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Joan Marie is a lady with a mission. She is an author, life coach and a lecturer currently residing in Southern Florida. Her objective is to help people awaken to their true potential by taking back command of their lives through the process of changing the way they act, think and live. As an intuitive, Joan Marie considers herself as a “seed planter” and through her techniques/approach both men and women will broaden their learning. She achieves this by heightening individual’s self-awareness, improving their daily performance and enhancing their quality of life.

Originally from Teaneck, (NJ) Joan Marie graduated in Business at Dunbarton College in Washington, DC before becoming a real estate broker and appraiser. It was in this role that she became aware of the stress, trauma and anger that many of her clients encountered. This caused Joan Marie to realize the necessity of inner healing through self -awareness. Subsequently, she started to conduct seminars on personal growth through inner-love and inner-peace.

Joan Marie has committed her life to the study of human relations and how emotions play an important role in our growth and development. She has taken counseling courses through the International Conference on Science and Consciousness. According to Joan Marie, everybody has an “Inner Child” (or Inner Intelligence). This is the part of an individual’s true-identity that is often overshadowed by the “Ego Mind” which aims to be heard and continually competes for our attention. As part of Ambrose’s approach to self-discovery, Ambrose focuses on the power of self- awareness and the individual’s willingness to seek and grow through self-reflection, releasing and healing, which she readily agrees takes commitment. The bottom line is: “What you say and what you believe, you will become. Joan Marie believes it is only through altering our beliefs, attitudes, behavior and environment that we can grow as individuals and as a world.”

In the recently published book “Hello’Is Anybody Listening?” Joan Marie answers the questions many have about how they can achieve a lasting life of peace, inner peace, balance, joy and love. Joan Marie places a strong emphasis on love with the clear understanding that she means – inner-love. The central theme of the book is the power the individual has to heal his or her own mind, body and spirit. Ambrose recommends that when individuals tap into this “power” they will be able to fulfill their life’s destiny which she believes is a life of good health, prosperity and inner peace.

Joan Marie lectures on various topics to aid people in overcoming stress, anger and depression. Ambrose shares the same first name as her daughter, Joan Marie Whelan who is an Intuitive Lifestyle Coach and Energy Healer. The pair travels the country as an inspirational mother/daughter team, hosting workshops and seminars as they spread messages of hope, love and peace. People want to create meaning and purpose in their lives and this unique mother/daughter team has the right message.

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