  Those who seek great fame and fortune often turn a blind eye to the value and benefits that love possesses.  They seem to lack the desire and know how to spread and share love because they haven’t yet recognized its power to heal people’s lives.   

Understanding true love is not as difficult as you might think.  It begins when you change your attitude, behavior and the environment in which you place yourself daily.  If you are seeking to heal your life so you can transform your life, you absolutely need to make a commitment to your mind, body and spirit and state that you willingly choose to welcome more joy and love into your world.

Be a source of encouragement to others!  Open your heart to be both the giver and received of love.  Look at your hands and bless them—let them be the vehicle that will give and receive love, caring and sharing to others as well as to yourself.  When you do, you will see and feel the healing powers of love filling your life!

Do you feel weary?

October 11, 2017

You are no different than all of us!  We all get weary occasionally

because of our struggles and challenges but I am here to tell you,

There is a lot of help to assist you as you prepare to transform your life. When you are dreaming about your transformation in your life and believing in your future, call into your life your power angels for clarity.  Let me encourage you and remind you that you have at your disposal, a team of messengers sent from on high who are ready, willing and able to come to your assistance so you can reach your highest potential.

Your mind will give you many good excuses and reasons to cave in and give up.  When you give in to weariness, you loose your strength.  It is your duty to refuse to let anything stop you from fulfilling your dream.  The enemy would like to see you defeated and discouraged yet I want you to realize that you have come too far to give up to weariness.  This is the time to transform your life; continue to stir your faith back up and guide yourself into victory.  You have the power within to be courageous and strong.

Yes, life gets tough but please stay strong in the Lord!  Don’t forget that “The Battle is the Lords and the victory is yours!”  Don’t be passive; instead say words and take action steps of faith.  To reach your highest potential, you need to do much more!  You need to be active in your preparation!  You need to do something that is going to help you open the doors to get you where you are supposed to be.  It may take a longer time than expected but if you continue to walk towards your destiny, you will reach it.

Sometimes it looks like we are going no where but I am here to tell you to stay vigilant, stay strong, stay in a positive mental attitude and soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You can talk your self into defeat or you can talk yourself into victory; you can talk yourself into encouragement or you can talk yourself into weakness.   It is easy to get discouraged but I want you to know you are not alone.  Pray for renewed strength and encouragement.  You are on the right path to transform your life; continue to do your part and get your passion back.  Fuel your fire and ask your power angels to whisper words into your thoughts that will enable you to transform your life.

Don’t let the enemy weaken your mind, body or spirit.  Take hold of your power; be an example to others.  Invite your power angelsinto your life!  They will help you transform your life.  Your power angels are the messengers of the Creator, they are your greatest allies who have supernatural power; use them for your advantage.

You will be at your most effective and most productive state when you stay in balance.  You are a three part being.  Living balanced is the key.  In order to make the best decisions, the best choices, you need to take care of your mind, your body and your spirit.  Pay attention to practical things; you can’t go against the natural law and expect your Creator to bless you.  Your body is your special house; keep it healthy, relaxed and strong.  Your mind is a vessel that will either serve you well or destroy you.  Keep it positive and pure.  Your spirit is your source of life, treat it with love and respect and maintain a healthy relationship with your Creator.  Make Him a part of your life, and you will never collapse because your strength will be renewed.

If you are going to reach your highest potential, start your day off with gratitude and make an adjustment with your attitude.  Dare to take care of your strengths, get your passion back and you will feel changed and be reinvigorated.  Don’t neglect your mind, body or spirit.  When you work towards living a balanced life, you will be utilizing the tools that will change your life and show you how to move away from weariness and right into the pathway of great fulfillment.

Do you feel vulnerable?

October 3, 2017

Are you holding back because you feel vulnerable to revealing your true self?  Each one of us is dealing with something and I believe that is why we tend to hold back our honesty and instead put on a mask to hid our true identity.

 I feel confident that we are all trying to bring out our best side, our best strengths yet to be vulnerable means to be open to expose our inner depth and beauty.  We all struggle with our issues and shortcomings yet I think that part of our opportunity to explore more growth and possibilities is more readily available to us when we keep our heart open to receive.  It is difficult to reach our highest potential when we’re shut down.

I have found that feeling vulnerable and knowing that I want to be strong but at times I am weak is a truth that I bring into my reality frequently. We all have doubts, certain degrees of fears and even moments of anger yet when I experience those emotions I have grown to understand that that is the time for me to stay alert because I still have some work to do. I know that there are numerous layers to my emotional state that I still have to examine. I don’t want my emotions to rule my life.  I know I am on a journey and as I continually move forward, I will experience many different pieces to my personal puzzle.  My story, just like all of your stories, requires me to take one step at a time, as I am being gentle with my self.  It is all a part of my process of growth.  The more I progress, the closer I get towards reaching my highest potential.

I have learned to pray and pray often for my clarity of vision and purpose. I choose to seek a life where I can enjoy a wonderful sense of inner peace.  I realize I need help, guidance and support and I am constantly seeking that for my life.

When I am honest with myself and my God, I set myself free to walk in the light.  I now see my weaknesses and my struggles and I pray for the courage and strength to be bold so I can and will fulfill my destiny.  Living in a calm and wonderful state of inner peace is one of my goals.

To be vulnerable is not a sin or something that is bad but rather something that should be acknowledged, valued and respected.  Maybe you need to take the pressure off yourself and be willing to face your shortcomings.  We are not perfect!  We all have something to work on and to improve and even something to face that just might be our wake up call.  Quite possibly our message is: “ begin to change your ways so you can make peace with yourself.”

Isn’t it time to stop pretending to be something that you are not and be honest with your self? Get real with your inner self, your soul so you, too, can enjoy a full life filled with inner peace and contentment.  Know your true identity!  Look in the mirror and be vulnerable with your authentic self.  Whether we are seekers of our truth consciously or unconsciously, we all seek to reach our highest potential.  Start today to get on the right path.  You will know the right path when you finally feel free as you are living with a real sense of inner peace.

Let go of shame and guilt!  We all have something to hid and keep in the shadows yet when we are vulnerable and give from our whole heart, we begin to realize that being vulnerable is something that is transformational.

Is your life ruled by fear or a sense of freedom?

September 26, 2017

This article is well timed because in our country we have just come out of two bad hurricanes and wild fires. We can all find a reason to be negative and live in fear, worry and self-pity but if you refuse to give these negative emotions your attention, you can easily move beyond them and arrive at the door of inner peace. It is easy to get comfortable in dysfunction and accept these needy conditions in difficult times. If, however, when you tend to be your own life coach and talk to your mind and body in ways that will empower you, you will be able to transform your life.

Nothing that has happened to you was placed in front of you to stop you from reaching your destiny. Coach yourself and say: “Self-pity, be gone! Fear and worry will not over-power me! I am a child of the most High God and I believe with the help of His Power Angels, I can release my fear, doubt and worry and shift my thinking so I will feel free to enjoy great inner peace.”

Don’t discount your inner strength or power! Don’t move into a scarcity mindset and don’t allow your self-talk to weaken you. You have the ability to break the curse of fear and move into a wonderful sense of freedom by praying for a positive mental attitude. It’s time for you to set a new standard for your life. Be an example to others. You can take your family to a new level and show them the power of discipline, courage and inner strength as you become your own life coach. Yes, it takes effort and self-control; however, when you have the determination to heal your life and refuse to follow the masses into fear, worry and doubt, you not only transform your life for your highest and best good but you achieve a wonderful sense of freedom and live with inner peace.

If you are seeking a life with a wonderful sense of freedom, tell your controlled mind that you are releasing all the chains of your limiting beliefs that you have been content with in the past. You can and will be successful as you continually boast yourself up by being your own life coach. Coach yourself to ask for courage and a strong faith in your Higher Source. Occupy your mind and body with positive thoughts, actions and behavior. Keep your environment surrounded with gratitude for all that you have and all that you hope to receive. Live your life with anticipated expectancy.

Don’t let the past dictate your present or future. Pray and pray some more to the one who created you. Ask His Power Angels to continue to protect you, strengthen your mind, encourage you to feel a wonderful sense of inner peace. Be your own life coach and continually fill your mind and heart with only upbeat and positive words, thoughts and ideas. Don’t limit yourself; choose to transform your life by coaching yourself 24/7 with the belief and inner knowingness that with your Creator on your side, you can and will improve the quality of your mind, body and spirit. You are stronger than you think! Isn’t it time for you to fill yourself with confidence, love, respect and the wonderful sense of freedom where inner peace resides?

 Don’t be a slave to negative thinking!

