Unlock Your Highest Potential


Good morning Joan Marie,

I wanted to reach out to you this morning because I did not speak up last night but truly felt as though I got a lot out of the class while listening to the others! It was a fabulous class and I have learned so much!  I was about to initiate some thoughts with you when Faith spoke up and finished off the class. But that’s OK!

I have been doing the process quite regularly and each time I come face-to-face with certain moments in my life where I now realize I began to feel insecure, lack of confidence and self doubt, I grow a little stronger and more aware of my self-doubt.

During my last meditation I went back to the age of 6 when I was in first grade and I got up from my seat during class and walked to the front of the room and asked a young boy named Vincent if he would like me better if I wore glasses! It made me realize that I have, since a very early age, not felt comfortable in my own skin!

While reflecting on this meditation I have remembered many times throughout my life where I felt the need to give myself away in order to be loved!  I have continued this to the present day where I base my self-worth on how much I can do for others! Truthfully, it is exhausting and at the same time I also realize that I have become disconnected with my truth and myself.

I know I need to turn this around and learn to love myself for who I am and stop living outside my body! I am a work in progress’s but I feel I have made great strides since taking your classes.

There has been a calmness over me for the past few weeks where I will look at and see things differently and I am not seeking the approval that I have consistently done since I can remember! As I mentioned in our previous class, I am not as reactive as I used to be and I look at others differently and without judgment knowing now that we are all on our own journeys in life!

I lost my voice as a young child and have struggled to speak my truth in fear that I am either going to disappoint someone, be rejected or hurt others feelings even if it is at the expense of my own feelings! This too is a work in progress and I am embracing any opportunities to speak my truth and to let go of how others might perceive me! This remains difficult but I am becoming a bit more comfortable with it!

Ironically, my cousin sent me a picture of a group of us  at my sixth birthday which flooded me with a lot of the feelings I described above! This was the same day I did the meditation of my six-year-old wanting to wear glasses in order to be liked!  

I have been feeling a bit unraveled the past few days as my hip surgery is coming up tomorrow and I am not looking forward to being laid up for a while on crutches! But I am going to take this opportunity to keep doing the process and listening to our classes!  I truly believe that this happened to me so I would slow down, take your classes, begin to heal and move forward as a whole person.  I am excited to know that I may finally make room to receive the joy and abundance that I deserve!

Thank you for all you did! I look forward to connecting with you soon whether it be in the next class or private sessions with you!

Sara Rose

Hi Joan Marie and MOM,

I wanted to share with both of you this painting I created – a summer seascape that captured my imagination. I couldn’t have foreseen when I started working with you that my journey would bring me here today – to this place of joy where I’m tapping into my passion for creating art! 

When we first met I was feeling stressed out from the demands of life & work, desperate for a sense of balance. You guided me in finding inner peace within myself…. through doing the work on forgiveness and healing, and releasing the past.  That has allowed me to find the space to listen to myself and my dreams. There is truly light at the end of the tunnel! With your encouragement  I joined an art class in April. Our class meets one night a week, and last Friday we had our exhibit which this artwork was part of.  It was such an amazing experience – to be part of something creative, to feel energized and alive  and to get positive feedback for our creation!

I’m very grateful to both of you for your love, guidance, wisdom and support. It’s a journey that I’m so fortunate to have taken…a journey I continue to be on as I keep nurturing a deeper relationship with myself,  with God and the Universe. I’m excited for how the seasons and Life’s possibilities will unfold…

With much love,

I encourage you to set your sights on unlocking your highest potential for yourself.  Start from your strengths and build upon them.  How you might ask…by identifying what brings you joy and recognizing your unique talents.  Once you have discovered a solid platform from which to start, you are on your way towards building a more fulfilling lifestyle because you are willing to strive towards your highest potential.
Joan Marie