Get Prepared


get-it-doneDo you remember when you were a child and it was time to get ready to go back to school? It was a time of excitement, anxious anticipation mixed with a little fear and joy wondering what to expect and wondering if this was going to be a year in which you would excel.

I always looked forward to the preparations that went along with the process. For me, going back to school meant a time of brand new beginnings where I would see all my friends again and that was exciting. I loved going with Mom for the day to shop for my new school clothes and all of my school supplies. Then I would go to my room and sort everything out imaging how I was going to succeed in the coming days. It felt so wonderful seeing all my new things and arranging and re-arranging them several times as I placed my books, binders and all the new supplies ever so neatly in my new book bag. Everything was fresh, clean and unused. My imagination would run wild with all of the wonderful new possibilities about to take place. Of course, there was a twinge of nervous energy but that would always dissipate when I would remind myself of all the familiar people I was going to reconnect with and see.

So every year when this season comes around again, I begin to reflect on what September and the fall mean to me. The fall is about new beginnings, new thoughts and taking your growth to a deeper level as you welcome the change with a kind of giddy exuberance. In the next couple of weeks as we enter into the harvest time of 2014, I encourage you to take the steps needed as your prepare to create the momentum in your daily activities. This is a time of gathering. Gather your thoughts, pull in and focus your intention on what it is you want to materialize and strengthen your resources to utilize your talents for your highest and best good. Just as the tiny acorns that have fallen off the tree has found a rich and fertile soil to grow into the mighty oak tree, allow this symbolism to help you visualize the rich and fertile soil of your dreams that when nurtured and watered will produce a mighty new beginning for you. I have several ways that you can prepare for the new season in your life:

Examine if you are in balance – that is – are your thoughts, actions and beliefs in alignment with your goals?

Write out your desired outcome. Put your goals on paper and review them often. Are you writing them in the present tense or for some future time? If you want them to unfold for you now, you better write them in the present tense.

Daily write out the action steps that you want to manifest. You cannot reap the harvest if you do not sow the seeds.

Do an inventory check daily to make sure you are following the correct path.

Ask yourself some very powerful questions to help reinforce your intention: Do you believe and feel that what you now wish to bring into your life does actually belong to you?

Visualize the outcome – see your success. What does it look like?

Be in gratitude – Give thanks often during the day for your desired outcome, trust that the Universe has heard your request and is working with you to create it.

Place your attention on these steps. Allow you imagination to take you places where you never thought before was possible. This new season can be an accelerating opportunity for you to reach new heights as you transform your life in ways that far exceed your wildest expectations. Partner with me – “Think extraordinary and create an empowered way to live, work and play.”