Heal Your Life


Heal Your Life

If I asked 100 people if they want to heal their lives, I am confident they would say ‘Of course!’ Who doesn’t want to live a healthier and better life?  Yet I encounter regularly individuals who refuse to make time for themselves in their hectic schedule.  As an observer of life, I come across individuals who forget to nurture their bodies.  People refuse to make time to feed their spirit.  These people continually make excuses for why “life is not fair”.

To heal your life is actually simple!  Spending time quietly connecting with your mind, body and spirit.  You will begin to hear messages that will steer you in the right direction.  You actually might even receive some helpful hints on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

You Are an Active Participant in Creating of Your Life

The Law of Attraction simply states that you attract into your life things that are a vibrational match. In other words, situations and/or events that are similar or identical to your thoughts and beliefs.  We are all born with equal abilities to maintain a healthy, positive mindset.  That being said, many of us fail to make use of that ability.  A positive mindset will not alone heal your life, but it is one of the first and most important steps in the process.  Many quotes, books and statement have been shared over the centuries that suggest the awesome power of positive thinking.  Once again, that message, some how, has not filtered to the masses. Instead, people seem to think that a pill, injection or a new car will improve their lives remarkably.

Life is actually quite simple.  Many of us fail to understand that, and therefore, create a very difficult existence for ourselves.  One of the greatest principles of life states:  Our thoughts dictate our outcome.  We become our thoughts and our thoughts in turn dictate our reality. So for example, if you continually say, my father-mother had heart problems—it is in our genes, and therefore I will most likely get it too.  You are actually setting yourself up to predict your outcome.  Your focus, your thoughts and your mindset will lead you to have a heart problem, and you actually prophesized it to happen!   Now of course, that scenario does not have to occur if and when you willingly change your attitude, your belief system and the environment in which you place yourself daily.  The Universe will always work with us to help us change, grow and heal, however, as a co-creator with the Universe, you must be an active participant in the manifestation of your life.

Your Life is a Manifestation of Your Thoughts

What I say and what I think about continually will eventually come to pass.  If I continually say I am broke and have no money, guess what – you will be continually broke, just getting by in life and short on money.

In order to heal your life, you MUST stay vigilant as to what you are thinking about all the time.  If you slide into a victim mode or doubt or fear, catch yourself and bring your thoughts back to center.  Create a mantra that will help you shift your thoughts to and with time, it will become a healthy habit for you to repeat over and over again.
Shore yourself up by refusing to succumb to negative news, movies, music or people.  It is imperative that you surround yourself with those people, places and things that will constantly uplift you and your life.

Create a Nurturing and Creative Environment for Yourself

Nature is a natural antidote that will definitely release stress, tension and fill you with a real sense of inner peace and happiness.  Never underestimate the power of nature and the earth.  Even lying on the ground and feeling its energy absorb your physical pain can and will alter your perception of the healing properties of the earth.  Modern medicine has forgotten that the root of all medicine comes from nature, its plants, herbs and the like.
Surround your life with positive experiences as much as possible.  Your mind is a powerful tool that can either help you heal or set you up for self-destruction.  Daily we make choices that we live by and those choices will either foster our limiting beliefs or open the door and the window of our heart and soul for our growth, our healing and our highest potential.

Nothing Happens TO You, Everything Happens BECAUSE You

The secret to your ability to heal your life is in ‘You”. Have there been times when you’ve asked yourself, “why is this happening again?” In short, this tells me that you have been down this road before but unfortunately; this also signifies that you have put your life on auto-repeat. Stop it. When you strategically envision and implement your authentic and highest plan and refine its details for your life’s purpose and intentions, you are lifting the auto-repeat button and putting your life back on track.  That is where you want to be!  You are definitely moving in the direction you want to go for you to realize personal and professional healing for your life.
Your body knows how to heal and take care of itself. Your body will speak to you and tell you what you need on a daily, consistent basis. As feelings, thoughts and emotions burn deep inside of you, pay attention to your reaction. Are you moving at a powerful speed with curiosity and excitement or are you focused on drudgery and what you don’t want? The way you answer that question will determine how your success will be measured.  I believe that I will always be free from disease in this lifetime. The Universe has agreed with me, however, it has also asked me—how do I expect to bring this into my reality?  That is the journey I have set myself up to experience.

You Create that which You Focus On

Do not focus on what you do not want. That is the kiss of death! It is vital for you to begin feeling comfortable with what you want to receive in your life. Allow your imagination to bring forth that which you dream of and desire. I use the word “reality”. I am continually saying to myself, this is my reality. This is now what I am creating. I say it, I believe it and I act upon it.
Keep focusing on the particular thought you would like to see manifest. A powerful assignment would be to write down on an index card three things you would like to receive. Breathe in what it feels like to receive that. If you can visualize what you want in technicolor and high-power clarity that would be persuasive. Imagine if you now, with even more clarity, strength and inner guidance, say: I get to sit here and focus more, not only on my visualization, but on my thoughts about exactly how it’s going to work out. I’m talking this way, I’m saying my statement this way and I’m seeing it materialize this way.” I believe it, I see it in my mind’s eye and I own it!  It is all felt, stated and visualized as if I have it now!

It Takes Time, Focus and Effort

Life’s journey is a gradual process that we all partake in and as we are embarking on our individual paths, it would be helpful if each one of us understood that we must stay alert and vigilant, otherwise, we tend to drift off into the void and lose our way.  Never doubt the power of the Universal Source, You have the power within to heal your life and the process is experienced and realized when you are in alignment with the Universe.  If you want to read more and learn more, I encourage you to get my latest book on The Art of Manifesting.  It is a guidebook that will walk you through the process for your life.

Pay Attention to Your Higher Mind, It will Open Doors For You!

Listen to your spirit, your soul, offering you suggestions that will move you closer to a vigorous life and of course, only allow positive and healthy thoughts to filter into your mind on a regular basis.  If you want to heal your life, it will take conscious awareness on your part to make it happen.
joan imageAs an intuitive expert, I have helped thousands of people change their perception and their quality of life. By utilizing my special gifts, I teach, inspire and show people how to take responsibility for where they are today, as they begin to discover and ignite the driving force to transform their lives.
As an International Medium, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive and Past/Present Life Regression Expert, I skillfully combine my wisdom and knowledge with my understanding of psychology. I have turned the most ardent skeptics into believers.

Who is Joan Marie?

Through the power of my gifts and being a conduit between this realm and the Universal Flow, I can see, hear and feel the emotions of those who have passed on.  I also have the ability to read energy and by doing so, I can see into the human body and decipher where the pain originates and counsel my clients on how to remove it.   I also serve as a business consultant with many top-level professional throughout the United States.  Everything we do in life is centered around relationships, whether it is a relationship with yourself or others.  Consequently, as I consult with my business clients for their businesses, they must out of necessity, also heal their own emotional house where all problems stem from.  I can confidently say that everything is connected in life and it starts with you on you.  Please make the time to go to my web site and review some of my work and sign up for my newsletter and weekly inspirational articles and video.