Unlock Your Highest Potential

Unlock your Highest Potential

You have the power to unlock your Highest Potential if you are willing to move out of your comfort zone.  We are born in the image and likeness of God. That means we possess within our essence all that is needed to make our lives right.  We possess many positive character traits, such as self-actualization, empowerment, and confidence. We have within our reach the ability to stay in faith, hope and then to trust that all things are possible if we do the work to make all good things happen.

As human beings, we are richly endowed with the ability to change, grow and prosper. Of course, we have our flaws and shortcomings. We face difficulties and challenges daily and all of that is part of the journey. We also have the power to overcome, be strong, courageous and act through wisdom. That comes through the process of our mind, words and thoughts.

When we harbor fear, doubt, resentment or anger, we limit our ability to reach our highest potential.  The busy activities of our daily lives often drag us down and lower our vibration so that we are performing at a lower frequency.  To receive our best lives now, we must vibrate at our highest potential level of energy. Working hard in the physical sense is not the answer.  To enjoy the expansion of your desires, you must close the gap between what you desire and what you attract.

To attract your highest potential requires you to keep your thoughts, your mind and your feelings vibrating at their highest level.  You accomplish this be awakening the deliberate control of your mind and feelings so as to keep your thinking focused only on what you absolutely desire and seek.  You cannot attract and manifest something if you are not attracting it into your energy funnel.  In other words, what you focus on you attract!  If you are continually placing your attention on fear, worry or doubt, you are only attracting more of the same into your daily activities.

Rethink What You Have Been Told

I have worked hard from the material point of view in my life and my busy work was actually part of my disconnect and blocks; now I realize that I was doingHighest potential busy work and that busy work was not the answer for my success. What we focus on is what we attract into our lives. My busy activities were actually blocking my ability to flow at a higher vibrational level. When I realized how I was stopping my ability to reach my highest potential, I changed my attitude, behavior and the environment that I had previously implemented.

Our awakening to our truth is the deliberate control of our mind and our feelings. It is the flowing with the energy stream of the Source and then maintaining that vibration so that what we are dreaming to aspire towards can be manifest to us.

You are integral in preparing yourself for your highest and best good to become your reality. It’s time for you to utilize the instrument of all your senses to activate your greatest heart’s desires; in other words, believe in the power of your 5 senses to help you achieve all that you seek. It’s your time!  It’s time for you to reach your highest potential.   I encourage you to taste it, see it, hear it, feel it and smell it coming into your reality. You can have, through the gift of faith, all you desire.  Become a pro-active advocate for your highest and best good and watch your live transform.


Below are testimonials from some of my recent students sharing their journeys and their desire to reach their Highest Potential.