Books by Joan Marie Whelan, The Intuitive Specialist



Soul Discovery (Hardcover)
9 Principles to Reveal Your Sacred Gifts

This heartwarming book leads you on a step by step journey to discover your Authentic Self.




My Sacred Journal
A Beautiful Journal Designed to make Your Journaling Feel Even More Sacred

My Sacred Journal is a wonderful writing journal gift for yourself or someone you want to impress. Each page has a short inspirational message and/or image that will inspire to feel a certain sense of inner calm, joy, compassion and above all love.




Soul Discovery – Sacred Journal Bundle
These Items are the Perfect Compliment to One Another

Two of our most popular products bundled together for an enhanced journaling experience.  Chronicle your insights and breakthroughs in the beautiful “My Sacred Journal” and record your growth as you continue along your journey of Self Discovery.



Books by Joan Ambrose, Author, Speaker and Lecturer



Hello…Is Anybody Listening (Hardcover)
by Joan Ambrose

The pages of this book share life experiences, quotes, and thoughts that will stir the heart, mind, and soul to inspire, encourage and awaken the reader to improve the quality of their life by choosing to make changes in their mind, body and spiritual attitudes. The understanding and wisdom gained in reading this book will enable you to quiet the mind, feed the soul, heal the body and gain inner peace. This is a challenge worth striving for.



Angel Michael – Messages of Healing
by Joan Ambrose

Angel Michael Comes to Visit is the first in a series of children’s books that teaches children and their caregivers about the wonderful power angels, God’s lit messengers, who come to earth to help us when we feel alone or in need of support and courage. Angel Michael is the Power Angel who wants you to feel safe, secure and protected. It is his designated task to help them when they feel afraid.