September 20, 2017

The enemy would love to have you remain a slave to your life, your past experiences, your hurts, pains and rejections. Just because things haven’t worked out for you in the past doesn’t mean you have to continually struggle and believe the lie that you are a slave to your past.   It is your job, your responsibility, to tell the enemy that you are indeed, a child of the most High Creator of the Universe.  That means you are free and whole to think positive wonderful thoughts as you excel in your life.  Don’t allow your past to dictate your life today or tomorrow.   You do not need to succumb to the addictions of negative thoughts.  You were created to be free—a free thinker, a free spirit, a blessed victorious person.

Some people are so content and comfortable being a slave to their mind that they don’t think they are worthy of moving out of that state.  Don’t let a poverty mentality dictate your life!  You absolutely have resources that will help you move away from your lack.  You absolutely have the ability to call in your Power Angels into your life and ask them to help you learn how to empower yourself.  You absolutely have, as part of your birthright, the desire built within that will allow you to break away from your limited beliefs and be strengthened to move away from a slave mentality and accept an abundance mentality.

Isn’t it time for you to empower yourself and start believing that you deserve to live like a child of your Creator, that you deserve to move into a renewed sense of worth, a renewed outlook that will lead you towards reaching your highest potential?

Change your mental outlook–refuse to accept a slave mentality and begin to realize that you are entitled to accept a healthy, positive mindset.  If you are feeling uncomfortable and feel unworthy, call in your Power Angels to show you how to gain clarity of vision, improved self-confidence because you are destined to do great things.  You can reach your highest potential if and when you change your beliefs so you will change the way you live.

Shake off the slave mentality and begin having an empowered mentality.  If you want to move towards a victorious life, you have to do something to make it happen.  Empower yourself today to break the chains of negative thinking and believe you deserve to reach your highest potential.  You can feel whole and content; however, you are the one who has to gain in strength and fight for the change you seek for your life.  If you feel weak, remember to ask your Power Angels to help you and they will.  You cannot see yourself as a slave and at the same time reach your highest potentiality!  You have seeds of greatness within you so start acting like that.  Be bold and know that you have resources at your disposal to call in and give you the support you are seeking.

You have all the resources at your disposal!

September 12, 2017

How many people are missing out on receiving life’s fullest because they are not making the time or at least utilizing the right energy to take advantage of all the resources at their disposal?

It is true that the Internet and Google itself has offered all of us who live today many advantages over our ancestors.  If you are one who has taken the time to tap into some of these resources, you are truly way above the curve.  I myself utilize all these resources daily because I am curious and a seeker of knowledge, wisdom and an improved understanding of information that enlightens my mind, body and spirit.  I guess you can say that I enjoy empowering myself because I choose to take control over my destiny. I refuse to give my power away to another! I want to transform my life in a healthy way; it is my life’s journey to live it in the best possible way.   I must admit, some days it is a struggle because challenges arise daily!  There are always ups and downs that I have to face or jump over yet I am always working on keeping my mind alert, positive and moving in the right direction.  I am continually convincing my mind and body to stay on course, be disciplined and determined to push forward even when I would like to be lazy and rest on my laurels.

Most people don’t realize that our lives are multifaceted.  In that I mean that our minds, bodies and spirit are intertwined and need to be in balance with each other in order to function properly.  Some have mastered the art of exercising their bodies to stay fit, others have trained their minds to follow their lead and that is most valuable in pursuing one’s goals but developing our spiritual side is often left in the shadows and given very little thought.  Our Creator has provided us all with the necessary resources that will allow us to better understand our authentic self, our soul and how it serves us.  Our Creator is a kind and loving God yet He is also one who uses tough love to get us to pay attention and follow His lead.  Once again I must admit that this journey into self is not an easy journey yet I say with delight it is an awesome awakening that has only one purpose—to enable each one of us to live a life with a healthy mind, body and spirit.  This is accomplished because our Creator provides each one of us with the light, love and truth to use all the resources at our disposal to empower ourselves and to transform our lives as we enjoy each moments with contentment, inner peace and happiness.

You have the ability to have a bountiful, prosperous life yet if you limit your minds capacity and your desire to open your mind to new possibilities, you are not taking advantage of all the resources at your disposal.  If you or I choose not to utilize our mind to it fullest potentiality we will never be able to fully transform our lives for our highest and best good.  Our greatest blessings come when we are open to empowering ourselves to our greatest capacity.  One of the best ways to acquire the vastness of knowledge for your best good is by invoking your Power Angels™ to come to your assistance.  I always search for the wisdom I am trying to understand from my angel friends and I depend on them to give me the support I seek and need.

To unravel the complexities of your life and understand why you do what you do requires you to explore your path to your enlightenment.  We all have a purpose and function and it is our job and responsibility to discover that while we are living on this planet Earth.  Prayer is one of the most beneficial tools at your disposal as well as making friends with your Power Angels™ who have been given to you by your Creator to help you on your journey.  Your Power Angels™ are always eager to help you learn, grow and mature; don’t shy away from them, instead, call them into your daily life.  Meditation is another tool; it is your gateway to self-awareness and mindfulness.  It enables you to move beyond thought and know yourself better.

I am here to tell you that you can transform your life if you are willing to empower yourself to the fullest.  Are you willing to take advantage of all the resources available so you can understand all your relationships, your life; your reality so you can expand your mind, body and spirit in the most beneficial way for you?  The best way for you to live your live to your fullest potentiality is by making choices to make the most of your resources.

Enlightenment is a life-long journey.  When you make a wise choice, you immediately improve your mental well being, your spiritual well being and your bodily well being.  90% of all of our chronic conditions are influenced by our lifestyle!  Don’t let life discourage you! Use your resources of time, energy and focus wisely!  I hope you will make use of these insights and begin your personal journey today!

It takes courage to stay in faith!

September 6, 2017

Life has been difficult for many lately, floods, fires, lack of funds; conflict in government and confusion is surrounding all of us.  The Earth is convulsing and its people are suffering.  These are certainly challenging times for everyone yet I am here to say: “Please stay in faith.” When things change; life gets tricky!  That’s when you need to call on your inner strength and muster up all the courage you can to stand firm and be disciplined.

If you truly want to transform your life, you will need to stay focused on your end goal and believe you will surely achieve it. Even though what you are facing is difficult and you can’t see the end it is important for you to live in faith nor fear. Don’t get discouraged by the process.  We are all on a journey. To transform your life requires you to pass through difficult times.  There may be forces against you but if you want to live free of these challenging times, you must stay in faith.  The process may be rough and the steps may be tricky but do not let the opposition or struggles stop you.  The enemy would like to see you give up and give in to your weaknesses.  The enemy has great power but your Power Angels are stronger and with the Almighty Father as their leader, they will keep pushing on your behalf until the enemy is defeated.

Be encouraged!  Stay strong! Refuse to let the enemy be victorious!  We may be in the fire, in the flood or in the famine but this too shall pass; it is only temporary.  The troubles that you are going through right now are only the steps on the journey along the way.  They are not the end goal nor are they meant to defeat you.  Don’t settle in the middle of your journey and become weak, keep moving forward knowing that your Heavenly Father will help you reach your highest potential.  With your Heavenly Father and His Power Angels on your side, you will be victorious.  You may not see anything yet but this is the time for you to believe and walk forward in trust.  Your Heavenly Father and His Power Angels are working behind the scenes and are clearing the way for you.

Don’t be conformed by the ways of the evil one but be willing to transform your life.  You absolutely have the inner strength to reach your highest potential by continually reminding your mind to stay positive, stay in faith and know, without a shadow of doubt, that in spite of the difficulty you are facing, you will reach your highest and best.  You can make it through these dark times because you are being divinely guided and encouraged by your Power Angels.  It is your job to be conscious of what you put into your mind.  Refuse to give in to the negative thoughts or feelings just because you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Train your mind to stay disciplined to focus only on hopeful and positive thoughts 24/7.  You can do it if you choose to be an overcomer.  I realize it is difficult to do!  I, too, have had my share of struggles and challenges but each difficulty has only made me believe even more deeply that my Heavenly Father is working to shape and mold me to be a better and more disciplined and patient person.  These are all qualities that I have needed to improve upon in my life.

In life we will all have days of trouble, opposition and difficulty.  Please know your trouble has an expiration date!  It is not how your life is meant to turn out; it is only a path you need to walk through before you reach your destination.  Just when your life appears to be overshadowed by doom and gloom, know—believe and trust that there is a Force greater than any opposition that is trying to take you out.  To transform your life requires much trust and faith in a Source greater than you.  Your Heavenly Father is in control of the Universe.  He formed it and can transform it for your highest and best good.
No one said the journey is going to be easy or smooth.  There are many difficult times ahead; however, I want you to know when things get tough, discipline your mind, heart and spirit to believe this is your time to stay in faith and feel empowered.  You are in a period of growth and development.  Your spirit is being fine-tuned to mature and awaken for your finest benefit.  Never stop trusting!  Never give up and never doubt that your Heavenly Father is in control.  When you are being your best and keeping your mind under control you are moving in the right direction.

