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I am extremely proud to tell you about this fabulous work that I can guarantee will prepare you and your life for a great, wonderful change.  It is called: “Love-Heal-Fulfill The Gift of Knowing You“. I would best describe this book as a study-book; a guide and course in learning how to get to the root cause of many of your problems and challenges that surface daily in your life.  This is true for all of us-once you discover the source and learn how to heal it, you do not need to have that same experience ever again!  My E-book is a compilation of vignettes from my clients, 5 meditations that go through a process to enable you to clear out the old, release all that no longer serves you and then re-connect with the beautiful part of you that is crying out to get your attention

The process that is shared is tried and true; the people whose lives have changed in miraculous ways is true and your ability to achieve the same for your life will be true too, once you begin the journey and make a commitment to yourself that you absolutely want to heal and live a fulfilling life right now. The work, guidance, support and healing that can take place from reading my book and doing the meditations is truly miraculous!

I believe each one of us have the power within our heart and soul to heal-if we want to!  If you are seeking a physical healing, you first need to deal with your emotional issues so they can heal. When you truly heal at the deepest level anything is possible. This is the work I have done on myself and thousands of my clients have also done in order to create a better way of living for themselves.


The first section of this book I go into detail on relationships and in this section you will truly see and understand how your life is set up for you. Whether you are single or looking to strengthen a relationship there is so much meat and material for you to truly say I get it now.  Then you will be able to shift.


Every thing in life is relationship in order to truly heal you have to build a deep relationship with your own self.  You need to stop looking for external people or situations to make you feel better.


The Healing Section is where I take you on several journeys during two very powerful meditations.  In these meditations, you will be able to heal a specific event or situation that is still playing out in your life today.  Trust me, until you ideally purify and connect with the age of a specific situation, it will always be a part of you and your experiences as it continues to play havoc in your life.


website-banner-jmwThe last section is all about connecting with your heart and putting it all together. 


I can honestly say I am extremely proud of this E-Book because I know what it can do for you and many others like you who want to awaken to the truth and finally heal.  I am so grateful to all my students and the work they have done because it is the work they have done that has helped me rise up as a teacher and a student to move my focus and attention in this direction. As you read through the parts of this E-Book and study what will serve you best, you will soon learn to love yourself more completely, heal distress and then come to a place where you are feeling fulfilled, possibly for the first time in your life. 


This E-Book is only $ 19.97 and worth every cent!  It is now available on Amazon or my web site on the home page. 

What I know for sure this book will do for you:

1.  Teach you how to get rid of the emotions that are weighing you down.
2.  Create emotional freedom in love and life.
3.  Help you dig deep into your Soul to create permanent shifts
4.  Learn the 3 Stages of Cellular healing
5.  You will open up to a whole other level of intuition
6.  Allow you to understand The 7 stages of a relationship
7.  Help you to discover the imprints inside of you that you did not know were actually  controlling your life.
8.  I want you to crave so much more than sugar or heartache or struggle
9.  Examine the truth of when you have given up on yourself and where you have betrayed your authentic self.
10. The 12 Characteristics or Layers of love.
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