Empower Yourself with Joan Marie Whelan

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30 minutes

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1 hour

Fee $475

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Private Conversation with Joan Marie
(30 Min)


Private Conversation with Joan Marie
(60 Min)



A Phone Call from Heaven!

Time and time again I hear from others:  “What I would do to have one last conversation with my mom and sister, grandparents, husband, father or brother…If only heaven had a phone.”

Imagine having X-RAY Vision and Being Able to See Right Through to the Problem and Directly to the Other Side!

Joan Marie Whelan, loves talking with the other side.  Her bright personality, confidence, compassion and great sense of humor can put anyone at ease.   Her uncanny details of literally being in your home and sharing with you what your loved ones are doing since they have passed to the other side are incredible.  She does all of this while on the phone with you!

Joan Marie is an International Medium, who literally has a conversation with the other side.  People are astounded by her ability to share vivid details of the information received directly from your loved ones who have passed on.  “Of course I can states, Joan Marie, it is fun and a joy to be the conduit that can bring you joy, completion and often a sense of great peace.” Joan Marie can see, hear and feel the emotions and stories of your loved ones – this is her Gift!

She is a Medical Intuitive as well and has consulted with thousands of doctors on many cases. Joan Marie can scan your body and share with you the exact age your disease began in your body. She will also share with you the emotions tied into your disease and your life lessons on earth. Doctors from all over the world ask Joan Marie to work with their patients.



Call now to book an appointment with Joan Marie to hear from loved ones passed over, to know your future’s possibilities and to get to the root of all issues so you can heal from whatever is holding you back in this life time.

Joan Marie can work with you over the phone or in person.  Please call the office for further information at (941)-954-9001.