The Greatest Battle we Fight is Between our Ears

August 29, 2017

Think about those words for a moment!  Maybe it’s time to stop doubting and struggling and start making positive changes for your life so you can empower yourself to reach your highest potentialStop setting up roadblocks or procrastinating in ways that continually cause you to live in anger, frustration and stress instead stay in faith and believe that you can live out of a place of peace, a place of trust!  At times you will be challenged and faced with great fear but I want you to know that when you continue to be your best and refuse to let your mind manipulate your feelings you will be the victor and you will receive the healing for your life. Through increased knowledge and that belief you will be prepared to empower yourself for your highest and best good in the highest and best way.

When you refuse to worry and stay stressed out, you are proving to yourself and others that you are placing your trust in your Creator. Express gratitude even it you have not yet experienced the outcome. You are gaining in strength, courage and the wisdom that shows the world and your Creator that you are surrendering all your troubles to Him.

A great question to ask yourself is: “How much of your mind is devoted to negative and resentful or hurtful thoughts? “  You see your mind is a powerful instrument that can either lift you up or bury you.  In order to heal your life in all aspects, that is, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you absolutely need to select carefully the thoughts and feelings you want to focus on and bring into your daily living.  Nothing can destroy you in any way when you discipline your mind to stay calm, confident and grounded in the belief that Your Heavenly Father has your back and will deliver you so you can reach your highest potential.  Gratitude is amazing!  The more you are grateful, the better your life becomes.

Amazing things happen when you stay in faith and trust your Creator.  You may face many difficulties yet it is important to know that you will be brought through the difficulties with flowing colors.  You are protected, loved and cared for so know you will be brought to the other side.  Live your life from a place

of peace.  Your Creators got this problem and all problems under his control.  Your steps are being directed; listen to your heart.  Dare to trust and believe!  Each one of us are continually being tempted, challenged and faced with difficult situations; I want you to know you are not alone and you are definitely not the only one who is walking through challenging times.  Your greatest salvation is knowing that your Creator is walking along with you guiding your way.  Continually feed your faith with beautiful thoughts and positive words that will keep you uplifted so you will, without a shadow of a doubt, reach your highest potential.  Continually empower yourself!

Remain confident; when trouble comes, know you are surrounded by your Creators wisdom.  To heal your life from all challenging experiences, you must stay in a state of inner peace and gratitude.  Stay strong even when it feels like your life is falling apart.  Change your perspective and switch over to faith and trust.  In the right moment you will reap the rewards!

Stay committed to your goals

August 23, 2017

Times do get tough; sometimes we want to give up because things don’t seem fair.  We get discouraged and think maybe what I want isn’t meant to be for me, yet I want you to know just because your life gets tough, don’t give up, give in or get so discouraged that you settle for mediocrity.

You do have a reason and purpose for living so stop questioning yourself. You need to stay strong, courageous and stop doubting your capabilities and talents.  In order to manifest for your life you need to stay strong and pray for courage.  Transformation for your life doesn’t happen over night. Transformation requires you to believe and feel your change, develop a knowingness that as you continue to stay in faith, your life will improve.  There is no power greater than the power of the Almighty Father!  There is power in your words and your thoughts so remember to use your words for your highest and best good.  Your confidence level increases when you believe and place your complete trust in your Creator.

Stay committed to your dreams and your goals.  Know that your answers are coming.  You have an important seed planted within you that needs to be nurtured, watered and developed so you can blossom and bloom.  Keep your focus, stand in faith and trust that your Heavenly Father has a plan and a timetable that will be fulfilled.

If there is a delay in your plan and keeping you from your abundance, understand that there are forces that are against you and even working against you but with God on your side, no force of darkness can overpower you! Your Power Angels are working on your behalf! Stay in faith because it is just a matter of time when your better day will be shown to you. To transform your life so you can manifest for your lifeyour heart’s desires takes time, planning and due diligence.

Through practice and a strong trust and belief, you need to stand in your faith and let the promise made to you take root.  If you stay in faith and continue to believe, you will transform your life and you will manifest for you life in the right time and delivered in the right place.  Never doubt that the battle is the Lords and the victory is mine!  The forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you!   Your Power Angels are fighting for you and clearing the way for you.  Believe and trust that it is so!

It is important and necessary that you stay in faith, continually believe and make it a point to express words and thoughts of gratitude on your lips.  When you stand in your delight and feel your healing, your abundance, your dreams being realized, you are showing your Heavenly Father that you believe and trust in Him and his promise to deliver to you.  What would benefit you more than anything is that you need to remain good-natured with a good heart and with gratitude that what you are seeking is being sent to you.  Do your part, continue to make plans and use your imagination to create positive ways that will lead you in the right direction.  Believe me when I say there are times when it gets difficult and you feel weak but I want to encourage you to pray for courage and strength and the wisdom to keep you walking in the right direction.  Continually praise your Heavenly Father for all that is coming to you and know that you are being prepared to receive your greatest joy. 

If you are serious for what you are praying for, you will transform your life as you watch all that you have been seeking is now manifesting in your life.  Don’t stop believing; don’t stop praying instead stand firm.   Don’t give into doubt!  Declare and prophesize your future!  It will help you receive all that you desire.  Positive self-talk is most helpful. Calling in the energy of your Power Angels is valuable.  I know for me, when I feel down or challenged I immediately move into words and thoughts that are uplifting and that will enrich me. Before I know it, my energy shifts and my heart lightens.  Use your words to empower you and never give up!  Visualize what you want to experience and believe it is coming!

Being open-minded has great benefits

August 15, 2017

Sometimes it is difficult to open your mind and take a look at different ideas or opinions other than your own.  I have found, however, that when I open my mind, I realize a great deal of rewarding benefits. You have the power to heal your life and empower yourself in the process when you view your world with an open-mind. The good news is that you can change and open your mind if you choose to move out of your comfort zone and become vulnerable to new possibilities or ways of viewing life.  You may not have been exposed to various beliefs or cultures as you were growing up but that should not keep you from opening your mind and exposing you to different thoughts, practices, beliefs and value systems that exist all around you.  Our world would be so much better lived if we could open our minds and consider something new and different.  You just might be pleasantly surprised at the various degrees or ways that you could benefit and prosper from.

Being open-minded has the power to enable you to:

  1. Change your beliefs so you can change your life.

2.  Free yourself from the chains of control.  Feel liberated from your controlling thoughts as you experience new opportunities; that simple step in it self will empower you!

3.  Gain confidence by your exposure to a world all around that prior to this time, you have been blinded to see. When you are open to see with new eyes and hear with new ears you are now allowing you to become open to something different. That simple step has the power to help you heal your life.

4. Strengthen yourself in ways you never thought possible.  Through your trust, confidence and willingness to open your mind, you are expanding your horizons to see the world and others in a different and improve way.

5.  Be sincerely honest with yourself!  See you and your past limited vision for what it is.  Don’t walk around with a restricted and controlled vision or beliefs.

6.  Use your mistakes to teach you about new ways and possibilities. Life is better lived when you are open to see and observe the whole picture instead of continually seeing and holding true to only those thoughts or beliefs that served your restricting thinking.

An open-minded person lives life more enriched and better fulfilled.  An open-minded person is one who sees the value in empowering self. My suggestion is to learn to be open-minded to yourself before you attempt to explore being open-minded towards others. That is how you can begin the process of healing your life. It does involve much soul-searching and being vulnerable to your absolute truth of who you are, why you do what you do, and how you became what you are today.  Spending time alone or in nature and simply reflecting on you and your life up to this point is powerful.  Don’t be ashamed or fearful for what you might discover; be open to looking at yourself in a more Godly and inspiring way—in truth, honesty and enlightening.  Your life and your worldly vision will absolutely expand in ways you never thought possible before.  You are finally waking up to see colors you never saw before, options that never seem available before and a plethora of abundance that seems to be miraculous!  Don’t let your past limited thinking stop you from reaching your highest potential!  Empower yourself so you begin the healing process for yourself!  Expand your mind!

Do you like to hold grudges?

