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Free Downloadable Meditations – Enjoy

Here you will find a number of FREE tools to assist you in your personal growth as you continue your path to self-realization.  Check back often.

A conversation with your soul, your authentic self as you allow the truth of who you are to be revealed. It is no longer necessary to pretend. It is time to accept your authentic self, make peace, and heal. This is a 19-minute meditation

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Angel Meditations

You Are Not Alone

1) Angel Pashar & Sandolphon Click here to download Meditation # 1-

Angel Paschar, the Angel of Vision and Angel Sandalphon, the Angel of Empowerment

2) Angel Chamuel Click here to download Meditation # 2-

Angel Chamuel, the Angel of Love

3) Angel Michael Click here to download Meditation # 3-

Angel Michael, the Angel of Safety and Protection

4) Angel Raphael Click here to download Meditation # 4-

Angel Raphael, the Angel of Healing

5) Angel Uriel Click here to download Meditation # 5-

Angel Uriel, the Angel of Calm and Relaxation

6) Angel Jophiel Click here to download Meditation # 6-

Angel Jophiel, the Angel of Clear Thinking and Creativity