Joan Marie Whelan Life Coach

Joan Marie life coachPeople often confuse the meaning of what it entails to be coached. I’m not a mentor, therapist or goal setter. As an Intuitive Life Coach, I have created my lifestyle makeover coaching programs. These programs help people find the real meaning in their life. My service to you is to give insightful messages and guidance.  I am a conduit between the Earthly and the Heavenly realms. In my role as your Life Coach, I don’t change your life, rather, you do that for yourself. Due to this process, you willingly choose to learn and gain in wisdom and knowledge of your Self and as a result, you are better equipped to create the positive changes that will offer you a new and improved lifestyle. 

Specialization as a Life Coach

My specialization is in using my innate gifts and talents to help others heal their lives. As we remove blocks that are preventing them from reaching their highest potential, hence, they begin experiencing the success they desire. My name is Joan Marie Whelan and I am an intuitive specialist in addition to a medical intuitive, business consultant, and a personal life coach.

With the use of my intuitive abilities, I show you how to change your life. This change results in finally releasing all those issues, blocks or past hurts. These conditions have been stopping your forward movement. Many come to me because of a desire to understand why their life isn’t flowing.  They want to get to the root of their problems. I guess you can say that I am a problem solver.

How I May Be of Service to You

Through my gifts, I therefore have the ability to read into your Soul and see the blueprint of your life. Being born with the gifts of Mediumship, Heightened Intuition,  in addition to Clairvoyance, I dedicate my life to assist others in recognizing theirs. This is why people always refer to me as the top Business Intuitive in addition to, crisis manager.  In turn, I am able to use my Intuition to assist YOU.

The Exclusive “Lifestyle Makeover” Coaching Program is designed to help you strategically map out how to fulfill your most desired needs, goals, and wishes. “Lifestyle Makeover” is designed to accelerate your personal evolution, while allowing you to manifest your deepest desires with incredible mastery. Imagine spending the day with me, as I utilize my Intuition to assist you in your key areas of life. This is for the extraordinary individual who wants to create a “Lifestyle Makeover” and truly live it. These programs are your answer and there is a map to follow for the “Lifestyle Makeover Program” that will allow you to get started. Hence, I invite you to move up to the next level of your personal development by choosing one of these programs. “I help you change your life” and as your Life Coach I will work with you by:

  • Helping you map out the program that suits your heart’s desires
  • Assisting you in healing yourself at the deepest level of your soul.
  • Guiding you to the necessary tools to attract what you truly desire in your professional and personal life
  • Discovering your purpose in life, therefore showing you how to give yourself what ‘You’ want out of life.

Testimonials from some of my clients!

Joan you have given me various tools to help me gain back my confidence and learn once again how to cope with my current situation. Since I been home recovering from surgery, I have plenty of time to focus on me and the beliefs that have limited my ability to succeed and experience my true joy. Joan you are a blessing to me from God and I thank him so much for putting you in my life. Everything you send me I will practice because I know it will help me in my life. I do want to be a better person, a better mother and grandmother as well and the tools I now have will help me fulfill my goals. (Due to) Your on-going support and encouragement mixed with tough love is exactly what I need.

May God always bless you!

Thank you,



Joan, I cannot thank you enough for a fabulous Lifestyle Makeover day and a life changing process (and as a result) I have been “processing” for a couple of days and took time off just as you suggested, but continued to write.

I do have to share with you that on Sunday, I was going through “cravings” for your company. It was a bit like withdrawal…smile I guess you really did recharge my batteries! Thank you!

I am doing my homework and today started to outline chapters for my book. HA! See the beginnings of your inspiration? I also picked up Jack Welch’s book and have been reading voraciously…excellent suggestion. So the journey has begun! I told my Virtual Assistant that I’m on “pause” and asked if she were willing to hang in with me and she said not only hang in but would be available to brainstorm anytime I needed it! I simply cried…what a gift this was to me. And all because of YOUR gift to my life! Thank you!!!

You’re simply the best!

Chris, A Corporate Coach


My day with Joan Marie was an enlightening and rewarding experience. The pivotal point was receiving a clear vision for my life and business. I spent the day discussing my consulting business and the people I was bringing into projects with me. Joan Marie guided me on how to be a better leader, strategist and learn to trust myself and my team. I am implementing everyday our blueprint and it works.

Bob, Business Consultant – New Jersey


Here is a link to some resources if you have the inclination to coach yourself.