August 8, 2017

When someone does us wrong, we want to get even and let the world know about the evil side of that person.  While you may be right in feeling upset or hurt about the bad behavior of others, I believe our Heavenly Father would prefer for us to swallow our pride and turn the other cheek. Be the bigger person!  In order to heal your lifeand transform your life to the degree that you desire, you need to release all the evil thoughts and actions that arise and change your attitude from revenge to offering blessings.  Do you realize you can actually overcome evil with doing good deeds and  not by thinking of ways to do more evil!  When you do good to those who have done you wrong, you are being more effective than if you tried to get the enemy back.  It allows the Creator of the Universe to use tolerance to your advantage

It is easy being good to those who are nice to you but it is most difficult to be nice to those who offend and hurt you.  That is the time you need to pray for those who harm you not for their benefit but for your good.  When you prove to your Creator that you are not bitter and holding a grudge: that is when your Creator knows you are the best person who can handle the promotions and all the blessings that life has to offer you.  You are the bigger person, you are the one who can handle all situations, and therefore, you are the one who will not only transform your life but be the right example to help others transform their lives too!

When you are good to someone who has done you harm, you are setting a better example; you are being the better person and your Almighty Father will honor you for your goodness.  That is when healing your life begins.I have learned to forgive and forget the harm that I have been caused because the words of God continually come into my head:  “ Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”  That is one of the ways that I transform my life daily.   I encourage you to stop holding grudges and being bitter; instead take the high road, be the one who can let go and let God handle your enemies.  He knows how to make all situations right! Living with grudges and unforgiveness is poison to your mind, body and spirit and will eventually be used to destroy you rather than to benefit you.  It is impossible to heal your life and to transform your life when you hold grudges against those who have done you wrong and hurt your feelings. Stop judging the lives of others!  Maybe it is time to show understanding, mercy and forgiveness towards others.  I believe it’s time to get past the anger, resentment and grudges.  When you pray and ask Your Heavenly Father to give you the courage and strength to understand, you will be the one who will reap the benefits, the blessings and the graces needed to live a life of transformation as you heal your life from all negativity.  The benefits are that you will begin to live your life with an abundance of inner peace and joy.

Blessing your enemy is showing people that you are exceptional and you are ready to be used by your Creator to do good deeds in the world.  Too many people live their lives craving to enjoy inner peace and contentment yet they do nothing to bring it about.  I want you to know that when you are the bigger person and you do good to those who have done you harm, you are the beneficiary of God’s goodness and blessings.  Maybe it’s time for you to rise up, be the bigger person and praise God for all the blessings you have in your life.  Grudges are poisonous; inner peace and joy will heal your life; they are the gift from your Creator.  Please choose wisely for your life.

Can you experience 7 hours of contentment and inner peace?

August 1, 2017

In self-reflection, this past weekend, I realized that I have done just that, I enjoyed 7 hours of contentment and inner peace.  In making some conscious choices, I was able to make the time for myself to intentionally relax and enjoy my day. I treated me to a moment in time where I was able to focus on healing my life as I empowered myself.

I would like to share my experiences with all of you in the hopes that you too, have experienced the same realization.  If, however, you have not had that opportunity yet to intentionally grace yourself with a pleasurable moment, then maybe you need to rethink your life! Challenge yourself to become consciously aware of how you can make the time to not only empower yourself but to welcome healing into your life, one joyful moment at a time.  That is how you will experience inner peace in your personal world.

I woke up on Sunday morning just a little tired as I pushed myself out of bed.  I had some writing that I wanted to do and I felt compelled to get it done.  With positive thoughts on my mind and inspiration on my lips, I began to settle down with my cup of coffee and eager fingers ready to hit the keyboard.

After an hour of typing, I looked out my window and saw the beauty of the morning blue skies and an inviting sunny day; it was calling to me. I decided to go to the beach where I love to walk my 3 miles with my feet in the sand and the inviting warm water between my toes. Just making that simple decision made me feel empowered and alive.  After my enthusiastic walk on the waters edge, I decided to get all the way in and lounge with my noodle as I was people watching. Soon, I found myself relaxing and luxuriously looking at the beautiful blue sky while floating on this warm water. I simply felt into the joy and contentment of my personal time as I congratulated myself for making this time special. I started talking to my body and sharing who I truly love the fact that it, my body, serves me well.  In that moment, I was feeling into the ways that I can and do heal my life as I project messages of love and gratitude to my body  Inner peace can be experienced and enjoyed in various ways and I have to admit, enjoying my private time swimming in the ocean is just one of the ways that I tap into that energy.

Several hours later, I returned home and enjoy a delightful lunch overlooking my beautiful grounds.  When lunch was complete, I took a shower and once again tapped into this moment of joy.  That is when the realization hit me and I fully grasped the truth that I spend the last 7 hours doing something especially for me.  I was healing my life as I empowered myself to relish in the beauty and joy that nature offers us all so freely.  I was, at that moment, living with inner peace and no one or nothing could steal that moment from me.

I would love to hear how you, too, have allowed 7 hours of your day, your life to empower you to capture the inner peace that you truly deserve.

Don’t be impatient?

 July 25. 2017

I, for one, have been impatient more often than none in my life.  My expectations to receive something more than I already have has often frustrated me and caused me to be annoyed with my situation and myself. As of this time, I still have not reached my highest potential nor been I been able to manifest in my life all that I have desired yet I refuse to give in or give up on my dream.  Now I have grown to understand that when I change your emotions, I have the opportunity to change my fate.   Do you feel the same in  or for your life?

It is easy to believe in your dreams but faith without patience just might rob you of all that you have hoped to receive.  I believe that my season for my greatest joy is right in front of me!  I feel it in my heart and soul.  Yes, there have been times when I felt the need to be in a hurry but as I have grown and progressed in the process of my life, I have come to realize and understand that my timing is not the timing of the Lord.  So the question is:  Do I need to lose my passion and vision because I have not enjoyed my heart’s desires yet or do I place all my trust and faith in the Lord and let Him show me the way, fill my life with great blessings and all the riches that I have been expecting and dreaming to experience?   My steps are being divinely guided and just realizing that one point tells me that I will manifest in my life and reach my highest potential just the way I have dreamt about.  My timing is not the right timing!  I now know that truth!  I have learned to release my frustration, my upset mentality and instead place all my thoughts, energy and belief in a power far greater than myself.  It is important to maintain a good attitude, take positive action and continually walk in the right direction so that in the proper timing you, too, will reach your highest potential as you are manifesting in your life.

Don’t let your circumstances destroy your positive mental outlook.  You are being taught to be patient and at peace, you are being shown to calm down and relax.  You are being prepared to go places that you never dreamt were possible.  This is the time for you, instead to prepare yourself for your greatest moments. Don’t get discouraged! Have faith and patience and know that your character is being promoted and developed.  Stop comparing your life with someone else’s.  Stop rushing and pushing for what you want.  Understand clearly that your timing may not be the right timing that your Infinite Intelligence has designed for you. Your Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture.  He knows what you need and He is still working on your behalf.  Be patient and go through the waiting period with joy and the expectation that your life is being guided for your highest and best good and in the highest and best way.

Be grateful that you are being directed and supported so that you can and will reach your highest potential and your greatest joy.  Continually pray for courage and strength and believe, without a shadow of a doubt that you are being prepared to experience your best life yet!

Can you live from a place of peace and joy?

July 18. 2017

Can you live from a place of inner peace and joy?  You may think I am losing my mind! Trust me, I’m not!  What I want to do is remind you that it is time again to be your best life coach and live a more peaceful life. To live in peace means you have to move out of a state of stress, frustration and anxiety.  That means you have to shut off the depressing news and refuse to listen to the gossip that is all around you. What we take into our eyes and ears eventually is taken into our mind, body and spirit.  Our continual chatter on social media, on the TV or on the phone eventually steals our sense of peace and causes us to live in anxiety, worry and stress.  In truth some people are peace stealers!  You may love to have them around but those types of personalities are more toxic than you can handle.  As a relationship expert and a life coach, I am here to tell you that sometimes we need to put up boundaries so we don’t destroy our positive state of mind.  Your number one priority is to keep you healthy, that is, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  To accomplish a healthy state requires you to make some changes in your attitude, behavior and the environment in which you place yourself.

Refuse to be a garbage dump for all the extra drama of others.  If you take on everyone else’s burdens all the time, you will not have the emotional energy to take care of yourself so you are better able to live in a place of inner peace and joy.

Life is too short worrying continually about the poor relationships and life issues of others.  Yes, once again, I encourage you to become your own relationship expert. Evaluate your relationship first with yourself.  If you don’t take care of your emotional state, you will eventually end up sick and depressed.  It is one thing to help others as you spend all your time trying to keep others happy. It is not your destiny to continually help others; your true destiny is to make sure you take care of yourself first.  Don’t live a life being out of balance!  As a true relationship expert, you need to surround yourself with those who inspire you, who are emotionally stable and who are likely to help you uplift your energy as your improve your quality of life.

