When you feel angry…shift gears.


peace“If you can correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”-Lao Tzu

When you change your perception and attitude you actually change your life. Change can only come to you when you willingly welcome it into your life. Too often we tend to fight it or reject it but today, I am encouraging you to let go of your past beliefs. Let go of your preconceived ideas and Let God take over and direct your outcome. When you are able to do that, that is when your life will begin to take shape in a better and more fulfilling way.

A powerful statement and one that we need to say often if we seek inner peace and contentment for ourselves.

We live in a fast paced world with too much mental stimuli that too often overwhelms us and as a result we are continually being rushed, stressed and over programmed. So is it any wonder why we feel that we must keep up with everything and everyone if we want to get ahead? I personally do not agree with that mentality, that is, the need to keep up with everyone else. I have found that when people try to keep up with everyone else, they become emotionally challenged which can often lead to living in a state of continual anger and condemnation of others as well as self.

A critical mind and attitude too often leads to a judgmental mind and approach to life. We then tend to focus more on our differences than to examine our similarities. Arrogance becomes a character trait that leads to an unfriendly environment and that, of course, leads to misunderstanding and conflict. People who feel miserable and disturbed all the time are usually the same people who like to pick fights, are rude, disrespectful of others’ feelings and then become outright disruptive.

When we change our mental outlook and our behavior patterns, we automatically change our lives. While that statement is true, life doesn’t usually change overnight. It does take patience, practice and perseverance. Yet if we are willing to make a conscious effort to change and redirect our approach to how we choose to live our lives daily, soon we are better prepared to create the shift that will, with time, improve our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life and well-being. What I am suggesting to you is not about forming a religious point of view but rather about finding the path that will open your eyes to your personal emotional and spiritual healing which I might add will lead to your physical healing as well.

If there is something about your life that you do not like, work towards a solution. Possibly spending time in quiet contemplation will help you find a better lifestyle that suits you in a healthier way. Don’t give into your anger or resentment. Make a real effortlotus flower to find a better way of living and then start the action plan to bring it about.

Surround yourself with loving-kindness. Change what no longer serves you and start making choices that feed your heart and soul. Only then can you experience a life and lifestyle that will bring out the joy in you.