Those are three short but powerful words that if taken to heart can change the dynamics of your life forever. Create a better tomorrow for yourself simply means to make time for you to slow down and design a plan that when implemented will open new doors, new possibilities and possibly new friendships. Believe means that you no longer doubt your potentiality, instead you trust in the power of God to take your hand and guide your journey. He/She knows your heart and wants to help you satisfy your desires. Hope is a feeling of expectation, an attitude of mind that positive outcomes will come to you at some time in the future. None of us know the how or when in our lives but we certainly can believe and trust without a shadow of doubt that what we have created in our hearts will manifest.

2014 brings revelation and change for those who are ready to become a champion in life. It is the opportune time to capture the winds of transformation and begin to flow with the energetic force of the Universe! Whatever choices you make for yourself today will determine the outcome of your tomorrow. And as you actively choose to become a conscientious participant in your life, you begin to fuel the creative juices in your mind, your soul, and your body. Suddenly, everything comes full circle. Suddenly, you are no longer sitting on the sidelines waiting to be chosen for the big game. You have become both the champion runner and the torch-bearer for yourself and for others.

PRACTICE: Look at your life from the perspective of being optimistic—knowing that what you are craving is craving to be created by you. We all have choices in life, we can easily move into doom and gloom or we can stay vigilant and continue to create our better tomorrow by staying strong, focused and firm in our belief that God has a brilliant plan for us. I am hopeful—how about you?