Life happens!  Even though people and circumstances will get to you and disrupt your peace of mind, it is your responsibility to refuse to allow those individuals or situations to take you out or alter your positive and healthy state of mind.  Don’t let others be a peace stealer for you.  If you are trying to keep everyone around you happy, you will not be able to enjoy your own happiness.

Maybe it is time for you to stay alert, live in conscious awareness and keep your focus on living a peaceful lifestyle where laughter and joy reside?  Coach your self daily on maintaining inner peace and joy for your life and with time you will have cultivated a good and healthy habit that will enable you to life in a healthy frame of mind on a continually basis.

Develop a limitless mentality!

July 10, 2017

In order to transform your life and reach your highest potential you need to be diligent and determined as you continually push forward with a limitless mentality. Too often, I have found that people are slow to honor themselves with a positive attitude and belief that they are more than capable to lead a good, healthy and fulfilling life.  We, in stead, seem to see all of our faults and shortcomings and consequently feel less than adequate and limited.

I want to encourage you to release all your doubt, worry and fear so you can control your destiny in a positive way.  If you can do that, you will be traveling on the right road that will lead you to transform your life so that you truly will reach your highest potential.  Leave all your limiting beliefs and thoughts behind you and be determined to change your thoughts and create new habits that will help you develop an improved positive mentality.

I have heard many of our friends continually say: “I’m trying to think positive!”  I am here to tell you that it’s time to stop trying and start taking positive action.  You have take responsibility for your thoughts, your actions and your behavior.  That is your duty and job!  If you keep being your best and stay determined that you can manifest for your life when the time is right, you will be led down the right path that will guide you to reach your highest potential.  Maybe it’s time for you to run your race with purpose, integrity and joy and let the battle and challenges be handled by your God.  Don’t place all your faith and trust in others, instead place your hopes and dreams in the hands of your Creator and be comfortable being true to your self and your ultimate goals.  Don’t waste time on worry or doubt.  These negative emotions are a distraction.  To fulfill your purpose means you have to place all your energy on cultivating a limitless mentality, on maintaining your focus and know that ‘the battle is the Lords and the victory is yours!’  Let God fight your battles of negative thoughts, beliefs and limitations and stay focused on what is really important. When you do your best, all good things will be presented to you.

Patriotism is Based on Love

July 3, 2017

I was startled to hear on the news that there are a group of people in the USA who lack patriotism, pride in their country and who as a result lack pride and love for the values that bind us all together today.  So what is fact and what is fiction?  As a life coach and a relationship expert, I have seen how the young and old have lost touch with their true purpose and have been totally captivated by what is presented in front of them whether it be in the school environment or through the news media and movie industry.

It is very hard to have a healthy relationship with your self or others if your thinking is overshadowed by negativity or dark-sided exhibits of anger, resentment, greed and even unforgiveness.  If you are expending emotional energy in the wrong direction, you eventually become so distracted in life that you somewhere along the line lose your compass and become a follower of the loud noise of the problematic minority who thrive on divisiveness and attacking those who stand for values and principles.

Respect, tolerance and a commonality of purpose for all good peoples is what we need to stand for.  In truth, if we humans were willing to live with the first two commandments of our Creator, we would not need all the other rules and laws.  They are: To love your God with all your mind, heart and spirit and to love your neighbor as you love yourself.  “Love” is the common denominator.  All good and healthy relationships thrive because those involved believe in those principles.  Become your own relationship expert and start cultivating these simple principles; when you do, your life will improve and your circumstances will be filled with grace.  I believe we can all be our best life coach because after all, it is the life we get to live when we make sound and wise choices.

Our country is a place where we get to live our dreams, to walk freely and enjoy the simple pleasures that are placed in front of us.  To take advantage of these gifts and benefits requires each of us to accept and assimilate with the principles and values that our country was founded upon.  With all of the freedoms and treasures that our country shares comes a duty and responsibility for all peoples to keep their focus on the truth, to educate themself for their highest and best good and to be filled with sufficient pride and self-respect to stay on the high road as you refuse to get involved in the battles and anger of those who have only one mission—to create conflict and disruption.  Those individuals are the enemy. I encourage you to identify those who have self-serving messages and move away from them.  Don’t waste your time on connecting with the wrong people.  It’s time for you to reach the fullness of your destiny by choosing wisely as you build healthy relationships with those who have the same motives and purpose that you stand for.  Coach yourself daily!  Fill your mind and spirit with those values and principles that will make a good and healthy difference in your world.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Lead by your example and tap into the patriotic spirit that makes all of us members of a free and prosperous country.  Mark Twain once wrote in Notebook, 1904: In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Guilt causes you to struggle!

June 28, 2017

Guilt will keep you from your destiny!  Feeling unworthy and doubtful is of no value to you and will cause you more harm.

Shake off the guilt and start preparing for your greatness!

If someone is bringing up negative things from your past, it is not a message from your God but from the enemy.  You cannot drag your yesterday’s failures into the present and reach your highest potential.  Isn’t it time to stop pushing yourself down and begin to manifest for your life all that will bring you joy and a wonderful sense of peace.

Guilt is harmful!  Feeling worthy and building your self-esteem will lead you closer to your goals as you are announcing to the world that you have a purpose and a reason for being alive.  Be bold in your positive thinking and positive actions.  Guilt and condemnation are erroneous and negative emotions that will stop you from reaching your highest potential.  Now is the time to step up and step out as you declare your true identity—you are worthy because you are a child of the Almighty Heavenly Father.

Harmful emotional beliefs will weigh you down! No wonder you are having a hard time trying to manifest in your life!  When you are bogged down with guilty emotions you are blocking the gifts that are waiting for you to receive.  Sometimes we think that we need to be burdened with negative emotions because of our behavior or actions but once you ask for forgiveness, you are being uplifted and given mercy.

It is time to let go and believe that you are absolved and released from the shortcomings you have experienced and felt.  Start receiving the mercy and graces that are waiting for you. To get back in the game of life and manifest all that you desire, you need to move forward, gain in confidence and be bold.

Don’t be a slave to your mind—don’t believe the lies that you are hopeless and  have gone too far off your course.  You may have made mistakes, let’s be honest, we all have but your past experiences are not meant to condemn you or cause you to struggle with guilt; they are placed in front of you to teach you lessons.  Stop beating yourself us and remember it’s time to say:  “To manifest in my life and reach my highest potential, I must walk in the spirit that with forgiveness, I can start over again and prepare to receive my greatest good.  Isn’t it time to get rid of your struggles and believe you deserve to be happy?

It’s time to surrender to a higher good!

June 22, 2017

Too often people think that if they surrender they are showing their weaknesses and flaws.  I am here to tell you that it takes a great deal of strength to surrender your worries, fears and concerns to the Holy Spirit.  We all suffer troubles and great concerns in our lives whether they personally affect our loved ones or us.  I have learned, however, that when I have released my worry and fears concerning a loved one, over to the Holy Spirit, I have been blessed with a wonderful sense of freedom, which in turn has offered me a wonderful feeling of inner peace.

I realize that I don’t have the wisdom to handle all of my troubles by myself so when I turn them over to a Higher Source, I am using the wisdom of my limited thinking to gain the wisdom of the Supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit who is limitless in his talents and capabilities.  I have surrendered to the process of trust and faith in a Source greater than myself.  Every time I do that, I am in a far better place to enjoy my own sense of inner peace.

We are living in a world that is full of chaos, confusion and darkness.  Although we struggle with these polarizing experiences, we don’t have to be taken in by there pull. It is important to be aware of the various negative experiences that we are all face daily and that are cause of great concern; however, it would be helpful to know that we are all given one special gift that is here for us to take advantage of if and when we keep the right perspective.  That is the gift of the Holy Spirit. When you surrender you are ready to move into new beginnings as you take advantage of new opportunities.  When that happens, you are actually living a lifecycle where you can heal your life as you enjoy inner peace.

I can tell you it takes a lot of practice to get good at surrendering to the Holy Spirit and you may feel uncomfortable but please don’t worry.  You are divinely guided! It is really important for you to know and understand that you are divinely guided continually as well as being protected by the Universal Intelligence.  Your life is much better lived that way!

We are all blessed when we are prepared to release all our concerns, for as we let go and let God take over we actually open the door that invites us to heal our lives from those chains that bind us.  As you learn to let go you start preparing yourself to enjoy a healthier lifestyle where freedom, healing and inner peace reign.

How you Started is not Important

June 12, 2017

flowers in handHow you started is not important – how you finish is what counts!  You can break the chains that bind you and you can create changes that will transform your life if you make the right choices that will enhance your development and improve your thinking and your life.    You may be facing challenges that seem impossible but I want you to know when you change your words and thinking you will change how you perform.  It definitely takes responsibility on your part.

