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Appearance on The Doctors

A Relationship Expert

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From The Doctors Appearance

Intuition is a gift for all of us to activate from within if we choose! I am grateful to use my gift to help people take charge of their lives. This is more than hope!

When you do your work and create a detail plan for your health and your life you will in time see amazing results. Here is a tiny flavor of what I do!.

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The Process of Manifesting your Life Begins Here
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Medical Intuitive Joan Marie



Harness Your Inner Power to Unlock Your Highest Potential
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Intuition Has Many Layers, Explore It In Order To Unlock Your Highest Potential.

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  • Intuition is your Truth
  • Intuition is your connection to the Divinity within YOU!
  • Intuition is a Free Gift from the Creator
  • Intuition is the Key to Unlocking Your Highest Potential
  • Intuition enhances your life, -Personally and Professionally-
  • Make Me Your Business Consultant

The only way to be incredibly intuitive and read beyond the surface is to connect and HEAL the depths of your soul, where your authentic self is housed. In order to Unlock Your Highest Potential, you need to purify or cleanse your past story and create an amazing new and inspiring story that represents who you are today and who you want to become. This is what I call your Spiritual Awakening so you can heal your life.

One of the amazing privileges of my life is that I get to witness first hand the personal transformation of so many of you who have come to me because you were not afraid to grow—embrace change and ultimately shine.

If you have read any of my articles, posts or blog (even for the first time), I am sure you quickly realize that if you are longing to heal your life– feel better about yourself and your lifestyle, whether it be emotionally- financially or Spiritually then, FINALLY you have found the right place for you to call your home!  I want to help you Unlock Your Highest Potential.

My calling to teach is undeniable—God offered this challenge and opportunity to me and asked me to pick it up and be in service to others who are walking on a similar path. I believe it’s time to join the march to FREEDOM, your personal freedom and change your perception of the How and Why and receive your NOW — a noticeable enriching new lifestyle that has been earmarked just for you.

You and I together can change  your world, but it first starts on the inside of us. Once you have cleaned and healed your internal house, only then are you ready to go out and be an example that others will want to emulate. This is your time to fully own your power and become greater as you believe in your capabilities.  It’s time to empower yourself!  I invite you to take my hand and say: “ I am ready to accept this opportunity to become a leader in bringing more light into my world.”

Learning the art of meditation will without a doubt help you in the process of healing your life.  To reach your Highest potential in this lifetime, you need to spend time in quiet contemplation.  It can be for one minute or ten minutes— the quality of your meditations will improve with practice.  As a Life Coach, I use meditations with my clients during their process and now I am offering on my web site numerous Free Guided Meditations to help you transform your life; that is, to release your negative emotions that are creating conflict in your life.  I encourage you to take advantage of the Free Meditations and become an active participant in becoming a better you!


“When will there be World Peace? When every human being can look within themselves and treat themselves with such love, kindness and compassion that they would never want to intentionally hurt themselves and in turn never want to hurt another.” Joan Marie, Best Selling Author of Soul Discovery.

“We always think we know what is best for us. We have it all figured out, a plan mapped out according to our design. Does it ever occur to you that maybe someone else, your Higher Source, knows a better easier and faster way for you to get to where you want to go?  Joan Marie, Best Selling Author of Soul Discovery

Our emotions dictate our lives.” Joan Marie, Best Selling Author of Soul Discovery

“Nothing makes me happier than watching the transition of my students, especially those that are willing to do their work, and put their new knowledge and understanding into action.” Joan Marie, Best Selling Author of Soul Discovery

“The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to realize that you decide your destiny and that you are truly the one who is in charge of your fate.” Joan Marie, Best Selling Author of Soul Discovery

Use our tools to unlock your highest potential “All that we do on earth is based on the emotions of our past. Your yesterdays will continue to create your tomorrows unless you choose to re-create your internal dialogue, create awareness of your Soul and truly understand how you can begin to be in harmony with the Universe. This is what I call, ‘Dancing with your Soul’.

A guide to help you awaken your Soul.



Through Joan Marie’s numerous intuitive abilities, many other professions have been able to benefit greatly by working with her.  Those in the Medical Profession have utilized her as a Medical Intuitive and many in the Business Profession are employing Joan Marie to help them grow their businesses as a business consultant.  Whether you want to transform your life, professionally or personally, Joan Marie’s and her insightful x-ray vision will get you the results you are seeking. As a Relationship Expert who utilizes her intuitive talents, she can help you unravel the blocks that seem to be stopping your progress so you can MANIFEST YOUR LIFE and gain INNER PEACE at the same time

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