Is The Sunlight Shining in your World?

When you are speaking to your friends, business associates or family members and you ask “How are you doing,” too often we get in return a negative response like: “I could be better, I am not doing so good today or I’m feeling scared.” During these challenging times, we are all hearing those kinds of messages.

I want to suggest that you be one of the first to break the cycle and create some “Sunshine” in your heart, your life and bring it into your conversation.

Be Conscious of what you are saying and projecting in the world!

PRACTICE SPREADING SUNLIGHT: Make an effort today to say something positive when you are communicating with your family, friends and colleagues. We all have the power to spread sunlight in the world if that is our choice. It only takes one person at a time to change the attitude, behavior and environment in which we live. Do not allow your circumstances to dictate your thoughts or the way you react and/or respond to life. You will soon discover that as you choose to project sunlight through your words, you, yourself will begin to be filled with that light. And as the sunlight warms your heart, it will transform your outcome.

I have a wonderful sunlight meditation that is Free. It is short but powerful. If you would like to listen to it and download for future use, CLICK HERE to go to the download page.