Meditative Theory


If you have not learned to meditate, now is the time to start. The benefits are life altering and rewarding. A growing body of research has shown that the ancient practice of meditation can lower blood pressure, stress, anxiety, headaches and improve the quality of your life. Anger, depression and hot flashes might even be eliminated.!

Meditation has been around since the beginning of time. It is closely linked with Buddhism, the Tibetan monks, Moses, the Christ in the Christian faith and the practice of yoga in the Hindu tradition. People have always sought inner quiet or silence to calm themselves, achieve spiritual comfort, self-realization or simple to help resolve a problem or situation in their lives. Through meditation, the brain wave patterns change within the alpha state where endorphins are released. It is this chemical trigger that provides the benefits that are experienced as a felling of well-being occurs. Through a regular program of meditation, an individual’s improved state of well-being can continue over long lengths of time, varying with each individual, thus improving a persons quality of life.

Meditation is simple the act of going within, quieting yourself and sitting in a calm and resolute way where you simply breathe in and breathe out and stop the activity of your mind. Do not think about the past. Do not think about the future. This is the time to simply be in the present moment. There are no rules, no regulations, no judgement calls. You can say a mantra or concentrate on breathing in/breathing out.

Meditation is the tool needed to ground your life and enable you to feel the natural joy, peace and balance flow. Thus, when the storms or hurricanes of life come your way, you will be an observer to the chaos, not a participant. What a marvelous shift from the old way of thinking! You no longer need to wear the victim or martyred robes that the old paradigm dictates. You are now so grounded and centered in your body that you simply watch the storm of pain and anger pass through you…it does not stay in you! You may find that those stuck in the old paradigm will ask you for a helping hand. This will be your opportunity to help others grow and release. At that moment, you will not only be the giver of the gift but the receiver of one of the greatest gifts on earth…the gift of love. As this gift of love and compassion pours from you, you will be spreading more positive healing seeds in the world that has been filled with so much cow manure. The beautiful buds and fruits of this gift will begin to blossom all around you and positive change will simply happen. You will notice the energy shift in you and your consciousness of the world around you will begin to take on a new shape and meaning.

In my book: “Hello, Is Anybody Listening?” I have dedicated an entire chapter on the way to meditate. You can find this book Here