Joan Marie Whelan is a Medical Intuitive

As a Medical IntuitiveJoan Marie literally has X-RAY Vision and is able to look into your body, do a scan and let you know what is going on.  Joan Marie scans the body to see if there is disease forming in the body and also if there are any emotions stuck in your body.  Stuck emotions most definitely hinder the body, not to mention the mind and spirit.

Through her numerous intuitive gifts, which she has enjoyed since birth, Medical Intuitive Joan Marie can literally tell you what age the disease began in your body and why!

Many Doctors – nurses – and patients call Medical Intuitive Joan Marie, to seek help while offering treatment with their clients. They want assistance in healing on an emotional level, which very often can help you heal your disease.   Very often the core root of the disease is formed first in the emotions.

There is never a guarantee that everyone will live through their sickness or disease, however, healing your root issues will help you heal your Soul and that is valuable.   Joan Marie’s intuitive expertise will also help you understand why you have this disease and what patterns and experiences happened in your life to aid in bringing this disease into your body.

The key to true healing begins with healing your emotions – from there anything is possible! As a Medical Intuitive there are times when Joan Marie can predict before a doctor is visited, what is wrong with you and what is going on in your body.

Medical Intuitive Joan Marie, is dedicated to her work and she works closely with the Medical profession to help people heal.  If you are experiencing physical or emotional illness, Medical Intuitive Joan Marie can shine a light onto the source.  This process can make way for greater healing as well as, allowing you to Unlock your Highest Potential.