Meditative Practices

For an Immediate Sense of Calm and Well-Being 
Meditation is a powerful release valve. It is a relaxation approach now being recognized and accepted around the world. Through meditation, one can release stress, anger, frustration, fear and all the other low-based energies that I so frequently speak of. A growing number of doctors and research suggests that the ancient practice of meditation can lower blood pressure and heart rate. More and more it is being proven that the primary cause of sickness and dis-ease is caused by stress and anxiety and that quiet comtemplation, prayer, reflection or simply concentrating on your breathing can create many positive results.

What is Meditation You Might Ask… and Where Did it Come From? 
Meditation has been around since the beginning of time. People have always sought a inner peace and quiet, a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relaxation…a haven to feed their soul and connect with their Inner Soul, their Inner Child. Quite simply put… meditation is just “Being.” It is a state where you can go, anytime you want and simply “BE” in the present moment. Many people find that their lives are so completely programed with the demands of their jobs, family, friends or organized extra cirricular activities that they have absolutely NO TIME to just “BE.” I would like to share with you a few exercises and practices that you will be able to implement into your live without putting you further in a state of stress or worry. Allow this sight to help you reach within your Inner Self and find a happy balance.

There are many practices that can be utilized to assist you in quieting the mind, so that you can heal the body, feed the soul and gain inner peace. I will only mention a few…but I will focus on the labyrinth which is a powerful tool and pracatice that I have used in my workshops. We also sell finger labyrinths in our store. They are the perfect tool to carry in your pocket or briefcase. When ever you feel overwhelmed, or unable to cope in a particular situation, simply pull out the labyrinth and let your fingers walk through it Äit is also powerful to simply put your hand on it, clear your mind and allow the Universal Force to flow through you and assist you in resolving the situation in a clear headed, calm and peaceful manner.

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