CDs by Joan Marie Whelan, The Intuitive Specialist

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Forgiveness Healing – This CD is in two parts.  The first section shares insights on how one can achieve healing and forgiveness in his or her life.  The second section is a beautiful and loving meditation on healing and forgiveness that will leave the listener feeling total love and oneness with the Universal flow. A GREAT GIFT IDEA…both for you and the ones you love!
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Treasure Chest – This guided meditation is a journey into self – that is self discovery…enabling you to release the old baggage that has been weighing you down and awakening to the real treasure that has been buried inside of you.
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The Golden Flame Lecture and Meditation – A MANIFESTING TOOL: The purpose of the Golden Flame Meditation is to allow you to own your hearts desires at a much deeper level; thus facilitating you to create your life’s destiny in the here and now.  Feel the Golden Flame within your very core, healing a physical problem, situation or circumstance in your life.
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