Life is a process- stop fighting it!

self-awarenessIt never ceases to amaze me that when I connect with people who are seeking answers or solutions to their personal healing, they often complain about not being able to get the satisfactory response they are hoping to receive. They are searching for answers yet they seem to ignore one powerful principle of life➞ that is, the answers lie within their heart and soul.  Healing is an inside job! 

They are frustrated because they are still in the same place having the same problems. The biggest problem is that they simply don’t get it! I nor anyone else can do the healing for you-the healing comes from within you, your core and it take deep and conscious removal and release from past experiences to get there. 

What baffles me is that there are many people who are still not willing to look at themselves and deal with their emotions! The key for everyone of us is to yes seek guidance, support and help; however, the truth is YOU are the only one who can actually do the work, participate in the process and do the healing needed. No one can make you do the work or force you to go through the process. If you are not willing to slow down and/or to go within there is nothing any one can do for you! A doctor can give a pill to mask the problem or reduce pain but he cannot heal you. 

I was out to dinner with several of my friends who happen to be very successful Medical Doctors and who have done a great deal of research in their fields to help their patients. They, too, agree that the answer is not just to take a pill, it is much deeper than that. There is always a root cause to what is going on with you on an emotional level. The key for you is to never stop looking within and never stop doing your work. When someone comes to me and shares that they have dealt with an issue already, they are in denial. Usually the issue you think has been dealt with is the very issue that needs to be re-addressed and faced. Denial is easy but it takes courage and vulnerability to face your life’s challenges. Please make time in your life to seek out the right answers for yourself, which I might add, takes effort and discipline on your part.

Many Blessings,