As you probably know about me I’ve done a lot of work on myself and cleared a lot of baggage during the years, including rejection and unworthiness issues. Up until last week, however, I was never consciously aware of the sense of being ‘unwanted’ that had pervaded my life. It was the water I was swimming in.  Your courage in using your intuition for me has allowed a very positive shift in the way I feel. I’ve known how to ‘act’ confident most of my life. Now my confidence is authentic. The confusion around what I want is gone and I can now focus on and visualize the outcomes I want. It happened in an instance. Incredible.  I wish I knew someone like you 40 years ago. I could have saved a lot of money on EST, Scientology and tons of books and tapes. So far, this week I’ve only had thoughts of lack a few times. I’m focused on what I want most of the time and it’s getting easier and better. My self-hypnosis sessions are now flowing easily and effortlessly. It’s amazing how difficult they had been given my education and experience. It’s just proof that the past must be cleared before suggestions have any effect. Thanks again. If we ever meet I’m going to give you the biggest hug.  This book is amazing!
– Michael T.
I have worked with Joan Marie and she told me my belief system is really off.  With her help, she has shown me how to dive deep within and find results that have allowed me to improve the quality of my life.  While I thank Joan Marie for helping me get the most out of life, I realize that ultimately, all the positive change that I am experiencing is coming from me— deep within me.  I am most grateful to have learned about Joan Marie and her talents and I highly recommend her and her book to you.
If you are serious about finding the change your desire, this book will set you on the right path.
– Stephen B.
Joan Marie – I am so thankful you have found a way to share your personal life experience in a way that helps people like me find direction and focus in my own life.  There are times when I would love for someone like you to just tell me where I am supposed to be going or what I am supposed to be doing.  However, I have found that deep down that is not what I am really wanting.  What I truly desire is for my connection to my inner being to be so clear that I am the one coaching me through this life.  I am the one giving me guidance as to which possibilities feel good and which ones don’t.  As a result of your own journey and listening to the journey of some of your clients, you have provided me with the means to tap into my own inner guidance system by releasing the resistance that keeps me disconnected from it.  As a result, I am realizing the magnitude of who I am.  Thank you for your gift to me.
In Love, Joy and Gratitude,
At first I resisted in getting this book because I did not think I needed help or assistance.  That was farther than the truth.  I was so wrong! Now as I started to read and partake in the process through this book, “The Art of Manifesting”, I realized that I was seeking clarity in my life’s situations without even realizing it.  I am finally discovering my passion and what brings me joy. That in itself has been quite transformational for me.
Thank you so very much,
– Grace M.