Very Special Medium Event with Joan Marie Whelan!

November 15th, 2007

As a special invitation to parents who have lost children and to all those who have lost loved ones, Joan Marie Whelan, “the Gift,” International Medium and Intuitive - Wake Up with Whoopi morning show guest speaker, will be hosting a “Medium Event” evening in the area on Thursday, November 29, 2007. The Medium Event will be held at:

Holiday Inn–3499 Street Road,

Benssalem, Pa



Scheduled time for this Medium Event is 7PM - 10PM, with LIMITED space availability.  Joan Marie’s Medium Event is open to the public, however, she will be focusing on children who have moved on.  As the Holiday Season is rapidly approaching, this event can be especially helpful to those who have lost children and other loved ones, bringing about peace of mind and hope to those left behind. 

In addition to this ground-breaking, open event, Joan Marie will also be providing private in-person sessions at the following times:

11/29:    Thursday - 11 AM – 4 PM
11/30:    Friday – 10 AM – till 5 PM

To find out more about this Medium Event, or how to schedule a private in-person session CALL Joan Marie’s office at (949) 760-0044;

or click here for complete details, and information on how to participate in this and other upcoming events.

Joan Marie Whelan is an internationally recognized Business Intuition Expert, Intuitive Specialist, Medium, and Medical Intuitive Expert.  An accomplished author, Joan Marie, has published numerous writings covering such topics as intuition, business intuition, intuition development, change manifestation, manifesting wealth, and prosperity development.  For more information about Joan Marie and her FREE Tele-Conference Series please go to:

Living in Truth …

November 6th, 2007

Many other Intuitives come to me for a session.  They very often have a difficult time reading and seeing for themselves.  I do have the ability to read myself, and more and more I am getting the messages to spend more time in quiet meditation so I can gain a richer and deeper mastery of my gifts.The problem with me is that I do not always want to hear the truth.  I have my own agenda and that is not always for my highest good.  I am sure you have been here before like me, not wanting to hear or know the truth yet wanting a different outcome.   During one of my Medium venues last year I said to a woman; ”How honest do you want me to be with you in reference to your husband’s health and outcome?”"  She responded: “Don’t be that honest.”    Being honest, for many of us, is difficult.

I was just on the phone with my friend’s mother because I observed a heart problem around her.  As a matter of fact, six months ago I told my friend, I see leg pain around your mother and a heart condition and something needs to be done.  I just found out that last year she went to the doctor and was told she has some blockage in one of her arteries.  Now a year has gone by and I asked her, “why have you not followed up to see what the next step is for this condition to be resolved?” My friend’s mother said to me, “I was wondering lately why the doctor has not followed up with me.”  I said to her, “you have a heart condition, your legs are going numb, you need to take responsibility and know what needs to be done to solve this problem so you can heal your life.”  Now do you think she really wants to live in truth???? NO!  Her response to me was, “when am I going to have a relationship?”  She sounds like most of us; doesn’t she?  In the middle of a crisis we always want to know when the man or woman is coming into our life.  I said to her, “you can have a man in your life in the spring after surgery.”  She said, “so, you see surgery?”  Now the doctor had told her they needed to replace the clogged artery.   I am not a doctor, but isn’t surgery required to do that?    Mind you I told her about her date with surgery before I found out all of this information about the doctor.

I hung up with her and was baffled because she does not want to live in reality with her life right now.   Many times it is tough for us to live in reality when we are scared there is uncertainty around us.

Thinking about relationships made me think of the many conversations I have with my friends on a regular basis.  Going back to that whole living in truth moment…  How many times do you get the same message this guy is not the one and it is not going to work out, yet we still want to know what everybody else thinks, nd if they think it is possible.  When my clients ask me about a relationship that I know they want to be in, I see the outcome not going in their favor and this can be tough. 

I always say if something is removed from us it is because there is far greater waiting in the wings.  Also if someone does not belong to you, consider this a blessing and have your heart open to receive the gift.

Warm Wishes,

Joan Marie Whelan

Happy Halloween from Joan Marie!

October 29th, 2007


Well, it is that time again…The time Ghosts, goblins and scary spirits are hanging around.  It’s a time when it is cool to scare people and to be scared.  It’s Halloween and it is the time of year where it is acceptable for me to have my gifts and be a Medium and an Intuitive.  This is the time when everyone assumes that the Spirits come out to play.  People have visions and stories of ghosts lurking around homes eating their food, moving important papers and waiting to trip you up!!!!

Well, I am not sure if you all realize it or not but the Spirits are around us all year round.  And guess what - they do not have to be scary.  I can honestly say I am a scardy-cat.  I get nervous if I see spirits hanging around.  I will always ask what they want so they can leave quickly.

