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Below is a small sample of what a few of our clients had to say about their experiences working with Joan Marie.


I just wanted to thank you for our session last week. You were so on target that it was just an amazing experience for me. You have such a gift and I hope it makes your life more enjoyable and does not cause you stress. I ordered a few CD’s so I can continue with the healing. Thank you, thank you and God bless. Regards,
~Cindi LA
Hi Joanmarie, I just want to tell you how fun it was to have you back on the “radio.” I love listening to you on the “Joan Marie Whelan Hour”. You are always so fun and uplifting and your laugh is contagious.
Your loyal listener,
JM – You were terrific on our radio show! Very psychic, very accurate, fun, and quick on the uptake. Let’s do it again. Thank you again for your wonderful air time with us. ~Joyce & Co.
Ok- THAT was AWESOME!!!! YOU are so adorable and funny and empathetic with everyone Joan! I was blessed to be in the room! I am so glad you got to my friend (father passed in the fire) . She really needed to hear what you had to say. I didn’t want to crowd you afterwards because there were people there who really needed to talk to you. I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the healing that took place in that room, & how beautiful & talented you are! I have a feeling you’ve told me everything I need to know for right now. You know, you have a bit of a comedian in you… your timing is excellent! very funny. ~Shari A
I have heard you on the radio, nobody is as detailed as you. ~Stephen
I just wanted to say thank you for your post today about healing. I really needed to have that reminder today after an upsetting morning. Your words really resonated with me ~Amy
I got your “Soul Discovery” book on Saturday. Tonight I opened it about to dig in and I saw your wonderful note to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It is so special. Thank you for continually believing in me and helping me to grow in the path of the amazing . Sending you so much love! ~Monique