Hello Is Anybody Listening

A short overview

Have you had enough pain in your life yet? What if you could learn to improve the quality of your life by changing your attitudes, behavior and environment…would you be interested? Contained within the pages of this book,”Hello…Is Anybody Listening” are the solutions to your life’s problems. Are you ready to hear them? This book will give you a road map to follow that will enable you to hear the message that your Inner Child, Your Inner Intelligence, is trying desperately to share.

Each one of us has the power within to heal… we just haven’t remembered how to tap into this power. Peace, joy, laughter and prosperty are our birthright. The wisdon gained in reading this book will enable you to quiet the mind, feed the soul, heal the body and gain inner peace.

We often try to share encouraging words of hope to others but frequently the intended receiver misses the message. They are so involved in their own fear and pain that they don’t hear it. “Hello…Is Anybody Listening!?” is the outcry of the author who has spent many hours sending messages of healing love and light to those in need yet they simply stand like wooden soldiers numb, cold and unresponsive. Most of us are looking for a quick fix to cure all our ills, whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

Why are we humans so conditioned by sensationalism and the low-based energies of fear, hatred, anger and resentment that we refuse to slow down or calm down long enough to think or even ask a simple common sense question. Is there a better way? Was I born simply to suffer hurts, lack or abuse?

The pages that follow share life experiences, quotes and thoughts that will stir the heart, mind and soul to inspire, encourage and awaken the reader to improve the quality of their life by choosing to make changes in their mind, body and spiritual attitudes. Love conquers all! Start singing its praises. Indeed, Love is in the air.. begin to internalize the meaning of this word. Knowing that one person at a time, we can change our thinking and outlook…if we make the choice. Our destiny is to re-discover that we are love and we can return to love if we choose. There is a small light burning within each one of us waiting to be acknowledged. You are not alone. Once you discover the small flicker of light within you, you will know that you are on your right path.

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This book has been deemed a masterpiece by those who have read it and have called to sing its praises because it has helped them align their thoughts and body to be one. “Indeed, this book will help the world.” It provides a solution to life’s problems presented in an easy and gentle flow as the reader begins the ongoing process of growing, changing and re-membering why he/she is here and how he/she can experience that inner peace and tranquility that is our destiny.

Thank you for coming to this site. I hope you have gained information that will help you as you journey through life. My wish to you is for laughter and joy as you move forward.

Remember…The power is within you!

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