The enemy (your negative mental outlooks), cannot over power you unless you give your power away!  You are in the palm of your Creators hand being held, protected and guided.  He is forever invested in you and your success.  You must, however, do your part.  You have free will and that means you have the ability to make choices.  It is your responsibility to do what is right for you if you are determined to reach your highest potential.

It has been declared in Psalm 18:16 that Your Heavenly Father will reach down from on high and told hold of you.  He will pull you out of deep waters, the drowning water of despair, depression, fear and/or what ever struggles that seem to be plummeting you into the depth of the earth.  Nothing is impossible with your Heaven Father on your side.  He is more than capable to rescue you!

It is impossible to reach your highest potential when you refuse to do your part.  You may be facing hopes and dreams that seem impossible but with Your Creator on your side, you will get through, you will succeed and you will receive all that your hearts desires.

There is no question that our lives can be challenging and often difficult but nonetheless, you cannot have a victim mentality if you want to have a glorious life. You may have situations that put you at a disadvantage but I want you to know that you can overcome your doubt, fear and struggles when you rise up and without a question of a doubt, believe and be hopeful that your outcome and desire to reach your highest potential is about to happen for you and in your life.

Our Creator will respect our choices and our Free Will.  He can do only so much; each one of us must take responsibility for our attitude and behavior. There can be no room for negativity to take up space in your life.  To transform your life requires you to remain on the path and roadway of positivity.

I believe your life is about to turn around especially if you do your part and refuse to buckle under pressure.  Continually you must pray for your courage, strength and the wisdom to do what is for your highest and best good so that you will not be defeated.  The key for your success requires that you never lose hope, then surely you will transform your life.

Are You an Open-Minded Person?

June 7, 2017

self discovery the journey withinEvery day we travel on the roadway of life connecting with all types of personalities and characters who either influence us or allow us to pass by and move along quietly unprejudiced.  Relationships enter into all our daily activities and some are negative while others are inspiring and positive.  We sooner or later become our own relationship expert as we observe and decide what relationships we want to encourage and which ones we choose to avoid.

We all have those people who are significant in our lives but do we ever let them know how much we value them or love being in their presence?  Healthy and positive relationships are some of the most wonderful connections we can enjoy in our lives. However, some people close themselves off from making new relationships because they think they cannot handle cultivating new experiences or people in their lives.  Sadly enough, those individuals are missing out on new opportunities to broaden their horizons and experiences.  As a life coach, I have seen first hand how some people deny them selves from being open minded and receptive to life changing views and interests.

I personally find it interesting to meet new people, hear what they have to say because I never know when I will learn something new.  Being a life coach allows you to try new ways of challenging yourself, listening to others thoughts and opinions and thinking outside the box.  Self-discovery is amazing as it offers numerous opportunities to explore what experiences or things of beauty that are hidden just around the corner of your daily life. There are numerous types of relationships that challenge you, uplift you and even support you, so as your own relationship expert, I ask you to also be your own life coach and force your to step outside of your comfort zone, keep an open mind and take a chance on experience a new encounter that just might add some spice to your life.  Who knows, someday you just might look back on your life and that moment when you enjoyed a sweet time of laughter and joy with someone who opened your mind and softened your heart.  One word can start a relationship, one smile can change a life, one look can save a relationship and one person at a time can change the world.

May 25, 2017

What Do You Envision as Your Life’s Purpose?

What inspires you to learn, grow and envision the real meaning for your life?  Many people don’t have the resources to hire a life coach or a business consultant to guide them on their journey through life.  We want encouragement, support and a helping hand but that doesn’t often happen.  Today I want to give you a boast as I offer some suggestions to enable you to become your own life coach.  It takes dedication and discipline but you can achieve your end results by applying some of my business consulting techniques for your life.

First, make a list of the areas in your life that you want to improve upon and change.  Try to focus on just one specific need at a time.  This process is not supposed to overwhelm you so don’t load your plate, so to speak with too many things.

Second, once you have chosen that one specific need or situation that you want to change, write out clearly what is troubling you or causing you to falter.  Are you unhappy in your job or your home life?  Are you having difficulty getting started on a project or possibly cultivating a social life?   Stay focused on one specific need and then begin to write out an approach that you think might help you progress in a favorable way to reach your desired goal.   Remember as your own life coach, you are beginning to coach yourself in a positive way.  Give yourself a timeline, for example one to three months to reach your goal.   As a business consultant, I believe it is very important to always create manageable goals.

Third, Be creative in a positive way to seek out answers or solutions to your needs.  If your goal is to be more successful in your job, you will begin to become aware of different possibilities or procedures that will help you move in the direction of your successful line of thinking and/or approach.  Thinking outside of the box is a sure sign that you are utilizing your critical thinking skills.

Fourth, Now it’s time to ask yourself some valuable and possibly eye-opening questions that just might alter what you envision as your greatest needs.  What brings you joy and what do you visualize as your life’s purpose?  As your own life coach, it is helpful for you to truly identify the quality of life you want to experience.  As you begin to understand your strengths and weaknesses, you will be in a better position to set your sights on those areas that bring you great satisfaction and joy.  Now you are ready to visualize what your future is going to look like and begin living it in your mind’s eye.  Being your own life coach will enable you to open up new pathways that will help you live your life to the fullest.

May 15, 2017

Do You Value Yourself? 

Do you allow what others think about you determine your value or worth?  In truth, when you feel and believe in your personal self value and worth, you are stating that you recognize, appreciate, accept and confidently know you are worthy because you have something inside of you that is special.  You are a child of the most high God and for that one reason, you should feel good about who you are. Place your value on who you are not on how you perform or on what others say you are.  Your value should be based on your Source not on how you perform.  We all make mistakes and feel inadequate but your value should still be there and acknowledged.  It is your responsibility to empower yourself!

Do you have to prove that you are good enough to others or do you believe you are enough just the way you are?  In truth, you do not have to prove or approve of yourself through the eyes of others.  Popularity is not the marker that determines who you are.  When you empower yourself and know who you are, you are showing the world that you are okay just the way you are.  That truth is very freeing!  Take the pressure off yourself; you should feel good about yourself just because you are You.’

Don’t allow your identity to be caught up in what others say!  The best way to empower yourself is to get your value, self-worth and approval from your Source.  Your value and worth should be determined by how you feel and you should feel your value and worth within your heart and soul because that power only lies within your core.  That is how you transform your life and empower yourself!

Your value doesn’t come from people it comes from your Creator.  He made you in His image and likeness.  Just knowing that truth should be more than enough to not only say but also look at your self in the mirror and see yourself as amazing.  That simple gesture will set you up to transform your life for the better.

Tell yourself throughout the day, I am amazing, I am special, I am part of the most High Creator therefore, I have value and worth! Once you know your true worth and value, no one can ever make you feel worthless.  Transformation comes to those who have the courage, the strength and the wisdom to know how to empower themselves in a wonderful and worthwhile manner because they believe in who they are, their value and their worth!

May 2, 2017

Do You Have Double Standards?

Too often we are critical of those who don’t fit into the mold of what we call our friends or those who voice a different opinion then our self.  We make excuses for the attitudes or behavior of our friends but then we tear apart others who do the exact same thing.  We think it is OK to shun some people because we don’t like their way of thinking or their looks and yet we justify our actions because it serves our purposes.  We often lie to ourselves as we twist facts to support our beliefs and our conduct or even our need to be liked and noticed.   As a relationship expert, I label that type of conduct as living with double standards.

I have personally seen how people will maneuver to get closer to those whom they want to impress or gain their favor not because they actually like them but because they have an ulterior motive.  Possible they want support, or a job or even earn the attention of those whom they have been trying to attract for some hidden reason.  As a relationship expert and life coach, I can truly say with confidence that most people do not say what they mean, they do not do what they say they are going to do and they do not mean what they say.  During my career, I have coached many individuals who are suffering and feeling confused and baffled about their lives yet they choose not to take the high road and get to the root of their issues.  Instead they look outside of themselves for the answers and solutions.

So what exactly is a double standard?  A double standard is the application of different sets of values and principles for similar situations that you enforce to satisfy your ego mind and your intolerance of others for your personal gain.

To truly know your self is golden! Most people would enjoy a more fulfilling and comfortable life if they seriously took the time to discover their authentic self.  Everything in life evolves around relationships and good and healthy relationships are the happiest and most successful encounters that we can enjoy. As a life coach I have seen the sadness and hurt of people who lack the skills to develop healthy relationships.  Healthy relationships are necessary if we want to feel connected with others in a strong and uplifting way.

