Time to be Grateful for What You Have

How often do we look and see something that we want, we crave to own yet we don’t? We are all human and I believe that is part of our human nature. The problem does not lie in the look and see of that scenario but rather in the craving or strong desire to have more which could possibly lead to a state of envy or jealousy. I was walking the beach the other day when I saw a man carrying across his back a young boy; however this boy was not a toddler, he was a long and lanky teenager who was severely handicapped. Another man was walking with him smiling as they were prepared to enter the beach area. I stepped aside to give them room to pass me, then lowered my head and said a prayer for all of them. This man exhibited great courage and strength. My first thought was, I have so much to be grateful for in my life. I may not have all that I want and desire but I certainly have all of my needs satisfied.

PRACTICE: Being grateful for What You Have I like to count on my fingers all that I am grateful for because it puts my life in perspective. I suggest that you try to do the same. Maybe you too, will realize that we are truly provided for and cared for by our God.