GRACE  photo“When I first started working with Joan Marie, I was feeling overwhelmed by my work schedule, exhausted and stressed-out needing very much that “ideal” work/life balance. At the same time I was feeling anxious about an impending slowdown at my consulting job. Despite not wanting to fall in the same hole again, my reflex was to look for bigger projects/more hours as if “there’s never enough”…something deep inside me wanting to stockpile for some unforeseen future event. Meeting Joan Marie and joining one of her programs proved to be my lifeline. 

Doing the work with her it became clear to me that my pattern of “crowding my plate” came from deep-rooted beliefs of ‘not having enough’ , growing up poor; and of ‘not being enough ‘ from deep-seated emotions of being ignored and brushed aside. The very things I tried to compensate for (knowingly & unknowingly) made me just perpetuate the cycle of scarcity: I ended up in a profession that didn’t satisfy me. The demands of the work were such that I didn’t have time for me – I ignored myself at the very core. There was no breathing space for myself. I really got it when Joan Marie would say we’ll keep repeating the energy/patterns when the underlying emotions are left unresolved. 

Through the deep healing work and forgiveness towards my father, the experiences around my childhood and growing up – I purified the baggage & clutter and created space within me. This has allowed me to truly ‘see” myself. Through this discovery, I am re-awakening my artistic passion. Something I buried at age 16, along with other emotions and parts of me. I’m getting reacquainted with this creative side of me. Art sings to me and I feel so alive around it – something I have not allowed myself to be in a long time. My time with Joan Marie fortified my belief and trust in myself that following my passion is my alignment with my purpose – the higher balance that I was seeking even if I didn’t know it then when I started. For me it feels like being given a second chance at life where I’m fully awake. Aware of myself and being at peace with making myself important – to myself. To allow my life to flow in the direction of my dreams. Joan Marie has been there with me every step of the way with her love, wisdom and support – through laughter & tears – encouraging me, pushing me when I feel stuck, sharing the Universe’s insights and messages when I needed them. She was very clear from the start that I needed to want to do the work myself. I must admit it’s not always easy to look at ourselves deeply – but the rewards are priceless. The healing has brought me closer to my partner, my family and my friends. Above all its brought me so much closer to myself. And it has brought my faith in God & the Divine so much stronger and deeper than ever. 

The story that’s been running my family is one of struggle, that life is hard … getting by is the first order of business, and fulfilling dreams are beyond our reach. Where I am right now, I’m seeing life being full of possibilities, feeling God & the Universe by my side… where I get to live and make a living doing what I love to do. Being happy being me. That is one cycle worth breaking.’”

– Grace

photo of Becky“I’ve been working with Joan Marie for over 6 years now. As much as this is hard inner/soul work, I feel that my soul has been looking, craving for this kind of healing. I keep on signing up to most, if not all, of her programs because I keep hearing this little voice that keeps telling me ‘go for it’. And now, I am recognizing that little voice as my soul, my higher self, my true self wanting to come out of ‘hiding’ and be the true person that I am. 

One specific thing that Joan Marie really helped me heal is that I have vertigo. My dizzy spells would just come up. Some of the times it was motion sickness. What she uncovered was that there was nothing wrong with me physically. This dizzy spells was an emotional thing. I shared that panic attacks run in my family, my grandmother’s sister, my mom, my oldest brother, and a few cousins of my mom. Joan Marie said that my dizzy spells is a form of panic attacks. I never knew that that was a form of panic attack. All my life I kept going to the specialist and them saying that I have a scar tissue in my ear and that’s the reason why I have dizzy spells. It’s creating the imbalance of my equilibrium. What really is happening is that my life was unbalanced. 

Working on myself with Joan Marie’s guidance, she has helped me peel away the many, many, many layers to eventually uncover who the real me is. I started to regain my confidence, self-worth, power, and noticed that my dizzy spells have diminished. I realized that when my dizzy spell appears, there is something going on in me that’s giving me a ‘nudge’ saying – ‘look here, need to heal this part of you’. This kind of inner work is a lifelong process and Joan Marie has given me so many tools to use for any kind of situations that I would encounter in my lifetime. 

Working with Joan Marie has helped me look at my life differently. She has given me tools to use when facing challenges whether be at work or in my daily life. I have embraced fear rather than run away or hide from it. 

Joan Marie is the real deal. She will help you at anything that you are willing to heal. This is a two-way street. I wouldn’t have made tremendous changes in my life if I wasn’t a participant in this journey. She is a no holds barred, tell it like it is with compassion and no judgment. She can ‘see’ where your blockages are and will give you a step by step process on how to release those blockages. 

Thank you Joan Marie for your help, teachings, kindness and compassion in my healing journey.”

