Relationship Expert- Joan Marie Whelan discusses:

Learning to embrace and receive pure love is all about Building a Relationship with yourself. – Relationship Expert Joan Marie Whelan


Relationship Expert Love-Heal-Fulfill

Relationship Expert Joan Marie Whelan gives insight into your relationship and ways to Heal it.

As a Relationship Expert, I have talked about in my latest E-Book, Love~Heal~Fulfill.  People desire Love and to know how to embrace it with ease and confidence. Many people are reluctant to express their feelings and show their sensitive side.  Right now I am asking you to be vulnerable to yourself.  You are moving into a new phase of self-realization.  Open yourself to self-knowledge, kindness, and understanding.  This will allow you to awaken your feelings and enjoy the emotional freedom and the healing that you are seeking.  Don’t hide from your feelings but rather step in with both feet and embrace them.


There are so many layers of love in each experience you have.  The first step in getting to know yourself, your true essence is to understand how your feelings play an important role in better understanding yourself.

Love Begins with Loving Yourself

Maybe your relationship with others is fantastic but you feel disconnected from yourself and how you value and respect yourself and your needs?  Everything in life starts from within.  If you haven’t figured out how to express in a healthy fashion your emotions, those locked-up emotions can make you sick.  Why—because you are harboring inside of you those pent-up emotions that fester and feed on negative energy.


There are seven stages of a relationship:


The first stage in the relationship is getting to know all of you!

The second stage is to know, accept and embrace your insecurities and feelings of unworthiness.  This, subsequently,  allows you to  acknowledge a true sense of all of you!

The third stage is about being gentle, nurturing and compassionate.

The fourth stage is about honesty, communication, and trust.

The fifth stage of a relationship is healing complacency.

The sixth stage is Forgiveness.

The seventh stage is Adoration of self as you connect with your wholeness.

Recognize and Apply These Stages for More Fulfilling Relationships

If something is blocking you from feeling love, it comes as a result of your emotional state.  A relationship is about receiving.  Your ability to create a relationship relates to your ability to receive comfortably.


When two people meet there is an exchange of energy that ignites a spark that says, I would like to know more about that person. When this occurs, it is important to feel present in each other’s company. I think many people, subconsciously, immediately move into their head and bring into that encounter a checklist of “Do’s and Don’ts.” This action ultimately creates unrealistic expectations.  The healthier and more enjoyable alternative would be to just enjoy the experience, to breathe into the moment and simply relax. Time will reveal the truth, therefore, don’t rush the process.


At times you may experience anxiety or another uncomfortable emotion.  When this occurs, dig deeper into your personal memory bank and see the source of those feelings.  These feelings can, therefore, show you how to unravel, possibly, another layer that needs to be healed.

Healing is Closer than You May Think

In my E-Book entitled:  Love~Heal~Fulfill, I also speak about the 12 characteristics or layers of love. Everything in life is wrapped around relationships.  We are constantly building and understanding the dynamics of a relationship with ourselves and others, whether it be in our personal, professional or family environment.  Connecting to the truth in you is found at the depths of your soul.  In order to move to your next phase of life, we must participate in our Soul Healing.  I can sum it up in three little words:  “Things are possible.”  Miracles happen–love is for all of us.  Each one of us belongs in a healthy relationship!  I  am here to tell you that ‘You’ are loveable and your life can change in a moment.  When you are ready, Love~Heal~Fulfill your destiny.  And once again it all starts with a relationship.

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