Updated: September 8, 2016
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Joan Marie Whelan invites you to become a partner in her growing Company as she encourages individuals and organizations interested in personal and professional growth for themselves to discover tools to benefit both self and others. Through her in-depth program focusing on the re-awakening of one’s own intuitive powers, Joan Marie is offering various E-Books plus Lecture and Meditation Series which will help individuals heal from their blocks, change their perception, attitude and behavior and even possibly the environment in which they live, work and/or play.  Joan Marie, as the Intuitive Specialist and Lifestyle Coach is delivering life-altering experiences that participants are looking for.
By becoming a Affiliate Associate with Joan Marie and promoting her life-altering products, you will become the catalyst for changing the lives of many.  You will be automatically rewarded for the people you refer to us who purchase insightful training from the products like :  “How to Tap into Your Intuitive Powers.”  As you peruse through her products and even possibly listen to some of her video’s you will soon realize that the power within you can and will be ignited as you heal your life and transform your life.
The program is simple!  Simply sign up today to become an Affiliate Associate with Joan Marie Whelan by clicking on the button above or at the bottom of this page.
You will automatically receive your personal Affiliate Associate link and Associate ID.  When you refer people, and they purchase a product, such as, “How to Tap into your Intuitive Powers” or any other of Joan Marie’s products, you will receive a 20% Cash Commission, paid to you one month after payment is made in full.  We will provide you with:
  • Your own Personal Administrative Area to enable you to track your earnings, stats and sales in real time.
  • Professional Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools all pre-coded with your unique tracking ID.
  • There is an Affiliate Support Center that allows you to create links, and process reports 24/7.


Let me count the ways…first, you decide how much income you want to make.  We are a growth company focused on creating an empowered way to live, work and play.  Need I say more!  Joan Marie Whelan is spending a great deal of time on the road marketing her gifts and her products.  In other words, as she is growing, and creating more products, so are you!  While you are sleeping, the benefits continue.
  • Potential to earn Unlimited Cash
  • Flexibility to decide how much Income You Want to Make
  • Personal satisfaction knowing that you are helping people transform their lives
  • Earn Residual Income for Years!
All you need to do is CLICK below to sign up as an Affiliate Associate with Joan Marie, receive your Affiliate Associate Link and tracking ID.  You may also want to review the Terms and Conditions and Policies below.If you have any questions, please email us at: affiliates@joanmariewhelan.com
Thank you in advance for your interest in becoming an Affiliate Associate with Joan Marie…together we will “Create an Empowered Way to Live, Work and Play.


Our Affiliates Associate Coordinator, Charles Colemon, has graciously made himself available to help you get started.  If you need help in getting this program and the products on your site and getting everything running, Charles will for the first month get you connected and show you how to do it for FREE  After that time, there will be a nominal fee for his services.
For 1 – 3 products  –  $9.95
4 – 7  products  –  $14.95
8 – ALL Products – $25.95
The fee will be taken out of the monthly Commission check.  In other words, your monthly commission check less the service fee charge.  If you have any questions with regards to this program, please feel free to contact Charles at:  affiliates@joanmariewhelan.com


Affiliate Associates who refer to Joan Marie Whelan for the purchase of her products qualify for 20% Cash Commissions when the individual or organization has paid in full for the product(s) either shipped or completed Commissionable dollars are paid when the product is purchased.
The “Commissions Due” are only payable once the commissionable items have been paid for in full and fulfilled.
Commissions will be paid 30 days after the participant referred by the Affiliate Associate has fully paid for the program and or product.
Should a participant cancel product and the cost the product has been refunded for any reason, NO Cash Commissions will be paid out for that product.  This rule applies even when a cancellation fee has been retained by Joan Marie Whelan and /or Serenity House for administrative changes occurred.
All Affiliate Associates must conduct themselves with integrity at all times when promoting Joan Marie Whelan and /or Serenity House and the products of the company.  Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House reserves the right to revoke the Affiliate Associate’s status should the Affiliate Associate be considered to have abused the integrity of Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House.
Joan Marie Whelan will make every effort to keep her website current and operational; however, technical difficulties may arise from time to time, resulting in temporary service interruptions.  Joan Marie Whelan or her companies will not be held responsible for such interruptions and any subsequent loss of Associates commissions.
To be sure Affiliate Associates contacts are tracked effectively, contacts must click on the Affiliate Associates web link exactly as provided by Joan Marie Whelan and Serenity House.  Joan Marie Whelan or Serenity House is not responsible for human error or technical difficulties that occur when a person is registering while using the Affiliate Associates link.  We shall not be liable to you for failure by you to properly use the Affiliate Associate web link, even if such failure results in the reduction of referral fees due to you under this Agreement.
Affiliate Associates can refer clients, friends to Joan Marie Whelan and her products at no charge by having the participant register through their personalized affiliate link.
When a participant is an acquaintance of two or more Affiliate Associate , only the Affiliate Associate indicated by the participant will receive credit for the referral.  The Participant’s word is final.
The Affiliate Associate is responsible for maintaining a current e-mail address via the Affiliate web site.  Joan Marie Whelan or Serenity House will not be responsible for e-mail communications not received by Affiliate Associates.
Joan Marie Whelan and /or Serenity House reserves the right to change any part of this agreement at any time.  The Affiliate Associate will be notified by email about any material changes to this agreement at which time the Affiliate Associate may withdraw within two weeks of receiving such notice.  Withdrawal must be received in writing by Joan Marie Whelan and /or Serenity House during which time the previous agreement will be in force.
The Affiliate Associate agrees to abide by Joan Marie Whelan’s and Serenity House Anti-Spam Policy
Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House reserves the right to disallow any given person or company into the Affiliate Associates Program at its sole discretion.
Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, at its sole discretion.
In entering into this agreement, the Affiliate Associate in no way becomes a partner, agent, representative or employee of Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House and may not represent themselves as such.
Only those agreements that have been accepted by Joan Marie Whelan and Serenity House will be considered valid and in effect.
Participation in the Affiliate Associates Program is de-facto proof of the Affiliate’s acceptance of the Affiliate Associate’s Agreement in its entirety.

Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House is committed to permission-based e-mail marketing practices.  We have established a no-tolerance Anti-Spam Policy.  Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House may update this policy and provide notice of any changes on its home page.  Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of our Anti-Spam Policy.

Spam is defined as commercial e-mail or unsolicited bulk email, including junk mail, which has not been requested by the recipient.  Spam is the opposite of permission-based e-mail.
Spam is not an accepted promotion technique and Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House does not condone or engage in Spam and does not tolerate Spam of any form.
Any one who signs up on any of Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House websites for programs, products, or for any other reason provide their e-mail address, gives Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House permission to send information on Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House programs, products, events, workshops or service to said email address. Joan Marie Whelan and/or Serenity House does not sell, share or trade our subscriber list with anyone for any reason and you may unsubscribe at any time.


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