Each one of us has the talent and ability to become our own relationship expert if and when we willingly take the time to dig deep within ourselves and look honestly at our behavior, our attitude and the environment we surround our selves around. We seem to seek out relationships to satisfy our needs yet we refuse to face our needs and therefore, they are not being satisfied or fulfilled.

Now is the time to coach yourself, talk to yourself and look at yourself in the mirror hard and strong.  If you become a source of joy and inner peace for yourself, you will be better able to cultivate those types of relationships with others.  Stop living with double standards and face what it is that you ideally value and appreciate.  Self-observation is a great way to start!

April 26, 2017

Be Faithful in Your Routine

Too often we lost sight of our real purpose as we lose courage and strength.  We get caught up in the mundane activities of our daily routine and become apathetic! Don’t move into frustration or anxiety or even feeling hopeless because those states of mind will drag you down and stop you from reaching your highest potential.

When you are faithful in the routine and mundane aspects of your life, you will receive all that you desire and indeed you will be moving closer towards manifesting for your life.

This is the time to slow down your mind and say: This is the day the Lord has made.  Do what is right with a good attitude and remember to stay patient and stay in faith when life is not going your way.  Know that you are being prepared for your highest and best life. This is a time to trust and remain firm in your belief!  It is impossible to reach your highest potential when you fail to stay in faith and trust in the one who created you.

Staying faithful in your daily routine is what prepares you to reach and achieve all that you desire. Don’t talk yourself out of reaching your highest potential! When you feel like you are going in circles and you aren’t making much progress, that is the perfect time to take a reality check; stop thinking negative thoughts and stop moving into doubt and disbelief!  This is the time to move past your uncertainties and know that your greatness is coming to you if you remain faithful in the daily routine of your life.

Don’t be discouraged by all that is in front of you. Just because you don’t see your progress, believe that you are, indeed, moving forward because you are remaining faithful in your routine.

Accept the challenge!  Know that in order to reach your highest potential and manifest for your life, you will be miraculously changed and all that you desire will be presented to you in the most exciting and unexpected ways!   Stay disciplined in your attitude and behavior and stay encouraged because your greatness is right in front of you!

When you are faithful in the routine and ordinary aspects of your life, you are getting the attention of your Creator who is working to help you get all that you desire. This is the time to stay grounded, trust and believe that your Creator is raising you up and unexpectedly you will soon discover that your life has changed and your miracle is being presented to you!  Don’t let your attitude falter but rather become bright and Cheerful!   Maintain a good and positive behavior posture and always seek to place yourself within a healthy environment.

April 18, 2017

 Are you happy where you are right now?

Unconditional trust gives us all the tools we need right now to get through our difficulties.  Believe it or not, we, each one of us, have the grace to grow, accept and know that our lives are Divinely guided.  If you are a seeker of inner peace and desire to heal your life for your best, you need to be happy where you are at this moment in time.  When you allow your days to be satisfying, you are letting the world and more importantly, your Creator know that you are believing, trusting and living your life with a wonderful sense of inner peace and contentment.
Sometimes things don’t work out in your life the way you want yet that should not stop you from controlling the type of mood or attitude you choose to experience and/or express.  Our plans are not very often the plans designed by our Creator; however, I believe it is still important to live with an attitude of faith and trust knowing unconditionally that God has a reason for everything.  Often times it is not necessary for us to know all the reasons or answers.  What should be enough is that you are divinely protected; this one truth in itself should enable you to live with a wonderful sense of inner peace.
Discouragement is something we all experience but it should not be the barometer that determines our beliefs, our actions or our behavior.  Happiness and inner peace are a state of mind and in such we have the power within to choose the state we want to enjoy or experience at any given moment.  Unfortunately we will never understand all that is happening in our lives yet I believe it is part of our journey to stay vigilant, to strengthen our faith and trust in the Lord, our Creator who is also the designer of our lives.  Conditional trust will lead you in the wrong direction.  Unconditional faith and trust will keep you on the right path. That is the doorway that leads you towards the power to heal your life.
It is so easy to live in self-pity and doubt and when we move into those negative feelings, we are walking into the trap of the enemy.  To heal your life requires you to take the high road and not let worry or doubt weaken your resolve. Keep a smile on your face and know that for your life to be transformed requires you to trust in all the ways of the Lord.  Don’t limit your beliefs or your thinking and begin to live an empowered life by knowing that when you follow the ways of your Creator, He will deliver you to all that you seek in the right timing.

April 11, 2017

God created us to enjoy life

We are supposed to get up in the morning and appreciate the light of a new day.  We never know what is going to happen from one day to the next; however, it is up to us to take advantage of the beauty that is all around us. So today enjoy your day with gratitude and appreciation.  As Easter and Passover are upon us, make this a time of joy and gratification for all that you have.  If you are having a difficult time right now, think about changing your point of view and your attitude if you wish to transform your life for the better.

Maybe it is time to think about letting your life flow with loving kindness, first to yourself and then to others.  To transform your life means that you need to make some positive changes that will most definitely benefit you.

We undeniably live in uncertain times, so why not appreciate all that you have right in front of you.  Take advantage of the joy in your life, count your blessings and thank your Heavenly Creator for all that you have right now – in the present moment.  During this week of celebration, we wish you a loving, healthy and transformational Passover and Easter Sunday.  Create some lasting memories and remember that you were created to enjoy your life with laughter and inner peace.

April 4, 2017

Are you continually feeding yourself in a healthy way?

We get so busy living our daily lives that we forget to pay attention to the needs of our minds, body and spirit.  I realize it is difficult to stay on top of your craft, to stay in the game and to keep up pace with everyone else around you.  I want to remind you, however, it is important to stay focused and to make sure you are serving all of you not just your material needs if you expect to heal your life as you choose to also transform your life for the better.

Your primary job on Earth is to remember your purpose and meaning for being here.  Each one of us has a destiny to fulfill and to work towards but because we are trying to just get by everyday, we don’t take the time to slow down and reflect on our truth and our authentic needs.   When you realize the benefits you receive by staying in balance with your true identity, you will truly live your life in its fullest way.  When you constantly feed yourself in all directions you will most definitely be living your life in a healthy and balanced way.  It’s time to get plugged into your Higher Source who is ready, willing and able to show you how to transform your life so you can heal your life for your highest and best good.

There are some breakthroughs that can only be seen, heard and realized when you are in alignment with all of you.  Obstacles confront all of us but when you decide to feed yourself in a healthy way on a continual basis, you receive the benefits of being connected in a strong and supportive way from all aspects of your being including staying in alignment with your Infinite Intelligence.

You need to stay plugged in, committed and ready to proceed for the long haul of your life if you expect to transform your life for the better.  Every day you have the opportunity to transform your life as well as to heal your life when you are ready to tap into the three aspects of your being, your mind, body and spirit in a healthy and wholesome manner.  It’s time to appreciate your whole being and when you do, your life will be blessed as you also feed into the blessings.

March 29, 2017

We need one another to live our lives better

We live a more enjoyable life when we live and share with others within a community of support, encouragement and friendship.  We can be happy by our selves but our greatness comes when we work together and share experiences with others.  We become stronger when we are supported and encouraged by others; those who help bolster us up so we are empowered to reach our highest potential.  That is when joy, self-empowerment and support are being released in a healthy way.  Of course it is important to spend some quality time alone where we can reflect and meditate but balance is the answer to living a happy and fulfilling life.

There is power in connectivity!  When we come together in friendship, we heal our lives as we improve our behavior and attitude. We need each other to get through the highs and lows of life.  When we feel supported we feel better about life and ourselves and then we absolutely know we have the ability to reach our highest potential.  Our support team affords us the encouragement that lifts our spirit and helps us to perform at our best.

The scripture says” “When 2 or more are gathered in my name and in agreement, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” There is something real and wonderful when we adapt the concept of power in numbers.  Genuine and sincere conversation and connection with others has allowed me to learn and grow in ways that I, otherwise, would not have experienced. I have gained by being enlightened, awakened and sometimes challenged to get involved when I felt insecure.  Everyone wants to be thought of, cared about and remembered even it we refuse to admit it at times. To heal your life requires you to be open to receive and if you are isolated, you will not be able to receive what your Heavenly Father has deemed available for you.

Together we are better, stronger and more powerful.  Remember there is power in connectivity! Yes there are many things we can do by ourselves; however, when we choose to make time to connect and share with others, our lives become more meaningful and more fulfilling. Man wasn’t created to live alone; we all feel better and are more content when we interact and share with others.  That exchange of energy has the potentiality of helping us reach our highest potential in awesome ways.  Sometimes when we share our hurts and pains we are given the opportunity to see things in a different way and quite possibly bring to light the experiences or events that have been holding us back in darkness.    When we turn the light bulb on in our mind and see life differently we are opening the door to heal our lives in a huge way.  Maybe it is time for you to cultivate new and wonderful relationships with those who will impact your life in a most rewarding way?

