Creating Inner Peace in Our Daily Lives


To experience inner peace for some people seems foreign and illusive.  Many people think that their lives are meant only to suffer.  We often choose to live with doubt and pain. its-time-inner-peaceI am here to tell you emphatically that you can achieve a wonderful sense of inner peace. This realization becomes evident once we consciously choose to embrace a state of mental and spiritual calmness.

What is inner peace exactly you might ask?  I can say that it is a state of contentment that I experience within the depths of my soul.  It is a place that I can retreat to that brings me joy and satisfaction.  Inner peace comes from the inside of each one of us and only then can it radiate outwardly.  It is a release from the material world and an awakening to your natural environment, where your Creator resides.   One cannot enjoy inner peace and at the same time experience conflict, such as, anger, resentment, chaos or stress.


Experiencing inner peace requires you to release all negative emotions and thoughts that depletes your energy and disempowers your psyche.  Inner peace is a direct by product of your state of mind.  Our thoughts dictate our state of mind, so if our thoughts are only embracing positive feelings, our state of mind will be calm and tranquil.  When we focus our thoughts on negative experiences and encounters or even resentment and anger, our state of mind will reflect those feelings and we will, out of necessity, be surrounded by similar occurrences.


The Benefits of Cultivating Inner Peace

If you are not able to experience a state of inner peace, then you need to allow time in quiet so you can go within yourself and examine the root of your discomfort.  If you are not in harmony with yourself, your life will eventually spin out of control, which in turn will result in turmoil and accidents.


Mind you, enjoying moments of inner peace does not mean that you will be immune to conflict or struggle; quite the contrary.  What it actually offers is your ability to shift your focus from negative experiences to those that bring you a greater sense of calm and joy quickly.   Your ability to quickly shift from a negative state of mind to an uplifting state is vital for your continued good health, that is, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.


How am I affected by my inner states?

If you are wondering how you might achieve a better understanding of inner peace for yourself, I encourage you to become the observer of life.  Move away from drama and confusion and welcome tranquility and a quiet sense of contentment into your daily life.


1.  I suggest that instead of always being an active participant in the world around you, and that includes the lives of your friends, that sometimes you simply need to observe it and remove yourself from the drama.  Possibly you will need to set limits on your time and the activities that you so willingly agree to partake in.  When we spread our energy too thin, we tend to compromise our own feelings and overall good health.
2.  Don’t try to change people, instead accept them for who they are.  At the same time, accept yourself for who you are.  If it serves you well, then that is wonderful; if however, you are not happy with who you are, take appropriate steps to improve your outlook on life, your attitude, your behavior and the environment in which you have been spending most of your time.
3.  Don’t hold grudges.  Instead be forgiving both to yourself and towards others.  More often than not, people tend to be offensive, rude or disruptive without even realizing it.  Once again become the observer of others behavior and do not over react to them.
4. Make sure you incorporate what brings you joy into your daily life.  When you feel content, satisfied and happy, your entire world improves.
5.  Continually cultivate and nurture your state of mind by encouraging it to welcome in inner peace on a regular basis.  Before I go to sleep at night, I make as my mantra these words:  I welcome inner peace and calm into my lift right now. I repeat those words over and over again and I have found that process to be most helpful for me.  It is also rewarding as I experience a wonderful night sleep.

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Who Am I?

As an intuitive expert, I have helped thousands of people change their perception and their quality of life. By utilizing my special gifts, I teach, inspire and show people how to take responsibility for where they are today, as they begin to discover and ignite the driving force to transform their lives.
As an International Medium, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive and Business Consultant, I skillfully combine my wisdom and knowledge with my understanding of psychology. I have turned the most ardent skeptics into believers.

How This Benefits You!

Through the power of my gifts and being a conduit between this realm and the Universal Flow.  I can see, hear and feel the emotions of those who have passed on.  I also have the ability to read energy and pinpoint the location of the source of the pain.   With this information, I’m able to counsel my clients on how to remove the pain.
Many times, I receive referrals from Doctors throughout the world.  The doctors understand that many illnesses have an emotional component.   I help many individuals heal on the emotional level.  During this process, I also let them know the exact age the disease started in their body and why.


How May I Serve You?

inner peaceI also serve as a business consultant with many top-level professionals throughout the World.  Everything we do in life is centered around relationships, whether it is a relationship with yourself or others.  Consequently, as I consult with my business clients, they understand the need to heal their own emotional house.  This healing exposes the source of their problems.  I can confidently say that everything is connected in life and it starts with you on you.  Please make the time to go to my website and review some of my work.  There you can sign up for my newsletter and weekly inspirational articles and video.