Joan Marie – Intuition Expert

What does it take to become an intuition expert?  In truth, each one of us possess, within our core, the capacity to become highly intuitive and an expert in our own life.  The unfortunate truth is most people don’t seem to care much less know how to accomplish that feat. I would like to give you some very valuable advice if you want to enjoy a highly successful, happy and satisfying lifestyle, that is, learn to re-activate your intuition so you, too, can became your own intuition expert.  When you do, you will soon discover that the treasure inside of you possesses great wisdom that is without limits.


Intuition ExpertWhile each one of us have been born with our intuition, most people subconsciously bury their natural ability, because society doesn’t acknowledge its power and usually makes fun of its refined skill.


I was born with a highly active intuition and an ability to read energy.  Over time, I have fine-tuned my talents and gifts to the point that I have become an expert in my field and a person who has helped thousands grow, discover, awaken and heal in their lives and I can help you too. I have been fortunate to have a Mother who encouraged me to utilize my talents.  Your intuition is something to be honored, respected and above all trusted; it will never steer you in the wrong direction.  Your intuition is that small quiet voice within you. It is your higher self, your soul power and the voice of your conscience.  It is often referred to as your gut feeling.  I believe that your intuition is your guiding light, that Divine Force that allows you to make sound decisions; however, if you don’t understand how to tap into your intuitive powers and identify them versus the loud voice of your ego mind, you will become disillusioned and misguided.


IntuitivePowersOn my product page of my web-site, I offer a wonderful program together with a workbook that will definitely help you identify your intuition, learn how to use it and then listen to its small quiet voice.  This product is entitled:  “ How to Tap into your Intuitive Powers.”
When you are in unison with your Creator, you are in a place where you can hear and listen to your intuitive voice, your gut feelings so that you can make wise decisions and with time become your own intuition expert.


As an intuition expert, I work with numerous Corporations guiding them to grow their business as they create and become aligned with their purpose and passion. I have saved millions of dollars for my corporate clients, and showed others how they can create millions. I have guided many start-ups to grow rapidly and become successful through integrity. I have taken many clients to 6-figure income levels because when they have pushed through their blocks and limiting beliefs, success follows.


To support her abilities, Joan Marie has trained with L. Weiss, M.D., Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami and has taken Counseling courses through the International Conference on Science and Consciousness. In addition, Joan Marie specializes in grounding, meditation and demonstrates her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills through numerous seminars throughout the United States. She aims to assist the individuals to create and heighten the energy in their life as well as inform them of their future potential.


Testimonials from clients who have learned how to tap into their Intuition

We’ve heard it been said that the hardest walls to break are those that we put up ourselves… and most times we are not even aware or in denial that the walls are there to begin with. My partner who has been working with Joan Marie introduced me to her for which I will be forever thankful.  I bought into Joan Marie’s program and I feel truly blessed that through the early work in this program, I’ve seen through the cracks how much light and love there is on the other side. I’ve let circumstances of my past dictate my life and have used my story as an excuse for not fully appreciating Life and all it has to offer. I’m grateful to have come to this realization and I was inspired to sign on for a Life Coaching program to further my growth – to break through my walls and create a wide open path to meaningful, joyous living. To be able to trust in our abilities and ourselves at any given time, in any given place is the greatest gift one can hope to give oneself.
-Grace M.


A metaphor of life that I thought you would appreciate.
I think I developed an understanding of what it is like to be in
tune to the Universe, as I develop my intuition, due to its similarities to riding a road bike.  When you ride a road bike, you can have pedals installed that require you to “clip” into the pedals. You use biking shoes that clip and fasten into the bike pedals when you ride. This can be a bit scary at first because you have to learn how to detach from the pedals quickly when stopping or dismounting (I have unfortunately experienced not getting out fast enough and toppled over still attached to the bike. Ouch!).  Initially when I first starting riding, I would avoid attaching my shoes into the pedals and would pedal unattached. It felt very awkward, though, and I eventually gained the courage to ride with my feet fastened into the pedals. What a difference! When your feet are attached to the bike pedals thus connecting you to the bike, the ride completely changes. You are completely in sync with the bike, you ride much more smoothly and with less effort.


I think living completely in tuned with the Universe would feel much like this. It would feel like being connected to life, nature, and people. Life would flow with less effort and more smoothly.


It would feel like being in sync with life.  Working with you has allowed me to be open to understand more fully the process of life and our part in it.


~Dr. Vanessa


Working on myself with Joan Marie’s guidance, has helped me peel away the many, many, many layers of hurt and pain to eventually uncover who the real me is.  I started to regain my confidence, self-worth and power.   This kind of inner work is a lifelong process and Joan Marie has given me so many tools to use to handle any kind of situations that one would encounter in their lifetime.


Working with Joan Marie has helped me look at my life differently.  She has given me tools to use when facing challenges whether be at work or in my daily life.  I have embraced fear rather than run away or hide from it.


Joan Marie is the real deal.  She will help you at anything that you are willing to heal.  This is a two-way street.  I wouldn’t have made tremendous changes in my life if I wasn’t a participant in this journey.


Thank you Joan Marie for your help and teachings.


~Rebecca A. T.


As an intuitive expert, I have helped thousands of people change their perception and their quality of life. By utilizing my special gifts, I teach, inspire and show people how to take responsibility for where they are today, as they begin to discover and ignite the driving force to transform their lives.


As an International Medium, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive and Business Consultant, I skillfully combine my wisdom and knowledge with my understanding of psychology. I have turned the most ardent skeptics into believers.


Through the power of my gifts and being a conduit between this realm and the Universal Flow, I can see, hear and feel the emotions of those who have passed on.  I also have the ability to read energy and by doing so, I can see into the human body and decipher where the pain originates and counsel my clients on how to remove it.


Doctors from around the world have referred their patients to me because they realize that many illnesses are emotionally based.   As I help many individuals heal on the emotional level I also let them know the exact age the disease started in their body and why.


I also serve as a Business Consultant with many top-level professionals throughout the World.  Everything we do in life is centered around relationships, whether it is a relationship with yourself or others.  Consequently, as I consult with my business clients for their businesses, they must, out of necessity, also heal their own emotional house where all problems stem from.  I can confidently say that everything is connected in life and it starts with you on you.  Please make the time to go to my web site and review some of my work and sign up for my newsletter and weekly inspirational articles and video.