God-can you hear me?

phone-line-to-God-3-5-15Some of us have had this conversation with God wondering if He/She is listening. Maybe you call on your Creator because you simply want to express your thankfulness and gratitude for the blessings in your lives; but more often than not, you find yourself in some sort of predicament or difficulty and you are compelled to connect with a power greater than yourself. Connecting with God is comforting but it can also be frustrating because you are not getting answers to your various concerns. For me, I can say that my conversations with my Higher Source, my God are rewarding and refreshing because I gain a renewed sense of strength and courage that helps me reboot my energy and gain clarity for my endeavors. I sense that soft Voice that whispers, “Hold on tight, you can see through this.”

I have learned to take one day at a time. That is a blessed way to live and be in the world and I find that that mindset allows me to release the burdens that are weighing me down and creating stress in my body. Many of the great athletes of the world are like Hercules, the divine hero in classical mythology, they have to depend on their inner strength and wisdom more than their physical strength to win and to overcome challenges. It is actually their innate ability to overcome fear and obstacles that has enabled them to achieve the greatness they are recognized for in the world. Likewise, it is imperative for you to always reach within your soul to find strength and a renewed sense of power so that you, too, can defeat your fears, sorrows and challenges in life. You must remember that wherever you are, that too, is where God is.

How do I know God even exists? Do you have a box of matches? If so, carefully take the match-stickburn-a-match-3-5-15 and strike it against the box to light it. Now, I want you to think about what you just did. You lit a flame with just a stick and a simple box. No one did it for you. It did not cost you anything to perform the action, yet you were still able to create a flame by exerting just a fragment of effort. If you think about it, that is how God works within you.

The tools are already inside you. All you need do is go within to feel that presence and strike the match so that your inner light shines brighter.

You see, God works in mysterious ways. Perhaps the difficulties or challenges you are facing are simply lessons you must learn in order to achieve your greater good. It is not that you are being punished, nor tossed to the wayside. Au Contraire, these are the times that God is pleading with you to rediscover the love and care that is meant just for you. It is through your trials and tribulations when you find the strongest sense of self and worth. You slowly learn that even in the face of tragedy, you are able to overcome and grow to be a greater, stronger and more self-sustaining you. God will not let you down if you have truly believed in yourself.

The next time you share a dialog with God, ask for strength and a brighter inner light to help you see and hear the wisdom to guide you from the darkness. It is often in your darkest hours when you discover just how strong and capable you truly are. You can do amazing things and even seemingly “impossible” things when you genuinely believe that God is by your side. Truth of the matter is, you only falter when you give into your fears and lack of faith. Trust that anything is possible with the power of God — especially when you are “at the end of your rope” — and you will see that miracles really do exist.