You have the ability to Transform your Life

You have the power to transform your life!  Do you believe that you have control over the abundance, success and wealth that flows into your life? Many people tend to think that they have to be born healthy, lucky, and wealthy to achieve success in life.  Although, this can play a role, it is not nearly the case at all.  While a little luck (or soul power) always comes in handy, it’s important to realize that we are all born with soul blueprints that are exclusive to our own individuality. Those blueprints are essential in the pursuit of happiness, health, and prosperity and are continually shaped and refined according to our beliefs, attitudes and behavior.  As an Intuitive Expert and a Business Consultant, I have been fortunate to help numerous people to transform their lives as they willingly peeled away at the various layers of blockages that have stopped their forward movement. I would very much like to help you too.  Some people prefer to work on a one-to-one basis to clear their negative and destructive energy while others choose the self-help approach.  If you fall into the second category, I encourage you to check out my book entitled:  “The Art of Manifesting” and learn more about it.


You are capable of transforming your life and shaping your own destiny. Like carpenters, who tirelessly fine-tune their handiwork to craft exquisite wooden antiquities or their personalized works of art, their work begins with a single block of wood. It doesn’t necessarily matter from where the wood came; it will still serve the same purpose.  How it is shaped, cut, sanded, varnished, and polished is what makes the difference in crafting a fine piece of art, furniture, weaponry, or musical instrument.  Did you notice the mention of these very diverse projects? (A piece of art, furniture, a weapon, or a musical instrument – more on this later.) We already know what we want to craft from the block of wood, so we have to use the appropriate tools to design what it is we intend to create. In our mind’s eye, we see the finished product. And this, my friends, transform our lives as we intuit what it is we have to do as we become the carpenters of our own lives; for it is what we see in our mind’s eye that will determine what we manifest.

Becoming Carpenters of our own Lives

Your proverbial block of wood is your life. What do you intend to do with it?  You can choose to remain the unused block of wood your entire lifetime which sometimes happens to people. Perhaps you can become a doorstop, or maybe a burning ember in a fire stove but wouldn’t you rather reach your ultimate potential and fulfill your life purpose, that is, to manifest your life?


Engrained in the wooden block are the rungs that depict its age, rate of growth, and the knots and bumps formed over time. A good carpenter will notice these attributes as soon as it is laid in his hands. He feels for the rough spots and respects the wood for its worth.  The carpenter accepts that no two pieces of wood are alike.  He realizes that the block though unshaped and simple has the potential to be something much greater than it is.  Therefore, he inherently knows that he cannot simply erase the rungs, the patterns, and the knots yet he also appreciates the fact that he can make use of these characteristics to his advantage.


Affectionately, the carpenter makes a sketch of what he’d like the wood to become. This is much the same way to design the outcome you want to achieve as you slowly but surely transform your life. That is why I have emphasized the importance of creating your blueprint.  Your personal blueprint is your personal creative plan upon which your foundation will be built.  Instead of a chest, a cabinet, a rifle, or a guitar – we draw a mind map of what we’d like to pursue and accomplish in life. We do this with love of our soul being – that, from which all life is derived. We respectfully harness the power of imagination to fashion the life we want to lead. This is the same imagination that enables the carpenter to construct his piece of art.

Craft Your Block of Wood as You See Fit

The next important step is to think about how you want your block of wood to be crafted.  If you have become the carpenter of your life, you know you must shave some of the rough spots, whittle away some of the knots, and carefully mold certain areas so you can transform your life and create your destiny.  We often get caught up in life’s dramas.  It’s very easy to do. One minute you’re flying high and everything seems to be going in the direction you’d like it to go, and then suddenly life throws you a splinter. Instead of addressing the lone intruder, you allow it to fester and evolve into an unhealthy infection. This is much the same way we choose to live with our “problems.” Our “problems” come in all shapes and forms – they can be physical, financial, emotional, mental, or spiritual. We harp on the past or perhaps we live in the past; either way, we cannot move forward with our soul blueprint until we’ve released that focus and intention.


Once you free yourself from blockages you’ve created, you are ready to facilitate and move forward with your soul blueprint. Remember the grain of the wooden block? As a carpenter, you know you must sand in the direction of the grain. This is much how the Universal flow of energy works. This empowering flow of energy strives to work with you and not against you. Too often, we rub against the grain (or the Universal flow of energy); and we wind up working against the Universe and depleting our energy life force. Draw on the Universal energy flow as your positive source of power; work with the grain like you were shaping your destiny. Then you are actually transforming your life.

Become a Powerful Instrument of Manifestation

You’ve learned that as a carpenter or the carpenter of your destiny, that you have the power to manifest your intentions. Whether you want to resolve emotional, mental or physical fatigue, or are ready to move onto the next chapter of your life and achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, it is important that you choose your desired goal or intention. Much like the carpenter, he has already resolved to design a specific thing. In addition, he visualizes what the end product is going to look like. This is what you must do as well. What have you decided to create with your (block of wood) life? What tools are needed that will help you shape what it is you want? If you’re like me, you’ve already put a lot of time, thought, and energy into the desired outcome. Now comes the hard part – actually manifesting the choice that you’ve made.


Your destiny is not carved in stone; you may be making some adjustment along the way as you become more aware, alert and better defined. Don’t panic. Change is good, especially if the change in direction enables you to have a better vision of your ultimate goal.

The Art of Manifesting

You will experience the excitement of trusting the process of life and seeing it unfold in front of you. This process is the energy that fuels the fire for The Art of Manifesting. The pulse of your vibration will determine the power of your manifestation.


Transform your lifeIf you have enjoyed reading this excerpt from the book, “The Art of Manifesting”,  I encourage you to make the time to purchase this book.  As I said before, it will give you simple, effective and practical ways of firing up your inner spirit.  Consequently, you will notice this as you start stepping up to your inner power.  That my friends, is how you transform your life,  one step at a time.


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