My friend Meredith used to live in

Boston when she was going to college.  The house she shared with friends was haunted.  She used to hear spirits laughing on the phone when she was with her mother.  This summer she went back to

to visit friends and she stopped by the haunted house and took all of these pictures of spirits hanging around.  At first when she showed me the pictures I could not see any of the spirits.  Now I thought this was odd since I see and talk to them on a regular basis for my clients but here in the pictures I could not see them.  Meredith was definitely getting frustrated when she would say, Don’t you see the man in the window with the dog?  Finally, I could see the Spirits; ten minutes later…it was freaky and scary.  How weird to just see these dead people hanging in a window frame - in the door way, up a tree.  I could see the details of their faces, the cloths they had on, and what their lives were like.

Now mind you this is what I do for a living but it still freaks me out.  I must admit I was home the last two Friday nights and I turned on the Ghost Whisperer on CBS.  To me this show at times is a bit scary.  I actually did not watch this past Friday night because it was too much for me.  There are people out there who love scary movies and love getting scared, not me.  When my cousin Eileen and I saw the Sixth Sense many years ago I was frightened.   

For me - what I do is fun, healing and exhilarating.  I love taking clients and giving them confirmation that their loved ones are still with them.  Some people are still so shocked when you start giving details of their kitchen or what they did yesterday to confirm that their father or grandmother is still around.  This, to me, brings joy and a sense of purpose.  I love what I do; I do not think it is weird or scary.  I think who I am is normal.

Great tips to talking to those passed over:

  • Ask your loved ones to visit you in a dream and give you some messages. 
  • Give them an assignment to help you with some challenges in your life. 
  • Ask them to let you feel their presence when they are around. 

A sign that your loved ones are with you is when all of a sudden you’re thinking of them for no reason, this could be their way of getting your attention.  You could smell your mother’s sweet perfume.  This is her way of saying I am here. 

We are not bothering our loved ones who have crossed; use them and ask for help

Warm Blessings,

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Joan Marie Live in Philadelphia - November 29, 2007!

October 18th, 2007

Special Invitation

To Parents who lost Children and
All those who lost loved ones

While this event is open to everyone, when possible, Joan Marie wants to especially focus on the Children who have moved on, as we go into the Holiday Season.

November 29, 2007

Medium Event Evening

Joan Marie Whelan

Philadephia Area


    November 29, Thursday Medium Evening
    7 PM – 10 PM
    $55.00 in Advance
    $70.00 at Door
    **Private In-Person Sessions:
    $500.00 for 1 hour
    Thursday - 11 AM – 4 PM
    Friday – 10 AM – till 5 PM
    Saturday – 10 AM - 2 PM

Call the office to register and schedule Private appointment:
(949) 760-0044

Check out:
Joan Marie’s Butterflykisses on MySpace - a forum for parents who lost Children

Clarion Hotel
In Elephant & Castle Room
Rt 70 & Interstate 295
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034
(856) 428 2300
Only 15 minutes from Philadelphia

Psychic Intuition - Debunking the Myths

September 8th, 2007

Skeptics have often wondered how psychic intuition works. Is it real, or isn’t it? Well, allow me to elaborate on what exactly “psychic intuition” is: For starters, every human being – man, woman and child, is born with a certain level of “psychic intuition.” Most of the population isn’t even aware of this innate power, which each and every one of us possesses.

The key to revealing our psychic intuition is not very difficult. The lines of intercommunication are easily opened by freeing ourselves to the present moment of absolute awareness. Confused yet? It truly is as easy as it seems, but we often close ourselves by letting our physical reality to get into the way.

Psychic intuition is not always about seeing into the future or fortune-telling like we frequently see on old television films and on novelty shows. No, psychic intuition stems from the God (and good) within us. Have you ever done or said something that you know you shouldn’t have? Suddenly, there’s that little voice in our mind reminding us of why we shouldn’t do or say something, yet once again, we permit our physical actions to control our psychic intuition that is often telling us otherwise. That is just a small part of what psychic intuition is all about.

The physical reality is that what we can physically see, hear, and touch. Our psychic intuition can too be heard, seen and felt – yet it comes from within the core of our soul being, and that is what makes all the difference. When we listen closely, and open ourselves to the infinite energy that we possess, we can then only begin to see our infinite potential right before our very eyes.

Finding the present moment within says to us, “Be still. Be silent. Breathe.” And when we follow our psychic intuition, we open the positive energy fields that allow us to be our true self, and what we are intended to be – in the here and now.

Joan Marie Whelan The Gift

© Copyright – All Rights Reserved
Psychic Intuition: Debunking the Myth
By Joan Marie Whelan

Joan Marie Whelan is an intuitive specialist, medium, spiritual healer, author, and accomplished speaker. Join her as she shares her spiritual healing self-help programs and exceptional intuitive abilities with men, women, coaches, business owners, and professionals across the world to assist them in increasing their own intuitive abilities to create the life they’ve always dreamed of. Her consulting, spiritual healing, and award-winning self-help products can be found at Allow her to help you manifest your intuitive powers to achieve success, health and happiness.

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