Manifest Your Life – Create What You Will

manifest your lifeManifest your Life. There is a distinct difference between transforming your life and manifesting your life.  Transforming your life is shifting.  Manifesting your life is receiving.  So when you transform and shift into your core essence of your true power you will manifest without a shadow of a doubt.

Whether you realize it or not, we are always manifesting.  Every thought, idea, and feeling that is brought into our consciousness is manifesting in one way or another in our daily lives.  If we are continually focusing on the past experiences, or our hurts and pains, we are actually bring more of the same into our present lives, if, however, we wisely and consciously bring into our thought process, positive feelings, beliefs and ideas that we want to materialize in the present moment, we are actually making ready for that to happen.  For example, if you continually say and believe that you are worthy of achieving more in your life whether it be a better career, improved health or an improved physical appearance, you project an energy of worthiness and confidence that eventually attracts a like experience into your life.

You have the power within You

Please do not be misled by this word:  to manifest!  It has become a big catchword today as many are trying to suck you into their programs or gimmicks. Yes, you have the power within you to manifest but the caveat is that it requires work and great effort on your part.  If you are not willing to dig deep within your soul so that you can and will get to the root of your issues, you will not be able to manifest what you seek. The answers lie within you.  They will not be found in the outside world.  Your life cannot improve and get better, if you are unwilling to explore what and who you are.  Each and every experience you encounter starts on the inside of you and eventually filters outward.  All the thoughts and ideas that you form and the energy that you put towards those thoughts will dictate your experiences; your thoughts and energy create your reality and that is what we call manifesting in your life.


Allow the power of your intention and attention to turn your thoughts into reality. When you consciously intent to manifest something, be consistent, repetitive and firmly believe that you now have the desired outcome, then let go of the outcome and allow the Universal Energy to take over.

I can help show you the way

My book entitled: “The Art of Manifesting”  will show you the process that is needed to help you gain the clarity in your life that you aremanifest your life seeking.  Life is a process and as you progress on your journey of self-discovery, you will soon realize that you are not the same person you were when you started reading this book.  You will grow and move away from many of your limiting beliefs and learn how to open your heart and mind towards all the limitless possibilities that await you.

Believe it or not, this is a very exciting time in the Universe; boundless possibilities await you. Continue to keep your vibration high and try not to falter. Trusting the process of life and feeling the excitement of it unfolding in front of you is the energy that fuels the fire for art of Manifesting. The pulse of your vibration will determine the power of your manifestation.

Let your Inner Wisdom be Your Guide

Life is all about experiences. All the books that you read, the courses that you participate in and the knowledge that you gain are worthless unless you begin to apply them in your life.  I do not equate life with good or bad but with experiences. Some I have enjoyed more than others but nonetheless they all have been learning experiences. We all share the same inner wisdom—No one receives more than another. It doesn’t work that way with the Universe. It is a free gift from our Creator. The only difference is what we each do with the gift. Some people are more aware of it than others and therefore, learn how to take advantage of its benefits.

Manifest your life

The Art of Manifesting

In order to manifest in your life, you must clean your energy field, and continue to remove internal blocks that have been paralyzing you and your progress in life.  Another important principle to grasp is that in order to manifest in your life, you will need to become a partner with the Universe.  Within the pages of my book, “The Art of Manifesting”,  I teach you and train you to become a perfect team member with the Universe 24/7.  You are partnering with the Universal flow of energy.  It is imperative that you have a conversation with this energy and allow it to teach you how to perform and function all day long.

Your Moments are Just Moments

We all have good days and bad days. I also can get annoyed and angry. We don’t live in a perfect world and everything in life will not always go your way.  I, too, have many unsettling moments and challenges that arise and yes, I get upset!  However, I have learned to deal with each moment as they come and for me it is non-negotiable! I refuse to become depressed and think my whole day is ruined.  It is far better to feel into the truth of the moment and sincerely be present with how I wish to deal with it.  Yes, some experiences are not pleasant.  I realize that, but I refuse to allow those disruptive experiences to dictate how my day turns out.  When I relax my energy and calm down, I am in a better position to co-creating with the Universe.  This approach allows me to come from a position of strength.

Your success in life depends on your ability to nurture and cherish your good feelings. I need you to be clear on the attitude you would like to cultivate regularly. In order for you to have wonderful experiences and for your life to flow without comparing it to someone else, I encourage you to develop an attitude full of gratitude. Are you judgmental or critical or is your heart pure and sincere?

Your Attention is Your Best Resource

Never forget – what you focus and place your attention on is what you will manifest. Okay, you finally got it! Now it is time for you to make sure you craft your life full of fun and excitement and permit joy to become be a part of your life. All day long think about what you want with joyful expectancy. As you visualize the outcome you desire, that should bring a smile to your face. If you allow your life to become an extension of your greatest desires, you will fulfill your dreams and you will manifest in your life.

As I said before, the journey requires your full attention. It takes your determination and strong conviction that what you are seeking is truly worth it.  Make sure you schedule you into your life.  Many of my students have had huge transformations and you can enjoy them too.  It requires your dedication and total belief that it is not only possible for you but also guaranteed.  It will happen in the perfect timing of the Universe, when you do your work.




Joan Marie,


Thank you so much for showing me how to manifest in my life — it has really changed my perspective on how I think and how I approach the opportunities in my life.  What an incredible decision to decide to be the leader of your own life.  Things still are not always easy but it is an amazing transformation.




“If you’re ready for instant clarity and resolution, Joan Marie Whelan is ‘THE’ person to help you.

Not only did Joan help me clarify a deep-rooted core limitation; she linked it (re-framed as a gift), to my core desire in life.   For the first time in my life, I had a glimpse of absolute clarity about who I am and why I am here.

Joan Marie’s powerful guidance revolutionized my mindset; de-mystifying ‘what truly inspires me’ and laying down solid steps towards manifesting it. Her gift is priceless.”

Phoebe from Ontario, Canada