March 7, 2017

Do you think you are living at a disadvantage?

If you believe you are disadvantaged in your life and that is why you can’t get ahead, that is exactly how your life will play out.   It is impossible for you to have all the advantages that life has to offer if you don’t believe it is possible for you and that it belongs to you too!  If you want to manifest for your life you must get rid of a lack mentality and develop an abundant mentality.

Keep thanking your Creator for all that you expect to receive.  This is what faith is all about.  Your circumstances may tell you otherwise, but your belief and faith tells you that at any moment, you will be receiving all of your best joys.  Expect to see your life improve, expect to receive all that you are craving to experience, expect that your Creator is delivering to you all that you are seeking.  That is how you manifest for your life.   When we live in lack and limitations, we block our growth and possibilities.

Maybe it’s time for you to raise up and seek to reach your highest potential by being in gratitude, appreciation and praise to your Creator for all that you expect to receive.  If you expect your life to be better you must think better thoughts and believe in your Creator to deliver what you are seeking.  God can make things happen without a logical source.  His ways are higher and better than we can explain and when you keep your faith, stay in gratitude and believe in a Source far greater than yourself becuase everything is possible!  You will manifest for your life when you are, without a shadow of a doubt, doing your part to reach your highest potential.  It’s time to embrace God’s plan for you and keep Him first place in your heart. Know that blessings will be handed to you and good breaks that you didn’t see will be coming into your life.  Stop feeling disadvantaged and feeling less than, instead stay on the high road control your mind and believe that your Creator will deliver to you in His timing.  Make sure you let good seeds take root!

February, 20 2017

Are Obstacles Stopping You?

I believe that obstacles are like landmines that must be stepped over and zigzagged around if you want to stay in the game.  If you have an end goal in sight, you are better prepared to keep your focus and stay alert so you don’t trip up and fall down.

It is probably safe to say that with each joyful and successful achievement, we struggle through the landmines.  Life is meant to be lived joyfully but along the way to our joy on the journey of fulfillment, we will come across the ditches and roadblocks that are part of the journey.  In life, we will miss our direction and feel defeated simply because we refused to go through the typical struggles that everyone faces as they are seeking their greatest joy.  If you are not willing to fight for your unprecedented greatness, you will fail to learn the lesson needed to reach your highest potential. Success is always wrapped around one’s ability to empower himself or herself.  Nothing ever comes to those who refuse to step up and rise up to stay on the right course.

Our minds are strong instrument that can be molded and shaped to follow our lead so as to be better prepared to work towards our goals.  Your state of mind is important. You must keep it pure and uplifted if you want to maintain a healthy attitude of mind, body and spirit.  That is why it is vital for your success for you to take charge of your thoughts. To reach your highest potential for your life requires you to choose your thoughts, choose the path you want to follow and choose to make effective decisions that could help you build the momentum you need to reach your destination.

When you understand the power of your inner being, the power of the Infinite Intelligence who resides inside of you and the power of your choices, you are definitely taking responsibility for your life.  Isn’t it time to empower yourself so that you can and will reach your highest potential?  Discipline, patience and a strong belief in the power of the Infinite Intelligence are tools that will lead you towards your destiny.  Empower yourself today, don’t let doubt, obstacles or discouragement talk you out of your greatest joy.

February, 6 2017

Your Greatest Joys are in Your Future!

You will continually be challenged and thoughts will surface that cause you to doubt and ask yourself, “what if” this or that doesn’t work out!  Our minds like to play tricks on us; however, it is your responsibility to empower yourself and choose to feed your mind with positive words, thoughts, and beliefs that will put a spark in your step, some joy in your heart and a smile on your face.  You, each one of us, has a responsibility to feed our minds with all those things that will improve our outlook and show us how to feel empowered and full of possibilities.

Don’t miss the new things that are being prepared for you!  Choose to hang around with those who uplift you, who are forward thinking and who look at life and their world in a positive and upbeat way.  The wrong people can talk you out of your dreams and feed you with doom and gloom.

You have dreams that are ready to be brought into your reality.  It’s time to stoke your passion, energize your mind and awaken your imagination so you are better prepared to empower yourself to break out of the limitations of your past and get excited about the new adventure you are about to explore.

If your life isn’t flowing maybe it means that the current path is not your right path?  Don’t keep pushing for something that is not meant to be for you.  Feel into your heart and soul and welcome your intuition to help you move in the right direction.  It’s time to become your own intuitive expert and let your inner gut, your sixth sense, keep you on the right path.  Trust yourself, empower yourself and soon you will see the light.  Don’t let fear or worry take you out!  When you lean on your Creator and surrender to His plan, your life improves and shifts.

When you are ready to let go of the past and seek out the new you are fulfilling your destiny.  That is why it is important to not put energy into your past and start putting energy into your present and future.  Pray in gratitude that your life is about to improve, be rich and flow gloriously with the abundance of the Infinite Intelligence.  Keep your eye forward!

January, 23 2017

Don’t Water what you Don’t Want

don't water what you don't want

Water only those things that you desire!  If you continually water the weeds in your life, they will flourish and prosper. That is why you should only water and nurture those things, whether thoughts, ideas or hopes that you want to see grow. You can’t feed you past and your future at the same time!  Maybe it’s time for you to feed your faith, your trust in a Source greater than yourself and learn how to water and nurture that wonderful powerful source of all goodness.


Don’t use your energy to feed your past history.  May I suggest that you instead utilize your energy to feed your destiny!  What happened in the past is your history and it is behind you.  If you are choosing to move into a New Season for your life and reach your highest potential, you will need to focus on all that you want to receive new and in the future.  Too often we feel sick or anxious about our lives because we are feeding our minds with junk food, negativity and past hurts. To heal your life requires you to stop feeding your insecurity!  It is time for you to feed what you value and want to receive.  You cannot restore your mind or body by continually dragging it down with hurt, pain, resentment or discontent.    It is important to know that what you don’t feed will eventually die.  That is why I suggest that you stop giving energy to your past experiences and all the weeds of your life and start watering positive thoughts, hopeful pathways and experiences.


You need to put your sights on your end goal, on your hopes, your desires and all that you seek to receive for your life.  You cannot get well if you are always re-opening the wounds, the pains of the past.  The only way to heal your life is to stop feeding the past.  STOP holding onto all that happened before because whatever you focus on, you are feeding and what ever you are feeding, is where you are placing all of your energy.  Never doubt that whatever you feed is what you will grow!  It’s time for you to start moving forward if you truly want to achieve your highest potential in this lifetime!  No doubt there is a season for everything, like a season of mourning and/ or suffering.  But don’t let the season of pain,  of frustration and all that you are mourning or regretting dictate how you are living your life today.  To heal your life and reach your highest potential, you are the one who needs to change where you are placing your focus, your energy and then stay present as you place all of your attention on what you are craving to experience.

January, 9 2017

Sometimes We Think the Odds are Against Us?

odds against usSometimes we think that the odds are against us; however, in truth, the glorious flow of the Infinite Intelligence is working with you, for you and through.  The problem is that we don’t believe it is possible and we think that the odds are against us because we don’t feel smart enough, valuable enough and most of all worthy.


It is time for you to stop limiting your words and start verbalizing your highest potential by declaring what you want to manifest for your life.  It looks like we set up ourselves daily to stop our growth by using limiting words and thoughts.  Sometimes you may feel like the underdog but you have a powerful force and source within you that cannot be defeated!  Only you will defeat you when you limit your possibilities by defining who you are with your words and thoughts that are limiting.


It’s time for you to change your thinking!  It’s time to watch the words that come out of your mouth and yes, it’s time to let your Creator show you how to reach your highest potential.


I would like to suggest that if you truly want to manifest your for your life your greatest desires, you will need to speak to your Creator daily and be in gratitude and thanksgiving for all that you have right in front of you.  Gratitude is the key that will unlock the door to your greatness.  Visualize the future you want, visualize and feel into the future you want to live.  Express your gratitude to your Infinite Intelligence and say ‘Thank you’ for the life you are about to develop and receive.  To reach your highest potential, you need to express with your words all that you expect to become.  To manifest for your life requires you to believe without a shadow of a doubt that it is more than possible; it is part of your living testimony that belongs to you.


Today, dare to believe in yourself and the Infinite Intelligence that lives within you.  With God’s help nothing is impossible.  It’s time for you to stop limiting your words, your thoughts and believe that you are moving into a new life that is limitless!

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