Ignite Your Divine Feminine Intuition

All men and women possess both masculine and feminine character traits or attributes, and when they are in balance, their life is happier, healthier and in harmony.


So that you will not be confused, I will explain the difference between the two. When we speak about the feminine side of a person, we address the gentler, compassionate, intuitive and caring and sharing side that emanates from their femininity qualities. The feminine energy is also about receiving- it is opening your heart to allow in the blessings in your life that you are craving.   Feminine energy is powerful energy ignited through love and received by you as your heart opens wide.  Feminine energy is confidence, relaxing into your self and connecting with the wholeness in you.


When we discuss the masculine side of an individual we usually go to the logical, reasoning side. It reflects the strength, discipline, concentration and also, confidence that originates from this side of your brain. It can be a driven and forceful energy!   Unfortunately, the masculine energy can be deemed as closed off and not compassionate because its focus is centered on logic and reasoning and not their heart. When that happens, it may mean your heart is not fully open and quite possibly you are feeling insecure or maybe even a desire to protect your self is causing you to be shut down.


An opened masculine energy level is actually a beautiful dance with the feminine that has an ebb and flow of natural progression leading to a state of relaxation and deep peace radiating from within.  You do not have to work so hard when you tap into this place.  Instead, you can relax, receive, concentrate and have discipline all from the highest vibration of the two sides of you working together as one! This is an awesome state to function from and live.


Because many in society have tried to cause a separation between these two character traits instead of working towards showing people how to interconnect with them for their highest and best purpose, labeling has occurred.  Women have been labeled as being the weaker sect and, too often, incapable of achieving in many math and science skills while men have been told that they lack sensitivity and compassion.


Various societies have stereotyped men and women in their cultures and often have forbidden them to cross the line of  demarcation, for various reasons.


I wish at this point in time to say that we all possess both sides of the equation and would be better served in our lives and in society if we could learn how to balance both sides of the brain so that we would be better prepared to be in alignment with the Universal Flow.  At this moment, I want to discuss and encourage all of you to ignite your feminine intuition because your life would be better served.


I call this your dance with the Universe.  When you learn how to raise your vibration and connect with your authentic self, your soul power, you are actually preparing the way for you to tap into and ignite your feminine intuition.  Our intuition is a powerful tool that has been offered to all human beings by the Divine.  We are born with an open intuition but with conditioning in life, we tend to bury it deep in the recesses of our minds, body and spirit.  When that happens it becomes dormant. When you consciously awaken and ignite your feminine intuition, you open yourself to hear, listen to and utilize these gift so they will help you transform your life.


There are numerous benefits of living a balanced life, such as;

It will allow you to strengthen your immune system and improve your energy level.

It will prepare you to release and process physical and emotional stress and tension in a healthier and more fulfilling way

It will awaken your intuitive talents so that you are paying attention to your heart and soul when you are making choices and decisions for your life.

It will enable you to live a life of greater inner peace and satisfaction as your awareness level is elevated so you can reach your highest potential.


If you are seeking a deeper relationship first with yourself and then with others, I encourage you to gain knowledge, wisdom and insight into your higher power because it will serve you well all through your life.