– Becky Miranda

Vanessa PhotoI began my journey in Joan’s programs several years ago at a time when my intuition started to open up in a way that I had experienced as a child. I began working with Joan to better understand my intuition and on this journey of exploration, I learned that the real journey was a clearer and profound understanding of myself. During my time in Joan’s programs, I have discovered buried emotions and memories that created disillusions and masked the truth of who I really am. I have developed a deeper love and appreciation for myself. Because I am clearing and healing my emotional house while strengthening and fine tuning the communication with my Creator and higher self, I am able to see and read myself, others, and the environment with clearer eyes. This ability is very valuable in guiding me through my personal life and in my profession as a Pediatrician. I am able to connect with my patients on a deeper level, have a better sense of the healing that they are seeking, and discover subtle issues occurring within them. 

I have also worked with Joan Marie regarding my health. I was diagnosed with benign uterine tumors and worked with Joan to understand the deeper underlying issues that led to my medical condition. Through the healing work we did together, I was able to see the deeper roots of the illness occurring in my body and heal some of the emotional roots that allowed my medical condition to progress further than needed. After working with Joan in understanding better my intuition and with my health, I have more clarity in my life’s purpose and am undergoing a transformation in my career. Ultimately, I want to merge emotional and spiritual healing with medical healing. I feel addressing the multiple layers of healing will serve my patients on a deeper level in their health concerns. 

– Vanessa Neal

Elena-&-jmw-image-from-LLRI recently attended the Lineage Legacy Workshop hosted by Joan Marie Whelan. I was so excited to participate because of Joan Marie’s reputation as an intuitive. I’ve done a lot of deep work and felt like there was something still blocking me from being able to move forward in this evolutionary process. There are times when you reach a point where you need someone to help you grow and reach beyond what you’re capable to doing on your own. My goal was to discover those deep rooted blocks and releasing them. That’s where Joan Marie comes in. It was an amazing weekend!!! The collective energy of everyone that attended was very powerful. It was an amazing experience to witness so much growth. It’s hard to describe the impact that these two days had on everyone that was there. I know that I walked away with a much deeper understanding of where I need to put my focus to achieve greater success in certain areas of my life. If you’re experiencing blocks in your life and have tried to figure it out with no resolve, this weekend will help shed light on deep rooted blocks. I’m so glad I made the decision to gift myself this weekend, it was well worth it!

Thank you Joan Marie!!!!

– Ellena V.


Joan Marie’s readings continue to prove incredibly accurate. I am most grateful for her not only shifting my perspective of what it means to be a psychic, medium, or healer, but in that shift, helping me accept and embrace my own gifts and abilities to help others. Joan Marie is truly a blessing to anyone who receives the opportunity to work with her either through one on one sessions or the evening of mediumship events.

With Love, Light, Gratitude and Respect,

– Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar

I just wanted to thank you for our session last week. You were so on target that it was just an amazing experience for me. You have such a gift and I hope it makes your life more enjoyable and does not cause you stress. I ordered a few CD’s so I can continue with the healing. Thank you, thank you and God bless. Regards,

– Cindi, LA

Hi Joanmarie, I just want to tell you how fun it was to have you back on the “radio.” I love listening to you on the “Joan Marie Whelan Hour”. You are always so fun and uplifting and your laugh is contagious.

Your loyal listener,


JM – You were terrific on our radio show! Very psychic, very accurate, fun, and quick on the uptake. Let’s do it again. Thank you again for your wonderful air time with us.

– Joyce & Co.

Ok- THAT was AWESOME!!!! YOU are so adorable and funny and empathetic with everyone Joan! I was blessed to be in the room! I am so glad you got to my friend (father passed in the fire) . She really needed to hear what you had to say. I didn’t want to crowd you afterwards because there were people there who really needed to talk to you. I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the healing that took place in that room, & how beautiful & talented you are! I have a feeling you’ve told me everything I need to know for right now. You know, you have a bit of a comedian in you… your timing is excellent! very funny.

– Shari A

I just wanted to thank you for the work you do. I’m sure you’re already aware of it, but you provide a pathway to healing for a lot of people. During you February seminar, you provided a clearing energy that left me free of aches and pains for the first time in months, perhaps years. I’d been dealing with the pain as physical problem and since then have been trying to do more energy work and take time to ground myself or meditate as you suggested. It’s helped! Thank YOU!

– Jeanette

“I have heard you on the radio, nobody is as detailed as you.”

– Stephen

“I have attended two evenings and one Saturday class with Joan Marie in Palm Springs and things have begun to change. I believe it is because of her help in teaching me how to release the junk and believe that things can change. Thanks Joan Marie”.

– Stephanie Shearer

As is the custom in the United States on Thanksgiving, today I am celebrating the bounty of my life. And you are part of the bountiful life to which I give thanks to God. Your presence in my life has enriched me, touched and inspired me, and contributed to who I am as a person, and a woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My love and blessings to you,

– Lorie Ann